Warrior Fitness-Stephanie Lawler

Warrior Fitness-Stephanie Lawler


Weigh in Wednesday: scale hasn’t moved, I see the same girl who started her journey at 213 pounds but other people are starting to notice a change. I bought these work pants from old navy probably a few months ago, they didn’t fit when I got them and even though they were just one size smaller, I could not get them to button or zip. Three weeks ago I tried them on and had the same issue. Today I tried the on and I could zip them AND button them with NO problem. It’s the small things that have kept me going. ❤️
I saw this today and fell in looooove. ❤️
Brand new week for me....did most of planning but only some prepping due to kitchen being out of order for three days...feeling optimistic!

NASM CPT-personal training and nutrition (private, group, and online)

I am a special needs momma (my youngest has cerebral palsy), a college instructor, a rep for 1stPhorm Supplements, and a lover of all things health and fitness. NASM certified personal trainer. I am committed to helping you become a better, stronger, healthier, and more educated and inspired version of yourself. I specialize in customized nutrition planning and education, fitness and training plans, and individual and group training.

Workout schedule for this week!
Join link: https://zoom.us/j/6788449941?pwd=RHFDNmxHc0g2dnZla0ZnK3l0UXJXQT09

I know these are uncertain times. Lots of us are worried about our jobs, finances, our kids and school, and our health and that of those we love. I have found in my own anxiety, discipline keeps me grounded. Discipline makes me niche out time for myself. It also provides a sense of structure and normalcy. So even if you aren't thinking about fat-loss or getting into a bathing suit, what is forefront in your mind is health and safety.

Join me for my spring challenge where we will focus on exactly that. I will teach you how to navigate living a healthy life in these altered times. I will show you how to make healthy choices in the foods you eat with seemingly limited options. I will teach you how to get in a quick and effective workout at home with minimal equipment. I will teach you how to make yourself and priority, how to improve sleep and reduce stress, and how to navigate the confusion of vitamins and "immune products."

You will learn how to do all of this within a community of likeminded individuals, busy people of all walks of life, united by a desire to be a better version of themselves. I invite you to click the images to learn more.

The details:
*8-week online challenge running 4/13 to 6/7 through my private app (free to you-see below for a sneak peak)

*Custom macros that I’ll teach you

*App syncs directly with My Fitness Pal, so I can easily see your daily macros and food log

*8-weeks of workouts with demo videos/modifications. I write all workouts, and for this one, all can be done at home with just a set of DB or bands in under 45 minutes

*Weekly private check-ins

*Weekly group Zoom calls for education, accountability, and community

*24/7 access to me for help

*Ebook for set-up and nutrition/macro education

*Weekly winners

*$250 prize for biggest overall transformation (mind, body, spirit)

Limited to 50 participants. Registration closes 4/6 or when slots are full, whichever is first. Click on the link below for more details or to register.

Today (Sunday) is the last day to register for our 4-week Clean Living Course that begins tomorrow. This is totally online and taught through a private FB group. You’ll get a 25-page ebook with clean living information, tips, DIYs, and easy swaps for yourself, your household, and your family.

For more info:

Schedule for next week! You can get better, or you can get worse during this quarantine! I want you to tag someone in the comments that you care about enough to want them to make time for themselves to get better! Let's max this schedule out next week with a TON of Warriors! Workouts are for all ages/levels and can be modified! Join me! Copy the link and save it!


Join me tomorrow for a live workout via Zoom. 4pm EST! All you need is a set of weights or just your own body! Bring your kids! It’ll count as PE!

Here’s the link:


We know this is a difficult time right now...

Here at Warrior Fitness, we want to do our part to help you and those you love. Right now, more than ever, taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally is crucial. Let us help you do this. Let us help you pay it forward to someone you love.

Warrior Yoga is fully online for all ages and levels. The next session will start Monday, April 13th for 4 weeks. In this course, you'll receive online yoga flows, a private Facebook group, weekly check-ins for your mind-body health, an E-book, as well as instruction and help with meditation, breath-work, and setting daily intentions.

For the first 10 registrants, we are offering you the opportunity to gift the course to a friend who could also benefit from some self-care during this stressful time. Your gift can be anonymous or named. For more information on this course, click the link below.


Hi friends! With all the insanity going on, I wanted to do something to help out! So, here’s your free 4-week home workout guide!

To download:
Go to www.warriorfit1.com

Scroll down the home page, and you’ll see this as a $0.00 product. Add it to your cart and check-out. No payment info is required, but your email and contact info is.

Once complete, you’ll receive an order verification email. I have to go in and manually mark your orders as “Paid.” Once I do, you’ll get an email with the PDF link to download (expires after 72 hours). Enjoy!

I’m starting this tomorrow!!

