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Photo- Gothic Styled Shoot
Venue: Darlington Chapel at Redlands
Photographer: Wanderlust Exposures by Sarah Vorva
Videographer: Amanda Sanchez with ReClick Creatives
Models: Harlea Michelle and KFIT
Hair and Makeup: MarloHaus Makeup and Hair Artists of Oklahoma
Stationary: Wild Rose Creative
Decor, Styling and Coordination: Mastered Moments by Maliah






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Miss Austin, Texas for America 2022

Operating as usual


My heart is shattered.

Thank you, Cheslie.
I’m sorry, Cheslie.


I’ve wandered around the world for the last year to find something that was always inside of me.

Thank you inner child healing, therapy, CBD, family, friends, God, Mother Earth, Morgan (Miss Oklahoma 2021) and all of you, Tracy and Mike Crist, and my team, for holding space for me to heal.

I am grateul for second and third chances.

Photographer:the magical .photos
Model: The queen herself

Thank you, Oklahoma, for allowing me to shine as your Miss Oklahoma for America 2020!

Please help me welcome Miss Austin, Texas for America 2022.

Miss for America, ℎ𝑒𝑟𝑒 𝑤𝑒 𝑐𝑜𝑚𝑒 👑🦋🤍😍


I started my business, KFIT at 19 years old and it was the most incredible idea I’ve ever had.

It stemmed from a place of frustration because I was tired of corporate gyms who tried to control my craft without adequate pay.

So I became a contract worker and did the dang thing, with myself, for myself. I started small but with support of my family and clients, KFIT grew.

I never thought I was going to run my own business tbh… I first enrolled into my as a criminal justice major with a love for soccer and performing arts.

I ended up having to quit performing arts for soccer and I was convinced to switch my degree to Business Marketing.

*As far as the name “KFIT”
Someone told me I should think of a logo. “Keep it short & make it look good on a shirt”
“It it’s burning, it’s working” came along as my which stemmed from my high school soccer coach always yelling “if you’re walking, you’re wrong”

That’s how “KFIT” was born.

Enjoy a favorite video of mine and have fun with the workout 🔥

I’m thankful to feel re ignited for past passions even if only for an hour or two.

Excited to see what’s in store for KFIT. 🌏🌟


Now that I’ve been able to embrace my past and live in the present.. my questions have shifted from

Who am I?
Where do I come from?

I’ve been on a mission to research my ancestors and where I come from.

The more I’ve dug, the more I’ve seen things that tear my heart.

Whose speaking for the little brown girls?
Whose speaking for brown Latina women?
Whose showing up for them?
Whose changing the course of their generations if WE were not taught this as kids?
Whose talking about mental health in the Latin community?
Whose saying ITS OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY in Hispanic neighborhoods?
Whose telling men it’s okay to feel and to cry?
Whose telling women it’s okay to not serve your husband/family every waking moment and it’s okay to NOT GET MARRIED.
Whose telling people that It’s okay to leave the Catholic Church! Figure yourself out and then decide!
Whose shouting from the rooftops that EATING HEALTHY IS IMPORTANT
Whose walking in our Latin neighborhoods with HOPE?

If not me, then who?
If not you, then who?

These are questions that dance in my head and heart and I don’t know what to do but put myself in a position to learn and experience life to truly understand my heritage.

I now know what I know and I feel a strong conviction to speak up. To gather. To awaken. To heal. To help. To love. To travel. To experience.

Life is so beautiful.
Culture is so beautiful.
Getting to know ourselves is so beautiful.

I am a proud Latina woman who is changing the world, one moment, one experience, one heart, at a time.

Whose with me?

You can spark change on any level. Big or small. Loud or quiet. On insta and off insta. One action- one trip- one decision- one meditation-
can change your life forever.

Do one thing to the best of your ability and then do the same-the next day and the next.

Go be great.
I believe in you.


