Full Out Fitness, LLC.

Full Out Fitness, LLC.


Is there a schedule of classes? I’m interested to try a few drop ins 💃🏻💃🏻
Just saw your new place and schedule. I will come check it out soon.
This makes me soooo happy!! 💦 #guzzleguzzle
LOVE, LOVE , LOVE this class 💪🏽Consistently good and high energy workouts make FOF one of a kind 😊Nikki is always a great motivator and makes working out enjoyable and fun
Bridgette Nicole
Yesterday I went to get coffee and I found this amazing woman in a magazine. I screamed OMG! It's Nikki McNutt Thiem! And my husband asked me "Who is she?" I got a huge smile on my face and I said to him:

Nikki is one of the most beautiful women I've ever met.

First, she is my favorite kickboxing instructor EVER! She has a special energy that as soon as she starts talking she lights up the room.

In her classes you feel like you are part of something amazing, there is no competition, no self conscious, it's just a time to have fun, workout and be YOU!

I just wanted to tell you that you inspire me! You are a STRONG, beautifull woman..
Thank you FOF for all of your support!!! Every can, box, or dollar helped make this event a success!!! Much love to you all and happy thanksgiving!!!
Thank you to all the ladies who have donated to the Loudoun Basket Brigade. The most current needs have been updated on the website. Check it out on www.loudounbasketbrigade.com.
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Hey Nikki - Are you teaching tomorrow (Labor Day) at Fitness Evolution?
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Only $5 a class (with membership options), Full Out Fitness provides fun, friendly and high energy c Full Out Fitness, LLC is a fitness studio located in Loudoun County, VA.

Inside East Coast Edge Performing Art
44190 Waxpool Rd #147 Ashburn, Va 20147

- specializing in FOF (a blend of dance fitness, Zumba and cardio kickboxing)
-also unlimited monthly memberships available ($25)
- all classes are virtual via Zoom. Schedule-
Monday: a recorded strength class is sent out to members and drop-in participants
Wednesday: 7pm FOF
Sunday: 10:30am FOF


Operating as usual


Going on almost a year... FOF has become exclusively virtual. As soon as the world stopped- I rushed to continue FOF. It had its bumps, failures and headaches. With your safety and health (mental & physical) in mind- I didn’t quit. I have ordered equipment, camera, lights... a new laptop... increased bandwidth, various apps and we finally built a system from the ground up.

Thank you for not giving up on me, on us. Thank you for still supporting this dream, this small-business that will hopefully survive for coming-up-on 10 YEARS?! I’m only here because YOU are here.

A new highlight of FOF 2021- our Google Drive folder. With just a click, you have access to over a dozen classes and it’s building every week. Only have time for a 15-20min workout? Want to do a Sean Paul class? Or a barre class to soca & reggae? It’s all in there:)

We stream LIVE 2x and have a recorded strength class each week. Let me know if you need the hook-up;)
We are STILL $5 a class. And $25 for the all-encompassing MOB membership.



May we reflect on the last 365 and kick A$$ for the next 365?!

Little steps or big leaps... whatever you do just keep going. (Even if it’s napping;)
Thank you for your constant love and support... I got you and you got me.


Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy... physically and mentally.

December brings colder weather, cookie making, twinkling lights and more Full Out Fitness.

FOF’s December Schedule:
Monday - a recorded strength class (the format will vary but the sweat will be real)

Wednesday 7pm Live Stream FOF (our unique blend of dance fitness & cardio kickboxing)

Sunday 10:30am Live Stream FOF

To drop-in: $5
Or go for the monthly unlimited membership of $25 (this includes a zoom link to all live classes AND all the recordings of each class- to do whenever you like...
And a special add: I will be sending out surprise mini workouts to members’ inboxes too)

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I found my 💀 family at the barn today;)


Please register tonight by 9pm for your November membership ($25) or walk-in ($5). I will send out the zoom link tonight at 9:15pm. I will not send any links tomorrow morning. 🙅🏽‍♀️

Step 1: send ($5 or $25) to the below accounts WITH your email address.
Step 2: you will receive a zoom link that is good for the entire month- save this link to enter any class.
Step 3: to view class LIVE... watch class with the best internet connectivity possible.
Step 4: members will receive a recording of class moments after it wraps (so you can do your workout anytime)

November Schedule:
**Monday (recorded) 30min cardio+strength+core workout
**Wednesday (LIVE) 7pm FOF class (a mix of dance fitness & kickboxing)
**Sunday (LIVE) 10:30am FOF class




Who’s ready to get back on the horse;)
Who’s ready to reconnect to your FOF Fam?
Who’s ready for good music, awesome vibes and some sweat... Lord, knows I am. This twitch in BOTH eyes needs to stop, lol.

