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New Equipment in The Yard!

We have two new @torquefitnessusa Tank Sleds in our Yard and wanted to share with you how they are different from the sleds you might be used to. Our Fitness Director for our Padonia location, Cameron Jackson, gives an overview on using them as well as shows some of the ways you can use the attachments.

Visit The Yard and try them out, if you have questions, grab one of our trainers. We’re here to help!

Torque Tanks can:

- be pushed or pulled without changing direction
- increase resistance without adding plates (though you can if you want to) the faster you go, the more resistance you get
- be used with multiple attachments to personalize your work out

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New Equipment in The Yard!⠀We have two new @torquefitnessusa Tank Sleds in our Yard and wanted to share with you how the...

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