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As many of you know Rome Milan has ALS. He is out trying to do something a little different and that is paint. He doesn't paint with a brush he uses nothing but a knife I sent him a picture that somebody took of me in Gregory Gym workout room in 1976 for the University of Texas men's gymnastic team. Out of the picture I sent him he painted this, again using nothing but a knife.If anybody wants to support him along his challenging way, send him a picture of you doing some gymnastics and he'll put together a fabulous painting. You're a Class Act Rome Milan thanks for being my friend and teammate.Hook Em Horns!!!!
Hey guys! Good luck on the upcoming season! Thought I’d share this in case anyone was looking for a job! If you’re interested let me know and I’ll get you direct contact info.
Just do it
PARENTS OF TEENS - We are now casting Outgoing Kids & Teens 12-15yrs old for en epic adventure competition series on a Major Streaming Network! Nominate someone or please share with friends, parents, etc. Huge opportunity & incredibly rewarding experience!!!!

Hi! We are looking for gymnastics instructors for camp this summer at Camp Waldemar (www.waldemar.com) and was hoping any girls on your team might be interested! We offer three terms: Short Term (May 28-June 4), First Term (June 5-July 6) and Second Term (July 10-August 10). Please contact Katie Garza at [email protected] or apply on our website! We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!!
Really fantastic night last night you guys put on a great meet it was great to be there Hook em Horns I ran into two fellow team mates and Texas gymnastic Legends Richard Lee and Richard Hancock!!!! Great meet.
Hey everyone,

I used to be in the UT Gymnastics Club once upon a time. I have some beautiful adult size leos for sale and wanted to post to see if anyone was interested. They are all in excellent/ like new condition. They may be a little wrinkled in the pictures, but still excellent condition.

I’m sad to part with them, but we are in a new stage of life and are trying to fund our adoption.

I’m open to any price, but want at least $10/ leotard.

If you would like one, please comment which number below, and I’ll either deliver in person or send in the mail. I’d request adding $2 per Leo for shipping within the USA. You can make payment to the PayPal on AdoptSusie.com

Thank you so very much for taking a look and for your purchase if you decide to get some.

If you’d like to find out more about our adoption process, you can view our videos on our website listed above.

I’ll add the photos below in the comments.
I want to attend the competition on March 3 with my daughter. How much do tix cost and can i buy them in advance? Hook em
Are there meets that the public can come find watch? 4-year-old daughter just started gymnastics and would love to see the big girls perform


University of Texas Gymnastics Club

2016-2017 South Central Region Club of the Year
2017 NAIGC Level 8 Women's 2nd Place Team

Operating as usual


Donate to Texas Gymnastics during Hornraisers and help us get to nationals🤘🏼✨ We’re 83% of the way to our goal- link is in our bio!!


Just a quick reminder to get your donations in at the link in our bio 🧡 (or at the link above!!) Help us reach our goal of $1200 before time is up 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼


It’s time for our first “Meet the Members” post of the semester! Bella did a little bit of gymnastics in middle school, but focused more on dance growing up 💃 Her favorite event to work on is beam, and her favorite thing about TG is learning new floor skills 😎 We love having you on the team, Bella! 🤘🏼


We had our first Flips for Tips of the semester yesterday 🎉🎉
Thank you to everyone who signed up (even in the sunniest, hottest sun 🥵), and to all of the people who tipped to help us get to nationals 🤘🏼🧡


Our first social of the year at Barton Creek was a success! 🤘🏼 Shoutout to everyone who came to hang out 🧡 Can’t wait for week 2️⃣ of tryouts :)


Last but not least is our film chair, Adamari! 🧡🤘🏼 Adamari is a sophomore civil engineering major. she competed in JO gymnastics for 9 years retiring as a level 10. Adamari's favorite thing about TG are the friendships she's made and gymnastics community support!


Next up is our social chair, Oscar! Oscar is a sophomore studying mechanical engineering. He did gymnastics until fifth grade and jumped at the opportunity to start the sport up again in college. Oscar's favorite thing about TG is getting to learn new skills alongside his friends! 🧡🤘🏼


Next introducing our PR chair, Megan! 🧡🤘🏼 Megan is a junior Human Biology major. She's been doing gymnastics almost all her life, starting when she was 2 years old and continuing until her junior year of high school as a level 10. Megan's favorite part of TG is the hype and support during competitions!


This is our merch chair, Emily 🤘🏼🧡 Emily is a junior Design major. She grew up doing gymnastics competitively and has spent many years working as a gymnastics coach! Emily's favorite things about TG are the friendships and bonds she's made with the team!


Now introducing our Travel Coordinator, Kyle! Kyle is a senior Computer Science major. They briefly did gymnastics in elementary school before joining TG. Kyle's favorite part of TG is that it's a fun way to stay in shape with a great group of people who motivate you to improve yourself!


see y’all at party on the plaza on speedway from 11-4 TODAY ‼️🤘🏼


Next up in our officer introduction is our treasurer, Katie! Katie is a junior Computer Science major. She did gymnastics all the way from elementary through high school and was a level 10 gymnast her senior year. Katie's favorite thing about TG is that she has met some of her best friends through the club who all share her love for the sport! 🧡🤘🏼


On to our Men’s Captain! 🧡🤘🏼 James is a junior majoring in Business Honors. He has twelve years of competitive gymnastics experience under his belt, and decided to continue during his second semester of his freshman year. James' favorite part about TG is the people, because everyone is so supportive and they make every practice and competition so much fun.


