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A couple of years ago my friends husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and the prognosis was not good. They chose to follow the doctors recommendations and dove head long into Chemo. Then his sister came to the house and emphatically told them they were doing the wrong thing. Ugh. When my friend told me this happened I was heart broken for her, they were doing what they decided was right for them. Period. End of discussion. They did not ask for feedback. Nor did they deserve to have it thrown upon them. We all make 20 choices, often before breakfast. Sometimes we ask for feedback, other times we do what is right for us. Sometimes they help us to learn from a misstep. Other times they reinforce our trust in our ability to make choices as we celebrate our hard-won triumphs. The bottom line is we all get to make our own choices. Can you think of a time a misstep led to learning a great lesson? Or a time your choices were questioned, and that choice paid off? Please share the scenario or how you felt or both in the comments!

Staying positive can be tough, especially in uncertain times. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I got creative in how I told people that news and I never used the “c” word. I knew from the start, I was going to be ok, I needed to do a thing, then I was going to be fine. Others did not feel the same, hence the need for creativity in the telling. When you tell people you have cancer, many things come up. They feel bad for you, they judge you and all your potential past choices, and they uncover the MD after their name and tell you everything you should and should not be doing (definitely the definition of should being someone else’s priority). The rare person says, “Of course you’ve got this and I’ve got your back.” Navigating the waters of Covid-19 is similar.

I do believe we are going to be ok. We are doing the things necessary to be safe on the other side. That does not mean it is not hard, that does not mean there is not suffering, and that does not mean life is not going to look different on the side. In my cancer journey, I chose my responses, I chose to be positive. How we respond to today is our choice. What small choice can you make today to give your day a positive boost? Tell me in the comments.

What are you focusing on right now? Is it positive? Negative? Remembering that we get more of what we focus on, what do you want more of today? Drop it in the comments!

I will be live in my group isjustthebeginning a few minutes early today at 11:20am. Join me for Tuesday Financial Well-Being. Today we are talking about community and treasure. Hope to see you there.

What is coming up for you as we head into a new week? I love this photo of the Grand Prismatic Spring taken in Yellowstone last summer on a family trip. It is quite vast and beautiful in person. What lies under the beauty that is Yellowstone National Park, creating all the thermal features, is a super volcano. When we pay attention to the various aspects of our well-being with consistency we can take small steps to release things as they bubble up. So what is bubbling up for you today? Join me in my group at 11:30am each day this week when I will be talking about the different components of our Well Being and sharing a Genius break a day you can use to incorporate more movement this week.

Yesterday I shared a tip about physical well being. Today in the group ( I am talking about financial well being. Specifically how we invest or spend our time! Click the link above and join me for the live at 11:30am.

Last week at this time, it seemed like we were all breathing a collective sigh of acceptance. Several people reported that they finally were starting to sleep again and yielding to the unsettled energy of the unknown, also being called the “new normal”. As a cancer survivor, navigating the new normal feels all too familiar. As we settle into this time of social distancing, more quality family time (well at least more quantity time), maybe more dog walking time, sharing the internet bandwidth… we are figuring out the new normal. I had so much fun doing my movement challenge last week, I am launching the 21 days to fly – valiant well being challenge. Starting Monday, I will be going live every day for the next 21 days with tips and tools for creating a routine that fosters 6 key areas of wellbeing. I know some days I get lost in Facebook, if you want me to send you the link to the video replay, each day you can sign up below. Let me know your biggest challenges right now; are they physical, financial, social, mental, purpose, emotional, little of column c little of column d? I am excited to share some of my favorite tips, let me know what support will help the most right now! Sign up here:

How are you settling in with social distancing? Are your kids home? Is your Significant Other working remote? Are you? Have you gotten into a routine? Or is it the Hunger Games?

Tell me everything.

We are fostering a dog, in addition to our 2 dogs and 2 cats. She is a whole new level of crazy puppy energy. She is an absolute love, a 2-year-old hound looking for her forever home. (Let me know if you could use some crazy puppy energy in your life!) Are you finding a routine in your new normal? It looks like we are going to be here a while. Today, I want to know what your biggest challenge is. I will leave mine in the comments.

Let’s have some fun today! Social distancing is over!

April Fools!

Sorry, I have never been that great at April fools jokes. My grandmother was great at it. I will never forget the time she called my mom at school. My mom was an Assistant Principal at the time. My grandmother called the office and left a message for her. The girls in the office, knowing this was a very strange occurrence called my mom in the cafeteria where she was on lunch duty. She called my grandmother back, and Grammy had her running around looking for some weird thing in the sky! Then she yelled April Fools. A bit later when her lunch was delivered, she started yelling ewww that is sooooo gross! Sooooo GROSS! The aid looked at her alarmed and asked what was wrong, she said you don’t see all those BUGS in my lunch! The poor guy did not know what to do he thought she was hallucinating. Then she yelled April Fools!

