Arthur Murray Ashburn, Ashburn, VA Video December 1, 2017, 3:59am

Videos by Arthur Murray Ashburn in Ashburn. Come dance with us!

Samba Mathilde & Sterling

Sterling & Mathilde dancing the samba on Atlantis Night at the studio.

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Due to inclement weather the studio will be closed today. Stay warm and safe everyone!! See you tomorrow!

Arthur Murray Ashburn Get Started Today
Check this out!

Romantic Paris night

Samba Mathilde & Sterling
Sterling & Mathilde dancing the samba on Atlantis Night at the studio.

Candyland night at the studio

Mermaid Salsa
Tavia, Jenn & Irina dancing the salsa at Ashburn's Little Mermaid Night.

Staff Formation
Medal Ball Staff Formation

Jenn & Sterling at the Patriot Party

Having fun at Freestyles! Wish you were here!😀

Safari Night
Come join us this Thursday, May 26 for our Safari Night. Dress up in your safari gear or as your favorite animal! Class starts at 7:45pm. Refreshments and door prizes! #adventure #danceadventure #bucketlist #adventureashburn #ambucketlist

Night out on the town
Try something new and exciting - take a lesson at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Ashburn!

Tropical getaway. Kimi and Sterling doing the rumba.

The 2nd Most Interesting Man In Ashburn
Join us this Thursday for our Tropical Getaway Party. Wear your island gear! Arthur Murray Ashburn, 44320 Premier Plaza, Ashburn, VA. Class starts at 7:45pm. #travel #tropicalgetaway #danceinashburn. Thanks to our actors Tyrone Selby and Tavia Agtuca. Please like and share if you care :) #bucketlist #ambucketlist

Triple Swing Sterling and Nadia

#dancefitness at Arthur Murray Ashburn
Come dance with us tonight as we kick off our Summer Festival with a fitness themed class and party! Wear workout clothes - we'll be moving a lot! #dancefitness

Studio Outing with the Jeffersonian Big Band
Thank you for making the studio outing to Kings Court Tavern and Wine Bar such a fun event!

Tyrone Nadia Tailgate
Tailgate party

Brian & Clarissa - ChaCha Pro Show!

Staff formation.

Disco night!!

Brian on the bull...

Kimi on the outing at fast edsie's

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