Grand Lake State Park - Bernice Area & Nature Center

Grand Lake State Park - Bernice Area & Nature Center


We spent a couple hours at the Bernice State Park & Nature Center. If you haven’t been there , you should go, Mrs Amanda is awesome! My granddaughters said,when we left “we didn’t know it was going to be so cool” ❤️
Dog bed or flower bed?
Today is Mrs. Amanda’s, our Park Naturalist, Birthday 🎉🎈Stop by our Nature Center to give her happy wishes and see our animal ambassadors as well.
Happy Retirement Day Charlie Petty!
Decent day at twin,bridges
Where should I be fishing right now? Just tried Bernice State Park and no luck 😕
Great day to be in the water at Grand Lake State Park Bernice today! It’s a good day to play outside.
Can you tell me how the water levels are currently? We are eventually wanting to camp this year and love this area😊 thank you!
Just wanting to check on our favorite State Park, all of those who work there and all the wonderful animals.
I had the pleasure of visiting the center today with Cleora Cardinals Pre - K - 3rd grade students! Amanda Wiley you were amazing with the kids! I even learned a few new things!! 🐰🐢🐍🦋🐝🦎🐸🐺
Bernice nature center is a great place for a birthday party! Thank you Miss Amanda for the amazing time and fun lesson on Snakes! Memories that will last a lifetime!
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Bernice Area at Grand Lake State Park is located on the northwestern corner of Grand Lake, OK. Our 88 acre park offers many amenities for both camping and recreational day use.

To find out more visit

Operating as usual

[02/26/21]   ODWC biologists with the Paddlefish Research Center are encouraging anglers to release any green-banded paddlefish caught while fishing Grand Lake. These green-banded paddlefish are young males that have recently been transported from record-breaking Keystone Lake to help improve and diversify the paddlefish population right here on Grand Lake!

As the ice melts on these warmer days the wind is pushing large sheets of ice to the shoreline. At noon today I took the first two photos and by time I left the park at 4:30 the piles of I've had grown exponentially as seen in the last two photos.

Have you noticed what seems to be an unusual amount of dead fish since last weeks winter weather? Here is a fantastic explanation as to what is happening from biologist's over at the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) !

Winter Weather and Oklahoma Fisheries- Threadfin Shad

As we begin to thaw across the state, you may notice small fish floating at some Oklahoma reservoirs. Threadfin shad (Dorosoma petenense), a popular baitfish species in Oklahoma, are a subtropical fish native to the deep southern portions of the United States that have been transplanted into Oklahoma waters for their value as a forage fish for most sport fish species. Threadfin shad can’t handle extended periods of cold weather, becoming stressed in water temperatures below 50 °F, and can experience large die-offs in temperatures below 41°F. A weather event of this magnitude likely affected all water bodies across the state where Threadfin currently reside. Coupled with the concern of transporting Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS), few options exist for supplemental stockings. However, Threadfin shad are prolific spawners and over time their populations will rebound. We anticipate that while many shad will die, some will have found thermal refuge and will survive to repopulate the reservoirs in the coming years. We have already had a few reports of this occurring, including Konawa Lake. Threadfin Shad kills are a very common occurrence in Oklahoma reservoirs, especially those farther north. In the short-term, sportfish like Largemouth Bass will benefit from a buffet of dead and dying threadfin; however, long-term effects will vary based on the extent of the kill in each reservoir, and the abundance of other forage species.

Yes, it is true. Grand Lake is still frozen in the Horse Creek area. It is also a fact that I threw a rock or two to see if they would break through that said ice. 🤷🏻‍♀️ What can I say...I have the gift of childlike wonder and a scientific mind. Now to find a bigger rock! 🪨

This morning the Nature Center will be CLOSED, but enjoy these frozen photos at Mrs. Amanda's house in the Bernice area! The dense winter fog has provided a cool frost phenomenon, called hoarfrost. Hoarfrost is when water vapor has undergone deposition and frozen into ice crystals on exposed surfaces.

Took a short walk to the lake today so everyone could see how frozen Grand Lake is infront of the park. 🥶

Please remember to stay off of the lake. It may look like it is frozen solid, but one wrong step and a break in the ice would result in a very serious and life threatening situation.

