Easy Day Yoga

Welcome to Easy Day Yoga!! Located at Goose Creek Village of Ashburn, EDY is where you can immerse yourself in the ancient practice of Yoga/Meditation

Our intention is to offer a space in our community where we can practice compassion, mindfulness, love, and creativity. Easy Day Yoga welcomes all who are seeking a state of peace and happiness. We keep our hearts open in embracing diversity, and will work to support our growth both on and off the mat.

Yup, sounds about right! We’ve got 5 chances for you to get on your mat this weekend!
Friday Vinyasa @ 4:45pm
Saturday Vinyasa @ 9am & Gentle @ 10:45am
Sunday Vinyasa @ 9am & Weekend Un-Wind @ 5pm

"It's impossible," said pride.
"It's risky," said experience.
"It's pointless," said reason.
"Give it a try," whispered the heart.

It’s not about the pose, it’s about your life. Join us tonight for Vinyasa at 6:15 or Restorative at 7:45!

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Anyone else?

For as long as space endures
and the world exists,
may my own existence bring about
the end of all suffering in the world.

~ Shantideva


What is Oxidative Stress & How Can you Beat It?

Oxidative stress—or stress at the cellular level that occurs when your body is out of balance—can have harmful effects. The free radicals that cause cellular stress are everywhere, but don’t worry… these Ayurvedic tips can help.


yogajournal.com The free radicals that cause cellular stress are everywhere, but don’t worry… these Ayurvedic tips can help

It's okay, Sheldon, we've missed you. Just come on back to your mat, and bend your knees.

Come relax and restore yourself tonight with Joanna at 7:45pm! There really is no better way to end your day!

We're super excited (!!!!!!!!) about this upcoming Vision Boarding workshop with Marcia and her friend Kristi! Join these two amazing women and learn more about how to create a Vision for your future, and how to bring it to fruition using a powerful Law of Attraction tool called a Vision Board. The fun goes down on Sunday, February 16th at 12pm. Check out more info on our website: easydayyoga.com

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We would say stop and smell the roses, but unless you happen to have some at home, it's tough to find a rose outside in January. So enjoy the rich aroma of your coffee or tea instead. Take a long sniff and really smell it! Pausing to experience the simple pleasures of life is so important!


💗 Self Care Calendar 💗

Often times even when we have the courage to say no to some request, we feel like we have to justify why we are saying no. Here's a little secret: YOU DON'T! You don't owe anyone, anything — it's perfectly fine to have your reason be simply that you do not want to do something. And you don't have to justify that to anyone at all!

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We know it's not always possible to order in, but if you can give yourself a break tonight, take it. There are lots of great options so let someone else put dinner on the table tonight!

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No matter how cold, snowy or rainy it might be, throw on your coat, open the door and breath in some fresh air!

💗 Self Care Calendar 💗

Whether it's taking a Yoga class, going for a long walk, or anything else that gets you up and going, honor your body with some simple exercise to get your blood flowing and your muscles moving!

💗 Self Care Calendar 💗

Sleep — oh precious sleep! We rarely get enough of it and we desperately need it. Even 20 extra minutes can make a big difference. It's tough, but give it a try tonight.

💗 Self Care Calendar 💗

Sometimes we think we have to be mature and act our age — but we think that's rubbish! Let yourself be a goofball today, and everyday! Letting our inner goofball shine can free us up in ways we never even considered!

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Just pick one decision today and choose to handle it differently than you normally would. It doesn't have to be a big change, or maybe it is, but free yourself up to step outside of your routine every once in awhile.

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It doesn't have to be a giant bouquet, maybe just a few flowers that will make you smile. Not big on flowers? Maybe a new house plant that will bring you joy every day.

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Sit comfortably for five minutes and be present with your breath. Feel your body as it expands on the inhale, and gently contracts on the exhale. Every time your mind wanders, just compassionately bring it back to your breath.

