Mobtown Ballroom

Mobtown Ballroom


What can you do with a humanities degree? We've asked graduates from across the Humanities Division to write about what their current jobs are like, and how their educations helped prepare them for the challenges and responsibilities of their current work.

Right now, we're spotlighting Michael Seguin, who was recently a panelist on our Alumnx Career Panel! Here, he discusses how his humanities education prepared him to own his own business, the Mobtown Ballroom!

Michael majored in Classics and Latin (University of Washington Classics Department), and writes, “My humanities education at the UW kept me tethered to the arts in some fashion throughout my adult life. After spending so much time tangling with the classics, I knew on a deep level that a job that wasn't connected to art and creativity would be unsuitable for me. That's a scary thing to realize, but it was also liberating, and my background really did inspire me to think in different ways and to work my way around a lot of roadblocks... I discovered that professional contacts, far from scorning my degree, found it refreshing to work with someone with a broad view and zeal for all kinds of knowledge. Beyond that, I think the humanities keep you alive, keep you nimble, and keep you sane. All of that matters in your career… Professionally speaking--and I say this as someone well outside of academia or education--the humanities have given me everything.”

To read more about how Michael’s humanities background has helped him in his career, visit the link in our bio!

Some shots from last night in Baltimore. A tremendous thank you to the Mobtown Ballroom for having us! What a crowd! What a night! Can’t wait to do it again!
🎺 TONIGHT (FRIDAY), Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society will join the Mobtown Ballroom for an evening of Swing, Jazz, and Lindy Hop. 🎶💃🏻

🍸Bar opens at 7:30, Beginner drop-in lesson is at 8pm, dancing is from 9pm until midnight. 👯‍♀️

Attire: It’s to you, but people tend to dress it up a bit for band nights. 🤵‍♂️🤵🏽👠🎩👗

😷Masks and proof of vaccination required (a picture of your vaccine card will suffice)

Cost: $15. Pay at the door.


Drew Nugent
🎺 TOMORROW NIGHT (FRIDAY), Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society will join the Mobtown Ballroom for an evening of Swing, Jazz, and Lindy Hop. 🎶💃🏻

🍸Bar opens at 7:30, Beginner drop-in lesson is at 8pm, dancing is from 9pm until midnight. 👯‍♀️

Attire: It’s to you, but people tend to dress it up a bit for band nights. 🤵‍♂️🤵🏽👠🎩👗

😷Masks and proof of vaccination required (a picture of your vaccine card will suffice)

Cost: $15. Pay at the door.


Drew Nugent
On Friday, March 25th, Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society will join the Mobtown Ballroom for an evening of Swing, Jazz, and Lindy Hop.

Bar opens at 7:30, Beginner drop-in lesson is at 8pm, dancing is from 9pm until midnight.

Attire: It’s to you, but people tend to dress it up a bit for band nights.

😷Masks and proof of vaccination required (a picture of your vaccine card will suffice)

Cost: $15


Drew Nugent
New Columbia Swing down in DC is partnering with the Mason Center for the Arts to bring the cast of SW!NG OUT to NCS on March 15th! They'll be at the social dance, giving a little preview of the show, and absolute legend LaTasha Barnes will be teaching a solo jazz class. Plus live music on a weeknight!

Mobtown Ballroom, Morton Street Dance Center & Arthur Murray Baltimore

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It’s time to Do Si Do. and Allemande left Mobtown Ballroom tonight.
Soo.... somehow these next few weeks are filled to the brim with live music and dancing!

Tonight: I'll be drumming with New Columbia Special Featuring Gretchen and the Sidecar Six

Saturday the 19th: Corner Pocker Jazz Band at Mid Atlantic Jazz Fest (I'm leading my band at a Jazz fest!)

Feb 26-28: Dayton Swing Smackdown RETURNS! I'm teaching a whole event with Gaby Cook!

March 1: New Columbia Swing has the Corner Pocket Jazz Band for their official post covid reopening dance!

March 4: Gretchen Midgley leads an intrepid group of musicians to the stage of Mobtown Ballroom.

If you're itchin to dance and dying for good live jazz, I feel like we got ya covered in the next month.

Here we go!
Happy first week of classes! We're excited to see what the spring semester brings and to hear what everyone was up to over winter break.

For those who spent Intersession in Baltimore, there was no shortage of things to do! In addition to taking classes and continuing research, many students discovered new passions by checking out some of our hometown's local businesses.

Looking for a way to get your creative juices flowing in Baltimore? Try your hand at the pottery wheel at ANG Pottery in Fells Point (pictured here), prepare traditional Greek meze plates at Schola in Mount Vernon, or learn to lindy hop at Mobtown Ballroom in Pigtown!

