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Videos by Dragon Yong-In Martial Arts, Ashburn in Ashburn. Taekwondo-Afterschool-Seasonal Camp-Day Camp -———Hapkido-Gymnastics (In Purcellville)———

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Parents!Thanks to you support and trust us, we're enjoying this summer camp again!Sincerely appreciated it.Broadlands Vi...

Taekwondo Kids!
Dragon Yong-In Martial Arts, Ashburn 2015-16 Kindergartners!Taekwondo Kids!

The first degrees practicing their basic number chuck forms.Some of them display their creative nunchuck forms at the en...

The second degree black belts get to practice bow staff during weapon class!

More snippets from the black belt weapon class!!

A few snippets of class. Our future instructors working on their leadership skills!

We are ready for 2014 US Capital Tournament!!!
We are love Taekwondo Sparring !!

We are ready for 2014 US Capital Tournament
Let's go the Tournament on Mar 8th. !!!get Trophy!

Working of teamwork and leadership skills in black belt class today.. Objective was to catch the other team without lett...

Helping focus and concentration. Great job!

Julia Sandgren/knee up jumping front kick

Julia Sandgren/knife hand out to in

Julia Sandgren/Taebaek