Kids & Teens Mixed Martial Arts Harford County, Belcamp, MD Video October 24, 2018, 10:59pm

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PARENTS! Here is a just a clip of what goes on in the training group with our kids training since the shut in began . Instead of the kids being bored out of their mind all day during this shut in, our kids and others are having fun working out and learning MMA moves, sometime 2x's a day. Parent make sure you join the group to give your kids access to this training during the shut in!!!

Join the live kids workout! About to start in a few mins Click and join the group here Https://

kids MMA warm up. join the group now now.

Joins us on our Training group for the live kids workout at 6:30 Click here Share with other parents so their kids can join the daily classes

kids Virtual workout
Kids mid day MMA workout is about to start on our Virtual Training group. Join here for our daily kids workouts. Use this as your childs gym/fitness credit during the shut down! Share this with other parents!

Kids and Parents Training Together♥️ Our parents have a great time training with their kids when we do parent partner night. Can’t wait to do this again when everything opens back up. In the mean time have access to virtual training lessons they can do with their kids at home to keep the training going. If you would like to get access to training drills to do at home with your kids while the kids are forced to be out of school, send a dm Stay safe everybody, see you soon!

🗣Parents does your child need Confidence⁉️ Discipline⁉️ Exercise ⁉️ Self Defense from BULLIES 😡⁉️ 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ This is the SOLUTION! Bring your child in to see how our program will change his/her life just like we’ve done for so many others for the last 13 yrs. Txt “kids” 410-272-3799 For a free Uniform and 30 Days Free

Think your child’s energy can lead to problems??? We have the perfect system in place for your child’s 🤪 MASS ABUNDANCE of energy. We want to team up with you and get ahead what can lead to a serious problem with your child’s school performance and school behavior. When this goes uncheck you kids are at a disadvantage and are more prone to experience more difficulty in school and failure. Let’s team up and be deliberate about your child’s success. Text “kid” to 410-272-3799 so you can come see the plan we have in place and start your child’s training!

Parents!!! Want to get a step ahead with your child’s development??? We have the perfect solutions Hands on training that will increase ✅ Focus ✅ Discipline ✅ Confidence and will give your plenty of exercise and SELF DEFENSE SKILLS Learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, & Kick Boxing with us will give your tools that will help succeed in school, sports, and forming positive friendships. Let your try a class out with a FREE training pass. Leave a comment or dm us to save a spot in the next class. Text “Kids” 410-272-3799 to start your child’s training with gloves before they are all gone!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It’s Really Made A Big Difference In His Confidence! Proud Grandparents enjoying the growth they seen in their grandson confidence in the few months he has been training! If you want to experience the joy of witnessing your child EXPLODED with confidence, then want to invite you to have your child try a FREE class. Helping kids walk in confidence is a specialty we have been working with kids in the area for over 10 years. The benefits of your child being confident not only will save him/ her from BULLYING, but will also help ✅ Improve School performance ✅ Have Productive Behavior ✅ Be Ambitious to do great things ✅ Having a NO QUIT Attitude If you are serious about making sure your child has the CONFIDENCE to be the very BEST, then leave a comment or send us DM so we can set you up for a free class and send you 30 Day Training pass!👍

Top Flight MMA Kids Are Just Built Different💪 This is the type of training that brings out mental and physical strength in all of our kids. Even Kids that have never done anything like this before or were terrorized by bullies at some point and time.. ALL transform into some super confident kids with positive mind sets. Some of the most Shy, Undisciplined, & Unfocused kids you’ve ever seen, grow into amazing confident disciplined young adults! It’s amazing the transformation all the kids go through with Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, & KickBoxing Training🥋🥊 If your child needs something like this to bring out their full potential, we want you to come in right away to try out class! 30 Days Free + Uniform Leave a comment or send a dm

Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training is just what your child needs!!! This is why 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️Does your child have difficulty with FOCUS & and could us a BOOST in CONFIDENCE? 👍 If Yes, then they need to be in our program learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu like these kids! When it comes helping kids focusing their energy, zeroing in their attention, developing strong character traits that help over come obstacles, and make sure they won’t get bullied at school, on the bus, or anywhere else.... 👇What our kids are doing here in this video is what your child needs!!! 📰 Studies have shown that kids with a lot energy increase focus, discipline, and confidence with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, and Kick boxing training. And the great thing about our program is we do ALL 3! Either our After school program or a few nights a week in our Evening program will give your child the skills and mindset that will ensure a lifetime of success and determination💪 🤔Is this something that would help your child improve in all areas of his/her development? 📲Send us a message or comment yes below! Or text “kids Bjj” to 410-272-3799 We want to your child to come a try a class this week. 🗣If you think this would kids in the community does us a favor and help spread the word. Give this a share 😃 Leave a comment or txt 410-272-3799 “Kids BJJ”