"You woke me up to make sure I'm ok? Of course I am, now where's my food?"

We are still keeping warm, dry, and yes Opal... we're making sure everyone is well fed too. 😬

"They're worried about me? I'm worried about them! I have all this nice fur and was made for this weather!"

Henry may not currently reside outdoors, but his winter coat would have kept him warm if he had to. We've been very lucky at Bernice Area to have electricity and we have not encountered any scheduled blackouts at this time. Stay warm friends and remember to conserve energy where and when possible!

It's a winter wonderland in the park today.

Park update...The Nature Center and all bathroom facilities are currently closed. All animal ambassador's are well fed, adequately spoiled, and snug as a bug. 🐛

A little bit different view of the park, as seen from our camp host's site.

Photo credit: D. Collins

These cards were so good last year that we dusted the snow off of them just for you to enjoy again this year! Happy Valentine's Day 💚

Don't worry friends of the nature center! All of our residents are warm and safe for these upcoming chilly temperatures and sub zero wind chills!

Here is Bumper enjoying my desk heater and a huge helping of locally grown greens. Bumper is an African Spurred Tortoise or Sulcata who wasn't designed to withstand winter weather. In fact he prefers temperatures no lower then 50°F, but he rarely goes outdoors after ambient temperatures drop below 60°F. He has been a resident at our facility for a little over 9 years and came to us unexpectedly when he was left in the center's backyard. During the winter months he comes inside of the Nature Center to a custom built enclosure, that he dislikes greatly. He prefers the creature comforts of my desk and will throw himself a fit if he can't have his little nook. He also likes stealing my desk heater by pushing it with his shell away from me. 🤷🏻‍♀️ He's just a tad bit opinionated and spoiled.

Photos from Grand Lake State Park - Bernice Area & Nature Center's post

This photo popped up on my personal memories from 2011 and here we are ten years later preparing for predicated snow accumulation.

*If you remember our retired Park Ranger, John Chinn, then you already know how that mysterious and hilarious sign "magically just appeared in that snow drift". There was never a dull moment with that one! 😂

Stay warm, friends!

Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science!

Let's go ahead and add a bonus throwback Thursday photo of Mrs. Amanda teaching 3 sisters how to pull and check a seine! These 4 worked as a team to find young largemouth bass and also spotted gar in their seine that day.

How cold is it? Cold enough to freeze a bubble!

If you have never tried this fun at home science experiment, why not bundle up and get outside for a moment to blow some bubbles?!?! I suggest blowing bubbles onto a cold smooth surface, like this trash can lid. Then all you have to do is watch as they freeze! Popping them is honestly my favorite part, but right before they freeze you will want to focus in the bubble itself. The freezing bubble will have dancing ice crystals float across the surface of the bubble right before it solidifies.

If you get out and try this, share a picture or two in the comments below!!!!

Grand Lake Set As Qualifying Lake For BassPro's First Amateur Fishing Tournament With $1 Million Payout

Did you hear about this amazing fishing tournament coming to Grand Lake? Might as well make your reservations to camp so you can enter for your chance to reel in the big bucks!!! BassPro Shops is hosting a fishing tournament unlike any other with the winning team taking home $1 million. The U.S. Open National Bass Fishing Tournament is for the "regular folks" who love to bass fish and is designed for families to compete and make memories together. Grand Lake is one of eight....

Recently we have received some Amazon wishlist love and also the gift of gardening by our supporters!

A super big THANK YOU goes out to Charlotte who has been dropping off fresh grown greens for our animals, Kelly for harvesting 4 HUGE bags of freshly picked garden greens, and Sarah for the pet carrier for Opal!

We couldn't do it without the support of YOU! 🥰

Interested in that Amazon Wishlist? Our link is in the comments below!

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📷 : Wilson Lau, Flickr CC

Opal says "thank goodness it's Friday!"

Not really! 😁 She just smelled dinner coming and got super excited! *Sniff sniff sniff*

The skinks aren't sure what to do in their new individual enclosures, especially since they have attracted a tank mate. I hear he's just trying to stay warm. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Good morning from the shores of BEAUTIFUL Grand Lake 'O the Cherokees!

