Fitness with me Danny B

Fitness with me Danny B

Hey subscribers, my name is Daniel Baxter. I am a big fitness, soccer and sports guys. I have always I have been on many adult national championship teams.

I played at Calvert Hall College High School during 2007-2010. I continued playing soccer at CCBC Essex (2010,2011), which led me to transferring to York College of Pennsylvania. I played at York College in 2012 and 2013 where we won back to back Conference championships and had a sweet 16 and a round of 32 appearance in the NCAA tournament. Maryland Bays 2014 National Champion of Werner Fricker O

Operating as usual


You will always be critiqued on what you do and dont do. I finally hit that 100lb dumbbell club. But always push yourself to the limit. Lift heavy (appropriately) with good recovery in between sets to help burn fat and get ready for beach season! Follow me on tiktok (baxtah5). If you know anyone who wants to start their fitness journey. Please tell them to message me and we can start wherever they need. Promote positive vibes and good health.


Hey guys it’s the perfect time to get started with training your summer bod! Let me know if you need any help with flexibility, weightlifting, running, high intense 15-30 minutes movement or just training for a specific sport. I have a very open schedule and would love to help with your fitness goals. Don’t be shy and let’s start now instead of waiting!Follow me on tiktok (Baxtah5) as I am starting to post more of my fitness stuff on there!


I hope everyone had a great week. Did you find out what your next goal is or did you start a new plan/diet? If so keep going and crushing it! If not start now don’t wait for the right time, there is never a right time. If you need any guidance don’t be afraid to ask.


Tomorrow I will start doing fitness, agility, speed training every Monday Tuesday and/or Wednesday this month in between the hours of 5-8pm message me if interested or need details! Any other times during those days can work. I will just need you to message me in advance and we will see what we can do! I would love to teach and train some people!


It has been a long time coming but I finally reached a goal of mine. I focused at least two days a week for the last two months on being able to improve my bench press, while doing at least one day for each other muscle group for maintenance. Today I attempted to set a new PR and I hit it! Weighing in around 138lbs I hit a new max of 225lbs. Don’t ever quit! Set a goal and go after it, no matter what it is or what it takes! I’m here for any support or hype you need to get you where you want and need to be!


Here are some plyomteric exercises for your chest (1st position),
lats (2nd position) and
obliques (3rd/4th position) for some explosive strength! Switch up your training and add some of these into it! Try 3-4 sets of 10-20 reps! Ease into this and squeeze the muscles for each exercise. Keep your core tight and don’t forget to breathe!


Here is a speed drill with the parachute. With a jog and walk.
5-10 reps.


This is a great plyometric exercise for athletes! Here is a way to provide top speed, great for fast hip flexion, and your vertical jump.


Hey everyone, it’s summer time let’s get to work. I am looking to train people in whatever they need weightlifting, endurance training, getting faster, soccer specific or anything else you want to ask me about I will accommodate. The days that I am most available are Monday Tuesday and Wednesdays all day long. I might be able to help out on some other days just message me! If you know anyone that wants to get to work or needs help reaching a goal, I am your guy! This is for all ages. This has been a passion of mine and I want to help you. Please reach out to friends and family and message me for details on how you want to get started!


My goal has been to join the 225lb club with the flat bench barbell press for a while now but knew it wasn’t going to be easy while only weighing 140lbs. I’m so close and I’m going to keep pushing! Here is a little clip of heavy weight for the
4-6 rep range with 95lbs! This flat bench dumbbell press is great for unilateral stability and potentially more range of motion. Set your mind on one goal and focus on that for months at a time until you get it. Trying to set too many goals at once could inhibit you from reaching a goal and set you back! You got this and let me know what your goal is!


Hey all, we had a great vacay and now back at it with the grind! It’s okay to take a week or two off every few months. It’s great to reset the nervous system after the abundance of a strength program and get some good sleep and do some mediation. Also, it’s great for you physically because it gives you time to rest your muscles, recover and give any nagging injuries a little break. In fact, taking that time off could give you more motivation to get back into the gym! So what’s your focus this month? This year? Let’s get closer to those goals!


