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⭐️ What are the Akashic Records? ⭐️
⏰ What lessons are YOU trying to master? ⏰

❤️ I LOVE the Akashic Records. They are SO profoundly 🧚‍♂️ Magical & offer an abundance of insight and guidance. The Akashic or soul records are a library of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions and intent from all of our combined lifetimes since our original existence. Over many lifetimes we choose to learn certain lessons for the purpose of soul growth. Think of it like higher education, we as souls continue to evolve and grow, choosing certain life paths and lessons because they are things we have yet to master. Once the lesson is chosen the Universe continues to spin people, places and things in our reality in order to work through the chosen lessons (pretty cool stuff!) And this process will continue to happen until the lessons are worked through, understood and completed. It could take one lifetime or a thousand, but it keeps replaying until it is mastered. 🌎

Some of the lessons we are working through are heavy and can be VERY challenging. The more evolved the soul, the harder path because they have already navigated through and mastered so much already 💪. We as souls are constantly trying to “level up”, just like in a video game because we are ready for our next stage of personal evolution and thats why we come to Earth 🌎. The Earth plane is very dense and is considered to be the hardest place to master lessons and energy. This is one of the reasons healing takes time, happens in pieces and takes a lot of effort here because many times it's like trying to overcome gravity that is constantly trying to push us down.⬇️⬇️

✅ The amazing news is we are all powerful AF 🔥 and all have the capacity to shift out of the suffering and shift into the Joy that life has to offer. When we choose to face our past, acknowledge our pain and release it completely (this doesn't happen overnight) we step FULLY into the truest and highest versions of us🧘‍♀️.

When we are in a space to begin to heal from our past and release our pain & fears amazing things begin to happen! In our healing work it creates empty space that is filled with NEW magical energy and MANY energetic upgrades. This process of releasing and upgrading enables us to break through our limited beliefs about ourselves and vibrate HIGHER. This shift allows us to begin to step fully into a reality where we can exist outside the chaos and personal suffering and LEARN the lessons‼️🎤

I am ready to embrace the awesome that is me, heal the past, learn the lessons and break through limiting beliefs, are you❓

It is OUR time to SHINE!🌟 💪🔥


🧚 Nicole Ebling-Tomcho

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⭐ Life challenges are really freaking hard at times! Sometimes the heavy gets so heavy we just wish for peace and contentment in our lives. Even though it is hard we learn a wealth of wisdom and knowledge from navigating our struggles.

We go to school to learn and human existence is no different, we come to Earth to learn how to navigate the struggle and vibrate higher. Life will never be "easy" but as you weather each storm with your head held high and with more conviction each time you become a master of your own reality. Allow your soul to evolve and grow, weathering life storms with the confidence of a 2 year old in a batman custom because we all have sooo got this!!!


Communication is an essential piece to any relationship and without it miscommunications and confusions arise and create conflict.

Any relationship takes effort and consistency but in order to have our needs met we NEED to communicate them. If you feel called to do so, take time this weekend and reflect on what is working and not working in your relationships. Reflect on how you could be clearer with expressing your needs, while remaining open to receiving the needs of others. Create an open dialogue, compromise and establish BOUNDARIES and begin to communicate with clarity instead of confusion.

Have a great weekend everyone! 😘


Nicole Ebling Tomcho


The goals and dreams you hold deep in your heart can be intimating when contemplating, “How am I going to do this?”

We get lost in all the steps and possible down falls that we literally talk ourselves out of our dreams before they even begin. Dreaming BIG can be intimating especially when you are operating from a place of thinking “I’m not good enough.” But, you ARE good enough just by being YOU!

Our dreams and aspirations didn’t find us by coincidence they are a part of us because they are connected to soul's purpose and mission. We are meant to connect with the things that make us the happiest, the things that fill our cups and light our souls on fire with excitement!!

Our aspirations and dreams can be accomplished just by simply trusting yourself, taking simple actions forward and practicing mindset techniques. If this is you, create a plan and take small consistent steps forward, trusting that you can do anything you put your mind to doing because you CAN.

You can truly accomplish anything you put your heart into, you just have to believe in YOU and know in your heart that anything you can dream is POSSIBLE to create!!!


Nicole Ebling Tomcho


The Universe is always conspiring to help you shift to bigger and better but for this process to take place we must first release the things that no longer serve our highest and greatest good.

As magical as this process is it can also be challenging if you are really stuck in a situation, behavioral pattern or mindset that you just cannot seem to break free from. For myself I continue to have situations and people testing me to stand up for my wants and needs. As a healer may times, I can get stuck doing what best for others and sacrificing my own wants and needs. This creates feelings of misalignments within me as well as internal frustrations. It is hard when you have spent most of your life “acting” one way, even if it didn’t make you feel good. Change is hard AF but nothing is worse than the pain and struggle we experience doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Right?

