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Hey everyone, I passes quite a few 4D riders on River Road this past Saturday AM. Is that a weekly ride? Would someone mind sharing the details if so, and if not, is there a ride happening in BR this weekend? Thanks!
The Louisiana Marathon is fast approaching. I am in need of volunteer cyclists to assist with escorting the lead runners. Please DM me if you can help. Free beer and food after.
Anyone have a use for this? Off a Mini Cooper so the cross bars are short
Team 4D, On April 13th I am planning a long day in the saddle in preparation for the Dirty Kanza 100 in June. Stan Prutz is sharing with me a 100 mile route of gravel near Centerville. My plan is to be in the saddle 6-7 hrs and do a systems and self supported nutrition check. If anyone is interested to join let me know and will keep you in the loop. Sebas
And heโ€™s off!
Way to go, Stage 1 of #JMSR
Anyone in BR feeling spontaneous and willing to meet up with my coworker during their lunch hour today to do short ride/interview on the proposed 300 mile bike route through south Louisiana?
Sean Wilson has crossed the finish. #usatagnc
Sean Wilson is off the bike and in T2. #usatagnc
Sean Wilson is on the bike in Omaha!!!! #usatagnc
Sean Wilson coming out of the water in Omaha! #usatagnc
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Operating as usual

There are many things 2020 has not provided us but we are happy to have made the annual business trip to the PCB for Ironman Florida and Gulf Coast 70.3. This is typically our biggest weekend on the calendar for Tri racing and we were happy to have 8 of our very own athletes jump into the โ€˜return to racingโ€™ head first.

๐ŸŠ Dr. E and Cory are officially Ironmen as they completed their first full yesterday with impressive times.
๐ŸŠ Tim and Leeza both earned Ironman PRs and even stayed out to watch the final finishers.
๐ŸŠ Eddie finished despite having a hamstring injury that hindered some training.
๐ŸŠ Jess landed 9th in the ladies pro field and had a nice bike PR.
๐ŸŠ Sean and Kerri got to sleep in a bit and started their Gulf Coast 70.3 at 11. Not as ideal as you would think but they both had great results and looked good doing it.

We hope everyone had as good of a weekend as we did and we are really excited to see some โ€œnormalโ€ racing return to the calendar. But wait, thereโ€™s more! Looking forward to one last event in AZ before we head into marathon, CX, and gravel szn. KEEP CRUSHIN Yโ€™ALL ๐ŸŠ #4dracing

๐ŸŠDoc took a trip to mess with Texas and came home with some hardware and a run PB at the Oilman Triathlon. Kona may have been postponed but that just allows more time to chop that wood ๐Ÿช“
๐ŸŠWe are excited to make the annual trip to PCB next weekend to support the team and party with hundreds. Stay tuned for updates! #4dracing

The road race championships at Tour de Louisiane brought us back out to the school yard for some racing action! We had some first timers as well as our veteran riders. Congrats to everyone who raced!

We are 12/10 excited to have more results to post....itโ€™s been way too long!

๐ŸŠChris and Jeremy represented the squad at IM 70.3 Arizona today with both landing within the top 10 in their Age Groups. Word from the west was the new safe return to racing was very organized, less stressful, and provided ample space to all athletes.
๐ŸŠSam held on to his crown for another year at the Tour of Jefferson charity ride. A request was submitted to mention coach Will taking 2nd place at the race...we mean ride.
๐ŸŠLooking ahead and forward to the TDL bike fight next weekend and the first full Ironman to hit North America this year in PCB. We may not #partywiththousands but we will party.

We outchea bringing the pain! #4Dracing

In a normal year we would be closely following the racing action in Kona today. Here is to a brighter future and more trips to the big Island and more race reports. Our thoughts are with everyone and whatever adversity you are overcoming today. Lets keep fighting to the finish line most of the time they have pizza.

Shoutout to Cheryl and Spring who both took home a new PR and 1st/3rd on the Age group podium at the Deep South Tri. Way to go ladies!
We are looking forward to continuing the race hype next weekend at Tour de La ๐ŸŠ

We are always eagerly waiting to see the race snaps from Kyle Carlos Carrere and he did not disappoint! (Feel free to use but please keep the watermark). Thanks Carlos and New Roads Tri Festival team! ๐ŸŠ

The Tri Stoke Hangover Monday โ„ข๏ธ is in full effect today! Looking back over an action packed weekend has us feeling really grateful to see some racing returning to the local scene. We had a solid 4D representation for all events and are proud of some strong results. Congrats to all who raced and knocked off the dust! #4dracing

New Roads triathlon festival is underway! What a beautiful day for a race, happy to see so many people and so many new faces.