🌱I AM SO EXCITED!!!🌱 Today opens registration for Warrior Fitness Clean Living 101 Course with Coach Rebecca McClelland🌸

In this 4-week course starting 3/25, Rebecca will take you through some basics of clean living in a first week overview. Week 2 will cover clean living around your home, week 3 is focused on cleaner health/beauty products, and week 4 will cover cleaning up your diet and nutrition.

With registration, you’ll get an incredible e-book to coincide with the course that’s full of recipes, helpful tips, references, and DIYs. You’ll also have access to a private FB group where Rebecca will educate and provide daily content, go Live weekly, as well as be surrounded by a strong community of like-minded individuals to share tips and find friendship and accountability. You’ll have a weekly check-in and coach access via text/email.

Coach Rebecca has poured 5 years of expertise in this field to create her course content, and I’m honored to have her onboard. She’s a mom and expert in reducing toxic load, but what I love most is her practicality and common sense approach in making small changes that add up to big improvements in your health and that of your family. I can promise you that you’ll learn a lot, have fun, and connect with an amazing group.

Registration closes in 2 weeks and is limited to 25 participants. You can find more information through the Warrior Fitness Website link below. This is open to everyone! All ages, levels, and backgrounds are welcome!

Monday: ATL Friends! Come join me this Saturday! Leap Day Workout! Kids and families are welcome!

Wednesday: BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!! We are growing!!! I’m so pleased to announce the addition of Rebecca McClelland to the Warrior Fitness Coaching Staff. Rebecca has been part of our Warrior family for two years now by way of my private challenges. She will be teaching a Clean Living 101 Course beginning 3/30. Registration will open soon! Please help me in welcoming and congratulating her to the team!

A bit more about Rebecca:

Rebecca has a passion for educating others on living a chemical free lifestyle & believes that living a healthy lifestyle goes beyond the physical practice. Her quest to learn more about the effects of chemicals in the home began 11 years ago when she was pregnant with her 1st daughter. For the past 5 years she has been helping others reduce the toxin load in their homes. She is a content creator for an online health & wellness community where she shares simple ways to ditch the chemicals in both the home and physical body.

Rebecca is married to her husband Galen. They live outside of Atlanta, GA with their 2 girls, 2 cats, 1 dog and a fish. They love getting outside, taking adventures and appreciate game nights at home too. In her free time, you’ll find Rebecca on her yoga mat. After falling in love with the practice, she is currently pursuing her 200-hour YTT and is excited to teach others about the connection of the mind, body & breath. She will be teaching quarterly Clean Living 101 Courses and contributing to this community and to the Warrior newsletter. You can follow her on IG @flora.pine.wellness and
Flora & Pine Wellness here on FB.

Problem: As a busy mom, I don’t have time to meal prep.

Solution: Double prep your nightly dinners.

I’m a huge advocate of taking a few hours on a Sunday as a family and prepping food. It teaches my girls about nutrition basics, gives us time to be together, and is a great way to foster independence which is HUGELY important as Hannah will leave for college in 1.5 years, and we work so hard to help Neely with life-skills. Prepping food also improves Neely’s fine-motor skills in using a knife or other utensils, helps her reading skills in following recipes, and works math and executive functioning in executing a plan properly and weighing and measuring.

Our prep is usually pretty simple. We grill chicken and burgers, brown ground beef, chicken, or turkey, get a meal in the crockpot, bake or sauté veggies, and cook up potatoes and rice. From this bulk, we get creative as a family and decide how to use this food for nightly dinners. I do the same for my other meals eaten throughout the day. What takes a few hours on a Sunday saves me 10+ hours making dinner over the course of a week.

But...there are times like last weekend that are full of swim meets and other obligations, and before I can blink, the weekend is over! Easy solution- double cook your first dinner!

Instead of browning up one pound of beef and baking golden potatoes for burger bowls, I doubled this! That way, I had food for my meals for the next day. The next night, I made a huge crockpot of buffalo chicken, tripled my rice, and baked an entire sheet pan of broccoli and another of asparagus. Do you see the compounding effect? By Wednesday, we have plenty of leftovers for one dinner, and I have plenty of food for my meals.

Not every week is perfect! Sometimes I buy a rotisserie chicken and instant rice with raw veggies. The point isn’t perfection. It’s progress! But progress towards your goals has to come with a plan to execute. So take a deep breath. Hug your babies. And spend some time now planning for next week! What’s your meal prep hack when you find yourself blinking, and it’s Sunday?

In case you missed my newsletter this week...opening up about depression and my strategies to find my way back to the light.

Not subscribed? Sign up now! You’ll get this each Wednesday!


Week 2: We are all shapes and sizes. Different ages. Different goals. Different body types. Different backgrounds. Different stories.