What is it that keeps bubbling up to the surface for you? What repeating emotional patterns, pains and lessons continue to enter your reality? Our spirit teams, The Universe, our Higher Selves and God are always trying to help us to acknowledge our restrictions and fears so we can release them. In order to vibrate higher and raise your awareness you must face your demons head on and when you feel ready work to release those burdens and pains.

Take a deep dive within and see what is ready to be acknowledged and released. Healing can be challenging but you can do it! It is your time to shine!


✨The answers to your questions lie within✨

No one can tell you what decisions to make in your life or what roads to take. Your answers must come from within because this is YOUR journey not someone else’s. Your internal guidance will always guide you to your solutions you just have to ask, listen, and trust.

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Is there something in your life that is falling away that you are still hanging on to?

Or is there a situation or person you just cannot seem to let go of?

Maybe it’s old outdated behavioral patterns that you just cannot release. Whatever you are currently struggling with the bat spirit animal is here to help you move forward, closing doors & opening new ones.

When things in our lives happen, especially when they happen abruptly it can feel like our World is collapsing. We feel lost, confused, overwhelmed, & just stuck in the s**t.

This spirit animal is here to tell you to try seeing thing from another angel. Sometime when we are deep in the chaos, we cannot see the bigger picture and master plan at work behind the scenes. The things that fall away from us, were always meant to fall and us holding onto them only makes our pain and struggle harder and longer. Allow what is ready to fall away go because there are brighter days ahead and so much more to look forward to.

Try and adjust your energy to the changes in front of you and adapt to the present with acceptance and trust. Whatever doors close or people fall away in our lives, it is part of your master plan. Brighter more magical days are ahead my friends.

You can do this.

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So many times, we end up burning the candle at both ends and not taking time to rest, reset and recharge.

A day off is not a day off if you are cleaning up or running errands.

We work hard and need to support ourselves, that way we can be happier people in our lives.

Today do something wonderful for yourself.

Go out to lunch with a friend, read a book, get a massage etc.

Do something that makes you feel full because to maintain balance we must support ourselves and our needs too!

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Are you having trouble expressing your feelings? Is it challenging for you to be 100% authentic with those around you?

It is a such a challenge for so many of us to stand in our truth ALL the time and be freely expressive with our thoughts and feelings. It is not always easy being 100% authentic, but it is so important to set small goals for standing stronger in your truths and self-expression. When we deny our inner being, we disconnect from ourselves, and our needs.

Doing things to support this growth will help make the transition into your full authenticity smoother and less overwhelming, Try writing down your feelings by journaling or writing a letter to someone. This allows introspection time to gather your thoughts and feelings and clearly express them. The trick is to start small and build your confidence while doing activities like self-affirmations to build your self-confidence.

Do yourself a big favor and start having those conversations and begin unraveling your truths and express them to the people around you. When we learn how to respect ourselves and begin expressing our thoughts, feelings and needs a much bigger world of possibilities and freedom opens to us!


Communicating boundaries are a MUST!🔥

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The horse is a powerful spirit animal and represents achievements and willpower.

Have you been questioning whether you have the power to forge ahead towards bigger and better things and accomplishing your goals.

The energy of the horse is about forward momentum, passion, and strength. If you have been worrying on whether you have the wherewithal and stamina to progress forward with your wants and desires the answer is YES!!

You have such profound inner strength and willpower and have all the energy and resources you will ever need to see your dreams come true.

Trust yourself and the powerful energy you have inside because this spirit animal is here to tell you can accomplish anything.

Remove those chains and shackles and feel the energy of freedom and wind in your hair as horse spirit carries you forward with powerful momentum.

Timeline photos 09/16/2021

The energy of today suggests that there are adjacent possibilities in your reality.

Choose a path.

Hanging in the in-between of uncertainty will most certainly cause much unneeded mental chaos. It is time to release our indecision and step onto the path and into the fires of change and transformation.

Is there a situation you have been avoiding, a decision you have been putting off or a new path that you are uncertain if you want to take?

The message is to act.

Focus your beautiful energy forward with confidence and know and trust your next moves with faith.

You got this!



So many of us waste our precious time and energy everyday over explaining ourselves to various people in our lives. Why?

Because we feel the need to be heard and understood by others. When seeking this approval from others we are wasting so much of our energy trying to explain things that don’t need much explaining and overwhelming ourselves and others in the process.

The boss doesn’t need a 2-paragraph statement describing exactly why you are sick and cannot come into work. “I’m sick with XYZ and will not be able to make it into work today” is a complete statement.