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We all have a few things hanging in our closet that we swear we'll wear again someday — but yet another year passes without it coming off the hanger. Take three of those things and pass them along to someone who could really use them. You'll feel lighter and you'll help someone at the some time.

We’re sticking with Love.

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Take 10 minutes today, sit comfortably and just notice sensation in your body, wherever that sensation wanders. When you notice it's your mind that has wandered, just compassionately bring your awareness back to your body.

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Take just a moment, look yourself in the eyes in a mirror and say, "I Love You." Say it a few times if you're able to. It can feel uncomfortable at first, but make it a daily routine and it can make a difference in how you feel about yourself.

Step out from under the shade….

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Blast some music — even if it's just in your headphones — and dance around like a fool! Take a few minutes to just have fun is a great way to boost your mood and release stress.

Shed what no longer serves you, no matter the mess ❤️

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Okay, so it doesn't have to be a soft sweater, but choose something to wear that feels good against your skin.

💗 Self Care Sadhana 💗

Here's hoping it's sunny today 😄 But seriously, take a few minutes and just gaze up at the sky, either watching the clouds or maybe even the rain. For no other reason than to hit the pause button for a bit.

You are the master of your mind, and you have to keep it pure. Your responsibility ends there, the rest of God's business. ~ Swami Vijnanananda

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Inevitably there is one thing around the house that you keep meaning to do, but never take the time to complete. Today is the day! Just get it done so that you don't have to think about it anymore. Having that little stressor off your plate will add to your daily well being fast.

Dear Donut,
It’s okay. Us too.

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We unconsciously move through a large part of our day, coasting through on autopilot. Pick one thing today that you normally do without even thinking about, and spend the time really being aware of what you're doing.

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The magic happens just outside your comfort zone. Need we say more?

💗 Self Care Calendar 💗

The magic happens just outside your comfort zone. Need we say more?

💗 Self Care Calendar 💗

We know it's a big ask, but seriously, if you allow yourself to unplug from the outside world for just one hour, we guarantee you, you'll feel a bit lighter and more peaceful. Try it. Even for 10 minutes 😀

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Unfortunately "Being Selfish" has gotten such a bad rap. But the truth is, it's vitally important that we put ourselves first, not only once in awhile, but quite often. It's when we meet our own needs that we are able to help others meet theirs.

💗 Self Care Calendar 💗

Unfortunately "Being Selfish" has gotten such a bad rap. But the truth is, it's vitally important that we put ourselves first, not only once in awhile, but quite often. It's when we meet our own needs that we are able to help others meet theirs.

💗 Self Care Calendar 💗

Okay, we know this one can be really tough — intimacy is difficult, even with ourselves. But we invite you to look at yourself naked and find one thing that you like, if not many more.

❄️❄️❄️For the safety of our community, we have decided to cancel all evening classes today, Tuesday, January 7th. Stay home, stay safe and have some fun! ❄️❄️❄️

As the winter months continue on, and we experience inclement weather, if it's snowing or icing, we ask that you check the class schedule online or on our free Easy Day Yoga app to see if classes have been cancelled. We do our best to get out emails and posts in a timely manner, but sometimes we'll need to make a last minute decision, so please check before coming to class when the weather is iffy!

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Maybe even one less packet of sugar in your tea or coffee. It doesn't have to be a major change for it to have a positive effect. The little stuff really adds up, so keep it simple so you can stick with it.

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Often times things lurk around on our To-Do list and they never get completed. If one item keeps getting transferred from old list to new list, take yourself off the hook and let it go. Clearly it's not the end of the world if it doesn't get done, and you'll get to relieve yourself of the stress you feel every time you look at it.

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Napping might not seem like Safe Care, but when we're tired, giving ourselves permission to rest can be tough. So if you find yourself tired today and your bed or couch is nearby, give yourself a few minutes of rest.

💗 Self Care Calendar 💗

It can be anything that you want, anything at all! Just take some time alone and do something that brings you joy. It's so easy to get caught up in the mundane aspects of life, that we forget to find joy. Make today the day you change that for yourself.

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