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I am a Golds Member Today with BBF!
Day 4! Biggest hurdle is No Diet Coke or alcohol.... I sure do miss my nightly wine and/or whiskey! ...hope to start seeing results soon, I'm feeling good!
Laura Lawless: "this cone is heavy".
Hi. Are you offering a July 4th class. If so i may Want to try it out
This class is perfect for High School athletes who will be lifting in the HS weight rooms. The first session starts next week. Only 10 spots available!!

BlackBench Fit helps adult and athletes get better, feel better and look better through cutting edge methods and programs. BlackBench Fit offers the best strength and conditioning workouts in Loudoun County.

But we don’t stop there. At our Ashburn, VA facility, we offer a full range of fitness solutions, including all-in-one group workouts, injury prehab/posthab, nutrition and wellness. Our comprehensive whole health program is centered on your specific goals and supported by our inspiring BBF community of members and trainers. The BBF adult program includes 2-day, 3-day or unlimited weekly workouts,

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So excited to be part of the Gold's family! Visit Gold's Ashburn for more info about GPX! 12/05/2017

News & Updates - BlackBench Fit


We are excited to announce we will be partnering with Gold's Gym to create the first of its kind in Ashburn: a "boutique gym within a large gym experience." The service, workouts and training for both our adult/general population, as well as our sports performance programs, will be available via Gold's Performance beginning January 3, 2018 at Gold's Gym Ashburn.

We are excited about this new chapter in our journey and hope you'll consider joining us when we start our brand of personalized group training and sports performance workouts at Gold's Performance next month. Stay tuned for more information on how to enroll, special rates for BBF friends/family and answers to all of your questions in the coming days! Read more: BLACKBENCH FIT & GOLD’S TEAM UP FOR NEW PERFORMANCE TRAINING PROGRAM We are excited to announce we will be partnering with Gold’s Gym to create the first of its kind in Ashburn: a “boutique gym within a large gym experience.” The service, workouts and training for both[...] 11/22/2017

Gatorade | Sisters in Sweat ft. Serena Williams

One of the things we are thankful for - athletes, and the life lessons they are able to learn on the field, court, rink, gym, etc. Serena Williams’s advice to her newborn daughter is a message to all girls. 11/21/2017

Are you wearing the best shoe for your workout?

In case you were wondering and just in time for holiday shopping! Time to chuck your old sneaks and replace them with one of these pairs.


Can we get our Facebook family to help us cheer on our own Diondra Fryer as she heads to Vegas for the Strongman Nationals this weekend?

Check her out!!

So proud of you DeeDee! Go get 'em!!


Need some inspiration to help you stay motivated during this crazy time of year? Join us for 30 in 30: 30 burpees for 30 straight days. Who is with us? Tag your swole mate as burpees are always better with a friend!


What do motivated, successful and just all around great people look like? 👇👇👇
This group has been consistently working out together at 5:30 AM for years and we're here to tell you that NOTHING beats the support and motivation of a group.
Here's to our tribe and all of those that continue to foster fitness, friendship and overall wellness!


Instagram post by Movement As Medicine • Oct 16, 2017 at 8:56pm UTC

A great read and one of the best concise explanations for why strength training should be part of everyone's routine.

207 Likes, 5 Comments - Movement As Medicine () on Instagram: “Hypertrophy for Health . As we age we lose the hormonal support necessary to continue building…” 10/08/2017

If you exercise a lot, you probably think your heart is in good shape. Maybe not.

Don’t assume because you lead an active lifestyle that you’re immune from cardiovascular disease. In fact, doctors often overlook signs of cardiac problems and the potential for heart attacks in athletic patients. Sometimes even the most active people can have dramatic cardiac problems.


Tech Insider

Ever want to just quit your exercise routine? If it is just to hard or time consuming, find something else to do - just keep going. Every little bit helps!
Check out what happens to your body over time after you stop exercising.

What happens to your body when you stop exercising.


Being fit is more than exercise and nutrition, it's a mindset that includes more positivity than not.


Need a jumpstart before entering our group classes? We have private and semi-private training sessions available in packages of 1x, 4x, 8x, and 12x. Get started today with one of our trainers!