What is the best April Fools joke you have pulled off or been the recipient of?

These are interesting times indeed. As someone who really has to work to stay grounded and focused, these last couple weeks have been challenging to say the least. This week holds the promise of getting back into a routine. Many of my clients are making the move to virtual training. So many people I talked with last week seemed be settling into this new way of being. What is coming up for you right now? What support do you need?

Going live in in 10 minutes. come over and join to get in on the challenge. I am going to talk about the difference between moving and exercise (no not quite the same), how move intentional movement might reduce exhaustion during these stressful times, and how integrating more movement can reduce aches and pains.

This is going to seem strange since I am posting it on social media. I need less screen time! As an entrepreneur who works out of a home studio, often meets people on Zoom and networks in public regularly, social distancing has turned into screen time craziness! I have to give huge kudos to my friend Danielle Daily. When the remote “networking” started she basically said, no thank you, I will miss everyone, but I am not adding more screen time to my days!

I had no idea in the moment how wise this was. On Wednesday my internet was out the entire day. At first it felt stressful how was I going to do all the things. Really it was a blessing. At the end of the day I had gotten significant amounts of work done, I had walked my dogs further, gotten more steps, did some writing for my book, and my resting heart rate was the lowest it had been in 7 days.

So, for this week I am running a 5 day Movement to the Rescue Challenge in the Facebook Group. Click the link to get more details and get in the challenge. There are some prizes for the people that participate the most!

I was scheduled to go to a training today, in Michigan. I am not traveling. That just seemed like a bad idea. I canceled my travel over the weekend before the event itself was postponed. For me the silver lining is that without this travel I am able to reclaim a couple of days to relax at home, something that has actually been in short supply this year. What silver lining have you found this week?

Weird times indeed. Tell me, what is the current social distancing guidance bringing up for you? Does the idea of social distancing make you angry? Does it make you feel weak? Does it make you feel like you have lost control of your life?

What if we flip the narrative and turn anger into hope that social distancing will slow the spread and help us return to steady state sooner. What if we turn those feelings of weakness to feelings of power. We have the power to take steps to safeguard our health, put on your own oxygen mask first. What if we rethink that loss of control and turn it into an opportunity to take full control of our wellbeing, by embracing the pause and tending to some items hanging out on the to do list. Today your challenge is to share a possible positive outcome to this brief time of social distancing. If we all contribute an idea, imagine how much better we could all feel!

Isn’t it interesting how we often create our own limitations? On Monday so many of you shared what you were up to. How you were navigating the current challenges, with kids home, work schedules changing by the hour, and the general state of unrest within the world at the moment. I loved the tips and activities that people were sharing, please keep them coming.

I was talking with a client, who happens to be immunocompromised. She was really unhappy with the idea that staying home, and social distancing was something that would be in her best interest in support of her health. She felt as though it was admitting weakness.
So, I asked her, would it feel like weakness if she chooses to adjust her schedule in devotion to her wellbeing? What would be possible for her if she did that? Can you relate? What is coming up for you this week?

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, I think we could all use a four-leaf clover and a little luck of the Irish right now. Today I want to talk about the challenges of the unknown. I know at a base level I like to have a plan. Not a detailed down to the minute plan, yet a plan none the less. Right now, it feels like a lot is up in the air and plans are changing rapidly. So what can we do to find some serenity in the chaos?

Each day I am choosing to get out in nature and rack up some steps. I always find going for a walk with my dogs or a run, not only helps to reframe the chaos, it often makes me more creative and a better problem solver. I have been reading The Nature Fix, by Florence Williams. It is a great read about many different areas of research regarding nature and its role in supporting our well-being. Remember social distancing is not house arrest. You can go outside, breathe fresh air and enjoy some time in nature that you might not otherwise have if life was moving at its normal breakneck speed. Try it out. Let me know how you are coping with the unknown of the current times.

These are weird times indeed. I understand peoples need to maintain a sense of normalcy; I also understand the discomfort of the unknown. For those who have gone through the process of serious medical diagnosis like cancer, I imagine these feelings may be all to familiar. Just like when we are facing a difficult diagnosis when we do not know what the next day holds, it is important to keep putting one foot in front of the other. What is one step you can take today to stay calm in this uncertain world? I will put mine in the comments!

