Easy Day Yoga

Welcome to Easy Day Yoga!! Located at Goose Creek Village of Ashburn, EDY is where you can immerse yourself in the ancient practice of Yoga/Meditation

Our intention is to offer a space in our community where we can practice compassion, mindfulness, love, and creativity. Easy Day Yoga welcomes all who are seeking a state of peace and happiness. We keep our hearts open in embracing diversity, and will work to support our growth both on and off the mat.

Time has flown by, and we are so incredibly grateful to you, our Easy Day Yoga Community, for making these last four year such a huge success! We are truly humbled and honored that you keep joining us, day after day, week after week, and year after year. We literally couldn't do it without you, and so we want to express that gratitude with a fun weekend, plus some great deals! Check out below to see what we've got planned!

Free Classes all weekend long!

Jayme Sekel will be teaching the 9am Vinyasa class on Saturday, and then Kate Thuss will lead us through a Gentle practice at 10:45am. Both classes are open to everyone and anyone, so feel free to bring friends or family, and introduce them to your home at Easy Day! Immediately after Kate's class, we'll hang out and enjoy refreshments and treats. And on Sunday morning, Parry Dale's 9am Vinyasa class is also free, so bring along your loved ones!

Awesome Anniversary Specials!

Our 1 Year Unlimited Anniversary Special is our best deal, all year long, hands down! Even if you take just one class a week, this package will still save you money. It's truly a steal, but it's one of our favorite ways to express our gratitude!

This year we wanted to add in a second Anniversary Special for those that might not be able to commit to a whole year, so we're offering our 20-class pass for $270!

Oh! And one more thing! We're offering 50% off select products at the studio! All clothing, mat bags, water bottles, and mat towels are marked down half off for the entire month of November. Help us make space for some new products, and get a great deal at the same time.

We're giving our Friday evenings a facelift to give you an additional chance to practice before heading into your weekend!

Join Jayme Sekel at 4:45pm for a Vinyasa class, and then stick around for a yummy Candlelight Yin class with Michelle Schroeder, which we moved to 6:15pm!

We hope to see you on your mat Friday nights!!

This morning our sweet Jayme was at the studio to teach her 6:30 am class when she realized that we are having a major water leak coming from Mexican restraunt upstairs. As the ceilings were collapsing one after the other, she called a fellow yoga teacher and our beloved friend Jonathan of Inner Power Yoga to come to her rescue. By 7:30 am the two of them cleaned up the floor and placed buckets under the broken ceilings. We don’t know how to thank you enough. You truly proved that yoga community is all about love and kindness. We are forever grateful to both of you 🙏🙌😍 Easy Dayers, sorry we had to close the studio today, your sanctuary is cleaned and ready for your favorite Friday classes. See you at 9:30 am!!

Hello Easy Dayers, unfortunately we have to cancel our 9:30 am gentle and 12 pm Vinyasa classes due to the significant leak from Mexican restraunt above us. Pls check the schedule for further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Come flow with us and stay for pumpkin tea & great conversations. 🧡 Fall feels much better with a warm room filled with yogis!! 🍂🍁🎃 #bestcommunityever

Help yourself get over the hump of your work week with our Slow Flow into Nidra class, Wednesday nights with Kate T. at 7:45pm. You'll get a chance to work out the kinks from your day before we settled in for a 45 minute deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra practice. We hope to see you on Wednesday!

Come join Tessa on Tuesday night at 7:45 pm for an amazing sound experience! To begin, you'll explore a gentle flow through asana to awaken and release tension within the body. Then you'll warm up your voice during this movement with gentle sounds, and begin to exercise it with more acute attention once the body has come to stillness in a comfortable seated position. This class is accessible for all levels! We can't wait to see you on your mat!


6 Yoga Warm-Ups for Wrist Pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Ever feel wrist discomfort in table top or downdog? Here are some great tips on how to warm up your wrists and prepare for your practice!


yogajournal.com Yoga teacher Mark Stephens shares methods for warming up and massaging the wrists to reduce pain in yoga practice from his book Yoga Therapy.

Let's take a look at the next Niyama, Santosha, which translates to Contentment.

Sutra 2.42 of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras deals with Santosha. It states, "By contentment, supreme joy is gained."

Sri Swami Satchidananda offers the following in his translation and commentary on the Sutras:

"As a result of contentment, one gains supreme joy. Here we should understand the difference between contentment and satisfaction. Contentment means just to be as we are without going to outside things for our happiness. If something comes, we let it come. If not, it doesn't matter. Contentment means neither to like nor dislike."

[10/08/18]   Our Holiday Monday evening class schedule is as follows:
6:15pm Rocket with Michele Trufant
7:45pm Hatha with Kate T.

Please note that our 4:45pm Gentle class is canceled for this evening!

We hope to see you on your mat!