“NO” is a complete statement.

My beautiful friends stop giving your power away to people by over explaining.

Come join my co-host Szebastian Onne G. S. and myself, today at 6 PM EST on YouTube - info below.

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Appreciate the little things in life.
What are you grateful for today?

Timeline photos 09/14/2021

Stop using the power of the mind to manifest negativity into your reality and start using its power to create AMAZING in your life!

The mind is a powerful tool and alley but when we don’t fully understand how to use it like anything else in life the consequences can be disastrous. You have heard the term we are what we eat, well we also become what we think. If a mind is constantly thinking negative thoughts and finding faults with everything, that becomes our reality. There could be wonderful, beautiful, and magical things happening, but a troubled mind will not see the Joy and learning in the everyday life only the chaos.

I have been stuck in this pattern before and was known as a “Negative Nancy” and I was. I look back at that version of myself and I feel for her because she kept herself in so much unneeded mental chaos. As we heal and learn to release these negative thought forms, we begin to see clearer and feel better. We don’t feel like the world is against us and we stop manifesting so much chaos into our reality because the b***y traps have been cleared from our minds.

We have unlimited power in our minds so start using your power for good and begin creating a beautiful and magical masterpiece in your life!

Timeline photos 09/13/2021

What things are keeping you in a loop mental chaos? For myself it is the need to control every aspect of my life out of fear. PTSD is a real thing and after losing (for a period) everything in my life that mattered to me, I ended up adopting a VERY unproductive conditioned trauma response. The need to control EVERYTHING for fear of losing EVERYTHING! This thought & behavioral pattern has kept me in a chaos loop preventing me from fully connecting to that inner flow and serenity.

In releasing control, we open ourselves up to more. More help, flow, calm, ideas, serenity, and INNER PEACE! When we release control, we allow for flow and flow allows for so much MORE! Trust the process. Trust your path. Release control because we are always safe, always provided for and always have more than we need.

Timeline photos 09/11/2021

Beaver energy is about putting in the hard work now to achieve long-term goals. It harnesses the grounding power of the earth allowing focused, steady, and consistent efforts to move you forward towards accomplishing your goals.

Beaver energy is also bout uniting family, coworkers, and our community. This energy also symbolizes collaboration! So, get busy on your goals, work with others (or allow support) and stop procrastinating and put this energy to good use!

Video Conferencing, Cloud Phone, Webinars, Chat, Virtual Events | Zoom 08/13/2021

✨ Has Chaos been manifesting in your reality? There is so much beauty in chaos and change. Change is not something we as humans are super comfortable with, some of us resisting change more than others because the unknown can be a scary and overwhelming.

When we learn to recognize and see the chaos and surrender with trust and complete faith, we choose growth and personal peace in our lives. Is this energy always comfortable? Hell no. But, as you learn to navigate change and chaos and operate in surrender you begin to feel more personal Joy and less fear and overwhelm. Trust the process and understand that you are always safe, protected and being divinely guided 🌈. Passcode: 4zeSVmT

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Addiction causes so much pain, but ignorance is toxic and kills.

Every time I hear someone say, addiction is a choice, the advocate in me burns with fire. It burns because this ignorance is one of the reasons why so many people do not survive active addiction. Addiction is not a choice it is a trauma response. When we have unprocessed trauma and pain, that trauma and pain will begin to control our lives and manifest as mental health issues which many times leads to addiction.



A quick dive into Personal Energy Field and Energy Protection, with the Inner Peace Shifter, Nicole E. Tomcho


Do you get angry?
Is it bad to be angry?
Who is in control - anger or you?

JUST 10 MINUTES with Szebastian and Nicole!

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What does leadership mean to you?

To me leadership is much more than teaching and coaching others with words. Its living your teachings by example. It is living with authenticity and integrity while practicing what you are preaching. If it’s a teamwork culture you are trying to achieve, be a part of the team, work together and work hard, always while acknowledging the efforts of others.

When I took on a new role many years ago as Clinical Nurse Manager, I wanted to create a culture of teamwork. I achieved this by being part of the team and working in unity with my teammates, keeping the mindset of teamwork makes the dream work. We created a culture of unified efforts and support which has continued since I have left.

When we are living our words authentically in our life, it gains the trust and respect of others. Let the life that you lead inspire others to live authentically and become active leaders in their own lives too. When we lead with our hearts and our example we help to teach and grow others into their own unlimited potential.

Timeline photos 07/11/2021

In the upcoming episode of i-Self SCAN Show, Szebastian Onne G. S. and I, dive deep into the life WITH and BEYOND addiction, resulting trauma, recovery, stigma and misconceptions and why a dialogue is very important!

(Link below)

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