Tori "Sho-Nuff" Nelson

Tori "Sho-Nuff" Nelson


Work some of that turkey off Champ.
A boxer complains to his doctor about insomnia. Doc: "Have you tried counting sheep?" Boxer: "Yes, but whenever I get to 9, I stand up."
Top of the morning to you, CHAMP!
Good afternoon Champ
Good afternoon Tori
Boydton Day this weekend
Good afternoon Champ!
Thanks to Angie Goff & crew for this one...
Congrats, Champ!! I’m so incredibly happy for you! You looked amazing. Can’t wait to give you another hug when I see you next!! xoxo
Hi Troy this is Chris we recently met at the gym in Ashboro I never watch the fight in a dead fight with shields showed your true heart and courage if the judges could use that as part of the scoring you would’ve beat her buy a wide margin but I appreciate your dedication And you’re a champion to more to those that are boxing fans just drop a few lines to you have a wonderful future

13-Time World Boxing Hall of Fame Multi-Weight Champion & devout mother of two. See more here:

Tori Nelson, gives hope to single mothers. Her hard work, dedication and motto --"suck it up" -- seem to help her persevere in balancing her dream career in boxing as well as taking care of her two teenage children. Tori Nelson first started boxing at the age of 29, but in her pursuit for the championship Nelson's journey is not so easy. Nelson is a single mother working three jobs; she works as a school bus driver, cafeteria worker and an IHOP waitress, and maintains all three while taking care of her children. "It's hard," says Nelson, "Especially doing it by myself because I don't get enough time to raise my own kids, but I just suck it up... because I know I got two mouths I got to feed." Nelson squeezes her training time in between jobs. Craig Fladager, Nelson's professional coach and manager, says, "God does extraordinary things through ordinary people, and this is a prime example of that." July 29, 2011, in the fifth fight of her career, Nelson won the World Boxing Council (WBC) Women's Middle Weight title. On February 11, 2012 she went on to unanimously win the coveted WIBA Middleweight title belt. Tori “Sho-Nuff” Nelson dropped to the Welterweight class to win the WIBA belt in September 2013. She feels that she will not be able to reach her full potential while balancing everything in her life. She says, "Until that time comes I just have to keep going, suck it up and keep going." Tori, alone, must work three minimum paying jobs (waitress, bus driver, cafeteria worker) to support her two children and to fulfill her dream to remain the #1 Women's Middleweight boxing champ in the world.

UBF Super Welterweight UBF Welterweight WIBA Welterweight WBA Middleweight WIBA Middleweight WBC Middleweight UBF Middleweight

[03/16/20]   When I didn't understand, God did and was working in my favor!

[03/16/20]   Good morning blessed ones! Everyone please be safe. Wash your hands keep your children clean and eat the right foods that your body needs. Also call and check on the elders and get them what they need. God is still in control so stay PRAYED up!

[03/06/20]   Good morning Blessed Ones! Be Thankful and Blessed right where you are. ..even if you in the middle of a storm. The sun can't shine forever but it doesn't storm forever either. So if you Thankful happy and blessed in the sunshine be the same in the storm knowing that the sun will shine again soon. Be Blessed and know that you are Loved

[03/03/20]   Good morning blessed ones! Stop looking for God's presents and look for his presence! And watch you get everything you need and some of what you want.

Thank you United Airlines for inviting me to share my journey in a male dominat sport as a Black Female. Had a great time. #Blessed #WorldChampoin #workingHard #TGBTG #IrmaCarterlegacy #Godovereverything

[02/26/20]   Good morning blessed ones! Trust God and watch it all work out for your good

Blessed to share some wise and Godly words with such good people. Mobile Hope of Leesburg Thank you so much for your attention. May God Continue to Bless you

[02/20/20]   Good morning blessed ones! You may be a Caterpillar right now and some of you may be in your Cocoon status but just know the day will come that you will be that beautiful butterfly someday soon. Have a great blessed day

[02/19/20]   Good morning blessed ones! My message that God sent me this morning I had to share with you guys:
God knows you need a miracle
Shut up and stop worrying!

Lol I had to laugh but he made it very clear for me!
Happy Wed (Bible Study Day)🥰

[02/18/20]   Have a great blessed Tuesday!

[02/13/20]   Hey Guys Anyone with pictures from today PLEASE post so people can see how much fun we had sharing our testimonies this morning at School.

[02/12/20]   Man there is nothing more in this world that I love (other than my kids) then spreading the word of our God and savior Jesus Christ. And it was soooo amazing to see how many kids really love to hear and learn the word. I pray God continue to use me to do his work!! #Blessed #WorldChampoin #workingHard #TGBTG

[02/12/20]   Good morning blessed ones!!! Today is a special day for me. Talking to the youth is one thing but getting to talk to them about God is on a whole nother level. Thank you to the schools for this opportunity to speak to our future. God is so amazing. So smile stay PRAYED up and ready for today.

This man gives the best massages in the world Attention all Athletics look up Ismail Demirtas and GO see him!!

[02/06/20]   Good morning blessed ones wake up with a positive vibe today and keep it all day!! Smile and make someone else too!!!

[02/05/20]   Good morning Blessed ones! This morning and all day give Thanks to God for what you been praying for like you already have it. Speak it on your life and watch it come. Have a great Blessed day and speak Nothing but Blessings over yourself.

[02/03/20]   Good morning blessed ones! What is for you is for you. And NOBODY can stop you from or take it away! Be blessed and enjoy your day


[02/02/20]   Good morning Blessed Ones! Ok this is for us all. We want everything right away. If we do something different for a week wr want to see different results but we have to realize that it didn't take only a week to get what we got or where we are. If you want a microwave life keep being impatient and doing it your way but if you want change then pray be patient and wait on God. But while we are waiting and praying work on making the change and he will definitely help us. So don't stay stuck where you are that's not where you suppose to be. Always push for better! Be patient and watch how you will be Blessed!