Free 30 Day Kids Training Pass. Parents, Get your child’s today! Can you believe he started training at 3yrs old???😲 When our kids learn Boxing skills like this along with important martial art skills it is proven to be the BEST thing to BOOST confidence and make them BULLY PROOF. This young warrior’s parents got an early jump on making sure he would have self confidence and determination to reach his full potential in everything. Parent how is important is that your child have the kind of self confidence that allows him/her to walk in his/her full potential and not get bullied around??? If you are like our student’s parents, then we have something extra special for you. Won’t last long though Send us msg or text “kids training” now to get you 30 Dsy training pass and the extra special boxing gift. 410-272-3799

🦁 Helping Kids Recognize How Strong They Are, Mentally & Physically Sunday Kids grappling class having some fun exercising and going over takedown techniques. Some of the most AMAZING things start happening when the 💡 turns on and the kids realize how strong they are. This are the type drills and movement that have allowed us for over a decade help kids tap into their super powers. Does your child need help tapping into his/her super powers for confidence or discipline??? Send us a msg if you would like help with this so we can send you a 30 Day training pass🥋

🤔How much would this a couple night out the week help your child? Get Free 30 Day Training Pass & see the difference it makes in your child’s life! Send dm or leave a comment to get your child’s pass now

😟MMA Training starting at 3yrs??? Yep, You bet! 😎 Wouldn’t lessons, like what Coach Kyle is going over, be great to instill into a kid at this stage of their development? 🤔How much better would be for them in school and everything else if they were developing their ✅Listening skills ✅Discipline ✅Confidence... while learning cool martial art skill like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, & Kickboxing??? If you think this is the perfect time to start securing these benefits, then send us a msg to get a 👉FREE 30 Day training pass for your child with a 👉Free uniform

[FREE WEEK] After School Program Parents, come and see how this daily routine of home work/ study time and our special martial arts training will make your child ✅ Do Better In School ✅ Have More Focus & Discipline ✅ Learn Positive & Healthy Habits ✅ Confident & BULLY PROOF! If you KNOW WITHOUT A SHADOW OF DOUBT that your child would thrive in a environment like this and NEEDS THIS, then we want you to come in and let your child try this for a week! But hurry before all van seats are full for the year!!! And if you don’t need 5 days a week of our then you definitely have to come and check out our evening program. 🤩 30 Days FREE Leave comment or send a Dm now!

Bully Repellent Seminar Ground defense!!

Bully Repellent Seminar Instructor Says games

After school self defense training💪

📚🎒🥋🎁Hurry in for the Back To School Give Away. Leave a thumbs up in the comments if your child loves Naruto or any other Anime👍 Free Book Bags,School Supplies, Uniform, Gloves,& NEW Naruto Top Flight head bands. Come in now and see how our After School Pick Up or Evening Programs Will Change your child’s life this school year. Leave a comment or send a message to get set up before supplies run out! Tag a friend 🤜🤛 Share😃

Summer Training is going to be 🔥🔥🔥 Literally! Between the Summer Camp Program and the Evening Training Program these kids are going to reach new levels of Confidence! 🚀 And when it comes to making sure your child is BULLY PROOF, he/she have to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques like what Coach Kyle is teaching the beginner class in this video. Our programs teach the most effective forms of self defense! Leave a comment or send a message to bring your child in to see our classes and get started on one of our summer bonus offers! 🥋💪👉 Https:// Share this with other parents😃

🎉🎁Confidence & the Skills to Defend Themselves are the Greatest Gifts You Can Give Your Child🥋 ( Share and Repost for Harford County Parents! ) Most kids can’t see the benefits of sticking something through or being challenged... They would rather be unproductive and play video games or be glued to a mobile device - And parents fall for the 😢 and let them get by without any accountability🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️ But when the kids are guided and directed to positive activities that will challenge them mentally and physically, they gain successful habits and minds set that set them apart. Safe to say this young princess warrior’s parents are glad they invested in her training 💪😎😂 Parents got her signed up at 11yrs old, and in he process of 7 yrs she has worked her way to junior Black Belt and a multiple time grappling champion! Definitely peace of mind for her parents that she can take care of herself👊💣💥 🎁Parents - are you ready to give your child the gift of 🎁 💥 Confidence 💥 Discipline 💥 Self Defense 💥 Healthy Outlet Wanna learn how to make your child's first 30-days with us FREE? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️Comment below, send us a message (link below!), or give us a call 📲 (410) 272-3799 to HELP your child GET STARTED WITH US - 30-Days FREE! 🥋💪👉 Click this link to send us a message! Https:// #Confidence #Discipline#Focus #SelfDefense #BullyRepellent#BetterGrades #MentalToughness#TopFlightMMA #Maryland#HarfordCounty #CecilCounty#Baltimore #belcamp #aberdeen#edgewood #abingdon #havredegrace#belair #joppatowne #joppa #foresthill#fallston #perryville #northeast