We always strive to keep things fun and fresh! During the month of September our workouts, member socials and nutrition inspiration is football!
So much fun on Saturday with our football themed training camp workout (thanks to the amazing Coach DD aka Diondra Fryer) followed by a tailgate style brunch made up of healthy and "out of the box" food options (think quonia bowls topped with bananas, berries and coconut). Thanks to all who came out!


Where were you this morning because these people were kickin' some butt at brick!!
. 09/06/2017

Cervicogenic Headaches: The Best Exercises for Relief [Video]

Do you get headaches? What Kind – migraines, tension-type, cluster? Headaches stemming from the neck region are called Cervicogenic Headaches - and the good news is that they are treatable and preventable. Read on for more about this type of headache and what steps you can take to alleviate the pain – even without taking medication.


BBF family crushed an awesome workout this morning! If you missed out today, join Coach Missy at 5:30a for Training Camp or Coach Dee at 8:30a for Brick!


We are thrilled to honor our latest Member of the Month: Jennifer Pugh!

An early riser who is a proud member of our 5:30 am MWF class, Jen has been with BBF since 2015 and has made great strides in her health on both the fitness and nutrition fronts.

"Jen went from a casual fitness goer to a very regular presence at our gym during the week and weekends and she determinedly puts the time and work in to meet her goals," says BBF trainer Lisa Allen. "She has a quiet competitiveness about her and always comes to class equipped with her razor-sharp sense of humor and funny observations about life. We just love Jen's cool and fun vibe and the way she encourages her fellow classmates during our workouts. She has made major gains in all of the strength exercises we do at BBF, and she always surprises us with new personal bests."

Jen is a finance executive with CGI Technology & Solutions and enjoys her social time while also embracing BBF's nutrition approach of tackling small goals and turning them into lifelong habits. She has successfully shed pounds and inches with our 24-Day AdvoCare Challenge and continues to look for attainable and sustainable approaches to improve her nutrition habits.

Please join us in giving a big HOO-RAH to Jen!


It's baaaacckkkkk! We've gotten a lot of requests to increase the availability of our Junior Academy so look forward to four nights a week starting September 5th. Workouts for kids ages 8-11 will focus on movement, body-weight based strength, coordination, speed, agility and nutrition!
Email [email protected] to secure your spot.


Practice got cancelled? No sweat! Purchase a drop in pass and come train this evening at 5:30, 6:00, or 7:00. Use code RAIN for 10% off! Sign up online or email [email protected]


Fall student programs are in full swing at BlackBench! Rolling enrollment allows you to join at any time for 8 or 12 week sessions.

Sports Performance Academy: 90-minute, small group workouts are uniquely designed to include prehab/rehab, mobility/flexibility, speed, power, strength & conditioning.

General Fitness: Students can enjoy an unlimited general fitness membership for only $55 per month. Strength & Conditioning workouts are 60-minutes and run Mon-Sat.

Private Training: Crazy schedule? Dual sport athlete? Very specific areas that need focus? Returning from injury? Private training is the way to go!

Find out more:


BlackBench Fit


Has summer been great but not so good for your waist line?
Join us for a post summer 24-Day Challenge Mixer!
- Discover how you can lose weight/inches & gain energy
- Learn how the AdvoCare supplements fit into the plan
- Ask questions about your specific health/fitness goals
- Talk to some of our past Challenge participants
- Get help with ordering your AdvoCare supplies
- Do a pre-challenge evaluation with one of our coaches


Tech Insider

Adults and student-athletes alike, listen up. Wise words!

A physical therapist explains how to recover from a tough workout.


Who's Hustlin'?


