DeHenzel Training Systems

DeHenzel Training Systems is an award-winning In Home Personal Training and Nutrition company, servicing Northern Virginia and Washington DC.

DeHenzel Training Systems is an award-winning In Home Personal Training and Nutrition company, servicing Northern Virginia and Washington DC.

Personal training can take place in the privacy of your own home, workplace gym, or outdoors.

What is your go-to workout to do when you are short on time??

πŸ‘‰ Do you know how to break down a nutrition label??

Yesterday, we took a client on a grocery tour and went over how to read nutrition labels with ease and how to choose similar items that act as healthier swaps.

Nutrition labels can seem a bit intimidating...What is considered LOW or HIGH for a daily value? How much sugar is too much? And most importantly, what should I be looking for??

Do you have questions about nutrition labels? Do you need help making sense of them all?

Hehe! If you're having a snow day today, enjoy!

Delicious protein pancakes this morning!

1 scoop protein powder
1/2 cup eggs whites
1/2 oatmeal (uncooked)
1/2 medium banana
2 tsp baking soda

Blend, cook in griddle or on stovetop, top with nut butter, berries, honey or whatever you desire and ENJOY!!

Celeste's first powerlifting meet

A big congratulations to our client Celeste for crushing her very first powerlifting meet today. Celeste, we are proud of you!

Loving this mid-day, mini-meal lately. Nutritious and delicious! Grapes, almonds, beef jerky and cheddar cheese. Anyone else have a meal or snack they are loving lately??

πŸ‘‰ Do you find yourself neglecting your workouts because of a crazy work and social schedule? Nancy did!

Hear how Nancy was able to finally prioritize her workouts and health by enlisting in our services πŸ‘‡


"What a difference a year makes! After nearly two years of not getting to the gym because of work pressures/schedule, I connected with Jason at DeHenzel Training.

He paired me up with Erika, and we started working out for an hour twice a week, primarily focusing on strength, balance and cardio. I haven't missed one of our sessions yet.

I may be in the "over 60" age category, but Erika appreciates my commitment to remaining strong and encourages me to push my limits.

I highly recommend DeHenzel Training. Great company; great people." - Nancy, Washington DC


πŸ‘‰ Head over to Google + to check out our 32 glowing reviews ==>

Looking for a quick and easy way to mixup your workout routine??

Try UNILATERAL training! In other words, working one side at a time.

Unilateral training is a great way to improve: muscular imbalances, core strength and stability and build functional strength.

Take a look at your current exercise routine - can most exercises be done one side at a time? If not, here are some examples of unilateral exercises:

- forward, reverse or lateral lunge
- pistol squat
- step up
- single leg deadlift
- single leg hip bridge
- bench row
- single arm lat pulldown
- single arm bench press
- single arm shoulder press
- and so on...

A few tips for executing unilateral movements...

- always start with the weaker side
- what you do on one side, perform on the other side!

Hehehe...Happy Friday everyone!!

Why You Shouldn't Count Calories | DeHenzel Training Systems

Sharing our BIG opinion today :)

Is calorie counting the BEST way to lose weight?

Click below and learn why we feel there are better ways to lose weight and just how to do just so!

Agree or disagree? We would love to hear your opinion below!

***JUST IN - ANOTHER 5-STAR, GLOWING REVIEW *** from In Home client, Eamon of Washington, DC.

"I highly recommend DeHenzel Training Systems for anyone of any ability in the DMV area.

As I look to improve my health habits, workout plans and safely increase my physical ability, DeHenzel Training Systems is an excellent partner.

They are helping me achieve my goals and change my health outlook over time. Their trainers are knowledgeable, friendly and prioritize safety and safe training form with every session.

As they develop your schedule and personally tailored workout, their customer service is flexible, but with structure, friendly and encouraging.

Since I started with this company, I’m seeing results for the first time in years."

Head over to Google + to check out our other 31 glowing reviews ==>


Protein helps support our immune system, boost our metabolism and helps us feel more satisfied with our other words protein is AWESOME!

An easy way to think about your daily protein intake is to let your palm be your guide. We recommend the following portions:

πŸ‘© WOMEN: 1 palm with each meal
πŸ‘± MEN: 2 palms with each meal

Of course, our recommendation is a starting place, you can always adjust your intake if your physical needs and/or hunger/fullness cues vary.

==>> Where can I find protein?? While there are other resources, here are our protein superstar sources:

- lean meat
- poultry
- fish & seafood
- eggs & egg whites
- cottage cheese & greek yogurt
- protein powder
- cooked lentils or beans
- tempeh or tofu

Questions about protein? Let us know!

