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Final matches at POMNas XV 2017

Final pencak Silat match at 2017 National Sports Week (POMNas) XV 2017 in Indonesia. These regional tournaments is where top fighters rise.

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At the international festival "Pencak Silat - rise in Uzbekistan", a friendly meeting of national teams, Uzbekistan & Central Asia.

Traditions of Pencak Silat
Traditions of Pencak Silat. Before the sport there was the traditional art. Sport Silat, in many ways, is an entry point for learning the traditional aspect.

Silat Performance in Saudi Arabia.

Pencak Silat Demo in Saudi Arabia.

Get ready for the World Pencak Silat Championships! Starting Dec 13th! Watch live:

Silat Demo with Indonesian Athletes!
Action from 2018 Asian Games Pencak Silat Indonesian athletes at the Opening Ceremony of D'Academy

Asian Pencak Silat Championship in Kashmir
From ANI News: Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir), Oct 04 (ANI): The 4th Asian Pencak Silat Championship concluded in Srinagar on Thursday.

Team USA is competing at the 5th Singapore Open Pencak Silat tournament.

Road to Belgium - Ep 9 - Sakina's First Match
Sakina, USA's only female competitor at the 2018 Belgium Open tournament, has her first ever Pencak Silat match against Netherlands.

Road to Belgium - Episode 8
Our youngest junior athlete Hamza competes at the Belgium Open against one of the top junior athletes in the world from Singapore.

Road to Belgium - Fight Two!
USA Silat Team athlete Adam Pereira fights one of the top fighters in the world Razak Ghazali from Malaysia at the 2018 Belgium Open Tournament.

Road to Belgium - The Opening - Ep 4
USA Silat team arrives at the venue, weighs in, and participates in a spectacular opening ceremony at the 2018 Belgium Open.

Highlights of 2018 Junior World Pencak Silat Championships (Tanding)
The Junior (Ages 14-17) World Pencak Silat championships took place in Songkhla, Thailand on April 23-19th. These are some of the highlights of Tanding (Fighting)

2018 Pencak Silat championship in Bandung
Highlights of the 2018 Pencak Silat championships in Bandung, Indonesia. Athletes come from different Islands in Indonesia including Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, etc. Honoring the former President of Persilat Eddie Marzuki Nalapraya. Persilat is the International governing body of Pencak Silat. Competitors from many different perguruans or Silat schools attended this event. Video property of NET News.

Silat Demo in Japan
Silat performs in Japan! Watch the Indonesian team perform a really cool demo. Youtube link is here:

Silat at 2018 World Cup Tournament in USA
Pencak Silat Virginia competes at the 2018 World Cup Open Martial Arts Tournament, one of the most prestigious tournaments in Virginia. Students competed in artistic forms and sparring against martial artist from many other styles including Karate, Taekwondo, Kungfu, etc.

Footsteps of Champions - Part 3
Part three of my journey training with the best Pencak Silat teams across Asia. In this episode, I train with the Thailand coach Bapak Suhartono and the Vietnam Pencak Silat junior team.

Part Two - Pencak Silat: Footsteps of Champions
Part two of my 13-day journey across South East Asia to train with the top teams in sport Silat. In this episode, I focus on training the artistic element of Pencak Silat (Tunggal and Regu) with the Indonesian national team.

Pencak Silat: Footsteps of Champions - Part One
Part one of my 13-day journey across South East Asia to train with the top teams in sport Silat including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and even members from Thailand and Vietnam teams. This video starts out in Jakarta training with the Indonesian national Pencak Silat team. Stay tuned for more videos!

Singapore Pencak Silat team in Belgrade, Serbia doing a LIVE interview on national TV!

Watch the Indonesian little Samo Hung. This is from a festival for Silat Betawi.

SIlat Kids Demo on TRANSTV

2017 Pencak Silat - Dutch Open
Its happening right now!! Dutch Open 2017 & International Pencak Silat Festival 2017 - Top teams from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore are competing!

POMNas Pencak Silat 2017 Recap
Recap of a 2017 National Sports Week tournament (POMNas )held at Universitas Muhammadiyah Makassar in Indonesia filmed by Media Komunikasi UNUD.

Final matches at POMNas XV 2017
Final pencak Silat match at 2017 National Sports Week (POMNas) XV 2017 in Indonesia. These regional tournaments is where top fighters rise.

Jakarta Pencak Silat Championship
Watch CNN Indonesia's coverage of the 2017 Jakarta Pencak Silat Championship, held at GOR Popki Cibubur, in East Jakarta. This is the 8th national level competition for students from elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools. Various Pencak Silat schools (perguruans) compete in this competition such as Tapak Suci, Merpati Putih, Satria Muda Indonesia, Al-Azhar Seni Bela Diri as well as some international competitors from Singapore, etc. It's awesome to see the judges using tablets for electronic scoring.

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