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My name is Carlo Pastena and I am the CEO of Fitness Redefined.

We improve your physical and mental fitness through our Private personal training sessions, online personal training, and small group classes!

Operating as usual


Happy Easter From Fitness Redefined to YOU ❤️

Enjoy this day with your loving family 🐰


At Fitness Redefined, We Kill Fitness Myths ❌❌❌

“Carbs are Bad” 👇🏻

- Carbohydrates provide the body with glucose which convert to energy, then used to support bodily function and physical activity.

“You will bulk up if you strength train” 👇🏻

- It could take YEARS to get an elite muscular body type. Your body will not see massive muscularity improvements in a month. Also, to look like a “body builder”, that individual will eat higher calories than the average American.

“Deadlifts are Bad for Me” 👇🏻

- Deadlifts are not bad for you. They are one of the best posterior chain and complex strength exercises you can do in the gym. However, for your body, they might not be the best for YOU. That doesn’t make them “bad.”

“Cardio will burn my muscle” 👇🏻

- Excessive cardio and a burning high amounts of calories can cause muscle loss, but this is only when cardio is performed at a high level. There are numerous benefits to occasional HIIT cardio sessions and low impact steady state cardio that will not cause muscle atrophy.

“I train high reps because I’m cutting” 👇🏻

- Changing up your rep ranges should be practiced year round. When cutting wright the exercise itself should not be one of the main variables changed. The main variable causing weight loss is a steady caloric deficit allowing weight loss at a pace of 1- 2 pounds lost per week.

Follow me to abolish these Fitness myths 🔥🔥🔥


Let’s give it up for my client, Donald for setting a new PR for Romanian Deadlifts last night 💪🏼

10 Reps at 185 pounds 🔥🔥🔥


Crazy that in October, I’ll be a CPT for EIGHT YEARS 🤯

So excited to continue to better lives each and every day


Thanks to all who made it for Fitness Redefined’s 11 AM bootcamp! 💪🏼

If you cannot make the scheduled time, class will be recorded so you can do it at your convenience 😀

Next class will be March 3 at 11 AM CST 🔥


Because of the great feedback from last Saturdays bootcamp, I will be coaching class again this Saturday at 11 AM CST 🔥

- $10 entry fee via venmo
- One set of Weights preferred (NOT REQUIRED)
- If you bring a friend who is NOT in your household, your entry is free 😃

Comment or DM me if you can attend 👊🏻


2022 was a year of patience, change, and growth 🌋

Patience in changing my business from in person to online…

Change in moving to a new state and barely knowing anybody…

Growth in being in uncomfortable situations and surprising myself that I can achieve whatever onset my mind to…

2022 is YOUR YEAR 🔥

What changes are you going to make in the coming year? 🤔


2023 Business Goals 💯

Without a business plan, most businesses fail 👎🏻

Writing out my long term goals and making them VISIBLE help me achieve them 👊🏻

✅ Launch 2 online group classes per month
✅ Partner w/ local dietitian for meal plans for clients
✅ Create 5k, half marathon, and marathon running programs
✅ Launch Podcast by summer
✅ Help 3-5 more clients reach their fitness goals

What are your goals for 2023? 🤔

Follow me if you want to be apart of a fitness business that is inclusive and all about building a healthy community 🔥



How to train with me for under $200 per month! 👊🏻

Most trainers offer really high ticket offers, which is great for those who have big goals and higher income.

I wanted to find a way to help those who need help, but can only afford $100-$200 per month on their fitness 🙏🏻

What i offer 👇🏻

✔️Unlimited workouts
✔️Calendar with exercise regimen and videos
✔️ Weekly recipes and motivational quotes
✔️ Access to sync all fitness trackers
✔️ Weekly 30 minute FaceTime with me

Take advantage of this hot offer! I’m looking for 3-5 clients in the new year who are looking to build new habits and improve themselves 💪🏼

I’m proud of myself for making this video! I really go in detail on what I offer 🔥


Give a huge shout to my client, Donald! 💪🏼

Since training with me in late July to now he has seen amazing results

☑️ Plank - 2:10 ➡️ 2:46 w/ 35 LB Plate
☑️ 1 min Squats - 34 ➡️ 47
☑️ Push - ups - 30 ➡️ 25 w/ 25 LB Plate
☑️ 10 Rep Bench Press - 115 LBS ➡️ 155 LBS
☑️ MAX Seated Dips - 22 ➡️ 35

So happy to be a part of this man’s fitness journey 🔥


Happy thanksgiving to my Fitness Redefined family! 💪🏼

This past year has been about prioritizing time, putting yourself first, and staying positive 👍🏻

Enjoy the day with your family! And eat up! 🦃


Leveling up 🙌🏻

I’m about to take virtual coaching to a whole new level! 💯

P.S. this was one of the most difficult courses I have ever taken through NASM. Thought I failed, but I passed on the first attempt which felt like a relief!


