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Photos from Divers Alert Network's post 07/01/2022

A good reminder


Just one of the many reason why this place is so special.

to a behind the scenes shot of the original Piranha movie from 1978, which was filmed right here at Spring Lake! Produced by Roger Corman, "Piranha" was a parody of the 1975 film "Jaws" and inspired two remakes in 1995 and 2010. Did you know the "piranha" were actually perch?


We had lots of dolphins come out and play during our morning dive. This clip is when we were approaching our safety stop.


A big win for the Sharks

Round of applause for Hawaii who leads the US in shark protections! Shark fishing is now illegal as of January 1st.

The State’s Division of Aquatic Resources has announced that shark fishing is officially banned, thanks to a bill passed on World Oceans Day 2021. Act 51 makes it illegal to contain, entangle, or kill all shark species in Hawaii’s marine waters.

In 2010, Hawaii became the first U.S. state to ban the possession, sale, trade, and distribution of shark fins led by . The new bill signed into law by will help protect all sharks from being fished and finned in state marine waters.

This law will help protect the endangerment of targeted young sharks in nurseries. The Division of Aquatic Resources Administrator, Brian Neilson, said in a statement, “Our Department is well aware of how important sharks are to maintain healthy marine ecosystems. And we recognize their importance for native Hawaiian cultural practices and beliefs.”

To help implement this new law, the DNLR may adopt specific regulations such as; “ensuring that the incidental capture and release of sharks while targeting other species is not a violation; preventing the wanton waste of sharks; and limiting gear such as gill nets, in areas identified as shark nursery habitats.”

Anyone caught breaking the law will be subject to a misdemeanour accompanied by a hefty fine. First-time offenders will face a $500 fine, second-time offenders will receive a $2,000 fine, then third and repeated offenders will receive a $10,000 penalty per offence.

# sharks # fin free # mainline


Wait for it.
Humpbacks at Roca Partida


Had a nice smooth 22 hour crossing to Revillagigedo (Socorro) and now the fun an research begins.

Timeline photos 01/22/2022

Timeline photos

Become a PADI Divemaster or Instructor!

Info session: Wednesday, February 23 - 7 pm

Hear from PADI course director Karen Erickson and other DWA pros.

We'll cover:
curriculum|schedule|time commitment|cost|opportunities and more!



I guess I’m on my protect the sharks soapbox this morning.
Warning, this video may get your blood boiling. It did me.


I see a lot of post and pictures about shark fishing for fun. I used to be one of those people back in the 70’s (Thanks Jaws).
Over the years I have learned and seen the good in Sharks. As a diver, diving with sharks is by far my favorite diving. These creatures are big but also beautiful and majestic.
I am proud to be part of the solution instead of the problem.

Why sharks? If not because we love them, and appreciate their beauty and have had the opportunity to share the ocean with them and see their true nature, we should still want to protect sharks, no matter if their thought sometimes still scares us. Sharks play an important role in the ecosystems they belong to by maintaining the health of the species in the food web. As predators, they shift their prey's spatial habitat, in turn altering the feeding strategy and diets of other species, preventing the explosion of a specific species in one area causing drastic environmental effects. Sharks are used as an indicator for ocean health; healthy sharks means healthy ecosystems and as we all depend directly and indirectly from the oceans for our well being, we need to consider sharks as part of our future health as well. This is not someone else's issues, or someone else's eating habit, this is a concern for all of us and the biggest power we have is to conduct action right where we are, without pointing fingers to far away places, but looking at what our location, our Country is doing and using our voice to push for better legislations to encompass complete protection of these creatures, voting for those people who are willing to fight the fight instead of subcombing to the call of a short sighted financial gain.
Image of Peggy and Trek with Isotta Housings Waterproof International Neptunic Scubapro

The Normalization Of Deviance Aka The "Short Cut Mentality" - 07/08/2021

The Normalization Of Deviance Aka The "Short Cut Mentality" -

Normalization of deviance. I reference the O ring incident with the space shuttle challenger all the time.
I also talk about situational awareness and how it should begin with checking gear before you ever load your car for a dive.
This is a long article but a very good read and reminder.

The Normalization Of Deviance Aka The "Short Cut Mentality" - Whether we are diving with friends, family, or others enjoying the same sport and dive site, we all want to enjoy the wonders of diving without ending up as a DAN statistic.


Coiba and Cordillera de Coiba Sylvia Earle

Great news for Panama and the surrounding countries.

How To Return To Diving Safely - Divers Alert Network 05/19/2021

How To Return To Diving Safely - Divers Alert Network

Here’s a webinar put on by DAN for those divers who have been out of the water for a while.

How To Return To Diving Safely - Divers Alert Network Return To Diving Safely Your guide to getting back in the water Live Event: Thursday, May 20, 2021 7PM ET Have you been out of the water for a while? Whether it was the pandemic, your health, or life in general that put diving on hold for you, it’s important to set yourself up for […]

DAN Diver Medical ID Tags - Divers Alert Network 05/19/2021

DAN Diver Medical ID Tags - Divers Alert Network

DAN Diver Medical ID Tags - Divers Alert Network An Extra Measure Of Safety For Dive Travel The new DAN Tag offers divers an easy way to display important information that may help medical personnel respond quicker and more effectively in the event of a dive emergency. When diving with a DAN Tag, your name, DAN ID number, date of birth, drug all.....