Hey all, it’s a new month so a new chapter! I think we all should focus on one or two things and stick to it for the rest of the month and see if it makes you feel better, look better or gives you more peace of mind. I have some examples for us all if you don’t know where to start.

1) set a goal of a weight you want to do in a certain exercise and prioritize that muscle group twice a week instead of once a week for a month while making sure you sustain the other muscles once a week.

2) say no to a piece of food/drink that you love but you say “I can’t live without that” do it for a month. Test your will power and limits.

3) start stretching more on something that you have been super unflexible with for years and stick to it.

4) limit outside distractions and focus on you and even a dream that you have. Put aside a few minutes a day to figure out what you need to make it possible.

5) run a mile a day no matter the weather, the time or other craziness going on in your life and test yourself on doing something outside your comfort zone without pushing it off to the next day.

Check back in in a month and let me know how you did! YOU got this!


Crucifix curls are an exercise that you should incorporate into your workout. You can do that one at a time or together if you have enough room for full range of motion. They are another exercise for your biceps but they help with shoulder stability and make you keep your core tight.

1) keep your arm straight to the side and dont move your elbow
2) only your forearm should be moving (eccentric and concentric)
3) keep your body straight and imagine there is a wall in front of you and don’t allow your body to move
4) maintain good posture and keep your core tight


T bar rows work your upper back and latissimus dorsi. On this machine there are two grips. The first grip I use in the video is a straight grip which will involve more of your upper back muscles (rhomboids,trapezius, and deltoids) while hitting your lats. The angled 45 degree grip will put more emphasis on the lats while hitting your upper back muscles.

If you are not feeling the muscles being worked.
1) squeeze at the top of the movement and pinch your shoulder blades
2) allow the weight to go all the way down and overstretch your muscles


Hammer curls are a great exercise to incorportare into your bicep workouts. Hammer curls target the long head of your bicep and the upper forearm. If you see here after some reps I will use my other hand to help bring the weight up. Then I will slowly control the weight down as a negative rep to break down more muscle for growth.


Happy Monday morning yall, I did a triathlon a few weeks ago it took a lot of training and practice with Anthony LaDana. I’m glad I was able to be a part of a great experience! It was definitely something new for me and I loved the competitiveness in it. No matter how big or small of a goal you have been afraid to start or just started you got it! Get your friends or family involved so you can have another form of motivation besides yourself. You got this! Have a great day and week guys!


Hey friends today is the day to get your fitness journey started. A little update from me, I have been training for a sprint triathlon since the end of June. Not knowing how to swim (properly) for a race has been a challenge but thanks to Anthony LaDana I have been getting on the right track. Can’t wait for September 26th. No matter what the challenge, obstacle or activity get something in each day and you’ll be better tomorrow!


Hey guys I have been working on this exercise for a few months. I started out with the kneeling roll out and have done a bunch of different ab exercises to strengthen my core to get this point. Stay dedicated to the routine or something you want to achieve and you will surprise yourself on what YOU can do!


This is an ankle and leg strengthening/mobility/coordination exercise that I try to incorporate into my workouts. These workouts allow me to have some fun, while gaining benefits and testing our limits. If you can’t do this, start out by doing this standing on the floor and work your way up to standing on the bosu ball. You got this!


Flat bench press superset with dumbbell flyes. At the top of the dumbbell fly movement really squeeze your pecs hard and at the bottom of the movement allow your pecs to stretch to your range of motion. This exercise really allows you to feel your pectoral muscles working.


Incline dumbbell press superset with clap push-ups for the explosive strength.