I blew the lid off of my limiting beliefs. I am breaking traditions & embracing a modern day

We were created to create.
We exist to LIVE.
We are here to connect.
We are beings with DEPTH.
We all have God given gifts.
We thrive as conscious individuals in communities-surrounded by loved ones! Each with different gifts 🌈

I can do anything and everything I want and work for. So can you.
If we can work in UNISON- we can make waves of change. 🌊 This is why I travel to

Sure, people are going be so confused.
“Wait, what?”
“You don’t live anywhere?”
“Are you lonely?”
“That’s different”
“She’s different”

Hell yeah, I’m different.
I’m hungry TO LIVE out my soul purpose. I’m excited to be free and CHANGE THE WORLD. I’m so curious at what God has in store for me/us.

Break the traditions.
We are more than target shopping trips and 9-5 jobs.

All I am doing different is owning my gifts and directing my energy to specific dreams of mine.
The money I used to spend at the mall is now being spent on travel.

I am living an UNtraditional life which is confusing to most. I can’t explain it other than.. I have faith that God will point me in the right direction and whatever is for me will align. 🤷🏽‍♀️🦋 🎡

I’ve learned that everyone walks their own journey at their OWN pace and it’s not on any1 else to understand them.. but simply hold space for them. That is unconditional love, compassion, and empathy.

Society will perceive you as too big or too small. Too loud or too quiet. Too this or that. Too real or too fake. So DROWN THE NOISE AND DO YOU.

God made me MIGHTY and mighty I shall be 🔥

🦋I’m on a mission to open people’s hearts and help them see what I see.
🦋I’m on a mission to utilize my gifts as far as the eye can see.
🦋I’m embracing the PRESENT moment and listening to my intuition.

Without comparing ourselves, we can work together to set waves of people free from their own demons. Your gifts and my gifts can create magic and we can all change the word together.


Thank you for an incredible stay while in OKC!

I was able to create and flow so effortlessly. 🦋

My morning walks consisted of trips to and meditation underneath the Oklahoma Sun!

I can’t wait to come back and flow again 🦋


In order for me to authentically walk in my highest self.. I had to strip everything that kept me from my true form and create space for abundance 🦋☀️

Whether subconscious or conscious, I’ve allowed my ego to attach to my identity

I cannot stop the cycle of life.
So, I’ve embraced it.

My mission is so vast, so big, so mighty, that I had to overcome the challenge and limiting belief of holding on to my image.

Now that I’ve stripped that ego and negative self image.. I’ve created space for abundance!
Because I’ve created space to stand firm in who I am- at my core and I’ve updated my internal hard drive.

When and if I choose to put extensions in or eyelashes or lip filler or a brand on my body, ect ect..
I will do it without attaching my worth to it.
I will do it because it’s fun or brings me joy.
I will do because I want to.
I will do it just because.

Freedom of ones self.
That’s it for me ☀️

Go be free.
I see you and you are so worthy.

🦋I believe in you.


Thank you for helping me and listening to my heart 💇🏽‍♀️ 💛🦋



Goodbye limiting beliefs
Goodbye ego
Goodbye self doubt
Goodbye self hatred
Goodbye imposter
Goodbye social anxiety
Goodbye fear
Goodbye ppl pleaser
Goodbye victim
Goodbye low frequency
Goodbye processed/GMO foods
Goodbye traditions
Goodbye labels
Goodbye past mistakes
Goodbye shame
Goodbye heartbreak
Goodbye trauma
Goodbye chains
Goodbye demons
Goodbye self harm
Goodbye suicide
Goodbye trauma bonds
Goodbye hostility
Goodbye abusers
Goodbye attackers
Goodbye nightmares

I honor you.
I release you.

Hello you beautiful human.
You are breathe taking.

Daily Mantras:
I am love.
I am brave.
I am present.
I am divine.
I am whole.


Reflecting on the two months of solitude I recently experienced

The amount of work my mind, body, soul endured was almost unbelievable.

I experienced loniless and heartache that was so intense I truly thought I would die from heartbreak.

Earning my life back and fighting for an intentional place in this world came with hardships… but I’ll do it again and again and again so that each lesson can be felt and learned from.
Not for me, but for my family and their family and their family.

Daily Mantras
🦋I invite ease and joy
🦋I forgive myself and I release all the things that don’t serve me now
🦋Be present Be now
🦋My energy is infinite
🦋My success is inevitable

Thank you for reading and stepping into my creative space. I appreciate you 🦋

My life is earned. Not given.

Go be great.
I believe in you🦋

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