Here’s some important information about our upcoming tryouts and meeting 🤘🏼
Next thursday (9/01)-> Tryout meeting from 3-4 or 4-5 at WCP 2.120
Tryouts start the following Tuesday (9/06) 🤸🏻‍♀️
See y’all soon 🧡🧡🧡


Next officer we’re introducing is the Women’s captain, 🧡 Sarah is a 4th year mechanical engineering student. She grew up doing gymnastics, before taking a 6 year break. Sarah loves TG because of the fun and supportive atmosphere even when competing against each other!


Happy first day of classes everyone! To kick off the school year, we’re going to be introducing our current TG Officers! First up we have our President, 👏🏼 Lily is a sophomore majoring in speech-language hearing science. She did gymnastics until she was 12 before finding a love for dance. Lily's favorite part about TG is being able to rediscover her love for the sport and how supportive the team is! 🤘🏼🧡


as summer comes to an end, here’s a little collage of what some of our team has been up to ☀️😎

Photos from Texas Gymnastics's post 06/25/2022

Happy International Handstand day! Our TG members definitely think life is better upside down 🤸🏻‍♀️🤸


As the amazing 21’-22’ season comes to an end, we’re already gearing up for next year 😎 Whether you’ve never done gymnastics before or you’ve been doing it your whole life, Texas Gymnastics is the place to be! If you’re interested in joining, fill out the google form linked in our bio, or scan the QR code! See y’all next semester 🧡🤘🏼


As the amazing 21’-22’ season comes to an end, we’re already gearing up for next year 😎 Whether you’ve never done gymnastics before or you’ve been doing it your whole life, Texas Gymnastics is the place to be! If you’re interested in joining, fill out the google form linked in our bio, or scan the QR code! See y’all next semester 🧡🤘🏼


Our team had a blast at our end of year party 🎉🥳
It was great getting to celebrate everyone’s amazing accomplishments and just hang out- We can’t wait to make more memories next semester 🤘🏼🧡

Photos from Texas Gymnastics's post 04/10/2022

That’s a wrap for 2022 nationals in Milwaukee 🎉

Congratulations to our amazing team on all of their accomplishments at what was (for most of them) their first nationals!

Some highlights:
Level 6-

Level 7-
Amanda- Bars, AA final qualifier
Ella- Bars, Beam, Floor, AA final qualifier + 🥈 floor finals champ
Marissa- Floor final qualifier + 🥈 floor finals champ
Team final qualifiers 🥳

Level 8-
Adamari- Beam finals qualifier
Katie- Floor finals qualifier + 🥉floor finals champ
Megan- Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, AA final qualifier + 🥈AA, 4th floor, 5th vault and bars finals champ

Men’s NCAA-
James- AA, Pommel Horse, Still rings, high bar, and Parallel Bars finals qualifier + 4th place Pommel Horse Finals Champ


Just 12 hours left of 🤘🧡

Donations to our club will help support taking our team to NATIONALS in future years (they’re there right now…killing it!) We appreciate all your support 🤘🤘🧡🤍

Link to donate is in our bio!


The University of Texas biannual fundraiser starts TODAY🤘! This is an awesome opportunity for alumni, supporters, friends, and family to donate to our club and help it thrive 🧡🧡

Link to donate is in our bio! Thanks y’all and hook ‘em 🤘🧡🤍


Meet our new 2022-2023 Officers! We are so excited to welcome a new crew of dedicated members to lead our team🥳🥳 We know they will do great things to grow our team and make it as strong as ever!

(Top row left to right)
Katie: Treasurer
Adamari: Film Chair
Sarah: Women’s Captain
Oscar: Social Chair
Kyle: Travel Coordinator
James: Men’s Captain

(Bottom row left to right)
Marissa: Co-president
Megan: PR Chair
Emily: Merchandise Chair
Lily: Co-president

We can’t wait to see the wonderful things y’all are going to do for us!!🤘🧡🤍🤘

Photos from Texas Gymnastics's post 04/04/2022

This is how excited we are that it’s MEET WEEK MONDAY🤩and we’re headed to our last meet of the season….NATIONALS! In WISCONSIN🥳🥳

Let’s turn up the bass and hook ‘em horns one last time in 2022 😤🤘🔊

Photos from Texas Gymnastics's post 04/04/2022

HUGE CONGRATS to all everyone who competed at state! Y’all KILLED it!🤘🧡🤍🤘

Women’s level 6
Bailey: BB 🥈

Women’s level 8
Vault: Mai 4th

Women’s level 9 🥇
Megan: VT, FX, AA🥇BB, UB🥈
Katie: UB🥇AA🥈FX, BB 5th
Cam: UB🥉
Adamari: FX 4th

