Yoglates South, LLC

Yoglates South, LLC


I have only attended 3 classes a week for a long time. During this quarantine time I have attended a class everyday. I cannot believe how my body feels. I have lower back problems and NEED stretching just to sleep. Amazing Ps also my MIND with all this family love around me 😉🥰😍
April, how do I watch the workout live in 5 minutes?
Thank you for the amazing class yesterday. Jillian Geiger and I absolutely loved it and we will be back for more!!
What time after 430 will someone be there I can sign up for the 40 day shred. I've stopped by a few times but class had started. I also called a couple times with no return calls. I have 4 diff giftcards to go towards the purchase so I'm unable to just sign up online
When it’s so hot even the thermostat gives up on reading
Is 12:45 on??
Anytime I have an opportunity to brag on Yoglates II South, I jump at the chance. This workout is a complete obsession, and I cannot live without it. I love the smiling, kind faces I see when I walk inside the gorgeous, new building. I love the *AMAZING* instructors (definitely the best part). I love the heat. I love the sweat. I love the burn I feel from the lunges and squats. I love the stretching. And I love the post workout feeling that carries me through my entire day. I don’t know what I’d do without my daily class. I’ve been active my entire life, but I’ve never come across a workout that comes close to all of the benefits I receive from Yoglates. 💙💙💙
Eat drink yoga!!
Loved my first class!!!!! See y’all again tomorrow. 🧘‍♀️
Do we have a winner for the 6 free months? Just curious!
Will there be a 9 am class at Highlandia on Saturday?

Our classes are a unique combination of Pilates, calisthenics, cross-training, and a bit of standard yoga. Due to Covid-19 our physical studio is closed but we have a virtual option available to you!

Click link below:https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/cl Yoga, pilates, calisthenics, cross training and interval training performed in a heated room. www.yoglatessouth.com

Operating as usual

News & Updates with April
We are now @Yogastudio90!

Good morning Friday, bringing you a little EGGstra encouragement this morning! #goodfriday #sundayiscoming

Thursday morning EGGstra encouragement...

Wednesday morning EGGstra 🐣 check in, chat & encouragement. Sharing on behalf of or Y2S Team

[04/07/20]   Our thoughtful and creative instructors shared a little
EGGstra encouragment.
Thank you Jamie Berry Purpera & Emily Rachal

Jamie wants you to know, "Call a friend, Zoom with other Moms to help with homeschool ideas. Connect with others through technology to laugh again and have a little social normalcy. I miss my classes and our members so much!!"

Emily Rachal shared the following:
Meet Me on Your Mat

Meet me on your mat

For a moment.

Your physical, mental, spiritual mat

Just meet me here.

Take a deep breath, quiet the mind, and focus.

Bring your worries, concerns, and cares

Leave them here.

You will be challenged today,

But you will be changed.

Remember to go at your own pace.

We won’t be giving trophies in the end,

But push hard anyway,

Do what you can do.

You may be off balance,

Dig Deep.

Pull your core in tight - stabilizing the one thing that holds it all together,

Even if you feel like you’re falling apart.

If you’re shaking, you’re working, and maybe a little scared right now.

Maybe you just need to hug it, love it, squeeze it today.

And that’s okay,

Hold on as long as you can, or need to.

Don’t you quit! We have work to do!

So take that cleansing breath and get started again.

Your break may be over

But remember, more breaks are coming.

Tensions are high,

Give it time.

Time under tension makes us resilient,

Makes us stronger.

Champion those victories no matter how small.

Build those bricks of success.

Though small at first, those bricks add up.

If you fall out of it get right back in.



Work for the connection harder now more than ever.

It’s worth it,

You’re worth it.

We face unexpected challenges.

Life never promised us what would be on “the card”

But you’re going to have to do it anyway!

Remember this is not a performance, this is a practice.

Keep practicing and practicing and practicing,

Because we don’t just do life, we practice it everyday.

You will see progress.

Make those modifications.

“Burpees” may never be your favorite,

But you have options.

You have options.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

You are strong, and can do 3 more of anything.

Repeat that over, and over, and over again.

As many times as you need to.

Our time together is coming to an end today.

Don’t skip the cool down.

You’ve earned it.

Never forget,


Now give me two sigh and surrender breaths,

Release any tension.

Lay on your mat as long as you need to.

Take your time getting up.

And as always,

thank you

for meeting me on

your mat.

*An inspired writing by the quotes of our instructors and faithful members! We love and miss everyone of you. Praying you find peace in your practice, and thankful you continually allow us to meet you on your mat!

