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Welcome to Easy Day Yoga!! Located at Goose Creek Village of Ashburn, EDY is where you can immerse yourself in the ancient practice of Yoga/Meditation

Our intention is to offer a space in our community where we can practice compassion, mindfulness, love, and creativity. Easy Day Yoga welcomes all who are seeking a state of peace and happiness. We keep our hearts open in embracing diversity, and will work to support our growth both on and off the mat.

Operating as usual

Say hello to the New Year with us! Join us both in person and virtually to release the insanity of 2020, and welcome in 2021!

Join us on Christmas Day for a FREE Virtual Flow class with Michelle Trufant!! It's our gift to you this Holiday Season!

Even though we can’t gather as we normally would, we still want to CELEBRATE SEVEN AMAZING YEARS with this INCREDIBLE cOMmUNITY!

As we do every year around this time, we’re offering up our annual Anniversary Sale — get a FULL YEAR of UNLIMITED classes for $999! This is our best deal of the year, and not only will it help keep Easy Day going through these challenging times, it’s a commitment to yourself and your practice that will help keep YOU going through these challenging times too!

Sale ends January 1st!


Easy Day Yoga's Season of GIVING!

Easy Day Yoga's Season of GIVING! Check out how we're making wishes come true this Holiday Season!

web-extract.constantcontact.com Help us make a wish come true! "For it is in giving that we receive" - Prayer of St Francis Every year, the Easy Day Yoga community comes together during the holiday season to make this time of year a

Our extended Black Friday sale ends tonight! Don't forget to take advantage of these two awesome deals!!

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday!

Beyond grateful to all of you!! Happy Thanksgiving ❣️🙏🏽

Meditation with Azi

Support small businesses and shop local this year!

Our Black Friday sales have started early and of course we are a bit biased, but we can't think of a better gift than the gift of Yoga!

Visit our website to purchase!

Join us in person or virtually and start your holiday off with an inspiring Vinyasa practice! Sign up early for our in-person class in Ashburn — spots are limited to just 15 and they are filling up fast!

There's still time to join Ileana Gonzalez for her amazing 5 week series on Sparking Your Inner Wisdom!

Learn more and register at easydayyoga.com/workshops!

We'll meet every Wednesday, starting tonight at 6:30pm until 7:45pm!

BONUS!!! You can use your class pass!!

NEW CLASS ALERT!! You asked, we listened. Join Karen Monday & Wednesday morning at 6:30 am for an hour of virtual sunrise vinyasa. Reserve your spot today, we will send you the link!! See you tomorrow 🧘🏽‍♀️🤸‍♀️🧘🏽‍♂️

Are you an early bird? This class is for YOU!!! Join Karen Shrum Wednesday mornings at 6:30am for an inspiring Sunrise Virtual Vinyasa practice!

Join Ayurvedic practitioner Ileana Gonzalez for her richly informative workshop series, Spark Your Inner Wisdom: 5 weeks to a healthier and happier you!

Known as the “Science of Life”, Ayurveda touches upon several features of how to live a healthy, happy, satisfying life. It lays out a very specific definition of “health” (svastha), integrating the body, the mind, and the spirit to bring about a truly wholistic approach to living. The framework for this approach lies in aligning our Lifestyle practices with Nature’s rhythms as a way to tap in to our own physical, mental, and spiritual healing power. Simply put, each one of us is already pre-programmed for promoting long-term health; Yoga and Ayurveda are powerful pathways to awaken this incredible wisdom!

Learn more and register at easydayyoga.com/workshops

BONUS! You can use your class pass!!!


How Yoga Changed One War Vet's Life

“You need some yoga in your life.”

The first time I heard those words, my response was, “You’re f------ crazy.” I’m 
a dude. I’m a combat veteran. I don’t have yoga pants. I don’t need yoga in my life.

yogajournal.com "I’m a combat veteran. I don’t have yoga pants. I don’t need yoga in my life."

Thank you to all the service women and men who work tirelessly to protect us. We honor you today, and everyday.

“The spirit is so near that you can’t see it! But reach for it… Don’t be the rider who gallops all night and never sees the horse that is beneath him.” - Rumi

Patanjali's Yoga Sutra Sunday's
Every Sunday we'll take a look at either one, or a collection, of Yoga Sutra's from Patanjali's seminal work on the practices of Yoga. The Yoga Sutras are divided into 4 Padas (or books), and are numbered accordingly. The first Pada, Samadhi Pada, details the main goal of Yoga.

Samadhi Pada

1.2 yogascittavrttinirodhah : Complete mastery over the roaming tendencies of the mind is yoga.