Its been a bit, but let's take another look at the Yamas and Niyamas as laid out by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. We've already moved through the Yamas, so now lets focus on the Niyamas, or Observances.

The first one is Saucha, which translates to Purity. There are a few ways to interpret Purity, so once again let's turn to Deborah Adele and her fantastic little book, The Yamas and Niyamas.

"In the Ragamuffin Gospel, Brennan Manning tells the story of a tense moment in a recovery room. A young female patient is lying in bed. Standing beside her is the surgeon who has just removed a tumor from the young woman's face. Her husband, also in the room, stands at a distance. The patient is looking at herself in a handheld mirror for the first time after surgery. Staring at the obvious downward turned corner of one side of her mouth, she asks the surgeon if she will always look lopsided. The surgeon replies a solemn yes, noting that he has to cut a nerve to get the tumor out. In that crucial moment, where the silence betrays a young woman doubting her future physical appeal, the husband acts. He walks over to his wife and tell her that he thinks she looks kind of cute with one side of her mouth turned down. Then he looks at her tenderly, shapes his mouth like hers, matching lips to lips, and kisses her.

"The jewel of Saucha, or purity, carries a two-fold meaning. First, Saucha invites us to purify our bodies, our thoughts, and our words. As we purify ourselves physically and mentally, we become less cluttered and heavy; purification brings about a brightness and clarity to our essence. Second, this guideline has relational quality. No one in the above story could have known ahead of time what the outcome of the surgery would be. Yet in that moment, when the wife doubted her own appeal, the husband was able to be with her purely, and in that purity, support her sense of self and the beauty of their relationship.

"These two practices of purity are interrelated. As we purify ourselves from the heaviness and clutter of toxins, distractions, and scatteredness, we gain clarity to meet each moment with integrity and freshness. We become more pure in our relationship with each moment."


Due to unforeseen circumstances, Body & Sound Flow at 7:45pm is cancelled for tonight. We're sorry for any and all inconvenience! But we hope to see you on your mat soon!!

New Class Alert! :)

We want to help you get through the middle of your week with a bit more ease, so we're adding in a weekly Yoga Nidra class to get you over the hump! This class will include roughly 30 minutes of asana, with a focus on Sun Salutations. We'll start out slow and then increase the pace to a comfortable speed, adding in variations to this traditional Yogic warm-up, before we slow it way down with a 40 minute Yoga Nidra practice. If you know Kate (Kathryn) T., you know how much she loves Yoga Nidra, so she's super excited to be offering this class on a weekly basis!

Not only is Tessa new to the Easy Day schedule, she's also bringing us a brand new class that we are thrilled to be offering! As a Kirtan (chanting) artist, Tessa utilizes the voice in her classes, seeing it as a big healing component to the practice of Yoga. This may be a new concept for you, but we invite you to step outside your comfort zone, and let Tessa lead you back to your own voice. Check out the class description and her bio below!

Body and Sound Flow

This class is accessible to practitioners of all levels and offers education on the voice as a tool for regulating - or influencing - both mind and body. To begin, we explore a gentle flow through asana to awaken and release tension within the body. We warm up the voice during this movement with gentle sounds, and then begin to exercise it with more acute attention once the body has come to stillness in a comfortable seated position. Using sound or sanskrit mantra, the vocal practice deepens and elongates breath, having tangible effects on the brain and nervous systems. Often we will create and relish in the sounds of beautiful LIVE music together.

Tessa's Bio:

Tessa offers a unique yoga practice that explores how the voice, rhythm, sound and silence affect the mind and body. She is a lifelong musician and began practicing yoga during 2008 in search of relief from chronic pain, also lifelong. Her interests and expertise lie in the use of voice and music to affect and rewire the nervous systems of the body. From straightforward to complex and overwhelming issues, Tessa seeks to offer practitioners simple and accessible tools for the gentle and consistent cultivation of wellness in body and mind.

Lisa is an awesome addition to the studio, and we are so lucky to have her! She'll be taking over our Prenatal class, which has switched to Thursday evenings at 7:45pm. Check out her bio below, and make sure to say hi when you see her around!

Lisa's Bio:

Lisa’s intention as a teacher is to help students find deeper connection in their yoga practice and more authenticity, passion, and ease to all parts of life. Her teachings come from a very intuitive place and are always tailored to who is present. Lisa gracefully and intentionally weaves together challenging and restorative poses into her classes to promote balance, strength and growth for each individual. She personally understands the benefits of yoga for stress, discomfort and balance in the mind, body and soul.

She also has a specific passion in the birth world. As a mom of 4 beautiful souls, she believes in empowering women through encouraging them to listen to their intuition and to trust- themselves, their bodies, and their babies. Lisa received her 200RYT and Prenatal/Postnatal certification in 2011 and continuously learns in order to best serve others in her greater purpose- to help people become healthier, happier, and more whole.