Emily Rachal

Tuesday’s EGGstra encouragement from the Y2S team.

Monday’s EGGSstra encouragement 💜 from our instructors, Emilie & Casey.

Emilie wants you to know, “I truly miss you! Our community is something we value and we will come out stronger on the other side!”

Casey shares, “Keeping a routine has helped me during this quarantine. I encourage you to keep moving. If I sit on the couch too long it brings my mood down and increases my anxiety. Organizing has been my therapy. Staying home with less distractions has allowed us to enjoy what we already have.”

Remember, a thankful mind doesn’t have room for anxiety! ~ April

Monday morning encouragement from Team Y2S

[04/05/20]   Easter Week is before us and we have a little something to share with you each day!
Tune in ~ stay connected hoping it’ll be an EGGstra special weekend for YOU! 💜🤸🏻🧘🏻

We’re a day closer to the other side.
We can’t wait to meet you on the mat!
It’s going to be incredible to return. Wow!
It’s always darkest before the dawn. Stay home, safe and well friends. #yoglatesstrong #yoglates2south

DJ Rhett

I hope this makes you smile a little bigger this evening.
Who's gonna help us get him to our studio once the mandate is lifted? We are indeed Louisiana Family! #bayouyoga

Bayou Yoga with DJ Rhett!
#DJRhett #YallCatchin #Quarantine
Credit Don Rich for song

Who’s ready for Cardio Burn, 8:25 am and Yoglates, 9 am with Dianne Leopold Moran??

Get ready to SWEAT & Strengthen everything!!

📍Not a member yet? Click here ⬇️

Wednesday FB LIVE (have you joined our subscription to work(in) with us?
8 am, April
6 pm, Dianne (FLOga routine)

Also, check out steps to a fun upside down strength building pose that is good for the body, mind & soul! #tripod

During this #athome time we can continue to make our meal plans behave. This takes planning and you ll feel better once you carve out time to plan and prep. We can keep it simple with the amazing resources out there. This is my go to.....always. @lorigrdn she offers tons of free tips, supermarket lists, recipes and more on her website. ➡️➡️ ck out recommended snack bars. #wecandoit #stayhome #staywell #nourishyourmindbodyandsoul @ Yoglates 2 South, LLC

The simple act of physical movement has the ability to release anxiety and so much more. ~ April #morethanjustaworkout
Let’s keep moving. 💪

Even if you can’t get to the studio you may stretch right where you are.
Each of you are on our minds.
Your Y2S team is reminding you to move, sweat, stretch, dig deep and repeat! Think on purpose of what we teach in studio.....
Be intentional
Be deliberate
Your body is eager it’s the mind we must discipline
We can do this y’all! Be kind, check on your neighbor, eat right and hydrate and we’ll meet you on the mat sooner than later. Much love ~ April & Team #brfitness #yoga #healthiswealth #yoglates


FB Live Members Group page, 9:15 am this morning with
Are you planning to sweat with us?
$99 Virtual Subscription, everyone can get on their feet and MOVE.
We guarantee you’ll feel better!

Click on the link below:

Next, find Yoglates 2 South members group page, request access and we’ll accept and get moving. 💥🧘‍♀️💪



How To Stay Active Baton Rouge – Sweet Baton Rouge Insider

Thank you Sweet Baton Rouge for sharing our efforts to keep BR members and families across our nation moving, sweating and finding strength and clarity in this unsettling time.
We appreciate you!! #Lovesmallbusiness #Shopsmall


If you want to sweat with us each day to keep your clarity and focus in check, as well as remaining fit Click below to purchase our 30 day virtual subscription.


This is the link that will take you to purchase via MindBody.

Next, Once this is done you are to visit our FB Yoglates 2 South Members Only page and ask for acceptance.


I'll accept your request once these steps have been done.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Thank you so much ~ I can't wait to sweat and workout with you all today!!

Need some exercise in your house to release stress and anxiety?
Here’s your #PEathome for all ages. We are going to get through this together. Sweat, strengthen, renew your minds and bodies! #yoglates2south #yoglatesfamily
~ virtual subscription package available now.

Next, find our Yoglates 2 South Members Page
~Daily workout
~ Encouragement and more!

Today Louisiana’s Governor along with healthcare specialists including Catherine (Katie) O’Neal, MD, an infectious disease specialist at Our
Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, have called upon all Louisiana residents to take the COVID-19 threat very seriously. The medical profession is warning that if businesses and individuals do not heed the
call to limit gatherings to less than 10 people, and even then, in a limited capacity, the hospitals and healthcare system in general will most likely be overwhelmed.

