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Brian Stevens 6p.m. class practicing double kettlebell skills in a "tough but doable" work set-- great work by all!

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Sometimes trainers get an exercise stuck in their head as A.J. Perez did at the Ashburn FoundFit in recent days. Here’s a few of his clients doing squat jump-back with rows using the rip trainer.

Dan epitomizes what #transforamtiontuesday is all about. Last September, Dan weighed 335 pounds. Currently, he's 206. Major congrats to Dan for his nearly 130-pound #weigthloss and his impressive dedication to frequent, demanding #workouts – both with Ashburn-based #personaltrainer A.J. Perez and on his own – after his weight-loss surgery. We are all proud of you.

Really solid work here. Getting back into consistency. The tactical string challenge seems like a far way off, but that just means there's plenty of time to work toward the five wheels! Great stuff Ryan

Katy tied her PR after not having dead lifted for over a year. She maintained her strength almost purely with simple and sinister program (1 hand swings) A testament to consistency and tension! Awesome!

Try this press variation! Seated press (no need to do them with stacked bells) this was a part of a StongFirst challenge. You really been your middle and hip flexors

6th place in the state in Women's 400m! Strength training for 7months! We don't train many athletes, our main clientele are their parents for general health-but when we do get a chance to work with these athletes-man it's great to see them thrive! Well done Lexi!

We don't always get it-but master SFG Jon Engum says fail like a professional-log the try and save it for another day Bottoms up 36kg

Brian Stevens 6p.m. class practicing double kettlebell skills in a "tough but doable" work set-- great work by all!

If you are not having this much fun after work consider an evening class or personal session, we have lots of evening options Monday - Friday!

Adam's 5p.m. class did great work tonight! A special welcome to Lisa on her very first day with us-- this class has great camaraderie, we suspect you will love it!

I stopedp by F3 today to say hello in spirit of our new joint efforts. I caught them doing a three minute clean set with 35 pound bells. This is a little more along the lines of kettle bell sport. Strength, endurance, resiliency, and mental fortitude. I was impressed with everyone's work The studio is located in Northwest DC and offers evening and weekend classes.

Playing with getups - middle stays braced! Rotation only from the T-Spine, no lateral spinal flexion. Working on details! The getup is a 2 hour section in the Kettlebell user course 3/28 in Sterling Va Sign up at

PR's on Sunday at open gym! Ashley learned bent press 2 weeks ago and hit the 28kg (62lbs)! Open gyms are for extra work/coaching/fun from rope climbs to Kettlebells, to Olympic weightlifting-Sundays at 9am for 10$

Primal move hip/ankle mobility sit series! Dorsi/plantar flexion, deep knee flexion, soleus stretch...the list goes on. Primal move restorative class offered at 10am in Ash studio

I posted the video with my test bells (140lbs) on my personal page. These are the double 80's (160). They force the middle to work! (My stability check) tests are tomorrow.

We are imPRESSive here! Get my joke? This is Michael understanding how tight you have to get when you combine a 53 pound kettle bell press and a 25 pound club bill torch press! Great stuff last night!

425lbs 8 weeks of solid deadlifting for Dan Ohlstein Super strong at 0630!

Climbing rope installed!

Strong shoulders, grip/forearms, core! Clubbell training-the only studio I know of with an expert (I was taught by him) these are the more advanced motions-but you can start learning/seeing benefit every Sunday at 10am in Ash-email for details!

Had the great pleasure of subbing tonight for Brian Stevens-great class tonight. Wow-they come in and to their work-it is the very definition of pinching their strength time card-that's why this class has such great results! Well done all!

Me working on club bells Saturday under Chris's instruction!

Club bells - amazing tools! We have the most qualified instructor in Loudoun! Chris Chamberlin! Schedule will be posted this week!

Much more to come-Brian Stevens doing a 200lb log caber toss! Big time at the Ashburn Highlands Games today!

Spent all day at the national personal training conference. Improve improve improve-there's always something we can do better! I just want to say thanks to the entire team and everyone that trust us with their fitness solutions.

Jackie Page and me representing-5 min chair press. Jackie killed it! 48 reps! 44lbs on frame!

Next week is the final cut off for the Tandem training. My True Spartan Program has just started-you can join me-12$session 3 exercises 3 days a week This video is during the 2 sets of 5 on trap bar Deadlift (a squatty deadlift-good hybrid for total strength!)

Kettlebell Gauntlett from last night's class at 6 PM. What more can you ask for. Strength, mobility, conditioning in a fun environment.

I know this 14s video doesn't show much, but to trainer eyes-people doing birddog progressions, kneeling chops, and anti-rotation core drills at a VERY highly educated rehab facility is fantastic. I am lucky to run their fitness division. If you are in therapy or know someone, and you/they do not have a continuing plan, then you/stand a good chance to be back in therapy again. Get strong and mobile-the right way!

Free intro course and Kettlebell progressions class. All levels-fr beginners just getting back to exercise instructors themselves. Something for everyone. Ashburn-7pm tonight Rockville-730pm 8/15 Fairfax-7pm 8/21 McLean-730pm 8/27 Come out! Bring a friend! (Ashley lost 3.5 inches off her waist in 6 weeks and completed 185 swings in 5 mins!)

Ward is not far off from the Salmon ladder. He has the strength, just needs to practice the skill a bit more. Well done!

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