Welcome to Friday the 13th! What a great day to close out our chat about stories we tell ourselves! Tell me what do you think of when you think of Friday the 13th?

Have you noticed with all this Corona Virus talk you now are aware of how many times you touch your face every minute? Did you just do it again? How about now? It isn’t that we are doing it more, it is that we are AWARE. Your challenge today is to notice and become aware of what stories you tell yourself everyday. Then ask yourself if it is true or is it a story you are telling yourself that is holding you back. How can you flip it to be a story that reinforces success?

I hear this all the time from future clients, I have to x before I can y. You know what I mean:

• I have to lose 10 pounds before I can work out.
• I need to not be in pain before I can take a walk.
• I must join a gym before I can work with a trainer.

I am sure you have that thing where you need to x before you can y. If it does not pop readily to mind you will notice it when it come up. The reality is we do not need any of those things. All we need to do is to decide to get started and take the first step. What step can I help you take today?

Drop it in the comments, I am sure you find you are not alone!

I am a big personality. I am independent (not always a good thing). I have skills. Early in my career I was told that I was smart and great at my job and as a result I intimidated people. I needed to be less direct. My director proceeded to tell me about how she was working on smiling more for a similar reason… that is a story for another day. It was years before I realized how this feedback was holding me back in all areas of my life.

I was having lunch with a friend and commented about dating really not being worth my time. She suggested I be less me, after all I can be a lot. I laughed right out loud and said actually I need to be exactly me, right up front. That way if it is a problem, I won’t waste either of our time. A month later I went on a date with my husband. He is my opposite in every way. He will tell you that I throw him from his comfort zone daily. He provides me with much needed grounding. It is a true partnership. He knew right from the start exactly who I was. There was no facade, no “best behavior”. A mutual acceptance of each of us being who we are. In the end being exactly me right from the start was key to knowing that it was a good match. It took me a couple more years to apply the same thinking to how I show up in my business.

What story do you tell yourself or has someone told you that you then accepted to own, when maybe you don’t need to?

Last week we talked about the ideas other people put in our head. Today I want to know, what story do you tell yourself that holds you back?

How Exercise May Affect Your Immunity

This is a great, evidence based article about exercise and your immune system. They talk about several different studies and why some studies come down on the side of exercise boosting the immune system and studies showing that exercise may not boost the immune system. It is worth the read. Let me know if I can help. Does exercise help or hinder our bodies’ ability to fight off infections? It depends.

As we reach the end of another thought provoking week, what uplifting idea would you like to see take hold in our collective consciousness?

Welcome to thoughtful Thursday. This week is all about ideas and how they impact us both for the good and sometimes the not so good. Today I am challenging you to notice how others impact you, their moods, their comments, their ideas. Do the positive people impact you more or less then the negative? If it is more was the impact positive? Tell me in the comments what you learned!

I was talking with a client last week about a recent visit to the doctor. Her doc was generally happy. However, she wanted my client to recommit to her weight loss and movement journey. My client has grown to love Pilates, she has lost inches from her body, gained strength, and improved her movement confidence. She HATES cardio. That is not an exaggeration. She hates it. We were exploring the roadblocks to getting moving with more walking. There were several. We broke down her commitments each day to illustrate that the time existed to start adding this in. She was not having it. We tabled our exploration with a plan to revisit.

I then got an email from Danielle LaPorte. She was talking about the Desire Mapping process being a devotional practice to herself and not an item on her to do list. I knew immediately that this idea of devotion would resonate for my client, so I texted her. “What would shift for you if healthy food and moving your body were showing yourself devotion and not required homework?”

I let that idea land and germinate. She came in this week and said she had been thinking about my question. It seemed to raise more questions for her. The most profound learning was if she did these things from a place of devotion, she is recognizing that she values herself and is worth taking care of from a place of devotion.
This was such amazing work on her part. While she was responding to the hated activity of cardio exercise, that became transformed when viewed through the lens of devotion rather then should, or a task on the to do list.
Do you have an item that you feel you need to address, yet you keep putting it off? Share it in the comments, others might be struggling with the same. Or schedule 15 minutes on my calendar to see how I can help reframe the challenge.

Health & Wellness Coaching, Movement and Massage Therapy

I began getting survivors moving again following illness in 2005. After becoming a survivor myself, it became my mission to help people make the transition from treatment to survivorship. By shining a light on the challenges and realities of survivorship we find we are not alone and that and there is strength in that knowledge. Using the tools in my tool kit I can help you get moving again and partner with you to create a plan to meet your health and wellness goals.

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