When your non-event turns out to be a pretty great event, you make the news... ๐ŸŠ #4dracing

We had a great time this morning timing everyone who came out to the Time Trial. We had 36 riders pushing themselves and racing each other. My IT department did a good job of separating road from TT bikes but we didn't get everyone sorted by multiple categories. Here are the results. Next time we do this we will make sure the starter gets more details and be a little quicker with the results. Great job by everyone. Thanks to David and Hillary getting some nice photos.

Good evening race fans! Weather permitting tomorrow morning I will be out on River Road to time anyone and everyone for a 15ish mile Individual Time Trial starting at Farr Park and turning around at L'auberge Casino. I have no idea who will show up but I plan to record times in a few categories, Male, Female, road or TT bike, and probably 50+. There is no entry fee or prizes, this is just for fun and to push yourself. The road will be open to traffic and everyone is responsible for their own safety. Will send the first rider off at 0645 and every minute following in order of whoever gets lined up. Line up with space between yourselves, you will give me your name at the start and I will assign you a number to yell at me when you are finishing. once you finish you may cool down on the levee path into downtown or if you park at the casino ride back single file in that direction being aware of people passing you that are still racing. Remember this is just for fun and to test yourself. Give your best effort and ride safely.

As the dog days of summer drag on and everyone is struggling to maintain focus as events continue to cancel, it is time again to shake things up and rally. Saturday August 1 will be an opportunity for everyone to come test themselves against the clock in a race of truth here in Baton Rouge.

The TT will be free, at your own risk, on open roads.

The TT will start on River Rd at Farr Horse Park and run South East on River Road to the first traffic circle at L'auberge Casino and return to Farr Park. It is 15.5 miles of good pavement. I will time and score everyone. First rider off at 6:45a 1 min intervals, there is ample parking at both the start and the turnaround. It would be a good idea to park at the casino and warm up to the the start and cool down back to the casino.

I hope this opportunity to test yourself and compete or otherwise talk trash with your training partners brings a little bit of fun to an otherwise eventless wknd.

This will also be a good lead in to those of you planning to partake in the LAMBRA 40k TT the following weekend. Everyone should also plan to do that as well anyway.

We almost forgot what race day feels like. Today was a good day and return to some IRL racing. Thanks to our own Michelle Forte and sidekick Aimee Moreau for getting us back out there despite some new hurdles. Congrats to the squad who debuted the 2020 tri season in late June. Not all heroes wear capes... #4dracing #freedomfest #newroads

4D Racing in association with Prestige World Wide Entertainment invite you to participate in the inaugural Strava Invitational Individual Time Trial at The Loop in Baton Rouge. This is a free at your own risk event with no prizes. Just go out and have some fun, beat your training partner and otherwise just talk some smack about it. Must be a solo effort and start with your foot on the ground. The strava segment is titled The Loop CC TT and it starts and ends even with the fencing in the triangle of the split. Be aware that these are open roads and that even though most locals are used to cyclist, there are still plenty of distracted drivers out and about. Have some fun out there. Un-official dates are today through Sunday.

Segment: https://www.strava.com/segments/23807380

[04/21/20]   Without a lot of racing to report we have been quiet on our public page, rest assured that the private group page has been very active. IF you are interested in joining the team, having support or otherwise wanting to know what you have been missing, message us for more details. Stay safe, be informed, and keep training smart. Racing will return and we will all keep moving forward.

Ross Aguilar, the Cristmas K King.