Men’s level 9 🥇
Brice: PB 4th
Kyle: FX 4th SR 4th
Elias: PH 5th SR🥉VT 4th PB🥈HB 4th AA🥉

Men’s NCAA
James: PH 5th SR 5th

This week we tackle NATIONALS (!!!) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin🧀🧑‍🌾🌾


It’s that time of year again folks! 40 for 40 is a biannual fundraiser hosted by UT Austin to raise money for certain organizations, including Texas Gymnastics! The official event takes place on April 6th and 7th, but the donation link was opened EARLY this year, and students, alumni, faculty, parents, friends, and community members can donate NOW!! 🤩🤩🤘🧡

Link to donate is in our bio! Hook ‘em horns 🤘🧡🤍

Photos from Texas Gymnastics's post 03/21/2022

Here are the awards from our last meet on March 5th hosted by !! We had tons of fun and can’t wait to go to college station this weekend for our state championship!

Level 6 Women’s Team: 🥉
Lily - VT AA 5th, BB FX 4th, UB 6th
Bailey - BB 🥉
Ellie - BB 6th

Level 8 Women’s Team 🥉
Audrey - UB 5th
Amanda - AA 5th, BB 6th
Sarah - BB 🥈, AA 6th

Level 9 Women’s Team 🥇
Adamari - FX🥇VT, AA🥈UB, BB🥉
Katie - UB, AA🥇 VT🥉, BB, FX 5th
Cam - UB🥈FX, AA🥉VT, BB 4th

Level 9 Men’s Team
Brice - HB🥈PB 4th
Kyle - FX, SR 4th
Oscar - FX, PB, HB, AA🥇 SR, VT🥈 PH🥉

NCAA Men’s
James - AA 4th SR 5th PH 6th


Photos from Texas Gymnastics's post 03/09/2022

Happy International Women’s Day to all our FREAKIN AWESOME female athletes!!! Y’all inspire so many young ladies everyday with all your hard work. Shout out to y’all!! 🧡🤍🤘


Next up, a sophomore EC-6 major…Emma! She did competitive gymnastics until middle school and cheer throughout high school. She joined TG to start tumbling again since it was the perfect opportunity! Emma’s fun fact is that she owns a million house plants (an exaggeration? 🤔 we may never know.)

Photos from Texas Gymnastics's post 03/05/2022

We had a blast competing at the first annual Nik Cole Memorial Competition hosted by ! Results are as follows:

Women’s Level 9 Team: 🥇
Megan - VT, UB, AA🥇BB 5th FX 🥉
Camryn - VT 4th UB🥉AA🥈
Adamari - VT, FX🥈
Ella - UB🥈BB 4th

Women’s Level 8 Team: 🥉
Mai - VT 5th
Audrey - BB 5th
Sarah - BB 🥈

Men’s Level 9
Oscar - FX, PB, SR, HB, VT, AA 🥇 PH 5th
Elias - FX, PH 4th SR, PB, AA🥈VT, HB🥉
Kyle - FX🥉
Bryce - PB 4th HB🥈

Men’s NCAA:
James - SR 4th


Next up on our meet a member series!! Meet Ella! She’s a grad student studying mechanical engineering. She did gymnastics from when she was 2 until 18, did ballet in her undergrad years, and came back to gymnastics when she enrolled at grad school at UT! She joined TG because she loves gymnastics and this team is the best. Fun fact about Ella is that she has a fluffy puppy named Grits (& sometimes he comes to Flips for Tips 🥰🥰)

Photos from Texas Gymnastics's post 02/22/2022

Here are the awards from our home meet on February 5th! Great job to everyone that competed🏆🏆🏆

🥇Level 9 Women’s Team
🥈Level 6 Women’s Team
🥈Level 8 Women’s Team
🥇🥈🥉Men’s Individual

We’re ready to rock it at this weekend!


Next up, let’s meet Emily! She’s a design major in her sophomore year. She did gymnastics from 3-11 and did it off and on during high school. She’s done some coaching, but missed gymnastics and decided to join TG to get back into it as well as find a way of exercise that’s fun for her. A fun fact is that Emily is famous for her handstand forward rolls on beam (she makes them look so easy!!)


Next up on our Meet a Member series is Sam! She’s a junior studying psychology b.s. She joined TG to be a apart of a team and wanted to get back into tumbling, because she used to tumble for four years! A fun fact about Sam is that she is bilingual!!


Introducing…Oscar! A freshman mechanical engineering major, Oscar joined TG because he wanted to get back into it after doing competitive gymnastics way back in elementary school. He loves getting stronger and making new friends! A fun (maybe not so fun) fact about Oscar is that he almost got stuck in Guatemala when the first wave of COVID hit! Fortunately, he back it back home.

Videos (show all)

Flips for Tips is going virtual! Click on the link in our bio to donate and get your own personal flip video from TG!🤘FF...
TG Family Friday: Texas 4000
TG Family Friday: Marie Catherine and Rommy



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