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Fitness Bootcamps
Small Private Group Training
One on One Personal Training I am a Certified Personal Trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

I am a certified professional in cardio, strength, and circuit training. I also has advanced experience in weight loss and toning, speed and agility, boot camps, interval/HITT training, and outdoor fitness training. I have the determination to make you the best you can be. I will mentally help you get into the right frame of mind to achieve your goals. As a mom of 2
I understand the difficulty of

[11/21/17]   Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
Holiday Class Schedule: Wednesday through Monday class at 8:30am EVERYDAY. Keep that waistline where it is!
The more I am off my normal schedule, the harder it is to get back to it. Holidays can be an easy time to add a few extra pounds. By scheduling time to exercise each morning before you start your day it will help keep you motivated and keep those extra pounds at bay.
Wednesday 8:30am
Thursday 8:30am (Family fun workout) FREE CLASS
Thanksgiving morning class! Don't want to run the same ol' Turkey Trot? Come have fun and get in a great workout. All levels welcome. I am grateful to have each and every one of you in my life. This class is on me.
Friday 8:30am (Family fun workout)
Saturday 8:30
Sunday 8:30
*No childcare but kids are welcome to come.


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NC Boot Camp tomorrow morning at 5:30am sharp!


Darling Athletics


Darling Athletics


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So nice out! I'm thinking an outdoor boot camp may be in the near future!

I miss the itchy rash of grass on my arms, the heart pounding chest that makes you want to throw up after a kick a$$ sprint, the tan lines, so sweaty it drips on the concrete while doing those perfect pushups. Yep, its brewing.

Outdoor BootCamp
Coming Soon


President's Day $5 Boot Camp

Monday 9am-10:30

Full body strength and cardio workout. Kids are out of school, bring them too!


See you ladies in the morning....


Happy Valentine's Day!


Rd. 1
Single Leg Squats, each leg
Tricep Push ups

Rd. 2
Single Leg RDL's, each leg
Sumo Deadlift

Rd. 3
Standing oblique crunches, each side
BB Military Press, sitting on floor, legs straight

Rd. 4
Single Leg Glute Bridge, each leg
Full sit ups

Finish all sets before moving to the next round
(Example: 20 single leg squats on each leg, then 20 push ups. Then 15 of everything and so on.) You may add weight or do it with just your body weight for most. Questions?! Enjoy this day with your loved ones. Love you all!


Hang and Hold Competition this morning! Good job Ashleigh Stocks for holding on the longest!

Sweet way to start the day!


Good job Daniel Son!

We couldn't walk the first half of the week,
now we can't wash our hair.
#deiselfordhp #musclesformexico #cutforcali

530am NC Boot Camp ✔


My kiddos are 100 days into the school year! We are half way to summer!

In honor of these 100 days I'd like to give it a workout.........(Thanks for the idea Christina Freeman)

20 Prisoner Squats
20 Push Ups
20 Supermans
20 Sumo Squats
20 Mountain Climbers

Want harder? Add:
100 sec Plank after each round

Try to complete the full 100 seconds in one try but if you need to break, just pause the timer!


530am NC Boot Camp today

Thanks for coming out at the crack of dawn for a vomit sess. In the end we were all smiling, right ladies?

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. "
-African Proverb


Darling Athletics


Let's do this.

Class Schedule:
Mondays 930am
Tuesdays 530am
Thursdays 530am
Fridays 930am

First class is free!
@ Q Athletics


Happy MLK Day!

$5 Boot Camp - Today Only!

Starts at 9am.

44710 Cape Court, Suite 104
Ashburn, VA 20147

Message me if you are coming!
Kids are always welcome


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Happy Thanksgiving! Don't spend your whole day shopping. Grab the ones you love and enjoy your day with them!

Happy 1st Birthday to my littlest guy, Zen.
Sweetest, smartest puppy I know!


Good Morning, good morning! Redskins won! Redskins, we thank you, that put the Lions first in their division! That's as crazy as Donald Trump becoming the US President!

Class Schedule for this week @Q Athletics

Monday 11/14
9am-1030 Strength sess

Tuesday 11/15
530am-7am NC Boot Camp
9am-1030am Strength sess

Thursday 11/16
530am-7am NC Boot Camp
9am-1030am Strength sess

Friday 11/17
9am-1030 Strength sess

$15 per class
Bring a friend, first class is free!
Message me if you're interested.

Private training sessions available


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recyclelife.org 11/09/2016

Recycle Life |

Class is back! Starting tomorrow morning:

Thursday 11/10
5:30am-7am NC Boot Camp
9am-1030 Strength sess. w/ Upper body focus

Friday 11/11
9am-1030 Strength sess. w/ Bo**ie & Core focus.

Saturday 11/12 - Hosted by Q Athletics
10am-Noon **Team Keg Races: Fundraiser for recyclelife.org

Noon-6pm Client Appreciation Party with Old Ox Kegs, Co****le tourney, local vendors, food truck, raffles & door prizes!

Monday 11/14
9am-1030 Strength sess

Tuesday 11/15
530am-7am NC Boot Camp
9am-1030am Strength Sess.

Thursday 11/16
530am-7am NC Boot Camp
9am-1030am Strength Sess.

Friday 11/17
9am-1030 Strength sess

$15 per strength sess or boot camp.
**Sign up for Old Ox games at Q Athletics, Old Ox Brewery, or by contacting me directly.

recyclelife.org |


Darling Athletics


This weeks schedule is below. Come be a part of our tribe. Where we encourage each other, push each other to our limits, laugh, be silly, and most important, get diesel, together, as one.

Monday: Class Rescheduled for Wednesday..

Tuesday: 5:30am Warm up/Get loose
6:00am NC Boot Camp
9:00am Warm up/Get loose
9:30am Strength Training

Wednesday: 5:30am Warm up/Get loose
6:00am NC Boot Camp
9:00am Warm up/Get loose
9:30am Strength Training

Thursday: 9:00am Warm up/Get loose
9:30am Strength Training

Friday: 9:00am Warm up/Get loose
9:30am Strength Training

Al classes listed above will be held @ Q Athletics. $15/session for non members or included with Q Athletics membership.

Strength Training classes will only be able to work 4-6 people max per class. Please message me if you would like to come so I can hold a spot for you.

[10/12/16]   Thursday Class Schedule

530am Warm up
6am NC Boot Camp - takin it ol skool (Full Body)

9am Warm Up
930 Strength Training - Front Squats, Sled/Tire


First class free!

Message me for more info.


Join me this morning for a strength session. Upper body & core focus today @ Q Athletics, Ashburn.

9-9:30am:Stretch & Warmup
930-1030am:Strength Training


First class free!

[10/06/16]   Mondays, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
9am: Stretch & Warm up
930am: Strength Training

530am Stretch and Warmup
6am NC Boot Camp


Message me if you would like to come try it out. First class is free!


"It's hard to beat a person who never gives up."
~Babe Ruth

Boot Camp Tuesday & Thursday @ 6am

We lift heavy
we work hard
we dont judge
we don't complain.



A long, fun weekend with friends was just what I needed! Back to business tomorrow. Love this wild bunch!

Tuesday/Thursday BootCamps
6-7am & 8-10am
@ Q Athletics, Ashburn


8am-10am Boot Camp

Come on!

[07/28/16]   6am Boot Camp done. Round 2, let's go. 8-10am.

[07/27/16]   #cantwalktoday boot camp lunges....ouch!


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Darling Athletics

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