Hey Athletes! Make up week starts tomorrow! If you're coming in for a workout please sign up online, contact your coach or email us at [email protected]
Schedule is as follows:
11:00 Coach Jason
2:00 Coach Dee
4:00 Coach Jason

11:00 Coach Jason
4:30 Coach Dee
6:00 Coach Dee

5:30 Coach Jason



For just $55 per month, high school or college students can attend any of our 60-minute general fitness strength and conditioning workouts. The BBF Student Membership is ideal for high school and college students who are:

**Interested in getting fit but may not participate in organized sports
**Looking to increase strength and/or endurance
**Wanting to gain confidence and improve body composition
**Looking for a fun and healthy way to spend time with friends

Early risers can work out at 5:30 AM Monday through Friday and/or 6:00 AM on Monday, Wednesday or Fridays. Or join us on Monday and/or Wednesdays at 6:30 PM. Saturday workouts are at 8:30 (all conditioning) or 9:30 AM (strength/conditioning intervals).

**Weekday workouts are broken into 30-minute segments of conditioning (power, agility, footwork, speed and coordination) and 30-minutes of strength training.
**Students are taught how to lift correctly and exposed to different type of lifting styles including tempo, complexes and max lifting.
**All workouts are led by certified trainers to ensure students are closely monitored and always motivated.

Interested in a student membership for you or your son/daughter? Register at or come try out a free class first to see if our workouts are a good fit. Questions? Ask away! [email protected] or


Positive Coaching Alliance

Yes! Male or female, the responsibility is great and the support from parents, coaches and teammates alike is critical.

There is no more responsibility than being a goal keeper. 08/12/2017

HS player killed by log during football drill

So incredibly sad - and so totally avoidable. We get so frustrated when we hear about coaches who feel the need to think of stupid ways to train athletes! How about mastering the basics to help athletes improve upon what has been proven to work best?? If you hear about or see your athlete doing "crazy" exercises (i.e. deadlifts on a bosu or the like) or extreme exercises that you can't possibly see how they mimic sport, speak up or change trainers/coaches. Police say a group of New York high school football players were carrying a large log overhead for a workout when it fell on a 16-year-old and killed him.


Anyone else ready to get back on track? If you would like to join us, email us at [email protected] or PM us!


❄️Winter Athletes ❄️
The time to start preparing is now! Contact us today to secure a spot in our ! 08/07/2017

Six middle fingers on Snapchat lead to disqualification of Junior League softball team

We've read about high school seniors having their college acceptance reversed after inappropriate social media posts, and now an entire team has been disqualified from the nationally televised championship game at the Junior League World Series. Please share this story with your student-athletes - "There is always someone watching!" - even on so called private social media apps like Snapchat. Little League, which operates the championship tournament, called the post “unsportsmanlike” and “inappropriate.” 08/06/2017

Perspective | For Redskins Coach Jay Gruden, in some cases, less is more

More often than not, extra weight on your body -- not past injuries or surgeries -- are to blame for joint pain, inflammation and mobility issues. Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden, who recently dropped more than 20 pounds off his 6'2" frame, says losing weight was the key to his joints feeling great again.

We couldn't agree more. Before writing off that nagging knee pain, back ache or hip soreness to a past injury or your age, take an honest look at your weight -- even losing a modest 5 or 10 extra pounds can relieve a huge amount of pressure off your joints. In fact, each pound of weight loss can reduce the knee-joint load by four pounds -- lose just 10 pounds, and that’s 40 fewer pounds per step your knees have to support. Washington coach has lost 23 pounds since the end of last season, when ‘I just didn’t feel healthy.’

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We always strive to keep things fun and fresh! During the month of September our workouts, member socials and nutrition ...
Who's Hustlin'?WE HUSTLIN' 💪🏽 #blackbenchfit #trainnourishcommit #mondaymotivation
So we are so excited to announce our new vlog, Beyond the Bench, that will showcase the best athletes in #loco. We will ...
Join us to talk about our new PRCS Intro to Weightlifting and Speed and Agility Course!
Nothing like some Friday #EMOMs and strength to start your weekend off right! #blackbenchfit #grouptraining #ladieslifth...
Kickin' Wednesday into gear! #letsgo
Don't Let Injuries Keep You From Your Workouts
Our athletes insisted we participate in the mannequin challenge - so game on! We are very privileged to get to work with...
Love it when the our peeps unleash during their workout! Yesterday was fight day at Training Camp and everyone brought i...
It's Funday Friday every Friday in May at BBF! Sometimes adults need permission to bring their inner kid out. So fun to ...




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