I’ve missed y’all! I hope you can make it.
November Schedule:
Mondays (recorded) 30 min class of mixed formats ie. Kickboxing, core, strength, barre, yoga.

Wednesdays 7pm (LIVE) FOF from my home studio

Sundays 10:30am (LIVE) FOF from East Coast Edge studio.

$25 for unlimited classes plus all recordings. $5 drop in. You can sign up now until Saturday night... let me know if you need assistance.


FOF will pause classes for the month of October.

Last chance for a FOF fix in September?
Wednesday night 7pm: a special 30min kickboxing class
Sunday- the last SmashUp class at 10:30am until we return.


A new month... to reset, renew, rejuvenate!

In the comfort of your home, you can receive an awesome workout to get you through these pandemic-y days;)

Monday: a recorded strength class (circuit training in various formats: ie. using free weights, body weight, all core, barre, etc)

Wednesday (8pm) & Sunday (10:30am) FOF
Our blend of dance fitness & cardio kickboxing. All the energy, great music... have us as your self-care moment or maybe grab a couple of family members for a house workout!

All classes are virtual. $5 drop-in or $25 for unlimited classes and access to all the recorded classes- you can workout around YOUR schedule.

Square, Venmo, CashApp, PayPal accepted.


New month, new start, new goals! Covid won’t stop us! Community IS community.

I think I’ve figured out how to give a quality zoom class IN STUDIO!! Tech 101, lol. I’m doing another test run today and if you’re interested, we will hold our zoom class live from the studio, TOMORROW at 10:30am. It is limited to 8 people, so text me to reserve your spot by 8pm tonight. 7037258783.

This month’s schedule:
Monday- strength class will be a YouTube video posted every Monday by 2pm.

Wednesday- FOF @ 7pm (we’ll be able to do this class in-studio later in August, but for now only on zoom)

Sunday- FOF @ 10:30am (available in studio, limit 8 and zoom).

You can Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, or Zelle your membership. ($25).

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🎆July at FOF🎆

Looks like we will be virtual for another month- so let’s make the best of it!

July’s schedule:
Tuesday 7pm - FOF strength (strength training with and without equipment)
Thursday 7pm- FOF (cardio dance/kickboxing)
Sunday 10:30am- FOF

Classes will be 45min. Quick hitting, sweaty and efficient!
Walk-ins are $5.
MOB membership for the month is $25 with full access to recorded classes and you are sent a single link to class that is good for the entire month.
Register by sending either your walk-in fee ($5) or membership fee ($25) via Venmo, CashApp or PayPal.


On Tuesday June 2, 2020- Full Out Fitness, along with many businesses, will pause in solidarity with the pain and healing of our nation.
No social media posts. No class tonight.

I am so proud and blessed of the diversity, compassion and fellowship we share at FOF. We may have different backgrounds and beliefs- but I know without a doubt, we have love and respect one another!

I have left an article below in case you would like to spend the time we would have had class strengthening your knowledge of race relations.
‘It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it.’ - Nelson Mandela.



We are staying home, staying safe, and hoping for the health & safety of others... thank you again for your continued support of this small business and ones like FOF in your community.

The new MAY schedule!

🔹Tuesday nights 7pm: strength training (using light to heavy weights, barre classes, abs, arms etc) with a great soundtrack to sweat... it is an instant calorie burner for sure!
🔹Thursday nights 7pm: FOF (our unique blend of dance fitness & cardio kickboxing)
🔹Sunday SmashUp!! 10:30am (mood boosting, sweat & smiles with our FOF format plus body weight strength exercises)

Each class will be recorded, emailed to monthly members and available for 48hrs. 💻
Never miss a class with our $30 unlimited membership- that’s 13 classes!! Or $5 to drop-in.

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It’s Wednesday- time for a great at-home strength training class! Tonight we will be all about arms, abs and yoga-inspired strength and stretches!