[02/02/20]   Question
What is the Best resort to visit in Hawaii. That has fun things to do like jet skiing etc....

[01/31/20]   Good morning blessed ones!
When God says YES
It doesn't matter what others say
Be Blessed Enjoy your YES

[01/30/20]   Good morning blessed ones! Ok guys sit back and think how you treat people. (Especially when you mad) what if Jesus treat you the same way that you treated someone else. What if he gave you revenge like you plotted on someone else. Think about it! So do unto others as you want done to you. Treat people good. And if they do something to you don't try and revenge them...God got that part and it will be way more hurtful than what you can do. So love yourself and each other. (This is for us all. God is still working on all of us) 😉 Be Blessed and have a great safe productive day

[01/30/20]   MORNING blessed ones! Never doubt your worth! You are a child of God!!!

[01/29/20]   Good morning blessed ones!
You may not see it
But know that

[01/27/20]   Good morning blessed ones! As we hear this all the time...we need to really understand and believe. We only have 1 life. And we need to live it the best we can because you never know when God is ready for you to come home to him. So with that said live your best life starting this morning and tell the people you love that you love them don't wait you may not have another chance to do so. Be Blessed and Thankful for your life

[01/23/20]   Good morning blessed ones! Wake up with a purpose in mind already. Don't just go through your day in the motions. You need to have a goal for the day and work towards it everyday. So smile keep the faith and work towards your goal today!

[01/15/20]   Happy Bible Study day!!! Hope you all woke up happy today and expecting a miracle. Your blessings are on the way look you already got up reading this ain't you !! Glory! Have a great blessed day and know that you are blessed walk & talk like you have what you been praying for already. 😘✌

[01/14/20]   Good morning blessed ones! Stop walking with chicken and soar with the Eagle like you suppose to. You are not here to stay in the same spot over the yrs. Put yourself with some Eagles. People that's truly blessed and successful and learn from them and aim to do better then they are. So today leave your chicken friends alone and soar with some Eagles and then eventually go back and bring your chicken thinking friends with you to soar. Be Blessed and soar today guys

[01/13/20]   Good morning blessed ones! Today is somebody's day. It may be yours! Expect something good today...a big blessing is on the way for some of you and for the others keep believing you are close yours is coming also. But stay in your lane and keep expecting and let's see who's big blessing will come today...hope it's yours...and mine too lol.😘

Yes I am here Atlantic City for my friend the Champ Claressa Shields!!!

[01/10/20]   Good morning blessed ones! Stop worrying about other people. What they think, if they like you or not. It doesn't matter. Do you!! You are doing a great job at being YOU. So continue to be you and let them continue to watch you grow & succeed while they minding your business and blocking their own blessing! KEEP SHINING MY LIL DIAMONDS!!😘
Positive Vibes all month Baby!!


[01/09/20]   Good morning blessed ones! Yes we did it...made it to another day. Hopefully positive vibes all day yesterday. It may not had been easy but you made it. And today is another chance to do it better than yesterday. I am so proud of you and I know you got this. God is right there with you if you need help. Let's Go Spread Positive Vibes all day Baby

[01/08/20]   Good morning blessed ones! Today is a New slept last night and your battery is Full use it wisely. Positive vibes will keep your battery charged longer. This is a NO negative month hopefully turning into a NO negative year. Have a great blessed day and use your battery life wisely. 😘

[01/07/20]   Good morning blessed ones! Today find the positive in everything. And give Thanks for everything also! Continue to be Blessed

[01/06/20]   Good morning blessed ones! My message today came from my Bishop yesterday: the year is 2020 and if you have 2020 vision that means you can see clearly. So this is your year to see everything nice & clear! Pay attention and be very prosperous! Starting today.

[01/01/20]   Good morning Blessed Ones. Happy New Year! This is a chance for growth. Don't settle..GO for what you think you can't get or what's not for you...Because it really is. You just been stuck and settling. Not this Year Baby! Spread your Wings and soar like the Eagle you are. It's yours and it's waiting for you!!!

[12/29/19]   What Yall Think About This Decision!!! #ShowTime

[12/25/19]   Merry Christmas Blessed Ones.
I hope n pray you all have a great one and please don't forget to spend some time with Jesus...Thanking him for all he has done for us!

[12/25/19]   The way life has been going I didn't think I was going to get to see my family for Christmas but God.... even tho it was only for a few hrs. That trip was more than the whole yr to me. I am so grateful and thankful that my brother brought my MOM to Va and the rest of my family and I were able to meet there and enjoy this Christmas Eve together for a few hrs. Guys be Thankful for the lil things as well as the BIG.
God knew I need her today. ❤🥰🥰🥰

[12/19/19]   Good morning Blessed ones! Today is your day. Be a positive example to someone or everyone today.....all day. If you start it will spread. Have a great blessed day on purpose!!!

[12/18/19]   Good morning blessed ones! OMG this message this morning came from God for me and I'm sure for some of yall too. Everything happens for a reason. If people walk out of your life let them go. If a job isn't working out let it go. Yes that person may have been there for yrs but God said they not going where you're going..they not ready. Even tho that job pays more you not supposed to be there.
Leave he has something better for you. Wow. What a message stay Blessed and Focused on the right things guys. Jesus will be your guide

[12/17/19]   Be a better you today than you were yesterday! Work hard for it

[12/16/19]   Good morning blessed ones! Happy Monday you have a new blessing waiting on you. Keep being faithful to God and yourself and he will make sure you get that blessing. Also noone can disrupt it. What's for you is for you. Have a great blessed day and expect a miracle today

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