CJR Martial Arts, Ashburn, VA Video December 12, 2018, 1:47am

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Practice makes perfect! Come join us this Saturday at 6:00pm for our annual holiday potluck party.

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DC Field Trip

Kicks! Kicks! Kicks! Advanced Class working on strength for Advanced Kicks! #kicks #martialarts #cjr #cjrmartialarts #work #workhard #hardwork #effort #technique #focus #karatekid

CJR’s ROAD TO 100 CJR’s success is due to YOU. From our humble beginnings at the Ashburn Library to today, we have built a family of Martial Artists one new student at a time. This year, CJR is pushing to reach 100 students. Help make this possible by recommending CJR to family and friends. New students will receive 1 FREE MONTH and 10% OFF all programs. As always, thank you for your support. “A family that kicks together, sticks together”

First back flip in 15 years. Not pretty, but it’s a start

Nice day for the park #cjrspringbreakcamp

Bruce Lee “One Inch Punch”

If you love it, you help take care of it #waxonwaxoff

Practice makes perfect! Come join us this Saturday at 6:00pm for our annual holiday potluck party.

Team’s preparing for the Holiday Party on Dec 15th, how about you?

🎃🎃HALLOWEEN PARTY👻👻 Tomorrow, Saturday, October 27th 6-7:30pm @ CJR Martial Arts | Friends and Family are welcome to join the fun!

Watch till the end

Sparring Class can be stress relieving for both Students and Parents...

CJR is at the #watermine today! #cjrsummercamp2018

They’re ready! Check out some of the competitors at the #brambletonfamersmarket this Sunday 9am-1pm OUS!!! US Capitol Classics & China Open Brambleton, Virginia #bramlife Brambleton Town Center EatLoco, LLC

CJR is doing the “Floss” at the park today #cjrsummercamp2018

Great Job Mr. Jack Legacy Elementary PTOLegacyElementary #legacyelementarycarnival

Enter the World that is CJR Martial Arts

Madison's Trust Elementary School Madison's Trust PTA Parent’s Night Out featuring Team CJR Martial Arts

Best video of the day #CJRSpringBreakCamp

Target Practice

Technique Technique Technique #allbeltsclass #kickingdrills #practicemakesperfect

Is your child always full of energy? CJR is the prefect place for them to let it out! #cjrmartialarts #sparringdrills #letitout

Mr. Jack getting the #SecondDegrees started on #Freestyle Martial Arts. 👊👊👊

4 year old Ethan and 6 year old Romir helping each other practice skip up front leg front kick. Future Teammates in the making! #cjrmartialarts #hardwork #yourethebestaround #buddies #futureteamcjr

7 year old Green Belt Dekar Krolick doing a pre-warm up run before drills class, because he wanted to.

This is cool

Sunday Funday Session

CJR Exam Day September 22nd, 2017

White Belt Form: Chong-Gi

**Tap For Sound**


Age has nothing to do with the ability to try. 5 year old Romir is proof of that! #CJRsummercamp2017


What are your kids doing this morning? #CJRsummercamp2017

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