Tori "Sho-Nuff" Nelson

Tori "Sho-Nuff" Nelson


Work some of that turkey off Champ.
A boxer complains to his doctor about insomnia.

Doc: "Have you tried counting sheep?"

Boxer: "Yes, but whenever I get to 9, I stand up."
Top of the morning to you, CHAMP!
Good afternoon Champ
Good afternoon Tori
Boydton Day this weekend
Good afternoon Champ!
Thanks to Angie Goff & crew for this one...
Congrats, Champ!! I’m so incredibly happy for you! You looked amazing. Can’t wait to give you another hug when I see you next!! xoxo

13-Time World Boxing Hall of Fame Multi-Weight Champion & devout mother of two. See more here:
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WIBA Middleweight
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I'm just going to leave this right HERE! 💜🙏🏾💜


Good morning Bless ones. We all have situations in our life where we get angry about something. But take a sec. Talk about it if you can if you can't walk away pray and give it to Jesus. It may take a min. But you will be fine. Don't hold on to it. You will block your blessings nit their's. 💜🙏🏾💜


Good morning Bless ones. Question..have you ever sit down and just thought how much my Father and my Savior loves you🤯 (mind Blowing). All the foolishness we do and bad choices me have made. Still love us like we are perfect and always forgiving us. I just love my Crew. (My Father MY JESUS MY Holy Spirit and Me) 💜🙏🏾💜


Good morning Bless ones. Trusting everyone is out!! Especially for me. But Trusting my Father and my Savior Lord Jesus!! Now that's it. So just try it. You asked for a blessing and it's coming but you have to trust and believe before you see it! You will have MORE! Have a bless day trusting my Father

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Thank you Shakeba Friday for my beautiful hair and Makeup for my shoot yesterday!! I love it Boo as always!! 😘
What yall think?????


Good morning everyone!!! Happy Thursday baby! Ok make sure you read it. And you will see why I'm about to be a whole old Whitney Huston in full concert today. Make sure you singing all day too 😘


Shoot day!!! Time to unveil!!!


Question: how much time do you spend on FB IG or even TV.....Then how much time do you spend with my Lord Jesus? Think about it!


Reading Done Packing Done and I'm out ✌🏾
📸 in the A.M.


Doing something for my hometown. Photographer gets credit on any magazine or anywhere its used. Praying it can open a door or 2 for someone. Let's Go Mecklenburg!!😘


Good morning Bless one. Ok I'm going to need yall to not worry but Pray because the fox will come but if you praying he won't even get close enough to shake nothing my Jesus is a Pitbull and he doesn't mind to Shake a lil fox to pieces. Have a bless day praying 🙏🏾!! 😘


This is the smile when you finish your workout....but your hurting. It Hurt So Good!!
Photoshoot on Wed grinding until.
#gettingmysexyback #anothercover🤷🏾‍♀️
#blessedworldchamp #motivationalspeaker #TooBlessedtobeStressed #BambooSzN
#DesiraeLBensonPR 👈🏾 contact her to book ME💜🙏🏾💜


Happy Monday good peeps. Ok I don't know about yall but I have Definitely been here before. So I just close my eyes raise my hands and wait for him to take control. What do yall do?


Yessss Happy Sunday babies. If you know me or my mom you already know what happens aty house on Sunday shoot really every morning. But Sundays is full Gospel concert while suppose to be getting dressed for church but that's why you get up early to have that concert time. We'll I do anyway. 🤣
Get your praise on Yall!!! Let's Go!!!


Happy Sat Bless ones. I need you to always remember. No Matter What ok. You are never Alone. I love my mask because I talk to Jesus all day long and nobody looking in my face thinking I'm crazy. Lol I love it. Have a bless day knowing you are NOT alone


Mike said what he said…Mike Tyson 🥊 💥 #FlexFriday #DesiraeLBensonPR #ToriNelson #ChampLife


Happy Friday. I know who my Daddy and my Savior is so I'm stepping out today ...I'm Royalty Baby and you are too so step like it.
Have a Bless day King & Queens. 😘


Good morning yall. Ok now I don’t like to drive NO way so this is right up my alley. I'm not just in the passenger seat I'm in the back seat with my seat belt on like My Jesus is my Uber driver...Jesus don't just take the wheel that the whole car. I'm Chilling and Thank you all the way. Love me some HiM 💜🙏🏾💜
Enjoy riding shotgun today yall.


When your baby can pay to take you out for Breakfast!! Yeahhhh Baby!!! I'm in 🥰🥰💜🖤❤
#blessedworldchampion #babyofthefamily


Let Him Use You Baby!!!


Contact [email protected] to Book me for your Motivational Speaking engagements, schools, podcast, magazines...and Gyms too!!
Move Fast the weather and getting H🔥T and my schedule is Filling up fast Baby.
Let's Go!
#BLESSEDBYTHEBEST #blessedworldchampion #motivationalspeaker #futurehalloffamer #AGTG #DesiraeLBensonPR


Good morning guys. Well yessss!! We all need a heart mind and soul cleaning. Especially when we grow closer with our Lord. So don't just do your house and clothes this yr do YOU also. And then step out BiG in your New Self for the summer. Have a bless day knowing you're changing.


Happy Monday Babies. Hope you all had a beautiful Resurrection Day ans enjoyed your families. Now let's work harder on pleasing our Father. Giving honor and respect is different then been scared. He's your Father not a monster. Praise snd love him like he loves you ❤️


Happy Resurrection Day 💜


Good morning bless ones. Let me tell are never alone...and my Daddy already know what you're going to go through before you ever get to it. And he knows you will get through it because he planned it that way already. So know whatever task that is in front of you...pray on it and have faith because it too shall pass right on by. Glory to God 💜🙏🏾💜


Happy Good Friday Bless one. May you all have a bless day in Lord Jesus the Christ Holy name!


Good morning Yall. How many of yall are Mountain Movers!! 🙋🏾‍♀️ ok today's word is so good. Read and think about it all day and share with as many as you can. Everyone need to see this. Have a bless day on purpose 🙏🏾 😘


When Desirae L. Benson say you got a photoshoot in a week.... it's gym time Baby.
Next Cover on the way soon!!!
I'm Bringing 🔥 🔥 🔥
@[email protected] to book me. Jump fast I'm filling up Baby!!!


Good morning bless ones. I don't know who else needed to hear this other than me!! But here it is. Listen to him. You're Good!!!


Happy Monday Yall!!! I have learned this in so many ways. Sometimes you have to lose to Win. Believe me it's worth it.


Happy Palm Sunday bless ones. I hope you all enjoy your sermon today and give thanks all the time. Have a Bless day


Good morning bless one. Let me tell you...I do like shiny things..but I LOVE my Father God and my Savior Lord Jesus the Christ!!! Nothing can or ever will come close to them. And I admire the creations my Father has given me to see everyday. Love me some HIM 💜🙏🏾💜


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Enjoying what My Father in Heaven is Blessing me with
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