Hidy Ochiai Karate of Northern Virginia

We're the area’s premier traditional Japanese martial arts school, showing people of all ages how to improve their mind & body to become their very best!

The sign is up and the mirrors are installed! It’s official: ALL classes will be held in our new space starting Monday, June 25!

Stay tuned, there is more work to be done in the next week and a half. It’s an exciting and busy time! #HidyOchiaiKarate #karatenova #ashburnkarate #WashinRyu #ashburnmartialarts #traditionalkarate #traditionaljapanesemartialarts #karate #martialarts #budo

The coat rack is done and the wood work in the lobby is getting its final spray! Next up is mirrors and benches and then we’re almost there! #HidyOchiaiKarate #karatenova #WashinRyu #ashburnkarate #ashburnmartialarts #karate #martialarts #budo #traditionalmartialarts #japanesemaetialarts #dojo

[05/26/18]   The Dojo is closed for the Memorial Day Holiday. We'll be back open on Tuesday, May 29 for all classes.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend. See you next week!

The wood floor is finished and now we’re moving towards finishing the rest of the wood work in the lobby! In just a few short weeks, it’ll all be transformed! #nofilter #HidyOchiaiKarate #karatenova #traditionaljapanesemartialarts #ashburnkarate #ashburnmartialarts #karate #dojo #martialarts #budo

The wood floor is down and the sanders are out. It won’t be long now before it’s done! #HidyOchiaiKarate #WashinRyu #karatenova #traditionalkarate #japanesekarate #ashburnkarate #ashburnmartialarts #karate #martialarts

It’s another busy day here at the new Dojo. The finish wood is going down and the entrance to the training floor is taking shape! #HidyOchiaiKarate #WashinRyu #karatenova #ashburnmartialarts #ashburncrossing #ashburnkarate #Dojo #karate #martialarts

Summer Camp Registration is still open, and we have a 10% special discount for May only (code: May10%OFF)!

Our Summer Camps offer the perfect way for your child to learn traditional Japanese martial arts at its best with a program specifically designed by world-renowned Master Hidy Ochiai.

All camps will be held at our brand-new, 5,500 sqft. school in Ashburn, just south of One Loudoun across from the Redskins Bubble!

To Enroll: go to http://bit.ly/MartialArtsCampEnroll, and use code May10%OFF at checkout.

For more information: please visit http://bit.ly/MartialArtsCamp, or call us at 571-420-6758

The subfloor is just about finished and the finish wood has arrived. By this time next week it should be done! #HidyOchiaiKarate #karatenova #ashburnmartialarts #traditionalmartialarts #Japanesemartialarts

We’ve entered into the next phase of the construction. The wood floor is going down and the finish carpentry has begun! #HidyOchiaiKarate #karatenova #ashburnmartialarts

We had a great Spring Session of Little Pandas! Looking forward to seeing everyone at our Renshu Session starting this afternoon! #LittlePandas #HidyOchiaiKarate #karatenova #karatekids #kidsmartialarts #ashburnmartialarts

We’ve got a bunch of machines in here working on the polishing and staining the floors. Can’t wait to see what it’ll look like once it’s done! #karatenova #HidyOchiaiKarate #ashburnmartialarts #WashinRyu

Training floor is getting painted and the offices are getting insulation. Things are really starting to take shape! #HidyOchiaiKarate #AshburnMartialArts #karatenova #WashinRyu #HidyOchiai #OchiaiLLC #karate #martialarts #traditionalmartialarts #japanesemartialarts #karateashburn

Construction is moving along at a fast pace! Drywall is up on the training floor, the ceiling grid is hung for the offices, and did someone say SHOWERS???...That's right the cut in the concrete floor you see is plumbing for showers, which will be in both the men's and women's locker room!

So, you may have heard...we are MOVING!! Later this Spring, we will be in our brand new, 5,500 sqft. Dojo in Ashburn! It is 4 times larger than our current school, and among many other great upgrades, it will have a traditional wooden floor!

The address is 21140 Ashburn Crossing Drive Suite 150. It's right across from Redskins Park (you can see the bubble from our front door), and just minutes from One Loudoun. They've already got the lights on our training floor up and things are going quickly!