Meet Joel 💪🏼

Below are some of his improvements in just one month 👇🏼

Plank: 1:30 ➡️ 2:02
Push-ups: 21 ➡️ 31
1 Minute Squats: 38 ➡️ 58
Seated Dips: 25 ➡️ 37

Joel continues to see progress by virtually training three days per week with me. I’m so excited to be a part of this man’s fitness journey 🔥


Check out my client Inna’s progress lately 🤯

Below are some of her stats from when she started training with me, and her today 👇🏼

Push-ups: 12 ➡️ 25
Plank: 1:31 ➡️ 3:03
1 Minute Squats: 48 ➡️ 65
Banded Pull-ups: 3 ➡️ 10
Seated Dips: 20 ➡️ 31

Inna has seen this progress by training only twice per week with us 💪🏼

Happy to be a part of her fitness journey!

Photos from Fitness Redefined's post 09/03/2022

Date night with my wife in Adriatica last night ❤️

Adriatica is a 45 year old Croatian Village in the middle of McKinney. Gorgeous area with plenty of great eateries and views!

Photos from Fitness Redefined's post 08/31/2022

The difference in winning and losing is often not quitting 🔥

Half marathon complete 👊🏻

Time - 2:39
Distance - 13 miles
Pace - 12:21

Next week ➡️ 15 miles


New York Style Bagels in Frisco 🥯

Photos from Fitness Redefined's post 08/26/2022

Some of our meals from the week 😋

My 5 step process to eating healthy dinners 👇🏼

1️⃣Plan your dinners a week in advance

2️⃣Make a grocery list

3️⃣Pick up your food items

4️⃣Make a dinner menu to hold you accountable.

5️⃣ Make your dinner menu VISABLE. We place ours on the fridge.

Remember, food should also be FUN. Nobody wants to eat chicken and broccoli consistently for dinner. Look up recipes on Pinterest!

Happy Friday everyone 🙏

Photos from Fitness Redefined's post 08/23/2022


I picked up “Super Coffee” from Whole Foods Market yesterday and LOVED IT 👍🏻

Great taste, and not grainy or chalky at all.

Swipe to see the nutrition label 👉🏻



Mahi is great source of vitamin B12, B6, Potassium, and Selenium. Selenium can help control levels of inflammation in the body.

Mahi is my FAVORITE fish because of the taste and the health benefits 🐟

Recipe below 👇🏼

Photos from Fitness Redefined's post 08/18/2022


I haven’t felt this good after a long run in quite some time 🏃

I went through two electrolyte bottles and half a water bottle to prevent cramping. Then had a banana for carb intake so I could walk back to our home 😂

Who else has major running goals they want to hit? Comment below with your goal! 👇🏻



Shrimp arugula salad w/ orzo is a combination of great taste and healthy nutrients 😋

Recipe below 👇🏻



Having a dinner calendar has made a huge impact for me. It keeps me on track to get in good calories and high protein.

Try this, and see if it makes a difference in your week! 🙌🏻

Photos from Fitness Redefined's post 08/11/2022

Get 1% better every day 👊🏻

I wanted to quit so many times on this run. Whenever that thought crossed my mind, I thought about how quitting would make me feel.

Would it make me feel better? 🚫

Would I hit my goals? 🚫

Focus on your “why” and you’ll push through all the negativity in between your ears.

Who faces these challenges when exercising?



“Weight training makes me bulky.” 🚫

When lifting the ideal weight for your body, you will gain muscle mass and burn fat at rest.

“Carbs increase my weight.” 🚫

This is highly subjective. If your goal is to burn fat, you want to incorporate complex carbs (beans, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, etc.) into your eating habits as opposed to simple carbs (soda, syrup, brown sugar, etc.)

Moderation is key. Don’t overdo your training or restrict food to where it isn’t fun anymore 😟

Use these tools to help you have the body, mind, and soul that you thrive for 💪🏼💪🏼


Favorite athlete ever? Derek Jeter

Favorite team? New York Yankees ⚾️

Comment below with your favorite athlete and sports team 👇🏼


Dallas farmers market was a blast 😀

Fresh produce, amazing lunch eateries, and great vibes.

Plus, I love supporting small, local businesses. As a business owner, I know how hard it is to become profitable. Supporting them makes me feel a little better about myself 😎


Personal trainers are humans too 💯

I have days where I don’t exercise when I think I should ✔️

I have days where I don’t push myself ✔️

I have days when I sleep in ✔️

I have days where I have pizza, burgers, desserts, etc. ✔️

As I preach to my clients, training is all about creating healthy habits and continuing to make improvements.

Crash dieting is not progress. Exercising excessively when you’re sore and tired all the time is not progress.

Finding happiness in your workouts, your nutrition, and your body is progress 🙏

Yesterday I completed 60 minutes on the stairs when I did not want to. I wanted to nap. However, I reflected on that and decided a nap would make me more tired and not put me in the best mindset to continue my day. The best workouts are the ones when the expectations are low, and there’s no pressure on you 🤘

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