What's your favorite creative activity?

They say that the number 1 New Year’s resolution was to dance. Here is your chance Mobtown Ballroom has it going on.
Anyone willing to buy my ticket???

The most exciting place in Baltimore. We are currently open for dancing on Mondays and Fridays. Chec

The Mobtown Ballroom, located in historic Pigtown, is Baltimore's premiere location for social dance events, dance classes, live music, conferences, weddings, and general mayhem. At the Ballroom you will find dancing, burlesque, art shows, and pretty much everything you could want in an evening out. A restored 1870s church, the space boasts a 2,500 square foot sprung dance floor, a 1,200 square foot stage, and a full bar.

Operating as usual


Tonight is Baltimore Square Dance at Mobtown Ballroom! Come through!


Start your weekend off right by coming through tonight and dancing around with friends. The bar will be open, Kyle Seymour will be in the DJ booth, and the temperature inside is just right. Beginner lesson at 8, dance at 9. $10! Proof of vax required!


Classes! They start tonight! Beginner Lindy Hop is from 7:30-8:30pm. Lindy 2 is from 8:30-9:30pm. Lindy Topics, featuring Michael Seguin's return to teaching, is from 9:30-10:30. You can still sign up, so go do that.

Photo for the algorithm/it's the only way to post on instagram, featuring a younger Michael saying, "I'm so glad I'm teaching," and a younger Sarah saying, "I'm so glad Michael is teaching!"


Look how much fun all these lovely people are having! That could be you!

TONIGHT our next 6-week Beginner Lindy Hop series starts at 7pm, and there is still time to go to our website and sign yourself up. Mondays don't work? We have a second track on Wednesdays from 7:30-8:30. DO IT.

PLUS, tonight we've got Sarah Sullivan in the DJ booth and Dave behind the bar (dream team!). Come warm up with a beginner lesson at 8pm, and then dance around at 9pm. $7/10 with the lesson. Proof of vax still required!


Looking for something new to learn this year?! Come take some swing dance classes. Lucky for you, they start THIS WEEK. Beginner Lindy is on Mondays from 7-8pm or Wednesday from 7:30-8:30pm. Go to to sign yourself up.


Alright, friends, tonight we are back in action. Friday night swing and Lindy Hop with a drop in lesson at 8, and a dance at 9. Y’all should have recovered from New Year’s Eve by now, so we expect too notch dancing.


What's in store for you for 2023? Looking to make new friends? Move more? Practice and master something new? Whatever it is, come take a dance class with us. Classes start next week, and beginners can sign up for classes on either Mondays (7-8pm) or Wednesday (7:30-8:30pm). Go to and sign yourself up!


This was Sarah’s first photo of 2023, likely taken very late into the NYE celebration. So, it was a good night.

Time start the year off right with some dancing. Drop in lesson at 8, dance at 9, $7/$10 with the lesson.

There was some confusion, so take note: LINDY HOP CLASSES START NEXT WEEK.


Tonight, tonight! Our last Friday night swing and Lindy Hop dance of the year! Drop in beginner lesson at 8, dance from 9-late. Join us!
$10. Proof of vaccination required.


Holiday obligations over? Or maybe you're right in the middle? Either way, take a breather and coming dancing tonight! We've got a lesson at 8 and the dance at 9. $7/$10 with the lesson!


WE ARE OPEN TONIGHT! It’s cold as ****, but if there is one thing the Ballroom is, it’s warm. So, come take refuge!


A lot of you have been asking, so we thought we'd say it: Yes, we will be open both Friday the 23rd and Monday the 26th for dancing and celebration. Nights adjacent to the holidays here have a relaxed informal vibe, and they are some of our favorites. Join us if you aren't swept up in seasonal celebrations.


Tonight at the Mobtown Ballroom, the great Antonio Vergara will be ascending the DJ booth for Monday night Swing and Lindy Hop. As always, we've got a drop in lesson at 8 and the dance goes from 9 to late. Be there.


The holidays are here, which likely means you need to blow off steam by coming out dancing! Take time for yourself by coming and bouncing around with friends. Beginner lesson at 8pm, dance at 9pm, $10. See you tonight!

Photos from Mobtown Ballroom's post 12/12/2022

We’re back tonight with a whole evening of adults dancing around together. Come take our class at 8, and then dance to some sweet tunes from 9 until late. $7/$10 with the lesson.