Stay tuned for more updates and photos! And to get all of the latest developments, you can follow us on instagram @hidyochiaikarate_nova or go to our website www.karatenova.com.

[03/21/18]   SCHEDULE UPDATE: All classes are cancelled today. The parking lot for the entire business park has not been plowed nor have any of the sidewalks been treated, so it's not safe at all. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We fully expect to be open tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your snow day. See you then!

[03/20/18]   UPDATE: We are still open for classes this evening. Stay tuned though as things may change if the weather significantly worsens.

If you do come, please be safe out there!

We had a full house for Master Ochiai’s last class this month! Thank you for another wonderful visit. We can’t wait until next time! #HidyOchiaiKarate #HidyOchiai #karatenova #WashinRyu #traditionalkarate #traditionalmartialarts #karate #martialarts #dojo

Our Friday night cleaning crew for March hard at work! Some very dedicated students here. Thank you for helping to keep our Dojo beautiful! #HidyOchiaiKarate #karatenova #dedication #dojo

A big CONGRATULATIONS to our Little Pandas on their graduation yesterday!!

It was another great session, and we will miss having you every Monday and Wednesday. But, the next one gets going March 14, and we cant' wait. See you then!


Martial arts can improve your attention span and alertness long term – new study

"What we and other researchers have found is that their practice is one of those rare crossovers that helps significantly improve the brain just as much as the body"

theconversation.com Martial arts help boost both brain and body.

Thank you Master Ochiai for another wonderful visit last week!

We all learn so much each time from your tremendous wisdom, knowledge, and experience. We can't wait until your next visit!

Also, remember that even though schools are closed today, the Dojo is open for class tonight. We'll see you then!

Japan Information & Culture Center, Embassy of Japan

Another great video from the Japan Culture Center!

Today’s budo arts all evolved from the training systems used by the samurai, which can be seen most in the ancient art of kobudo. But you can even see these practices in the modern arts of kendo, judo, karate, and more.

Despite the extreme cold and snow, we had a wonderful time this weekend at Hatsu Geiko with Master Ochiai. One of our students, Emir, even won the raffle for Master Ochiai's calligraphy!

Thank you Osensei for all the wisdom you shared with us to help guide us in the New Year. We look forward to seeing you again soon here in Virginia!

We have one more student, who deserves a big CONGRATUALTIONS for his achievement of Junior Black Belt. Well done Warner!!!

Warner has trained very hard since his first day, coming to the Dojo at minimum 3 times per week and frequently practicing on his own at home. Since then, he has not only developed great physical skill, but he has also made huge improvements in his attitude and character at home and at school, demonstrating the true purpose of martial arts training. His constant dedication, discipline, and sincere effort have really paid off! We are so proud to have him as one of our black belts.

We look forward to this new level in his training, especially as he continues to develop into a strong leader!

Last month one of our earliest students achieved her Black Belt! CONGRATULATIONS Michelle!!

By chance, Michelle's family happened to be walking by our school a day before we officially opened our doors in April of 2014. They decided to stop and take a quick look inside just to see what was going on, and we are so glad that they did! Michelle has been an excellent student, working hard consistently over the years. She has also proven herself to be a capable and reliable leader (especially during our Summer Camps!), and she always provides a great example for the other junior students.

We are so happy for your accomplishment. And remember, this is only the beginning!


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Congratulations Mr. Thorpe on your promotion to Black Belt!!

Mr. Thorpe began his training in 1975 in Ithaca, NY. He trained there for five years, achieving his Brown Belt and was on the verge of being tested for his Black Belt, until life events demanded that he move away to an area that had no Wa-shin Ryu school.

36 years later, Mr. Thorpe was able to resume his training with us here in Virginia. Since then, he has trained very hard, displaying a spirit of determination, patience, and perseverance --hallmarks of a true martial arts student.

We are very proud of you and your accomplishment. Keep it up, and never forget your Sho-Shin!

Check out this link

We've got a NEW schedule for Tuesday & Thursday evenings starting today!

The 6:15pm class is now 45 minutes long, making all our classes on these days 45 minutes.

To see our complete schedule go to: http://bit.ly/2iYiBzT or download the MindBody app at https://www.mindbodyonline.com/get-the-app.