πŸ‘‰ Do you have WEEKENDITIS?? πŸ‘ˆ

Do you eat in a reasonable way Monday morning through Friday afternoon?

But when that clock strikes 5 p.m. on Friday, or the kitchen closes down after dinner, you start to go crazy?

You know the drill.

By the time the weekend or night is over, you’ve eaten (or drunk) way too much, often of the foods you wouldn’t normally choose.

You feel crappy. Guilty. Regretful. Maybe angry at yourself. Your workout the next day sucks.

Is this YOU? If so, how can you overcome WEEKENDITIS??


πŸ‘‰For WEEKEND overeaters: Think back to when you had a weekend of eating that went well. What was different? And how can you do more of that?

πŸ‘‰ For NIGHTTIME overeaters: Think back to when you had an evening of eating that went well. What was different? And how can you do more of that?

Always keep in mind:

You’re free to eat and drink anything you want.

YOU choose YOUR behavior.

Just remember that different choices produce different outcomes.

HELP! I Have ZERO Time to Workout! | DeHenzel Training Systems

"I have ZERO time to workout!"

Sound familiar? I'm sure it does!

Life is crazy, you are busy. We get it, we really get it.

If you're struggling to find or even make time to workout, this article is for YOU.

Check out our simple, no bs tips and learn how you can find some time in your weekly schedule to finally exercise.

Anyone getting in a little active recovery today??

One habit that we work on with our nutrition clients is to "eat to 80% full." Sounds easy, right? Not so much.

Since 80% full isn't tangible, it can require a lot of checking in with your body, building your mindfulness, and practicing self-control, which can be tough.

Clients can stuggle with this habit and that is OK. Habits like this aren't aced overnight, they take time, practice and patience.

πŸ‘‰ Is there a habit that has taken you some time to really grasp?? Tell us about it below!

Chloe Kim dominates in snowboard halfpipe to win Olympic gold

With her 1st and 2nd runs being so GOOD, Chloe technically could have blown her third run and still WON GOLD...

...She scored the highest on her third run, showing the world that you can always strive to be BETTER.

What a great lesson we could all learn from! Chloe Kim lived up to all the hype in her Olympic debut and won Team USA's third gold medal in snowboarding at the 2018 Olympics.

Eating Slowly: The Game Changer You've Never Met | DeHenzel Training Systems

πŸ‘‰ When working with clients in our Nutrition Coaching program, one of the first actions we introduce them to is eating SLOOOOOOWLY.

Sounds simple enough, right? Maybe. Eating slowly can take a lot of practice to become a habit, but in the process, it can be pretty cool to see what such a simple habit can do for your weight loss goals.

Learn what eating slowly can do for your body by visiting our article below πŸ‘‡

The unspoken KEY variable in your health and fitness journey...SLEEP 😴

SLEEP helps us REGULATE our metabolisms
SLEEP helps us MAKE and RECALL memories

As you can see, sleep is pretty damn important, specifically when it comes to weight/fat loss. Proper sleep habits helps regulate our blood sugar, which is a GOOD thing.

Unregulated blood sugars can worsen insulin resistance, which can lead to weight gain over time and even diabetes (in healthy people too!).

While it's important to focus on your nutrition and fitness strategies when trying to lose weight or body fat, it's equally important to take a look at your sleep habits.

On that is your SLEEP??

Did you know that buying IN-SEASON fruits and vegetables...

- can save you money!
- are way fresher!
- taste better!

Curious what is in season, every season? Check out this handy chart to learn!

Sesame Street: Me Want It (But Me Wait)

What a perfect tie-in to our post the other day on exercising your WILLPOWER....even Cookie Monster exercises his WILLPOWER πŸ˜‰

Cookie Monster spoofs Icona Pop's hit song "I Love It" in this hilarious new video! Cookie Monster, the poster-child for someone needing to master self-regul...

πŸ‘‰ Did you know that WILLPOWER is like a muscle?? πŸ’ͺ

That's right. The more you "exercise" it, the stronger it will become. Pretty cool, right?

So how do we exercise our willpower?? Well, by sticking to our guns. Here's what this may look like in action...

- abstaining from the office cookies in the break room

- resisting the urge to stop for donuts or fast-food when out driving around

- sticking to that small serving of dessert and saying "no" to extra servings

- ordering salad over fries when out at a restaurant

Easier said that done? For sure! However, the latest research suggests that by executing a little willpower, we strengthen it, allowing it to become easier over time.

Give it a shot over the next few weeks and see how you can strengthen your willpower!!