#1 in the U.S.A. โ€“ Ross Aguilar (2014 BACH HS&E), a member of the Baton Rouge 4th Dimension Fitness / 4D Racing, placed first among 8,187 cyclists in the U.S.A. and sixteenth out of 119,834 cyclists in the world in the #Festive500 race in December. The event โ€“ a seasonal tradition and riding rite of passage sponsored by London-based cycling clothing manufacturer Rapha โ€“ challenges cyclists to ride 500km (310 miles) in the eight days between Christmas Eve and New Yearโ€™s Eve. Aguilar recorded a total distance of 1,621 kilometers โ€“ thatโ€™s 1,007 miles in eight days. #GeauxTigers #LSUAlumni #LSUTigerNation

We always enjoy a good double header race weekend! Lots of PRs, first time finishes, and a couple BQs between the Louisiana Marathon/half marathon and the Houston Marathon. Really proud of everyone today and looking forward to another great year of big results!
You know the drill, keep on crushing ๐ŸŠ

Itโ€™s always a bonus when the Tigers bring home an SEC championship the same night of the highly anticipated 4D Orange Crush Awards! Thanks to all who came to celebrate with us and The Theriotโ€™s for hosting another fantastic evening for our crazy crew. We are already looking forward to next year!

๐ŸŠ Congrats to Chris VanWay for an AG win at the Tiger 10k (while pushing his granddaughter in a stroller)! Chris Norman, Bobby, and Terry also had great days out on the home field.

While the year is winding down and the holidays are heating up, we want to wish all of you a very happy holiday season! And we look forward to logging many more miles with you in 2020! Keep on crushinโ€™ #4dracing

Another successful Orange & Black Friday spin in the books ๐ŸŠ #4dracing

Formal invite to follow, but Dec 7 is the date to save! ๐ŸŠ ๐ŸŽ„

Headed home after our annual cannonball trip to PCB with full hearts and tired eyes. The team showed up to fight the good fight at Ironman Florida and on home turf at River Roux. We are sad to see the 1/2 distance race retire but excited for the future potential of the Olympic distance event!

๐ŸŠ Beau, Jason, and Mike all became first time Ironman finishers yesterday.
๐ŸŠ seasoned vets Burton, Lauren, and Susan all fought hard to the end and checked off another 140.6.
๐ŸŠ Coach Dustin and the team made sure to represent for the rent in New Roads yesterday for the final River Roux 1/2 Distance race. Numerous paddles were earned and we gained another Club Championship as well. We are losing count of the pots on hand.

Looking forward to some late season tris, โ€œoff seasonโ€ training, CX racing, gravel riding, and toasts to another fantastic year of 4D comraderie. Congrats to all who applied for the 2020 team. If youโ€™re an overall cool person, youโ€™ve made the roster. And if you missed the application window (because we didnโ€™t have one) then reach out because we would love to have you come have fun with us next year.

Much love,
The 4D staff

IMFL is underway here at PCB. Weather is picture perfect!

What a weekend in Texas. We had a big crew toe the line at 70.3 Waco and some really strong results as well as first time finishes. Jess snuck into 5th in the ladies pro race and Christine stamped her ticket to 70.3 World Champs in New Zealand. Congrats to all of our racers who went out, pushed hard, and supported each other on course. Teamwork really does make the dream work!
Next up.... IMFL and River Roux #4dracing

We rounded up a pretty strong crew here for 70.3 Waco ๐Ÿค  Ready to crush #4dracing
๐Ÿ“ธ Cred to Kyle Carlos Carrere who officially returns to racing tomorrow ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ

Tristoke hangover Monday is always real on the Monday after Kona. But no need to be down on this rainy start to the week. Especially with some stellar race results from a busy weekend of events near and far.

๐ŸŠ Ben Maas took on Kona for the second time in his career and was faced with some of the unforgiving bike conditions served up by Madame Pele. But he managed to come away with PRs across each discipline on the WC course ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ

๐ŸŠAlison, Andrea, Jared, and Matt all took on the Windy City at the Chicago Marathon. Alison, Andrea, and Jared all punches their Boston QTs and Matt has a big marathon PR. Looks like we will have a strong team in Boston 2021 ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’›

๐ŸŠ Michele knocked out Ironman #5 in Louisville and finished strong and smiling!

๐ŸŠ Chris claimed the top spot at the Ragin Cajun CX race in Lafayette and Jaden made everyone orange with envy in his highly sought after High Life kit.

๐ŸŠ Beau Clark won his race in the election and will represent as the EBR Coroner for another term. Next up, IRONMAN!

Next up: track racing at the Baton Rouge Velodrome this weekend and 70.3 Waco the following. Stay tuned for more crushing results #4dracing

Wishing our 4D client Benjamin Maas a great day on the big island tomorrow. We are cheering loud from the mainland! ๐ŸŠ

Always a local favorite.

