Em-Power Fitness Training at Evolution

Empowering the individuals of the community to believe in themselves through strengthening the mind and body for the purpose of building a better life.

Believe in yourself. Immerse yourself. Challenge yourself. Em-Power youself!

[05/30/15]   What a great conference. The Pilates community never ceases to amaze me with their love, support, and non-judgement. Every time I attend a conference I am reminded of how blessed I am to work with and learn from Kathryn Coyle and Zoey Trap!


Started the conference week off right with a beautiful run by the beach. Followed by 150 BW squats, 150 BW lunges, 100 bridges, and 100 squat thrusts. Boot Camp, that one is for you:)! Excited to be attending the Pilates Empowerment Conference and WSSC! Lots of learning going on!


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Vanessa Wilde Coaching

Happy Mother's Day!

Pull out the tissues!

[05/02/15]   Happy to support a good cause this morning at Forest Edge Elementary Courtney Schilling Memorial 5K☺️.

Although I can't be there in person, EM-Power Fitness & Boot Camps is also supporting the Herndon Middle School 5K in spirit! Rachel Halpin☺️

greekpaleo.com 04/24/2015

Greek Paleo Diet

AWESOME recipes! Check it out!!!

greekpaleo.com Greek Paleo recipes and health blog


Happy Monday!! New week. New goals. New opportunities. #MondayMotivation


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Happy Monday!! New day. New week. New opportunities. Enjoy it!! :)

[04/04/15]   Almost 13 years ago, my brother woke up one day a totally different person than he went to bed. Since then, his life has never been the same. Brain injuries isolate people and truly destroy their quality of life. Taylor has been blessed with the opportunity to get a service dog. This dog, Riggs, will be his companion, best friend, and someone who is just his buddy. Taylor will never get to have this relationship with any human being. Please join my family and I in helping him get a service dog. Thank you for your support.



Healthy version of chipotle.


Em-Power athletes finishing the week strong with some resistance cardio. Great job everyone!!!

theberry.com 03/19/2015

This mashup of famous dance scenes is your new favorite video (video)

Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves in our fitness/weight loss journey. Keep your head up! Remember it's ok to let your worries and troubles go, and just dance till you smile. 😊


theberry.com Where else can you see Beauty and the Beast, Magic Mike, and Cameron Diaz all in one place?

[03/17/15]   Come and support your local high school, Rock Ridge, and see the Harlem Wizards!



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[02/23/15]   Remember class at 8 and 1030 today!!! (Due to the LCPS delay)

www.prevention.com 02/22/2015

The Coolest Cardio Workout You Haven't Tried

Come try the battle ropes at Em-Power Fitness.


www.prevention.com Get off the treadmill and grab THIS!


Em-Power Fitness Training at Evolution's cover photo

themovementfix.com 02/12/2015

Hip Flexor Tightness

Hip flexors tight? Or are your abs not doing their job...

themovementfix.com Movement Fix Monday | Week 5 The Hip Flexors Hip flexor tightness is a topic that's been on my mind a lot lately. The more and more hip flexor "tightness" I encounter, the more and more I see the h...


Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't.

againstallgrain.com 02/09/2015

Crockpot Paleo Thai Stew

Yummy recipe. Not the best for those who are trying to avoid nightshades.


againstallgrain.com Crockpot Paleo Thai Stew Recipe from Meals Made Simple.

www.theptdc.com 02/07/2015

The Real Reason Why People MUST Squat Differently

Excellent read. Proof that you will be more successful working with someone who uses their education to train to the individual body. Train to the body in front of you-this is what we practice at Em-Power!


www.theptdc.com There is absolutely no one size fits all squat position. If you don’t believe me, you are in for a treat.


Be sure to show your support and raise awareness for women's heart disease and wear red tomorrow.

eatlocalgrown.com 02/05/2015

Why Is Everyone Suddenly Putting Butter In Their Coffee? Here's 5 Solid Reasons...

Interesting. Has anyone ever tried this?


eatlocalgrown.com To most people, putting butter in their coffee sounds skeptical if not borderline dangerous. So what's the deal?

[01/27/15]   Good morning! I am still holding the 8am class for those who can come. Main roads are fine, but some neighborhood roads are not so great. Message me if you can come! 😊


Sandbags are sexy.


How awesome would it be if I had one of these speakers and microphone for boot camp. There would be no confusion as to whether I'm saying,"switch!", or just yelling at you to get your butt moving😘.


Happy Friday!

[01/14/15]   Classes will be held at 8am and 10:30!

[01/12/15]   Classes will be held at regular time today! Be safe!

naturalsociety.com 01/11/2015

Corporations Have Renamed 'High Fructose Corn Syrup'

Beware! The sneaky food industry is at it again...


naturalsociety.com Food companies are still trying to hide health-damaging ingredients with different names, as is the case with General Mills and high fructose corn syrup.

www.poliquingroup.com 01/10/2015

Ten Reasons to Train for Muscle & Performance Instead of for Fat Loss | Poliquin Article

A must read for those trying to lose weight!


www.poliquingroup.com Poliquin Article on a wide range of topics from strength and muscle mass gain to nutrition and supplementation.


Looking for a great strength and conditioning program for your kids? Check out Evolution basketball's open house on 1/24. Caleigh and Steven are awesome!

Looking for a great strength and aerobic conditioning program for yourself? Check out our boot camps!

M/W/F at 8a and 9:15a
Tu at 6a and 8a
Thurs 6a

Message me with any questions!

[01/08/15]   In the event of a LCPS delay, 6 and 8am classes will take place as usual.

1 hour delay:
-9:15 class meets at 9:30 (with the exception of Thursday Mat/Barre)

2 hour delay:
-9:15 class meets at 10:30 (with the exception of Thursday Mat/Barre)

School canceled:
-All classes take place as usual (unless roads are un-drivable).

paleomagazine.com 01/05/2015

Slow Cooker Bacon & Chicken

Need a new recipe for dinner? Try this!


paleomagazine.com I had a bunch of uncooked bacon left over from when I made the avocado bacon explosion, and I wanted to use it in a dish that didn’t involve frying more ba

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Em-Power athletes finishing the week strong with some resistance cardio.  Great job everyone!!!
Talk about a killer exercise that will leave your lungs burning and your legs dead.  Nice job D!  #FunFriday
Em-Powered athletes are ready for Tough Mudder. Good luck on Sunday!



Evolution Basketball-21760 Beaumeade Circle, #150
Ashburn, VA
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