Therefore, Y2S has made the extremely difficult decision to close its doors for the next two weeks and will reassess after that time depending upon what how the situation develops.

However, we are live on our Member’s Only Facebook Private Group page with our current routines and hope that you will join along. So far, our members that have joined along have loved being able to connect via Facebook Live to relieve stress and physical release. These workouts are for our current and new members only. This is where we'll deliver our amazing workouts to you every day and you'll continue to get a new routine on Tuesdays. Please join our page by requesting the link below.

Stay tuned! We value you more than you know.
April and Y2S Team

Yoglates 2 South Members Page:

We are open tomorrow with regular scheduled classes and again we will offer our LIVE FB workout at 8am via our private member Y2S page. Want access? DM us and we’ll take care of you. #healthiswealth #werfamily #weareinthistogether #benddontbreak #strength

We’ve made it easy for you to continue your workout routine during this challenging time. Remember - health comes first and with the added stress nothing is more important than staying healthy - mind, body and soul! We are now offering workouts through Facebook Live on our members only page beginning tomorrow at 9 am!
We know many of you will be home with your kids for the next month, so if it’s more convenient to work out at home join us for our FB live workouts! Make sure you join our members only group on FB today!

Beach 🏖 Body SHRED Challenge **begins this Sunday**
3/15 - 4/3 (20 Days)
📍Attend 17 Days 📍 How good, tone, tight and confident will you feel when you complete 17 days in 20?! 💪
📍Attend the most days and win a FREE @yoglates2south t-shirt. (A drawing will determine winner if there is a tie)
Who’s in? 🧘‍♀️
#shred2020 #springbreak2020 #summervibes #fitlife
#confident #healthylifestyle #brfitness

Technique Tuesday:
1/2 Plank
Incorrect form ⬆️
Correct form ⬇️
Correct form determines your benefits & results. 💪
Incorrect form increases your chance of injury 😩
and unnecessary soreness.
We are here to make sure you KNOW the correct form.
Don’t hesitate to ask us for assistance.
**workshop, Sat 3/21, 9 am **
Get the Most from your workout!

Love is on the mat at Y2S! #duelingbows Sherman & Balhoff Orthodontics: More Than Smiles

FB, Live Geaux Yoga, 5th year!!

Powerful lunch sweat sesh with these fearless women in business💪
#womeninbusiness #incredibletalent

Y’all save the date because @BaselMarketFoodTruck is coming to us NEXT Tuesday, 3/10/20.
Arriving at 11 am ~ y’all leave a comment if u can’t wait to enjoy a lunch delivered from the cutest food truck and I know from fresh #local ingredients from my favorite @calvinsbocagemarket! 🧘‍♀️🍅🥑🍞 #freshisbest #daveskillerbread #fuelup #yoglates2south @taniebush @oliviabush1 @ Yoglates 2 South, LLC

☘️Spring CLASS Schedule

Mon / Wed, 8 am, April
Tues / Thurs, 8-8:50 am, Brittney
Wed, 6-6:50 pm, FLOga, Dianne
Thursday, 5:25-5:50 pm, Cardio Burn, Emilie
Sunday, 9am, (no longer 10 am), Ashlyn / Tanie

Which leggings do you want and what size?
DM us to secure your order.
(L to R)
~Disco Dot

Been 🤔 about trying a class but wondering???
1. Is it really hard?
2. Maybe I need to get FIT first?

⬇️ this msg is for U

Our Story

Believe in yourself, invigorate discipline, and stretch for excellence! Join our Yoglates community, where we coach and motivate you to be your best self! Yoglates is a unique local design combining Pilates, calisthenics, cross-training and a bit of standard yoga, all performed together in a heated room. A Yoglates class is equivalent to 1 hour of cardio, 1 hour of weight training, and 1 hour of stretching. Start your journey today!

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655 Highlandia Drive
Baton Rouge, LA

General information

This is the BEST total body workout. No props, no experience required just show up ready to sweat and we'll take it from there. Yoglates is a combination of calisthenics, yoga, and Pilates. Consisting of a series of movements derived from these different styles to give a complete cardiovascular, strength, stretching and balancing workout. These poses and movements are designed to work the lymphatic as well as the internal organs of the body in combination with the skeletal and muscular structure of the entire physique. We've traveled and tried all different workouts and nothing compares to Yoglates! Start TODAY!

Opening Hours

Monday 05:00 - 17:45
Tuesday 05:00 - 19:00
Wednesday 05:00 - 19:00
Thursday 05:00 - 19:00
Friday 05:00 - 17:45
Saturday 07:00 - 10:00
Sunday 16:00 - 17:30
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