Tier 2 = SOLD OUT!

Add IRONMAN 70.3 Gulf Coast as a late Spring Break destination race on the World's Most Beautiful Beaches!

Another great weekend on the local race scene here in south LA and TX at Sugarman Tri in Youngsville, LA and Oktoberfest Oly in Houston, TX. We are pretty proud of all these podiums and AG results!
๐ŸŠ ladies first! Cheryl not only showed up to her comeback race ready to do business but she smashed it out of the park with a huge PR ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ
๐ŸŠ Beau, Bobby, and Adam went only an hour or so west to Youngsville to fly the team colors at Sugarman sprint tri. And yes, the same Adam who just finished Ironman Maryland last Saturday. And Beau is gearing up for his first full in FL. Way to go guys!

Looking ahead we are staring down the barrel of 70.3 Waco and Ironman FL which is always a big weekend for the team. Keep on crushing these final weeks leading into race day #4dracing

Every year this weekend hosts quite a few races for the team. We had athletes race near and far and came up with some strong results. Almost too many to list but we want to brag on them anyway....

๐ŸŠ Second time was a charm for Ryan Majoria who went back to IRONMAN Maryland ready to punch that Kona ticket and he crushed it with a sub 10 finish/3rd in AG. Aloha Doc! ๐ŸŒบ

๐ŸŠ Adam took on his first Ironman there as well and finished despite a pre race injury. Chuckzilla raced all out per usual but also took home some competitive racing experience. Keith caught two flats but knocked out another Ironman and is going to give it another go in AZ. We are proud of all our Maryland guys!

๐ŸŠ Our favorite male Pro Ben Hall returned to long course with only his second Ironman race and finished 7th place overall in a super speedy menโ€™s pro field at IM Chattanooga.

๐ŸŠ Augusta always draws a big crowd even with the surface of the sun temperatures. Dustin, Chris Z, Terry, Liz, Ian, Sean, and Kerri (some seasoned vets, some first timers) all finished strong and fought the good fight. And Dustin kept the spirits high reminding any Cowboys fans to stay woke โšœ๏ธ

๐ŸŠ Mistie, Blaise, and Chis V took care of business on the local scene representing the pink and orange at Tri For Those Who Canโ€™t in Jennings.

Believe it or not, weโ€™ve got a lot left in the race tank for this year. Next up is Kona, IM Lou, Waco 70.3, IMFL, and IMAZ. I guess we can sleep when we are dead ๐Ÿ’€๐ŸŠ #4dracing

Summer racing is still blazing and we want to give a shout-out to some of the 4D athletes who have been crushing it the past couple weeks.
๐ŸŠ Ben Hall had another strong 70.3 performance on the debut Traverse City course. A challenging bike course didnโ€™t stop him from clocking a speedy run!
๐ŸŠ Leslie couldnโ€™t wait to race her new whip so she showed up to Gulf Shores ready to rip. And Jason was ready to fight off the jellies and ended up on the top step with first in AG.
๐ŸŠ Cajun Man had a strong team representation with Jeremy taking the OA title and Chris taking 3rd OA. John won his AG while Jeannie and Ashley both took 3rd in AG.
๐ŸŠ Shawn P completed Ironman 70.3 Lake Placid as a warm up race for a late season full.

Lots of long course racing left this season and we are more excited than ever. Keep on crushing yโ€™all ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ๐ŸŠ #4dracing

We may be melting here in LA but some of the crew went to higher ground and cooler temps to race at some pretty amazing venues. Looking forward to some end of summer racing including the LAMBRA champs and our favorite late season Ironman and 70.3 events.

๐ŸŠ Chris and John made the trip west for Ironman 70.3 Whistler. Both came away with strong results in AG and fresh mountain air in the lungs.

๐ŸŠ Tim Daigle trekked all the way to Iceland for the Extreme Iceland Tri which sounds like it held up every end of the โ€œextremeโ€ bargain.

๐ŸŠ Sam Leblanc may have retired from actual bike racing but it appears he has a future in Fantasy racing as well. Congrats to team Hoodrats for claiming the 3rd Annual 4D TDF fantasy league. Your trophy should technically be passed on by Adam Morgan but weโ€™ve been told it was never sent from its original home in SLC. Hopefully Metry can compete in rad-ness.

Lots of racing left in the season, keep on crushing ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ #4dracing

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