MBA Majest, Ashburn, VA Video January 8, 2020, 11:16pm

Videos by MBA Majest in Ashburn. We are confident that MBA Majest Martial Arts is one of the best TaeKwonDo programs in the nation. Our Masters and our instructors are very dedicated and passionate about our students' education, as well as our students' physical and emotional well-being

Another great day with our snow day camp students at MBA Majest Ashburn !

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Drop off day camps🌟❤️
If you need day camp, we are here at MBA to support families who need care during LCPS closures! We are doing our best supporting our community providing quality educational day camps ! We are trying our best cleaning our environment and follow CDC health guideline making sure our students, staff and families are supported ! It’s a great day at MBA🌟💪❤️

#Taekwondo #Academy #Afterschool at its best ! This is the sound of focus and discipline! Every day training is integrated into MBA after school 💪

It’s Sparring day at the MBA 🤼‍♀️💪#Afterschool #Taekwondo Self defense!!!

Spring energy came early this year! Our after school students have extra fun in our sun filled open gym room. It offers a great environment during free play hour; students run around and play loading on Fresh air breeze, Sun, Music and all around FUN! 🥰🌞 #afterschool #Taekwondo #MartialArt at MBA Majest 🌺

Thank you MBA Majest family for another great season of learning and growth 🥰 We celebrate our students graduation to new Belt !

Need a whole body workout for the entire family, your young preschooler wants to get a head start learning Taekwondo or a special hour for teenagers ! Our high energy and high quality evening Taekwondo program at the MBA majest has a class for every tier! A separate class tailored for Teens, another one designated for family hour giving an opportunity to parents and kids training together, our young cubs train together with adjusted training according to age group. Contact us today as we have a program for everyone making this high energy ancient mind body training available to a wide diversity of our community needs ! A free trial lesson on us to show you the value and helping you reach your fitness goals 💪🌟

MBA Majest after school offers an unmatched high quality Taekwondo training!

MBA Majest Summer Camp enrollment
Dont miss our 15% early bird discount ! Enroll by Feb 28th! Watch a sneakpeak of fun, avtive educational summer camp at the MBA Majest! Call today to reserve your spot or email us. Phone (571) 291-3901 Email [email protected]

Meet members of demo team !

Blindfolded this master demonstrates the power of human in focus, strength and control ! Our core values at the MBA Majest Ashburn 💪

Chingoo Buddy Day at the MBA Majest
Preview to a true demonstration of agility, focus, strength and human power! If you are interested to see the full show; an unmatched high quality Martial Arts performance, get your tickets to @Road! The Kyung Min University demonstration team performance at the Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall and Arts Center in Alexandria, titled "Road". is a moving performance not to be missed.get your tickets! Only limited seats available. This Saturday at 6 pm.Tickets are $25, $35 and $45. See details at Road If you want to see this demo live, come by to community appreciation day tomorrow at the MBA Majest Ashburn @Chingoo Buddy Day: Martial Arts Community Appreciation Day

Happening and tomorrow! Come see this at MBA Ashburn at 7 or tomorrow at 530 or 7! Enjoy the demo by the Korean championship team as part of our community appreciation day ! Bring a friend and see this amazing performance ❤️🖐🏼👌🌟 @Chingoo Buddy Day: Martial Arts Community Appreciation Day

The quality of our Taekwondo training is truly unmatched! Our masters connect with every student gaining knowledge of strength and any potential areas that needs improvement. Through that personalized insight, each interaction during lessons is tailored to match that person’s developmental needs! It’s a different level of quality when you get personalized training in a group setting . See a little preview of a sub group of our after school students during a board breaking lesson! We use real boards as a tool testing and training focus, confidence and strength!

Welcome 2020 Kyeongmin University Performance Team
Meet the team behind the majestic upcoming performance Road! Call or email to secure your tickets while it lasts! Details included in the video.

On days like today when the wind whips fierce, stay warm and cozy in your MBAMajest goose down coat! Only two days left to pre-order!!

Another great day with our snow day camp students at MBA Majest Ashburn !

At the MBA Majest we try to support families in any ways we can ! Need to go to work or need to drop off your child during inclement weather school closing, we are here for you ! Our students enjoy a day filled with great activities🏃🏽‍♀️🏃 Here is a teaser view of a typical day camp at our Ashburn location. Drop off 👉🏼7-10 am; field trip 👉🏼TBD 10-1230; pick up 👉🏼by 6:30 pm! 😊Only $35 for our Afterschool students and $55 for general public and evening Teakwondo class students! ❤️ 21030 Sycolin Rd #100 Ashburn, VA 20147 571-291-3901

1,2,3 blast off!

Technology Tuesday! We learned about the invention of the radio and studied how waves work.

In class, our troopers doing yoga. Breath in... breath out. Relax....

Today at wellness Wednesday, we are studying the human body! Say hi to your skeleton friend!

July, 23rd, 2019. In class: Technology Tuesday. Ballon powered car which helps us keep environmental free of pollution! Chelsea Hurst

July, 24th, 2019

The Lion King!!!!

Come out, come out, wherever you are....? Master Jimin Jang vs. MBA Troopers!

Instructor Jhon A. Rodriguez! Bravo! Now that’s what’s called popsicle skills! Let the MBA Majest popsicle challenge start! Is bottle challenge popsicle challenge more challengeful?🤔 #bottlechallenage #popsiclechalleage #taekwondolife

Hello everyone from the family!!

Wow our MBA Majest’s Master Jimin Jang bottle challenge!

Hello Monday and water Park!!! Sun and fun with MBA Summer Camp!


Our 4th of July projects still continues! Fireworks from Milk! Yes Milk! Fun fun!

How to deal with bullying.
Here at MBA Majest, our most important goal is to teach your child the life long lesson of self disiciplne. Bullying is never a tolerable thing; therefore, we at MBA Majest are trying to create anit-bully zone by teaching our children disiciplne, respect, and confidence. As a parent, would you want your child to not be influenced negatively and be an independent thinker? If so, please watch the video. Majest Martial Arts Sterling Virginia

Hey even dear Sherif CIT of Loudoun joined us for fun! One hit!! oh my! Thank you to all our Loudoun Country officers for all your service and deidication! #oneloudoun #loudounsheriffsoffice #ashburn #ashburnva #taekwondo #martialarts Loudoun County Sheriff's Office One Loudoun

Wow, let’s welcome Officer CIT! Even our Loudoun County Sherif join in with us! #loudounsherif #ashburn #virginia #taekwodo Majest Martial Arts Sterling Virginia

MBA MAJEST AT ONE LOUDOUN! #oneloudoun #loudoun #virginia Majest Martial Arts Sterling Virginia

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