W&OD Trail, Ashburn, VA Video July 1, 2016, 4:30pm

Videos by W&OD Trail in Ashburn. 45 miles of paved trail, in Northern Virginia, for walking,running, bicycling and skating and 32 miles of adjacent gravel trail for horseback riding.

Why did the snake cross the trail?

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Storm damage update: trail is open, downed trees removed, downed power lines repaired. Dominion Energy crews still on the trail but patrons can pass through the area. Park staff using big blower to clear off twigs and leaves. As always be cautious and careful. Until next time 😎

Our thanks to the many volunteers who helped make the trail beautiful on Opening Day for Trails!

The western half of the trail now joins the eastern half in being cleared of snow. Until the next time...

As everyone knows snow is forecast for this weekend. Our park maintenance staff is out pretreating the trail. As of 10:30 am this morning we've gone from mile marker 0 in Shirlington out to mile marker 6 in Falls Church. Stay safe and stay warm! 😀😎

Nothing like the soothing sound of running water out in nature. This particular scene can be found on the Meadowlark Connector Trail off of the W&OD Trail by mile marker 14

Now that school is in session it's time for a pop quiz! The video was shot along the trail in what location? Hint: the location is somewhere west of Ashburn. The answer will be posted tomorrow. Good luck and no cheating!

Why did the snake cross the trail?

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