TRU= Strength, Ashburn, VA Video September 14, 2018, 4:51pm

Videos by TRU= Strength in Ashburn. We offer personal programming in a supportive group atmosphere. Whether it is your first time working out or if you have been at it for a while. We got you

Building Tru=Strength with more than just a barbell.

Come and find your TRU=Strength

#leadersheart #everyday #mindbodysoul #strengthoverstruggle @johnmaxwellteam @johncmaxwell

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Just keep moving.... 7 min. Burpees over the many reps. as possible.... Stronger everyday @trustrengthashburn @...

Death 💀 by 10 m. @trustrengthashburn 10m run every min. on the min. Add 10m every min. until you can’t complete rounds i...

800m run 50 box jumps x 3 rounds. #trustrength #strongereveryday

Building Tru=Strength with more than just a barbell.Come and find your TRU=Strength #leadersheart #everyday #mindbodysou...

How do you start your day?? #trustrength #ashburn #everyday #allday #fitfam #wakeup #getsome

Saturday @trustrengthashburn

Juicing Batch #1

Kids Class.
We are having a blast this summer with the kids. Elementary School class is 10:45-11:45 Monday-Friday. Still a few week...

Tabata warm up

Sumo Deadlift Highpull
Putting in hard work today

20 min EMOM
Saturday Community Workout-

Hanging out with some of our high school friends...Taking dodge ball to a new level...

We love hanging out with our high school friends. Youth is the future; and its our responsibility to invest in them. You...

Making it look easy @150kg

morning sprints
want to make a change. Start the day off right, take the time today to invest in your future! Don't know where to start-...

kids community
Kids putting in hard work today. What a great way to start your weekend

Move fast, make small changes and get big results...You were made for this!!

To wet to run outside today, come get your row on! Come out and try a free class, you might be sore but wont be sorry!

community workout Saturdays @ 10:00
such a great day, full house; but there is still enough room for you!!

Turn your life around, it's never to late to start, We would love to be part of your journey, it doesn't matter where yo...

hang squat snatch
Weightlifting builds explosive power and strength. It is a great way to training the body and the mind; Today we worked...

Kids Class
When you take time to invest in youth-You are making time to invest in your future.Great turn out for our first kids wor...

Weightlifting Club
Want to get strong? Join our weightlifting program- club / team / personal training available.

Tabata cool down

Rainy and cold outside, but inside were on fire.

Community Workout!!!

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