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Anthony Perez 09/15/2018

Anthony Perez

Kind of last-minute, but I’d appreciate your support.

Anthony Perez Help Anthony Perez support AFSP's mission to save lives and bring hope to those affected by su***de.


Thanks to my clients for moving their schedules around so I could cover the Olympic ceremony at The White House. I'lll be back Foundation Fitness of Ashburn on Saturday. This is my view from atop the media platform.

AJP Training updated their info in the about section. 04/25/2018

AJP Training updated their info in the about section.

AJP Training updated their info in the about section.


Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas. I'm so fortunate to have such awesome clients and I'll be back with all of you at Foundation Fitness of Ashburn on Saturday.

AJP Training updated their phone number. 12/25/2017

AJP Training updated their phone number.

AJP Training updated their phone number.

How much fat could you gain on Thanksgiving Day? 11/23/2017

How much fat could you gain on Thanksgiving Day?

If you have a little too much turkey/stuffing/Jager, don't freak out. It's only ONE day.

How much fat could you gain on Thanksgiving Day? Thanksgiving is upon us again, and the traditional turkey, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie will be consumed by millions of Americans on Thursday. Oh, and, probably some alcohol to cope with that right- and/or left-wing uncle of yours. Drink responsibly, especially if you're drinking Jager.


Found me some sliders here in South Beach. Glad the Marriott I’m at has passes to Crunch.

Timeline photos 11/08/2017

Eight days on the road, covering the World Series, NASCAR and the tragic shooting in Texas. Got back today (had to cancel on Todd because of the Halladay plane crash), but still trained two clients. Ron was nice enough to give me a ride home so I could #vote right before the polls closed. Never miss an opportunity to exercise (my obligation as a citizen).

Timeline photos 11/07/2017

Racked up 1,000-plus miles in three-plus days in this @nissan Frontier rental from @budget. Best rental I’ve had in a while, and, yes, I️ probably should have picked a more fuel-efficient option.


Using your feet to cling to a 48 kg (105-pound) kettlebell isn’t easy (and certainly not very comfortable). As you can see here, I found a solution: Rogue Fitness short resistance bands. Granted, the pull-ups and chin-ups were not pretty, but that’s about 275 pounds total when you factor in my body weight.

Timeline photos 10/07/2017

‪Four clients down (and it shows). One to go.‬

Timeline photos 10/04/2017

For those of you — and it’s been a few/several — who said I should get my head examined: I did just that for my @usatodaysports feature on concussion recovery. (That’s me hooked into a qEEG.) Pick up today’s @usatoday print edition.


I have a couple spots left at boot camp tonight. 7 pm. Who’s in?


Steve wanted to try some ring rows tonight. Guess he’s not afraid of heights.

Timeline photos 09/19/2017

CONFIRMED: This shoulder shrug exercise is not in Tom Brady's new book.

Timeline photos 07/06/2017

Outside of my teammates mistakingly thinking I knew how to kick a soccer ball (or knew the rules in general), I didn't embarrass myself in net. My team won, 9-4. Not abandoning hockey, mainly because you don't get rug burns on ice.

Timeline photos 07/06/2017

Outside of my teammates mistakingly thinking I knew how to kick a soccer ball (or knew the rules in general), I didn't embarrass myself in net. My team won, 9-4. Not abandoning hockey, mainly because you don't get rug burns on ice.

Instagram Photos 05/25/2017

A look at the last time I crossed the finish line after my 20 miles at Europe's #toughestmudder two weeks ago.

Instagram Photos 05/13/2017

Leaving or the Europe's #toughestmudder. @seedyted and I are ready (maybe). Race runs from 7 pm- 3 am ET. There should be a live feed on the @tough_mudder FB page.

media.tenor.co 05/01/2017


Just renewed my American Council on Exercise - ACE personal training certification, so I'm good for two more years.



Wasn't graceful, but I made it up the rope 10 times. Getting down tore up my hands a little.

Timeline photos 04/09/2017

A little combo sled/kettlebell workout today, which was actually about as difficult as my 10-mile run yesterday.

Timeline photos 03/14/2017

Apparently, Saturday's @runrocknroll DC Half Marathon was just a warmup for shoveling snow today.

Photos from AJP Training's post 03/08/2017

Weather is great today, so we will be doing a good chunk of boot camp outdoors tonight at 7. (Here I am getting some work in beforehand.) There are still a couple slots left.


Shrugs! Hide the neck!!!


Alright, maybe I can learn to like kettlebells (and I'm sure my form is off since this is my first time doing a bridge press).

A new Foundation: Inside the move to Ashburn 02/07/2017

A new Foundation: Inside the move to Ashburn

ATTENTION: Foundation Fitness in Ashburn is our new home starting this week.

A new Foundation: Inside the move to Ashburn Today marks the first day I will be training clients at Foundation Fitness , leaving the only location my training business called home since November 2014. I took a year off from journalism to start AJP Training. I didn't have any clients. No business plan. No capital. Zero loans. I hadn't even be...


Woke up Wednesday weighing 11 pounds more than my weigh-in (154.9 pounds) on Tuesday night. (May have had something to do with that massive slice of carrot cake.) No fight on the card, so it was gym time. @TheDolceDiet

Timeline photos 01/25/2017

I'm just going to call it a 21-pound weight loss. (I was wearing shorts, so that's easily a tenth of a pound, right?) While I'd never recommend this, I thank @thedolcediet for the incredible assistance for aiding me to the @ufc lightweight cutoff. I don't plan to fight (unless somebody messes with me when I'm playing hockey.) The 21-day journey wasn't easy, but thanks for all those who supported me. Stay tuned for more on this weight cut from @usatodaysports and @mmajunkiedotcom.


Here's my interval run during the fourth quarter of #GBvsDal. Glad it was decided in regulation. Didn't have OT in me since that fourth quarter took about an hour.


I'm merging my duties as a reporter USA TODAY Sports and AJP Training for this project. I'm attempting a UFC-style weight cut with the assitance of MMA diet guru Mike Dolce (The Dolce Diet), where I aim to lose at least 15 pounds in 21 days. This is the first video in my diary (Day 3). Here's the link to the video on the USA TODAY website: http://www.usatoday.com/videos/sports/mma/2017/01/05/weight-cutting-diary-day-3-no-issues-lots-bathroom-breaks/96208864/

Online Fundraiser for West Potomac Crew Ergathon by Elizabeth Oakeley | Piggybackr 12/30/2016

Online Fundraiser for West Potomac Crew Ergathon by Elizabeth Oakeley | Piggybackr

Elizabeth is one of my younger (and more committed) clients. She is also part of our Tough Mudder team. Several months after she started training with me, she tried out for crew and has done it ever since. Now, her team needs new boats. If you could spare a few dollars, this money will go to a worthy cause. -- AJ

Online Fundraiser for West Potomac Crew Ergathon by Elizabeth Oakeley | Piggybackr Elizabeth Oakeley is raising $150 for Help Us Keep Our Boats Afloat! on Piggybackr.com. My name is Elizabeth Oakeley and this will be my second year as a coxswain on the West Potomac Crew Team. During the off-season I particpate in com...

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