You will need some form of free weights, a mat and ready to feel the groove!

Sign up is easy but closes at 6pm.
Class starts at 7pm and will be 50min.


THIS WEEKEND- Sunday SmashUp will on Saturday morning, 10:30am!

Theme: The 90s!!! 📟📀

Let’s do it for the Filas, scrunchies, the plaid and that Donna Martin graduates!!!
$5 to drop-in! Let me know if you’re in!!


Everyday... there’s a choice.
Today I choose joy. Today I choose FOF with you!

Tonight we are trying a new streaming format... I’m excited to share the experience with y’all!

Grab some water, a towel, and your device for class tonight in the comfort of your home! Registration closes at 6pm, class at 7pm. Let me know if you’d like to sign up!!


If you are or know of any ‘essentials’ out there... that may need a moment away... I’d like to invite them to our Sunday SmashUp 10:30am class for free.
Day care providers, grocery store employees, health care, first responders, therapists, parents at home doing quadruple duty, friends or family who are now unemployed... really ANYONE you’d like to gift an 80s fitness hour to!
Please let me know or tag them.

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FOF is only a click away... and in the comfort of your home!

*Monday & Thursday: our traditional format, the unique blend of dance fitness and cardio kickboxing (7pm)
*Wednesday: a good sweaty time! Strength Training with light to medium hand weights. (7pm)
*Sunday: a smash up of FOF with body weight toning exercises at the end. (10:30am)

Registration is easy: $5 drop-ins or $30 for unlimited 4weeks.


Tonight 7pm! FOF streaming 🌊

Who’s ready for an awesome yet challenging strength training class tonight?!
Grab a corner of your home, pop open your computer, iPad or phone and let’s work out together!!

You know I’ll bring the music and sweat...
just bring hand weights, a mat, water and towel and prepare to walk away a little less stressed and more toned!

Comment below for registration information.


See y’all from the farm!! 👋🏽

LIVE STREAM FROM SPROUT! Today at 10:30am!
A blend of dance fitness, cardio kickboxing and body weight stretch exercises. For anyone and everyone!

1. Download the Zoom app or sign in thru Zoom.com on your computer.

2. Register by sending $5
- Venmo @Nikki-Thiem
- Cashapp $nikmct
- PayPal: [email protected]
**include you email so I can send you the link**

3. At 10:25am, click your link. Make sure you are on mute. I will give everyone 10min to get settled. You need yourself, water, a towel, and a space or mat for pushups and ab work.

4. Registration will close at 9:30am.

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Sunday morning at 10:30am, FOF STREAM🌊.

Please join the class promptly, I will open the stream at 10:25am, class starting at 10:35am.
It will be a blend of dance fitness, cardio kickboxing & body weight strength exercises. Great for everyone! This class is dedicated to our MOB member and homegirl, Stephanie Cifuentes!

If you already a member- you will receive an email soon. If not a member- please register ASAP.


FOF Stream 🌊💦returns tonight at 7pm. With the uptick of streams on Zoom, the recording of class takes 12hrs to process 🥴- so please make an effort to ‘come to class’ as if you were coming to the studio. If you haven’t registered for class yet, please let me know. (Members will be sent an invite for every class)

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FOF STREAMING 🌊💦 6pm tonight:

If you enjoyed last night’s impromptu LIVE class... you may want to join in on ZOOM FOF!

1. Download the Zoom app (phone, tablet, computer)
2. $5 a class
3. When you send your $5 please put your email in the comments/notes
4. You will be emailed the secret password for the night. The class will be available for 24hrs.
5. If you are already a FOF membership and are interested please send me your email address.
6. We will start out with 4 classes a week.
7. Cut off to register is **5:30pm**

2 FOF (dance fitness/kickboxing)
1 Strictly Strength class
1 cardio + strength (weights or body weight)


The decision will be made day-by-day with the changing developments of this unprecedented pandemic. The dance studio is closed but has been thoroughly scrubbed down and disinfected- so we will be the only ones in there. We are a small group that stands within suggested guidelines... no hugs, no high-fives and no convo. Please stay home if you are under the weather. Hand soap and sanitizers are on-site like usual. We are IN and OUT! See you tonight at 7:30pm. 🤟🏽

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