So much is happening! Firstly, come dancing tonight. Lesson at 8, dance at 9, $10.
Secondly, read all of this:
• Come to karaoke at Mulberry's At Hollins tonight at 7pm before the dance. It's free!
• Our January class session is up online. Go sign up!
• Join us tomorrow at the Station North Holiday Market from 1-5:30. We will be slinging seasonal cocktails at the old North Avenue Market space, and the amazing Ursula Ricks will be playing LIVE and FOR FREE from 2-5pm.
• Don't sleep on your NYE tickets. They are going fast!


Tonight we've got a very special guest DJ, Daniel Repsch, returning to Baltimore from Montreal for one night only! Dan DJs all over the place, so this will be a treat!

Beginner lesson at 8pm, dance at 9. $7/$10 with the lesson.


Kicking off a full weekend of dancing with our comrades in the DC dance scene, we've got the return of Sarah singing in Sarah Sullivan and the One Offs! The bar opens at 7:30, and we've got a free (with admission) beginner lesson at 8pm. Music from 9-12, followed by the sweet DJing of Ari. $20 at the door, or $15 with student ID. Masks optional, proof of vaccine required.

PLUS! Want to make a whole night of it? Our friend and blues legend Ursula Ricks is playing a free set starting at 8pm at our awesome neighbor's spot, Swill. Go grab yourself some food, warm up your dance self, and then come across the street to us.

Registration - New Columbia Swing: Lindy Hop and Swing Dance in Washington, DC 12/01/2022

Registration - New Columbia Swing: Lindy Hop and Swing Dance in Washington, DC

Tomorrow night: Sarah Sullivan and the One-offs will be lighting the torch on our ridiculous New Mobtownia Ballroom Exchange, a weekend-long dance bender we're coordinating with the fine folks from New Columbia Swing. For our Friday night dance you can just pay at the door, but if you'd like to sign up for the whole weekend, or get yourself a discounted ticket for Saturday night at Glen Echo, head to NCS's website and get yourself signed up.

Registration - New Columbia Swing: Lindy Hop and Swing Dance in Washington, DC


This is Jon Tigert; gaze upon him. He will be your DJ this evening.

Come dance around with us on this lovely Monday. We've got a beginner lesson at 8pm, a dance at 9pm, and lots of glory to go around. Don't miss it.


Tonight! Join us for Swing and Lindy Hop Black Friday dancing. There’s a drop-in beginner lesson at 8 (no partner or experience required), and the dance goes from 9-late.


Tonight! Swing and Lindy Hop with DJ Nii. Drop in lesson at 8, dance from 9-midnightish. Also, this will be the first solo flight for our new bartender Sheila. Come by and check out what she’s got!


It's Friday, and we've got DJ Ari in the booth! Come dance around and make new friends. Beginner lesson is at 8pm, dance at 9pm. $10! Vax required; masks optional.


Remember Pikesville? So do we.

Come out dancing tonight.

Beginner lesson at 8pm, dance at 9. $7/$10 with the lesson. Gotta be vaxed.


TONIGHT! Have you ever gotten to watch The Room all the way through? What about with a bunch of wild enthusiasts shouting at the screen? Either way, tonight is your night. Come through at 7pm (doors at 6:30) for a full screening of The Room, along with the launching of the Book "You're Tearing Me Apart, Lisa!" Legendary Baltimore personality, Rob Lee, will speak the editor Adam M. Rosen and lead us through a night of hilarity and chaos.

$10 to enter. Each ticket purchaser is entered into a raffle for a $250 gift card to Charm City Books!


Tonight! Shake off this dreary weather by joining us for Craig Gildner and the Ivy City Six live at the Mobtown Ballroom! Drop in beginner lesson at 8 (no partner or experience required), dance from 9-late!
Proof of vaccination required, masks optional.
$20/15 students.


This Friday night, we have the distinct pleasure of presenting Craig Gildner and the Ivy City Six for Friday Night Swing and Lindy Hop.

Craig Gildner and The Ivy City 6 salute the great small groups of Count Basie and Lester Young with authentic swinging transcptions of classic recordings, plus hold true to the spirit of collective improvisation by playing head tunes…songs not written down or in the book. It’s truly an exciting and powerful small band!

As always, we've got a drop-in beginner lesson at 8, and the dance goes from 9-late late late. Come a little early and grab a cocktail. $20/$15 students. Proof of vaccination required. Make optional.


It's Monday night and Sarah Sullivan is back in the DJ booth for the first time in a while. Known for neurotically watching the floor and questioning her worth with each person who sits down, she will keep you dancing.

As usual, beginner lesson at 8pm, dance at 9pm. Vax required; masks optional. Come party!


