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Little bass fought big, always fun. Thought it was going to be crappie

Tennessee is beautiful

Going to use a turkey decoy during eer hunting season. Over 20 deer have been infatuated with it.

Well my decoy made a friend tonight. #hunting #cat #oddfriends #weird #fail #wronganimal

Got one of my buddies his biggest fish of his life (so far), making memories with friends is why i do this. Enjoy video....

My buddy Justin and I got into some tip up action today in the wind.

Nice pike
30" Pike through the ice

Late season bow hunting
Went out, hung a second stand. Had a doe come in late but after shooting light. Follow me on YouTube for more. https://w...

unexpected guest.
Had an unexpected guest. got a chance at a doe and missed :(check out my youtube for more: https://www.youtube.com/chann...

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Early season help and hints.

Hunting apps to help you

Little button buck wanted to hang out for about 20 minutes today.

Tuesday talk (a day late)-fixed vs expandable

These guys hung around for about 30 minutes yesterday.

Little buck that walked right under me the other day.