Photos from Fitness with me Danny B's post 03/04/2021

Hey guys, I just finished the “whole 30” program. Yes, you’re going to ask, “why did you do it?” The reason being is that I have never done a program like this before. I wanted to see what it was all about and how I could promote this program to others. This may not be for everyone because not everyone has the time and the commitment to just do it. This program is not targeted strictly for weight loss, but 80% or more of participants normally lose weight by the end. They tell you not to weigh yourself because that will discourage you from continuing the program and quitting. To be completely honest, it was a tough program, but a great learning experience. This program involves eliminating all soy, dairy, grains, alcohol, legumes, and added sugars from your diet for 30 days straight with no cheat meals. This program involves eating anti-inflammatory food which leads to a hard reset of the body. When the 30 days are up, different food groups can slowly be added back into your diet, and you’ll personally be able to see how they affect you physically and mentally. This is a very particular program because each ingredient on every single food item needs to be looked at, and if it’s not compliant to the whole 30 ingredient list, you can’t have it, unfortunately. However, there are things that I really enjoyed about the program. I was able eat as much as I wanted, as there was no calorie restriction or counting of macros. As far as what I ate during the program, it was a long list, but narrowing it down, I would say all meats, lots of eggs, 1-2 pieces of fruits a day , veggies , cashews, pistachios, almond butter, water, and potatoes. This program helped me with self control, controlling my cravings, boosted my energy levels, controlled my sinus congestion to a bare minimum, better sleep as in sleeping throughout the night/day without waking up, since I work nights and days. The first 14-21 days, I found myself going to the bathroom constantly; my digestion was messed up to say the least. I experienced bloating the first week due to my body adjusting to all the new foods that I never ate on a daily basis. Before the program, I would get random headaches every few weeks, which would last for hours. My eyes would get real dry about once a week. Not once did I have a headache or dry eyes during the program. I drank at least 100oz of water a day to keep my body properly hydrated, while the foods (fruits and veggies) provided me with more hydration. In addition to the program, I incorporated my daily workouts. The first 5 minutes of the work out is always the toughest, but once you get through those first few minutes, the rest of the workout is a piece of cake! I ended up running at least 5 times a week, between 1-3 miles a day. I would also do a 45 minute to an hour and 15 minute workout about 4 times a week with a mix of high intensity interval training, strength training, stretching, and conditioning training with jump rope and boxing. Like I said from the beginning, this is not meant to be a weight loss program, although I did weigh myself at the beginning and at the end because I knew I would stick this program until the end. I ended up losing 4lbs overall. To you, that might not mean a lot, but the way your body handles that loss of 4lbs and how the rest of the weight gets distributed throughout your body tells a different story.
So, the first 4 pictures are from the beginning of the program (two are relaxed and two are flexed)
The second 4 pictures are from the end of the program (two are relaxed and two are flexed). All in all, this program worked for me, and it made me respect food more than I would have ever thought I would. I highly recommend this program to those who wish to see positive changes in their body but don’t know where to start. As mentioned before, this program does take dedication and commitment; there is no room for cheat meals. If you have any questions or wanna start this program I can help you with some recipes I did and some go to meals that always hit the spot. (Now time for my cheeseburger)


Hey all, there are plenty of ways to workout and reach your goals! If you want to workout through zoom, FaceTime or meet one on one in person. I’ll help you along the way. Message me if interested.

Available training areas

1) HIIT workouts
2) Weightlifting
3) Soccer for you or your young ones
4) Improve running, agility, sprinting and balance

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You will always be critiqued on what you do and dont do. I finally hit that 100lb dumbbell club. But always push yoursel...
It has been a long time coming but I finally reached a goal of mine. I focused at least two days a week for the last two...
Here are some plyomteric exercises for your chest (1st position), lats (2nd position) and obliques (3rd/4th position) fo...
This is a great plyometric exercise for athletes! Here is a way to provide top speed, great for fast hip flexion, and yo...
Here is a speed drill with the parachute. With a jog and walk. 5-10 reps.
My goal has been to join the 225lb club with the flat bench barbell press for a while now but knew it wasn’t going to be...




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