It's time to dance around to good music. Tonight we've got Kate Holden in the DJ booth with Dave and Jazz behind the bar. Beginner lesson at 8pm, dance at 9pm. $10! Vax required, masks optional.


Wanda, one of our behind-the-scenes staffers, really wants to make sure you know to sign up for classes tonight. "Are you a beginner," Wanda asked, "Because we've got a class for you at 7:30 tonight! Looking to expands your skill and build your repertoire? Lindy 2 at 8:30 is right for you! Maybe you want to lean into technique and get yourself to the next level? Lindy topics with Charlie and Jon will get you there!"

Thank you, Wanda, for your sage advice. Let's not let Wanda's words be in vain; go to and sign yourself up for a class today.


Your last chance to take Lindy Hop classes at Mobtown in 2022 has come. Beginner Lindy, Lindy 2, and Lindy Topics all start tomorrow (Wednesday the 2nd)! Head to our website and sign yourself up.


We were not behind this photo; we just think it's cute. Speaking of cute, I bet you have a Halloween costume to show off. Why not show it off tonight at the dance?! We've got a beginner lesson from 8-9, a dance at 9, and a bartender who basically is Halloween (Jazz Baker ). So, wear a costume if you want, and don't if you want, but come out and prance around with friends.

PLUS tonight is week one of our 6-week Lindy Hop series. Sign up on our website, or show up and pay at the door!


Tonight! Friday night swing and Lindy Hop with a beginner drop in lesson at 8, dance from 9-late. Wear a costume if you want, though our official Halloween shenanigans go down on Monday.
Masks optional, vaccination required. $10.

Dance Classes — Mobtown Ballroom 10/26/2022

Dance Classes — Mobtown Ballroom

Here goes! Our new session of Lindy Hop classes starts next week. We have beginner classes (no experience or partner necessary) on Mondays AND Wednesdays, and intermediate classes on Wednesdays only for now. Classes are six weeks long and $89/$79 for students. Reserve your spot now.

Dance Classes — Mobtown Ballroom Although the pandemic has temporarily taken a bite out of our programming, our Lindy Hop classes generally take place in a 5-6 week long series with the best teachers in the region. Students rotate in class (Lindy Hop is a social dance), so no partner is required. We encourage you to sign up for cla...


Tonight! We celebrate the unmitigated triumph of our Saturday recital with Monday Night Swing and Lindy Hop featuring the DJ debut of Abigail Haresign! Drop in beginner lesson at 8, dance from 9 to late.


TONIGHT! Live music by the incredible Russ Wilson and the Wrong Crowd!
$20/$15 with student ID. Proof of vaccination required, masks optional.

Russ Wilson and the Wrong Crowd is a star-studded super group composed of wild characters and band leaders from all over, and they do not disappoint. The bar opens at 7:30. We have a drop-in beginner lesson from 8-9, and the band goes on around 9:15. No partner or experience is required. Don’t miss it.

PLUS! Come early and grab dinner across the street at Swill where the *incredible * Ursula Ricks will be playing music starting at 8pm!


We are open TONIGHT! Come dance around to the sweet tunes of Jon Tigert . The bar will be open and the beginner lesson is at 8pm. Let's go.

$7/$10 with lesson. Vax required; masks optional.


Tonight is a very special Friday. Not only is Kyle Seymour DJing, but at 11:30 the lovely Boris Glebov is coming up from DC to play a set of slow jazz and upbeat blues. Dave will be behind the bar with our new staff person, Sheila! So come out, schmooze, dance, and stay late!


This Friday, Mr. Boris Glebov will be joining us for a late night set of slow jazz, blues, and groovy tunes around 11:30 after the main DJ. No extra charge, but this will definitely keep you on the floor late.

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We've got two very important announcements! 1) This week we are celebrating International Tap Dance Day with the Baltimo...
As you can see, people have some steam to burn off. Come on out tonight for our Monday Night Swing and Lindy Hop dance. ...
It’s Friday, which means that tonight you get to dance to your heart’s content. Beginner lesson at 8, dance at 9, $10. A...
It’s Monday! Come sooth your soul with a little dancing around. Drop in lesson at 8pm, dance at 9. $7/$10 with lesson. S...
Tonight is our beginner Lindy Hop workshop from 5:15-8:15, immediately followed by a FREE DANCE. Proof of vaccination (a...
Want to learn to dance? We are having a three-hour, one-off beginner Lindy Hop workshop next Saturday (the 4th) from 5:1...
A week from Saturday! Get your tickets today!
Mobtown Live!
Mobtown Live ft. Aeon Ginsberg, Bobbi Rush, and Organic Theater





861 Washington Boulevard
Baltimore, MD

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