🎉🎁Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Child🥋 Most kids can’t see the benefits of sticking something through or being challenged. They would rather be unproductive and play video games or be glued to a mobile device. And parents fall for the 😢 and let them get by without any accountability🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️. But when the kids are guided and directed to positive activities that will challenge them mentally and physically, they gain successful habits and minds set that set them apart. Safe to say this young princess warrior’s parents are glad they invested in her training. Parents got her signed up at 11yrs old, and in he process of 7 yrs she has worked her way to junior Black Belt and a multiple time grappling champion! Definitely peace of mind for her parents that she can take care of herself👊💣💥 🎁Parents give your child the gift of🎁 Confidence Discipline Self Defense Healthy Outlet. 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️Click the bio link to start your child’s 30 Day Free Training 3 ways to get started 🥋💪 👉1) Send us a direct message 👉2) Give us a Call 410-272-3799 👉3) Schedule an appt to visit ( And Get a Coupon for more Free stuff) 👇 Share this with other parents that are serious about giving their kids an edge in life😃

Kids Grappling Training! One of the most neglected areas of kids martial arts training is grappling. Bullies most often use grappling situations to terrorize their victims. But when a child has the knowledge of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, they can successfully defend his/herself against a bully. Even if the BULLY IS BIGGER & STRONGER. You can see how these young students are having a ball! Make sure your sure your child has this specialized knowledge. Click link or send a DM to get your child started with 30 Days FREE. 🥋💪👉

Parents! Need help getting your kids off the electronics and increasing their physical activity, confidence, and discipline? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ We have the perfect solution that will make them physically and mentally stronger and give them skills that will last a lifetime! Click the link and have your child Try our after school or evening training program free! 🥋💪👉 Https://

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Nerf Wars going down Now!!!

Parent partner training night! 7-12 yr old group

Parent partner training night!!!👊👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 30 Day Free Trial👇 🥋💪👉 Https://

Kids Sunday Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the best disciplines a child can learn. Aside from learn techniques that allow students to neutralize a bully’s attack, it also is one of the best ways to make a child mentally tough. Resilient!!!👊 Check out one our new Master Club members demonstrate a grappling sequence! If your child needs training to increase confidence, discipline, & RESILIENCE click this link to set up a time to come and see classes 🥋💪👉 Https://

Kids & Teens Self Defense Training 💥30 Days Free Self Defense Training 🥋💪👉 Https://

This gives kids SUPER CONFIDENCE & TOUGHNESS... the kind of toughness that allows our kids to keep pushing and not quit when things get hard in school, sports, or life. And it makes them BULLY PROOF! If you like your child to be mentally and physically durable, would really like assurance that your child will keep on pushing when things get difficult, then click the bio link or this link 👉 so we can show you how our program will help! If you feel this is important for kids share this and tag a friend🤜

💪 Keeping The Teens In Our Community Active & Teaching Them Self Defense. Sowing the seeds of positive & healthy life styles the will produce Amazing Accomplishments as Adults. If your Teen needs a healthy/ positive outlet like this, don’t wait till tomorrow! click the send message button now to bring your teen in to see our program. Or leave a comment👇 💥30 Days Free And A Free Training Shirt! Share this with other parents with teens. The transformation is AMAZING!

After School Program “We Transport” 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Parents, if Confidence, Discipline, or even BULLYING are major issues you concerned with for your child, WE CAN HELP! 5 Days a week will pick your child up, help with homework, and train them in our world class martial arts system. In our program your child will be more ✔️Confident ✔️Disciplined ✔️BULLY PROOF If your child needs something special like this, leave a comment. Share with other parents with kids that need this!

Top Flight After School Program HOMEWORK TIME 🥇 📓This is part of the recipe that allows our parents to see VAST improvements in their kid’s school performance. 5 Days a week, 4 weeks a month, 10 Months a School year the routine stays the same. The next part is where we give kids SUPER CONFIDENCE & ABILITIES 🥋 🖐 Parents if you want to see a huge difference in your child’s school performance, self confidence, and attitude, then let Us Pick Up Your Child For a Week FREE. If you think your child would greatly benefit from a structure like this, or you know of a child, then do us favor share. Leave a comment or send a message! 410-272-3799

🏆 We want to give your Teen a good workout, a boost of confidence, self defense skills, and positive environment for them to enjoy! Leave a comment if your teen needs an outlet like this. Or if you know of abteen that needs this, tag the parents. We Free Top Flight Training Shirt for your teen!

Defense to being strangled on the ground☠️🙀😎

🗣 Do you need help with your child’s energy, focus, adhd? This is one thing we do to harness all that energy. Never fails! If you live in the Harford County or Cecil county area, we can help your child help focus that ball of energy and tap into his/her FULL POTENTIAL! Leave a comment if you want to come in have your child try a free month. All that energy is NOT a problem, it’s a diamond in the rough. And we can polish it! I you think this would be perfect for your child or someone else’s child SHARE THIS please. Thanks😃 410-272-3799

Don’t miss out on Wednesday’s class. We will show how to do this move when someone is trying to strangle ☠️ you!!!

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