Citta means mind, and Vrtti means the roaming tendencies of the mind. Think of vrtti as the constant chatter inside your own head that is quite often making up stories about the world around you, and therefore is often responsible for the lack of peace you are experiencing. One of our teachers, Kate Thuss, refers to it as the “itty bitty sh**ty committee” that lives inside her head. So with this sutra, Patanjali is letting us know that the definition of Yoga is quieting, or stilling the mind, a.k.a., firing your “itty bitty sh**ty committee.” It’s not easy, that’s for sure! But if we keep going, Patanjali will give us a glimpse of what awaits us when we do successfully quiet the mind, as well as how to actually achieve this monumental goal.

Yes. Yes you do!

!!! Workshop Series Alert !!!

We're thrilled to be offering this 5 Week series with Ayurvedic practitioner, Ileana Gonzalez! Join her for this informative dive into the rich practices of Ayurveda (Yoga's sister science).

We'll meet via Zoom on the following Wednesday's from 6:30 to 7:45pm: November 18th & 25th and December 2nd, 9th & 16th.

BONUS! You get to use your class pass!!

Head on over to www.easydayyoga.com/workshops to learn more and register!

Yogic Philosophy 101

Abhyasa is a disciplined, persistent effort to remain focused. This focus can occur during physical exercise (such as asana), breath work (pranayama), meditation (samyama), or even the act of learning a musical instrument or driving a car. The sutra-s state that abhyasa is the effort required to maintain a focus, and it is to be done continuously over a long period of time, with sincerity and care. Abhyasa involves a committed effort to maintain your chosen practice long enough to reap its rewards. Abhyasa, along with viveka (keen discernment), is a primary practice that is fundamental to all progress.

— From The Path of the Yoga Sutras by Nicolai Bachman


The Real Reason We Judge Others + How To Exit The Cycle

We all judge — it’s an aspect of our humanness — but that doesn’t mean we can’t recognize where our judgements come from, and begin to release them over time.

According to the author, judgment is simply a reaction to fear. "Judgment is your protection mechanism," he says. "So you don't have to engage with the unknown." When we don't have enough information about someone, our inherent instinct is to fear them rather than striving to learn about them and their background.

mindbodygreen.com It just requires a bit more work and intention.

“Voting is the expression of our commitment to ourselves, one another, this country, and this world.” — Sharon Salzberg

“The knowledge of one’s identity with the pure Self… sets a person free even against his will, when it becomes as firm as the person’s belief that he is a human being.” — Shankaracharya

Patanjali's Yoga Sutra Sunday's
Every Sunday we'll take a look at either one, or a collection, of Yoga Sutra's from Patanjali's seminal work on the practices of Yoga. The Yoga Sutras are divided into 4 Padas (or books), and are numbered accordingly. The first Pada, Samadhi Pada, details the main goal of Yoga.

Samadhi Pada

1.1 atha yoganusasanam : Now begins the instruction on the practice of yoga.

Patanjali sets the stage, simply letting us know that from this point forward, he will be instructing on us on the goal and the practices of Yoga.

🎃🦇 Happy Halloween! We hope you have a safe and fun holiday! 🦇🎃

Don't forget to join us tomorrow for a FREE class with Azi at noon, following by FREE chair massages from The NOW, and coffee from Weathervane Coffee! Bring your mat, mask, water and wear your costume!

Yogic Philosophy 101


Viveka is knowing and consciously discerning one object from another. We are making decisions and judgements all the time, every day, such as what we eat, how we dress, where we go, and what to do. Exercising clear judgement, taking into account what is helpful versus harmful and what works in the short term versus the long term, can help us avoid future suffering. Access to as much information as possible gives us the broadest view and highest chance of making the best decision.


On a deeper, internal level, viveka can help us distinguish between out changing body and our changing inner light of awareness. Without viveka, individuals identify the body as themselves — they think they are their body and nothing more. With viveka, the body is seen as an instrument only, a formation of matter and energy that does not affect our true nature, our inner light of awareness.

— From The Path of the Yoga Sutras by Nicolai Bachman

New Class Alert!! 🧘‍♀️ 🧘 We are so excited to welcome Heidi Eaton to our teaching team! She's a longtime student of EDY and a recent graduate of our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program! She'll be offering a 75 minute Hatha class on Monday nights in our Ashburn studio, starting at 7:45pm. Come out and start your week off with us!

Did you get your pass? You have till Saturday to take advantage of our big 10 class pass Fall SALE. With more than 30 incredible instructors, you can find classes that are suitable for you (in-studio & virtually)!!

Our annual Halloween party is on! Join us this Saturday at noon for one hour yoga, massage, & coffee!! It will be so much fun 🧘🏽‍♂️🤸🏽‍♂️🧘🏽‍♀️☕️💆🏻‍♂️

NEW CLASS ALERT: We are excited to announce that starting tomorrow you can join Caitlin Jackson at 5:30 pm (Ashburn Goose Creek Village) for an hour of vinyasa. Please reserve your spot ahead of time. See you on the mat!!

"The mind is truly fickle. But… it frequents places familiar to it. Therefore, show it often the delight of the experience of the self." ~ Jnaneshwar Maharaj

Meditation with Azi

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