LOL Memes

Anyone meal prepping today?? πŸ˜‚

Perspective | If you think grocery stores are playing tricks on you, they really are

Have you noticed that grocery carts are getting BIGGER?

OR how about that junk cereal is positioned at the bottom of the shelves making it accessible for kids?

Or that the entrance is always full of seasonal goodies for impulsive purchases - Christmas cookies, Super Bowl snacks, Valentines cakes, etc.

Think your grocery store is out to HELP you?? Think again!

Thank you David Christiansen for passing along this super helpful article this morning. Definitely worth a quick read! Layout and strategies are designed to get you to spend more money, usually on the unhealthiest foods.

In Home Personal Training for Northern Virginia and Washington DC

πŸ‘‰ Curious what it's like to work with us? Take 2 mins and find out for yourself!

Big shoutout to Marty Shoup Blue Lion Multimedia, a few of our enthusiastic trainers, Mike and Hannah and our wonderful clients who let us invade their home for the day and borrow their time :)


***JUST IN - Glowing Review from Postnatal client, Bethany of Reston***

"A little over a year after the birth of my second child, while I had lost the baby weight, my clothes still didn’t fit quite right and I struggled with some basic daily activities like getting up normally out of bed.

I wasn’t sure what kinds of core exercises were safe to do, as I was afraid of making any diastasis recti I had even worse. After getting connected to DeHenzel Training Systems, I am extremely happy with the progress I’ve made in just a few months.

My trainer, Nick, is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness and wellness, and the plan he built for me has done wonders for how I feel in my own skin. I particularly appreciate how flexible Nick is in tailoring workouts to my specific goals and preferences, and that our workouts are truly a no judgment zone.

I would recommend DeHenzel Training Systems to anyone, but especially to post-partum women looking to regain their pre-pregnancy strength and confidence through a safe and long-lasting approach."

Head over to Google + to check out our other 30, 5-star reviews!

The Problem with Resolutions | DeHenzel Training Systems The Problem with Resolutions - DeHenzel Training Systems discusses the aftermath of New Year's Resolutions and how you can create lasting changes!

This week, we recieved an email from an awesome and very hard-working client of ours who has been working with one of our equally awesome trainers, Haley since this summer.

Over the past 6 months, she has been able to...

βœ… LOSE 30LBS
βœ… Cut back on her blood pressure meds by 75%
βœ… Lower her blood sugar (no longer pre-diabetic!)
βœ… Lower her cholesterol levels to a NORMAL range
βœ… and achieve even MORE awesome results.

Results are's what people come to us to help them achieve.

However, oftentimes it's easy to lose sight of the path of other words, how do we actually get from point A to point B??

Today, our client shares with you the steps she took to help her achieve her results thus far (she's not done yet!).

With the holiday break upon us, these are great tips on how to eat healthy while kicking back. Pay extra attention to tip #1 in order to determine your plan!

Exciting things are happening...stay tuned for more to come!!

***JUST IN - ANOTHER 5-STAR, GLOWING REVIEW *** from In Home client, Victoria of Arlington, VA.

"Fantastic company! Great training for young adults and middle aged alike. Sophie provides professional and responsive management."

Head over to Google + to check out our other 29 glowing reviews ==>

This time of year can be a challenging time to stay the course with health and nutrition...

...irregular schedule with vacation and friends from out of town
...traveling to visit friends and family parties (food, drinks, dessert!)

We want to know - what do you do to help stay the course this time of year??

How to Survive the Holidays | DeHenzel Training Systems

Tis' the SEASON! How to Survive the Holidays - DeHenzel Training Systems shares their top tips with you for a healthy holiday season!

[11/23/17]   Happy Thanksgiving!! πŸ¦ƒ

What are you looking forward to the most??

❀️ family and friends
πŸ¦ƒ food
🏈 football
🍺The day off

Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving | DeHenzel Training Systems

An oldie but GOODIE!

Tips for enjoying a healthy (not hazardous) Thanksgiving! Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving - DeHenzel Training Systems shares their top tips with you for a healthy Thanksgiving!

==> Be the GATEKEEPER of your HOME!

This is POWERFUL stuff right here. Simple but powerful.

Most people know that in order to create change, you must create change. Simple but true. Change, no matter how small isn't easy, especially if you've been defaulting to the same way of life or behavior forever.

At DTS, we are HUGE advocates of SMALL changes. With SMALL changes, we find that clients aren't overwhelmed AND the best part, they are able to stick with the change.

Stack a few small changes up over time and you've now created a LARGE change. Pretty cool, right?

If you're UNHAPPY with your current fitness and nutrition situation, let us know. We just may know a thing or two about how to help you create some small changes today ;)

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