We are 1152 Warriors strong...400 in the Transphormation Challenge. 34 in my Warrior Group Challenge. 10 in the Warrior Yoga Basics Course. 6 in the Warrior Intentional Living and Accountability Course.

We may look different, but we all share one common goal: to be a better version of ourselves. And we do that by learning, committing, sacrificing, changing, loving, and supporting. We make ourselves a priority. We show up for ourselves every single day.

And what we have realized is that although this journey isn’t complicated, it’s hard. There are highs and lows, days of success, and days of defeat. But we don’t quit. It’s not the Warrior Way. And as we peel back the layers and understand more about ourselves, we find comfort in knowing we don’t have to go alone. No one can fight our battles for us, but we don’t stand on that battlefield alone.

We are an army of Warriors, hardened for war...strong of mind, gentle of heart, relentless in spirit.

If you need an army...
If you are ready to go to war...

Reach out. We would love to help you become a better version of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. We offer everything from the free 1stphorm Transphormation Challenges to private group challenges to yoga for the mind, body, and spirit to intentional living to help you get organized, set goals, and become a master of vision and time management. We coach men, women, and kids online and welcome all ages, goals, and backgrounds. For more info, shoot me a message♥️

As promised, here’s an example of how Neely eats and gets in about 100g of protein a day at age 13, 100 pounds.

One of the most common questions I get from my clients who are parents is how do I juggle making meals for myself and meals for my kids. This is always puzzling to me as I don’t feed them any differently from how I eat. If I’m focused on health and fueling my body with nutritious food, why would I do anything differently for them? Their bodies are more pure than ours and growing/developing at incredibly fast rates. We’ve been fooled by the food industry that our kids “need” and deserve straight junk, filled with sugar, chemicals, and preservatives. We have been made to think we are somehow “depriving” or straight abusing our kids if we deny them cookies, candy, chips, fruit snacks, or pudding. Get it straight...feeding them that crap is abusing their health. Period. This is a point I won’t budge on. I’m not judging or saying my kids don’t have that every once in a while, but it’s not the norm bc their health is my #1 priority.

So my biggest tip: Be the parent. Quit buying the crap. If they eat it, is bc you brought it into the home. So stop. Will you get initial pushback? Maybe. But if you truly value their health, you’ll deal with it. It’s worth it. I promise. Their tastebuds (and ours), regenerate every 18 days. Keep offering healthy foods. Keep making them try it. But you have to be the example and lead from the front.

Meal 1: Scrambled egg, GF oats with Opti-Kids mixed in
Meal 2: 3/4 cup pistachios
Meal 3: Lean beef spaghetti/meatballs, GF pasta, cucumbers, raspberries
Meal 4: Level-1 bar or leftover chicken and veggies if at home
Meal 5: (same as me) grass fed beef, potatoes, asparagus

I hope this has been helpful! Cut the junk, parents! Our kids are not projected to outlive us. That should terrify you. We can do better. It starts at home with food and lifestyle through example and education.

I promised to share with you guys more on my nutrition and how I approach this with my kids. Tomorrow I’ll share images of what Neely’s typical eating day looks like, but as you can guess, it’s pretty similar to mine!

We focus on eating 5-6 smaller meals a day versus meals and snacks. Protein is so important to adult and kid-bodies to both build and repair. We use protein to build muscles, bones, cartilage, and is the building block within our bodies. Protein also repairs the damage we do to our bodies through living and movement. For adults, we need protein to preserve bone density, maintain lean muscle, and keep our tendons and joints strong. Growing kiddo bodies need protein for those reasons too, but there’s an even greater focus as they hit growth spurts so rapidly.

This is a breakdown of my usual meals. I aim for 130-140g protein a day, divided over 5 meals:
1️⃣Coffee with almond milk and Level-1 protein (28g)
2️⃣Egg/whites with veggies and grass fed butter, blueberries (30g)
3️⃣Grilled chicken salad with homemade vinaigrette (30g)
4️⃣Grass fed beef, potatoes, asparagus (30g)
5️⃣Phormula-1 isolate protein with Ignition post workout (20g)

I hope this helps to see it broken down this way! Tomorrow I will show you Neely’s day of eating!

Don't need the full spectrum and coaching of the Winter Group Challenge but would love to join along with the workouts? Here you go!

For $6/week, you have full access to the Q1 Warrior Workouts! These workouts are through the Warrior Fitness app and can be completed at home or in the gym in under 45 minutes.

All workouts can be moved around to fit your schedule and include one active rest day and one full rest day per week. All exercises include demo videos and a modifications feature.

Workouts are scheduled to begin 1/20, but you will have access to these once you pay and are added in the app (within 24 hours of payment). You will have access to these workouts through 3/15/20.

NOTE: Please make sure you check out with the email you use as that will be the one you receive app download directions to. That email will be your user name for set-up and use for the app.

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