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What HighSchool Coaches don't tell you about college recruiting Inside look at amateur sports from a coach prospective: I am Coach Gil Moody, and I bring a vast sporting knowledge due to my experience in Semi – Pro, High School football-basketball, AAU, and youth league coaching.

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Who wants to learn more about the Air Raid Quick Game?

AND…how the Quick Game can be your answer to scoring in the Red Zone!

AND…Incorporating your Quick Game in your RPO Schemes!

AND…Using Motion & Formation to get an advantage on the Defense!

AND…How to Package Backside Concepts in order to attack any defense or coverage!

We have a video breakdown, just for you!

IF you like this breakdown you can learn more about the Air Raid Quick Game Here:


FirstDown PlayBook

Does not look like they have missed a beat since last season...

The Ups & Downs Of Coaching High School Football In Your Hometown Brian Washington enters his 22nd year as the football coach for the Paris Greyhounds, the school he attended while in elementary, middle, and high school.

Football Coaching Brotherhood

🔥Hey Air Raid Nation...have you seen what Matt Mumme is doing at Nevada?

Sure he's running the Air Raid Offense...but it's not his Daddy's Air Raid anymore.

Mix in some Wildcat, Go Go and good ol' Power 👊and you have a totally new brand of Air Raid.

If Hal Mumme is the Godfather, who is Matt beside his son who actually played in his father's system and now coaches his own version of it?

He's the next generation of Air Raid coach that has a brand new take on it.

That's why we felt that Nevada's offense was the perfect offense to do our next breakdown.

Coach Endsley has worked night and day to put this one together and it is absolutely fantastic!

In it, you will learn how your Air Raid knowledge can be taken and applied in a truly multiple way.

If you are a coach who loves the Air Raid offense but other factors like climate or talent have forced you to change what you do...

...this is your answer.

You can still have your Air Raid cake and eat it too.

Announcing Part 2 of our Memorial Day Sale:

The Nevada Air Raid Hybrid Offense Breakdown at 75% off.

The clips and playbook are being uploaded right now and will be finished by the end of the holiday weekend. But you can get in now early before the price goes up.

Find it here:

☑️18 Total Plays
☑️Downloadable Playbook
☑️Playbook Assignments for every player
☑️All-22 clips
☑️Expert D1 Analysis

Football Coaching Brotherhood

Are you looking for a Passing Concept that stretches the Defense both Vertically & Horizontally? A concept that puts multiple defenders in conflict? How about a concept that is the perfect Man Beater that still can be used to Pick Apart Zone Coverages? Well Mesh is the Concept for you!

Whether you are installing Mesh for the 1st time or you are looking for wrinkles, adjustments, and tags we have the perfect course for you.

The "Top 20 Variations of Mesh" is a detailed course featuring Playbook Sheets, Film Breakdown, and of course All-22 Film.

And right now it's just $10.

Learn more here:

Beating Press Coverage With Technique - FirstDown PlayBook After he expands the Corner, he opens up a window for the curl and does an excellent job of using his upper body and lower body at the same time.


TeamXStream ASKS - Toughest job in Football?
In our opinion, it's being a HS Defensive Coordinator. At NO other level would a DC have to prep & teach vs. a 3 play series like this.
Agree? Disagree? - What would be harder? and don't take athletic talent into account w/ your answer...

The Triangle Offense – PG Opposite Cut by Adam Spinella Click on the link above to download the The Triangle Offense – PG Opposite Cut by Adam Spinella. Learn how to make the Point Guard very effective.

East Nashville students walk out of class to protest firing of football coach Brian Waite East Nashville students walked out of class in support of fired football coach Brian Waite on Friday.

4 Signs of Coaching Genius You May Miss (I Know I Did) In all the years I have been coaching...

X's & O's: Counter Read With Bubble - AFCA Insider Having a Counter Read in place with a Bubble on the outside of a spread formation “constrains” the number of players a defense can keep in the box.

Five new quarterback drills to reimagine the NFL combine Static throws, scripted routes, antiquated movements -- the QB workout at the combine is outdated. Let's mix things up with new drills.

The Coaching Couple: A Look At The Importance of Coaching Wives - AFCA Insider Most people attribute a coach’s success on the field with such things as the amount of time they put in and the talent of their players. However, the honest truth is that it comes not only from the players and the coaches, but also from the people behind the scenes.