Happy Nurses Day to all my nurse friends.

Weight For It: Weighting and Descent Techniques for Perfect Buoyancy 03/26/2021

Weight For It: Weighting and Descent Techniques for Perfect Buoyancy

All dives start and stop with a descent and ascent.
Proper weighting is key to doing it safely.

Weight For It: Weighting and Descent Techniques for Perfect Buoyancy Descending and ascending are often overlooked as critical diving skills, usually outshone by the need for perfect trim and buoyancy once the dive is


Here’s the latest update from the Spring Lake DiveCoordinstor:

Good Afternoon,

As a partner of Spring Lake Diving, I wanted to let you know that we have just released our Dive Authorization Course (DAC) dates for April, May, and June. You can find them listed below and published on our webpage as well.

Also, beginning with these course dates, we have increased the standard fee to $285 per person.

Just a reminder, we are still operating at 50% reduced capacity and are limited to 24 diving students per day and 8 DAC participants per class until further notice. If you’d like to review our current policy, you can find it here.

Thanks for your continued support!

Friday, April 23rd
Saturday, April 24th
Sunday, April 25th

Friday, May 21st
Saturday, May 22nd
Sunday, May 23rd
Friday, May 28th

Friday, June 18th
Friday, June 25th
Saturday, June 26th
Sunday, June 27th

Submit your requested class date to: [email protected] ASAP. They won’t last long.

Timeline photos 03/11/2021

What were you doing a year ago?
For my, I was on the Bahamas Aggressor enjoy a week of diving in the Exumas.

Tank Valve Etiquette - SDI | TDI | ERDI | PFI 02/03/2021

Tank Valve Etiquette - SDI | TDI | ERDI | PFI

Two of my pet peeves.
Resides using your tank valve to dry a dust cap being annoying you most likely are blowing water right into your first stage.
As for the 1/4 turn back, I experienced a diver go into a out or air situation at 60 feet. The DM came over to the diver and opened the valve and all was good. The videographer caught the whole event. Hats off to the out of air diver and her buddy. They performed a text book air sharing maneuver.

Tank Valve Etiquette - SDI | TDI | ERDI | PFI Changing these habits now could save your reputation and even your life.


2021 Cookie Booth

Saturday is the day to get your cookies scuba style. Come on out to Dive World Austin and support Girl Scout Scuba Troop 40348.


FOX news am, cookie season 2021

All you Central Texas divers, get your cookies delivered scuba style while supporting the only Girl Scout Scuba Troop.
Dive World Austin will be hosting this unique cookie drive. Check out their page for dates and times.


Nice sites at a great price

Mammoth Lake Texas now offers 22 paved RV slots that feature full hook-ups to city water and sewer, along with providing 30 and 50 amp connections at each site! WiFi is also included in the daily price of $30.

Please use the following link to reserve your spot:


Meadows Center Researchers Study American Eels in San Marcos River

Fascinating clip on the American Eel. I have seen many eels while night diving in Spring Lake.

Timeline photos 01/09/2021

My only Sawfish encounter was while diving with Jupiter Dive Center.
Here’s a chance for your own encounter.

Did you know? The smalltooth sawfish (Pristis pectinata) is the only sawfish species found in Florida waters. They possess a characteristic long, flattened, toothed rostrum (often referred to as the "saw") and a flattened head and trunk. Why not join us for an exploration dive to Loran Towers this month - Jan 14th or 28th!


If your in the area here is the schedule for Blue Heron Bridge night dives.

As promised, here is the free Night Dive Schedule for all of 2021. Hopefully this will help as you plan your dives for the next year. Be aware that the park is open for diving sunrise to sunset only and individuals cannot dive the park at night without a permit (or risk getting a ticket). Other area dive shops also host night dives so be sure to check with yours for more information. (This jpeg image is designed to print nicely on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper)

Timeline photos 12/24/2020

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Timeline photos 12/22/2020

It’s official. Jackson received his Seal Team certification card.
Next step, Master Seal Team Member

Photos from Scott Cameron Scuba's post 11/25/2020

I’m a proud Grandpa. Jackson completed his PADI Seal Team training so we now have three generations of divers in the family.
Stay tuned for the underwater videos. Jackson was a natural.

Timeline photos 11/25/2020

Congratulations to Charlotte, Rosalie, Sherries, and Elyse for earning your Open Water Certification.
These four came all the way from Colorado to get scuba certified and I think their first dive trip is to Kona for the Manta Night Dive.
Thank you whit for acting as dive Sherpa. It was great being back in Spring Lake.


Women’s 5mm suits on CLEARANCE! Save big and extend your dive season.

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Bull Shark Release
Spring Lake at Night





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