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Happy Friday everybody!! Check out Coach Jonathan bringing his moves to the 8:15. It’s always a party 🎉 in his class!!

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Happy Friday everybody!! Check out Coach Jonathan bringing his moves to the 8:15. It’s always a party 🎉 in his class!!

Happy Birthday to our Beautiful & Bad Ass Coach Raven!!! We love all that you are and all that you push us to be. Stay fierce and lovely!! 💪🍊🔥💪🍊🔥

To the woman who juggles it all - Happy Happy Birthday to our Coach Katie!! OTF Ashburn members and staff alike hope you have a great birthday weekend of lifting and tacos 🌮 🏋️‍♀️🌮🏋️‍♀️🌮🏋️‍♀️

Who’s been keeping all the balls up in the air at OTF Ashburn since opening 4 years ago? These 2 lovely ladies of course!! Big hugs and loud shout outs to our Operations Manager, Andrea Keith and OTF Ashburn Studio Manager, Diane Darbyshire for providing such a fun filled, fast pace and inspirational environment for both members and staff alike. Fitness is infectious and these 2 are living proof! 🍊❤️🍊❤️

Only one muscle knows when you need to push harder. When to rest. And when your workout is working. So listen to it. ❤️ Connect your heart to your workout and get more out of every step, row, and rep. Because you know what they say… glutes don’t know squat.

Check out OTF Ashburn’s Super Sale on the Side Rails!! 💥50% off 💥selected apparel while supplies last!!

Many of us can relate to working full-time and trying to get a workout in. Take it from Kelli, a frequent business traveler on the go. With 1,000 studios worldwide, Kelli knows that no matter where she is, she can get in the Orange Zone. What studios have you hit up in your own travels? ✈️🌎 #OTforLife

Today is an exciting day in Orangetheory history as we open our 1000th studio location in Portland, Oregon! With 700,000+ members across 18 countries, we feel truly honored to have traveled this incredible journey to more life and witness so many remarkable stories of transformation. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for YOU! Thank you for your energy, enthusiasm, loyalty, and passion. And remember -- what you do in here, gives you more life out there. #1000xMoreLife

Wake up ✅ Workout ✅ Celebrate my independence ✅🇺🇸 #FourthofJuly2018

Mindy from Orangetheory Summerville recently went through a very tragic time, losing her home to a fire. She shared her story with Ellen, and explained how her Orangetheory family did everything they could to help her and her precious family get back on their feet. This is what it’s all about – more love, more community, more life. #OTforLife

One more day. Are you still with us? Remember why you started -- there's no workout you can't conquer.

Check out the shenanigans taking the place at OTF Ashburn in between classes!! Elaina, Heather, Alana and our Regional Trainer, Julie, are literally flipping out for May Mayhem 🍊💪🍊💪

Day 5. Tomorrow is not your rest day.

The EPOCalypse is approaching! See what we did there? Now show us what you can do.

All Out Mayhem: where intensity meets insanity.

If we wanted a peaceful workout, we'd go to yoga. Bring on the commotion.

All Out Mayhem kicks off tomorrow! You asked us "Is it like Hell Week in May?!" You'll have to see for yourself.

To all of the fierce moms putting in work to get more out of life, and inspiring us all to do the same, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day is around the corner, and Steven & Bunny’s shared love for Orangetheory is giving us all the feels! #OTforLife

OTF made best of Suburbia 2018🍊 Check out who else made the list at the front desk!!

Saturday's 7:00 a.m.!
Standing room only in Coach Jonathan's 7:00 a.m......


We asked you to send in your More Life stories and the response has been truly incredible. Members of all ages and abilities have told us how Orangetheory has helped them get stronger both physically and mentally. They’ve lost weight, but beyond that, they’ve turned to the Orangetheory community through some of life’s biggest challenges. How has Orangetheory enriched your life? We know there are even more stories out there and we want to hear them all! Thank you again for embodying our mission.

When it comes to crushing goals, no one does it like Orangetheory Nation. To all of our members who helped us raise more money and awareness for Augie's Quest than ever before, thank YOU so much! This is the power of Orange. 💪 And the final total is… (cue drum roll). #IBurnForALS

Hard work puts you where good luck can find you. #StPatricksDay

Kevin wasn't ready to stop fighting. Even after battling cancer, he wanted more. More energy. More strength. More progress. When he found Orangetheory Fitness Rosslyn, he found a drive in himself to keep pushing. And even though his journey isn't over, he's getting his life back one day at a time. Watch Kevin’s amazing story of More Life and share your own.

Ellen receives countless emails from members around the world and it’s been incredible to hear how Orangetheory has transformed your lives -- whether you have more energy to tackle your day, you’re on your way to that goal weight, or you’ve overcome disease. We know there are more stories like this out there and we want to hear all of them! How has Orangetheory enriched your life? Thank you for embodying our mission and remember: the more you put into your workout, the more you get out of life. Share your story at

Bouncing back from an orthopedic injury? We incorporate the bike & strider into our workout as a non-impact cardio alternative. Try your first class today!

Don’t just #SpringForward. Lunge after that lost hour.

🎉🎂 Happy Birthday Coach Jonathan!! 🎂🎉 So glad you shared your birthday with OTF Ashburn!!

Today is a big day, #OrangetheoryNation! For the next 3 weeks, we’ll be raising funds for Augie's Quest to find a cure for ALS. It's also Augie’s 60th birthday, so let’s go All Out for Augie and show the world just how much we can accomplish together! #IBurnForALS

You don’t want to miss tomorrow's workout.

While you’re in the studio putting in work, our dedicated workout design specialists are behind the scenes finding new ways to challenge you. Activate muscles you didn’t know you had and sculpt your body in a way that you didn’t know was possible with Mini Bands.

20% off all clothing! Come snag some awesome OTF gear before it’s gone! #fitness #instastyle #otfashburn

#Repost @tonyamichelle26 ・・・ AD: I had my first @orangetheory experience today at @otfashburn • It’s a 1-hour full body heart rate-based workout. I personally LOVED this. Why? Well for one, I get bored easily and that’s why I don’t go to the gym. I also never know new things to do and which muscles I should be working out. Thankfully #orangetheory handles that. Workouts are always being changed, music is playing, personal one on one attention from the coach! I didn’t feel out of place or wonder if people were looking at me for not doing something at the same speed or rate. It’s a great atmosphere and they just got themselves a new member! Want to try a free class too?? More info here: #KeepBurning

It’s not what’s under the tree that matters. It’s who gathers around it. Happy, healthy holidays #OrangetheoryNation!

30% off Men’s Apparel!!

25% off Leggings at OTF Ashburn TODAY!! Make sure you snag a pair when you come in for class 🙂 #otfashburn #orangetheoryfitness #leggings

Last, but certainly not’s time for a GRAND PRIZE drawing!! Congrats to member Erica Meinke!! You have earned yourself a $100 gift card to Whole Foods!! #keepburning #twelvedaysoffitness #otfashburn

Day 12 Winner- Jennifer West!

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