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Krav Maga and JiuJitsu are known as one the best real world self defense systems available to both c Krav Maga and JiuJitsu are known as one the best real world self defense systems available to both civilians and military/law enforcement.

Operating as usual


It’s jiujitsu hour


Fun time last night with Ben Douglas showing some cool tricks.


There is an exciting new chapter brewing at Loudoun County Combat Club and a positive extension of the Pedro Sauer Association in Ashburn Va. Thanks Pedro Sauer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association for hosting us at the HQ and continuing to equip us with the Jedi Mind tricks that make JiuJitsu so much fun Pedro Sauer


A BJJ Mount Escape That You Have Never Seen by Pedro Sauer

The man, the legend, and my friend....we will be seeing him tomorrow night Pedro Sauer


A BJJ Mount Escape That You Have Never Seen-Check out this amazing detail that Pedro Sauer uses to escape from the mount. I had never seen that.-For The Best...

nypost.com 02/23/2021

Johns Hopkins expert says COVID-19 pandemic could end by April

Wanting to join but still feeling the pressure of Covid?? Here’s some good news below. Start planning ahead to check us out!


nypost.com A Johns Hopkins professor and surgeon says that the coronavirus could be “mostly gone” by April. Marty Makary, who teaches at the university’s School of Medicine and Bloomberg Sch…

blackbeltmag.com 02/01/2021

Dan Inosanto on Staying Active and Effective in Your Golden Years, Part 2

Hey gang, it’s been a while. Excited to teach online tonight and back to the Firestation on Wednesday.... with new mats!!! Check out this article.... for the old folks like me;


blackbeltmag.com The Black Belt Hall of Famer and jeet kune do authority reveals his secrets for staying fit to fight forever!


Wow, super fun night at the Ashburn FireStation!! So excited to be in this facility... Monday and Thursday from 8-10. Both in person and online!!


Loudon County Combat Club's cover photo


Loudon County Combat Club


Honored to have 8th degree Master Sauer (and Mike Horhan and Dan Chamberlain) at our humble Covid garage training! Pedro Sauer Mike Horihan Dan Chamberlain


Sydney News

First Class back last night was awesome. We had 12 people live and 3 people streaming. I was so preoccupied I forgot to take pictures. Brigitte luckily caught a couple students (Joe(y) and Steve) going a little harder than I planned...

Meanwhile in Australia


[06/10/20]   Really starting to enjoy these online classes. Thanks to all of you who have been joining and giving me feedback. I have way more respect into those who work production now and do this all the time. A few notes:
- Don’t .....buy Halogen lights for summer evening lighting. As if I’m not sweating enough.
- Don’t ... go long with speakers, blue tooth and laptop not fully charged....hello? Hello?
-Do.... go with the flow and try “gaming” the classes. Punching students inline and get the to react live.
-Do .... talk to yourself a lot even when students are on mute. Apparently it can be more entertaining



Must see....

Benefits of pummeling 🙂


Best Boxing Motivation Video 2017-2018 | Training Motivation

An AMATEUR will practice until they get it right. A PROFESSIONAL will practice until they CAN'T get it wrong.

Starting online class to to sharpen every aspect of our game.

email us if you want to join.
[email protected]


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxZlcSoQ2M0 This video was edited by "Alex Boxing Production" Music Info and stuff In the video description Music is Copyrigh...


First online class! So, I have been dreading this as I don't want to do just another fitness class and pretty much sick of Zoom for work. However, I realized how much value we can get out of an online class focusing on details, shadow boxing, shadow grappling and self defense. I have to redesign everything and through that...realized how much focus and detail we miss in a normal class. Sure, in person has much more benefits but I'm excited to fill in a lot of blanks and create a curriculum that will make since for online and certainly make students better. This may work so well, we may keep this going after normal classes continue. Let me know if you're interested or send me a message.


Loudon County Combat Club's cover photo


Amin and Romin Bakhtiyor Fan's Page

Our Coach 1975 Sambo World Champion Maurice Allan. Belarus Minsk.


What a great surprise! First I run into Joe and then Steve and Melissa and now John! Great to see everyone in high spirits trying to get out and making the best of it! (Jonathan Pruiksma)


Loudon County Combat Club


We finally got some of the crew back together for a happy hour....it was great to see some of you guys and catch up....I can't wait for next week already. Brigitte Anderson Steve Hill Sean McColl Jeff Berg David Anderson


Great photo for Loudoun County Combat with David Anderson Pedro Sauer Maurice Allan and Robert Duvall. Lots of martial art experience in this photo (pre virus. lol)


Dude, I miss you guys!!!! Here's a little message from LoCo Combat!!


Saturday classes started! 10am-12

[10/25/19]   Oh wow, looks like I need to update this page;) The parking garage workouts were super fun but we have a been under a roof for a few years now ;)


I love pouring into this group, but tonight these guys just gave back to me. Tough week at work and yet these guys made me so proud tonight with pouring their hearts into our fight training. Every time I looked up and out of breath, I saw everyone else giving it 200% and totally focused on what they were doing. Life is full of storms... they say. Your either in one, entering into one, or heading out of one. Outside of prayer, this is the best storm training I know of ... thanks for such an awesome class tonight!!!!!

[02/01/19]   Classes are really fun this year with new and old people both on Thursdays 8-10 and Saturdays 12-2 every week. Good trading starts with good freinds. Excellent mix of stand up striking and combatives was well as jiujitsu and self defense.

“The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war!” (And...” no one makes me bleed my own blood...”)

[01/03/19]   Happy New Year everyone. Looking forward to great things this year! We are opening up a new class on Saturdays from 12-2. Message us if your interested!

[01/03/19]   Happy New Year!!! We are excited to introduce a new Saturday class from 12-2. Please send us a message if this is of interest to you! Great things in 2019!!!


What an amazing time with old, new and current students last Friday night. Started out as 4 of us planning a quick get together but 24 showed up. So much fun... thanks for coming out. We need to do this more often!!

[09/29/18]   Great classes the last few weeks with old and new people. Defense against chokes, front head locks, passing the guard, escape from side control and mount, rounds and rounds with the Thai pads and light rolling. Getting a lot done here.....


Great class a few weeks ago with special guest instructor Dan Chamberlain.

[08/22/18]   Special guest tomorrow...don't miss class

lococombat.com 08/20/2018

Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness

New site is up....and if you didn't notice, the FB page name changed too. Same sweat blood and tears....

lococombat.com Specialized Training for busy Professionals


Great Stand up in Base from the guard by Brielle...!


Loudon County Combat Club

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