X's & O's: Smoke & Go This play is run much like a Smoke Screen, except the Y fakes a smoke block on the corner, stutters and runs a Go Route, where the QB hits him.

The Top 2 DB Drills You Can Do In 10 Minutes Or Less The Top 2 simple and effective Defensive Back (DB) drills that will work man to man, off man, agility, and zone coverage techniques.

Kickoff Coverage Boundary Adjustment - FirstDown PlayBook At some point the return teams are going to tire of trying to get the ball out to the field. They will then try to poke a hole in your boundary coverage.

Big Game James

The timed “Figure 8” drill will be a new addition for DL at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Prospects are to stay as close to the hoop as possible. There’s an object on the ground for them to grab while staying on the move, which shows their bend/flexibility.

Here’s an example: Good, I will be able to check this out myself.

FirstDown PlayBook Monday Morning Quarterback - FirstDown PlayBook How would you block this football play? Block it up and then check back here on Wednesday. We will add the same play with the blocking scheme included!

Chip Kelly's inside run game The first part of our in-depth look into Chip Kelly's offense breaks down his two primary inside run plays: inside zone and power.


BREAKING: Duncanville High School head football coach Reginald Samples has been suspended for the first game of next season by the UIL for using a coach on staff that wasn’t a full-time employee of the district.

Read the latest:

Youth sports officials and referees quitting at record rates, blaming unruly parents Youth sports officials and referees are throwing in their whistles at record rates, Brian Kilmeade reported Friday on "Fox & Friends."

Inside The Headset: Ryan Smith [PODCAST] - AFCA Insider This week on Inside the Headset we are featuring a very special guest from Southwestern Assemblies of God University Head Coach, Ryan Smith.

Practice more dangerous than competition for high school cheerleaders, concussion study shows Chapel Hill, NC — Unlike most prep athletes, high school cheerleaders are more likely to suffer concussions during practice than in competition, results of a recent study led by researchers at the University of North Carolina show.

Thoughts From A First Year Offensive Coordinator The toughest part of being a first-year offensive coordinator is simply getting started. You have to jump into the process to see what you like & dislike.

‎USA Football Coach and Coordinator Podcast: How to Become a Head Coach – Ohio High School Coaches Hall of Fame Head Coach: Thom McDaniels on Apple Podcasts ‎Show USA Football Coach and Coordinator Podcast, Ep How to Become a Head Coach – Ohio High School Coaches Hall of Fame Head Coach: Thom McDaniels - Feb 7, 2020

Pass Rush: Developing The Best Plan of Attack When teaching pass rush, you need to teach the concept before you teach specific moves or techniques. Pass rush is a fluid act that takes time to master.

Defensive Back Press Technique with Multiple Coverages [VIDEO] The base coverages played at Wartburg involve press technique cornerbacks, rerouting receivers with linebackers, and matching pass routes.

H.S. Basketball Coach Violently Attacked By Own Players On Video, Cops Say

Just bad on so many levels A high school basketball coach in New Jersey was violently attacked in front of his own school and cops say the suspects are players from his team.

Chiefs have more than one play from 1948 Rose Bowl in their playbook Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy said postgame that the direct snap to Damien Williams to convert a fourth down came from a play they found from game film from the 1948 Rose Bowl.

If It's Close It Might Take A Trick Play Or Two - FirstDown PlayBook With two weeks to see how the other defense normally reacts to certain formations and plays, it's the type of thing that can lead to calling a trick play.

How To Use Y-Stick & Variations To Increase Passing Efficiency A long stayed passing concept and adaptable at many levels, Y-Stick and its variations hold answers to defeating both man and zone coverages.

X's & O's: Double Pin & Pull Option In this Double Pin & Pull Option, the quarterback reads the middle linebacker to see if he flows with the T-Back. Then the quarterback calls his shot.

New bill would protect school referees from abusive parents Soon parents who assault referees at school sporting events could face harsher penalties.

FORECAST: How paying collegiate athletes could affect high school athletics | West Orange Times & Observer | West Orange Times & Windermere Observer With the recent uptick in discussion and legal action regarding the paying of collegiate athletes, questions have been raised about its possible effects on high school athletics.

High school coach launches nonprofit to help teens struggling with depression A new nonprofit organization is bringing attention to depression at a time when teen suicide is on the rise.

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