Lee's Dynamic Taekwondo, Ashburn, VA Video April 27, 2019, 1:43pm

Videos by Lee's Dynamic Taekwondo in Ashburn. Dynamic's Logo stands for the "Dynamic" attitude that your son or daughter will develop while studying TaeKwonDo under Master Lee.703-72FOCUS (723-6287)http://leesdynamictkd.com/

Chetan, knows his stuff!!!

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Birthday Parties are packed with fun games. Laughter is the best you can get from children. Just Listen!

Happy Birthday Victor

Happy Birthday April Students we hope your day is one of the best...from Lee's Dynamic TKD

Videos from testing...

Chetan, knows his stuff!!!

Chetan knows his stuff!

March Birthday

Happy Birthday January Babies....we hope your day was one of the best! Let's sing from Lee's Dynamic Taekwondo

Master Lee is back in class. Come and show me your energy

Happy Birthday to our November kids....hope you had a nice day...from Lee's Dynamic TKD

Happy Birthday October kids Vincent, Prakya, and Rebecca

Happy Birthday to Addyson, Makayla & Jacob in September. Come celebrate with us!!!

Happy birthday Master Lee



Master park

Color Belt Testing

Lee's Dynamic TKD daycamp.....never know what's gonna happen. Might get on the news....

Testimonies from parents.....

Black Belt Gup Testing

Another Black Belt testing Success....great job and congratulations everyone....this journey is not easy! Only 1 out of 10 that do Taekwondo complete this goal.....Thank you to Master Lee for all he does to help these kids and adults suceed.

2nd part of testing.....

Testing...congrstulations and good luck...

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