We're excited to welcome Jayme to Easy Day Yoga! She'll be taking over the Tuesday morning Sunrise Yoga classes at 6:30am. Check out her bio below, and be sure to give her a warm welcome. And don't fret, if you're not even out of bed by the time she's starting class, we're sure you'll see her around in the future!

Jayme's Bio:

Over 5 years of dedicated study, Jayme's yoga journey has transformed from a purely physical practice to one dedicated to mental focus, on the mat and more importantly, out in the world. Jayme has formal training and mentorships in Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Rocket yoga, and is a registered RYT200 yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance. Through additional specialized trainings and workshops, Jayme has developed a unique proficiency in advanced postures including arm balances, floating transitions, and inversions. Jayme also has a dedicated seated meditation practice.

Jayme's classes are designed to be an environment where a student can expand the bounds of their practice, no matter their level, and have fun while they're doing it. Outside of class, Jayme enjoys AcroYoga, gardening, cooking, podcasts, and hikes with her dog.

Autumn is bringing some exciting new changes to the Easy Day schedule! We're welcoming three new teachers and offering some new classes as well. We hope you'll give our newest Easy Dayers a warm welcome when you see them. Stay tuned over the next few days to "meet" them here on our page!

Teacher change:
Jayme Sekel will be teaching Sunrise Yoga, Tuesday's at 6:30am

Teacher & Time Change:
Lisa Lermitte is taking over Prenatal Yoga, which will now be offered on Tuesday's at 4:45pm

New Teacher & New Class:
Tessa Elaina is offering a new class, Body & Sound Flow, on Tuesday evenings at 7:45pm

New Class:
We're adding a Slow Flow into Nidra class with Kate T. on Wednesday nights, starting at 7:45pm


The Conversation We All Need to Be Having, the Importance of Body Diversity:

The Conversation We All Need to Be Having, the Importance of Body Diversity!

"As a plus-size woman, I don’t feel welcome in the yoga community. From a personal growth or health perspective, if I say I want to feel better in my life, the solution people want to throw at me is a diet. That doesn’t work for me at all! I believe people can create a healthier life from the inside out with self-love and lots of tools. But we have to empower ourselves to learn and get out of our comfort zone. We have to know there are things out there like meditation and yoga that can help us. We have to know that “losing weight” is not the same thing as “getting healthier,” and that the latter is 100 percent about the emotional journey we have with our body, our food, and our life. To be frank, the wellness community needs to start embracing diversity. People come in different bodies and colors, and all of these bodies deserve to access wellness tools without shame and with encouragement." - Sarah Sapora


mantramag.com Body Positive Advocate and Truth Teller Sarah Sapora ~ Instagram: @ sarahsapora | sarahsapora.com | sarahpluslife.com Photos: Nichole Alex This is how I met Sar...

Join us Saturday, October 13th at 12:45pm for Coffee + Essential Oils — an afternoon of learning and community with Marcia Hoffeins!

Come out for this FREE informational afternoon of company and education. We will talk about how to use the oils for a variety of things — cleaning the home, staying "above the gunk" as we move towards the Holidays, survival tips (you know, calm the stress, good night sleep and focus) and any of your other burning questions!

Already have an account and want to learn more? Bring your questions to the table.


How Meditation Reduces Stress (Plus 6 Tips for Absolute Beginners)

You've probably heard it a million times: meditation is so great and there are so many benefits. In fact your probably sick of hearing about it. But it's true.

What's also true is that meditation can seem really intimidating. But luckily, it doesn't have to be. Check out this article for some serious benefits and great tips on how to begin!


yogainternational.com Create more calm in your life by meditating. Here are simple ways you can start your practice today.


I Am the Only Expert on My Body and My Experience

Totally loving this article about trusting and listening to your own body! Learning to trust our own intuition and the messages our bodies are trying to send is vital!

Always remember, no matter what a teacher tells you in class, if it doesn't feel right for you — then it's not right! Listen! Listen! Listen! Your body is your #1 teacher!!


yogainternational.com Learning to trust our own bodies, and our own experiences, through yoga.


4 Ways to Take Down Your Inner Critic

Tired of the "Itty Bitty Shitty Committee" that lives in your head? It's time to silence that inner critic for good!


yogajournal.com You know that little voice that pipes up to tell you that you’re not enough? Well, here’s how to silence it—for good.

We're getting really excited about next weekend's workshop Pathway to Lasting Joy with Nasrin Barbic & Gretchen Schutte!

When was the last time you felt true JOY? Really… when was the last time? If you can't remember, then you really don't want to miss this informative and uplifting afternoon. Learn tools to cultivate joy and happiness in your life, and let it all settle in with a relaxing Yoga Nidra with Gretchen to bring the workshop to close.

We'll gather from 1pm to 3pm on Saturday, September 15th. Your investment is just $35!

Sign up below!

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