Remember, we have special class schedule tonight with only one class at 4:45pm.

Have fun and be safe tonight! Keep your concentration at all times!


Study: Martial arts can reduce aggressive tendencies in youth

While much more scientific research is needed in this area to demonstrate what we, as traditional martial arts professionals, already know martial arts can do for children (and adults), the most interesting take-away is this:

“According to the Bar-Ilan study, previous research clearly shows that traditional martial arts, where common themes of repetitive movements, controlled behaviors, and respect are key, are most beneficial in reducing anger and violent behaviors, as opposed to modern martial arts, which in fact can actually increase aggression.”


israelnationalnews.com Researchers at Bar-Ilan University find that traditional martial arts training may be effective as a rehabilitative intervention.

Our Instructors, Sensei Winkler and Major Myelle, had a fantastic time at the Annual Washin-ryu Certified Instructor Training!

We’ll see you back in class tomorrow!

[10/21/17]   REMINDER: The Dojo will be closed today, because Sensei Winkler will be at National Headquarters in New York attending the annual Instructor Training with Master Ochiai.

Have a great weekend, and we'll see you in class on Monday!

Congratulations Little Pandas on your Graduation this week! You all did great, and we can’t wait to see you back at the Dojo in November! #LittlePandas #HidyOchiaiKarate #karatenova #WashinryuKarateDo #karatekids #karateashburn #ashburnmartialarts #karate #martialarts


Suspicious Couple Eyeing Children Sought In Asbburn: Police

To all our Ashburn families, be on the lookout!

patch.com Two similar incidents involving young kids and suspicious strangers have been reported the past several days in the Brambleton area: LCSO.

Japan Information & Culture Center, Embassy of Japan

If you ever wondered how those beautiful, traditional Japanese Katana are made, take a moment this weekend to watch this video!

Check out the intricate world of Japanese #sword making with this detailed exploration of the Bizen Osafune style, which was used to make about half of the swords currently designated as national treasures!


Hall County 10-year-old uses karate to avoid abduction

This is just one of the many reasons to learn a martial art! #selfdefense

fox29.com A ten-year-old is home safe tonight after he fights off a kidnapper. The boy walked out into his front yard when a man grabbed him.

Long overdue post on our trip to HQ in September for the Kendo Seminar! Had a fantastic time and hope to train more with Shinai here in VA in the near future!

[10/01/17]   Congratulations to all of our competitors at yesterday's tournament! We are so proud of all you. You represented our Dojo and Washin-ryu very well!


LITTLE PANDAS KARATE FALL SESSIONS 2017 - Hidy Ochiai Karate of Northern Virginia

Our award-winning Little Pandas Karate Program returns next week with our first Fall Session!

Little Pandas is a fantastic way for children ages 4-6 to experience the fundamentals of the traditional martial arts, and the first class is FREE to try!

Click below for more information or contact us at 571-420-6758.

hidyochiaikaratenova.com Our “award-winning” Little Pandas Karate Program (ages 4-6) starts back up for the new school year on September 13 for the first Fall Session! We...


Back to School Safety Tips | Macaroni Kid

With school starting tomorrow, here are some great safety tips and advice from our friends at Macaroni Kid Purcellville-Leesburg-Ashburn!


safety.macaronikid.com It's that time of year again! As you say goodbye to summer, shop for your back to school supplies and clothing, and gear up for your return to consistency and routine, school safety may be the last t


7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Practice Martial Arts

If you're looking to get your child started in a new after school activity this year, here are 7 reasons why you should choose the martial arts!

We have a free class every Saturday at 9am for all new students. Give us a call at 571-420-6758 to sign-up today!


breakingmuscle.com Whether your kid is too bossy, too shy, or perhaps a little hyper, the martial arts can help your child learn many important life lessons. (And...

[08/21/17]   The Dojo is back open for all classes starting today!

We've missed seeing you all, so after you're done enjoying today's eclipse, come by for class at 5:45!

[08/08/17]   REMINDER: This is our last week of the Modified Karate Class Schedule!

Check MindBody for all class times here, http://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=193315&stype=-7.

We'll see you in class!

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