The Bernice Nature Center will be closed Monday, January 18th, in observance of Martin Luther King Day.

All camp sites, the nature center bathroom facilities, playgrounds, and trails will be open for you to still be able to enjoy the beauty found in nature!


Don't worry folks, the week of Henry is still upon us!!!

During the warmer months we make enrichments that serve a double duty. Icecube enrichments provide not only a cool snack, but also an enrichment that requires a little bit of dedication. This icecube was created by adding a food item into a balloon, filling the balloon with water, and then freezing it.

Not all of our resident animal ambassador's enjoy this type of enrichment, but as seen here...Henry does!

Today, Henry got his new cat tower! 🥳 He says it smells funny, but the newness will wear off and soon it will smell just like him!

Did you know your Nature Center donations go towards items like this? Donations can also be made while online shopping, by way of our Amazon wish list! Every penny adds up and each donation helps support this cute guy and his friends.

Raccoon feet are the softest! If you've ever been lucky enough to feel Henry's or another racoon's feet, tell me I'm wrong!

I often get busy during the day and fail to post the cute or funny photos of the day. Then I get home and think, "I'll do it tomorrow". Then the next day that cute or funny photo is far from my thoughts.

So this week I declare it the week of Henry! A flashback of photographs from my personal archives.

This photo on the other hand I didn't post, because it was a really difficult day and I feel my face showed it. I went inside Henry's enclosure to tell him good night before I left. I went to scratch his back and I got emotional over the day. Henry stood up in his bed and gave me the sweetest gesture he could. He knew it had been a rough one and I think he knew I badly I needed a hug. Henry is amazing and I'm the lucky one because to get to care for him!!!

Now this is a sweet deal!!!

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📷 : Wilson Lau, Flickr CC

Yesterday we shared a photo of Henry when he was a sweet little one year old. Today we share a photo of Henry that captures his true mischievous masked bandit shenanigans. No worries friends, he isn't leading a life of crime. But, I do hear purse snacks are the best snacks while traveling and Henry's blindness doesn't hinder his ability to sniff out a good purse snack or two. 😁

Opening a forgotten zip file of photographs of a young Henry is the equivalent of finding misplaced baby photos of your young adult. 😍 Isn't he adorable?

Photo credit: Lori Duckworth
This photo shoot was taken for Henry's appearance in the Oklahoma Today magazine!

Good morning friends! This picture does no justice to the actual in person beauty of this early morning photograph, but we hope you enjoy it all the same. 💚

Bernice Area at Grand Lake State Park | - Oklahoma's Official Travel & Tourism Site

Do warmer winter days that precede chilly winter weather get you daydreaming about summer camping adventures? Well don't wait!!! Book your summer camping trip today!

Itching to reserve RV site #14? I hear that it is available on those coveted summer holiday weekends...😉 Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department's comprehensive site containing travel information, attractions, lodging, dining, and events.

Some days the only way Henry will hold still for a photo is to let him fully explore what my hand smells like. Which always makes me wonder, "What exactly does my hand smell like to a blind raccoon?" 🤷🏻‍♀️ I only wash my hands approximately 42 times I day, Henry so they don't smell terrible....or do they?

Thank you to all who attended our first day hikes today! The day started off cold and wet and pretty much stayed the same for the rest of the day. 🥶 BUT, you showed up and you did it! You took a step into the new year with a heart healthy hike! Now keep up the good work and may your enthusiasm keep you moving forward all year long! -Amanda

Grand Lake State Park - Bernice Area

Bernice Area at Grand Lake State Park is located on the northwestern corner of Grand Lake. Known as the "Crappie Capital of the World," the park also offers fishing for largemouth bass, sunfish, white bass, channel catfish and bluegill.

The 88-acre park area, which is located in the small town of Bernice, boasts 150 primitive tent sites and 33 RV sites with water and 50 amp electric hookups. There are also two comfort stations with hot showers located on either side of the park. Picnic areas are scattered throughout the park, and there is one covered shelter.

Bernice Area at Grand Lake State Park also offers several activities for kids of all ages. With two playgrounds, a swimming beach, a nature center, a wildlife feeding area and two wildlife watch towers, the whole family is certain to find something to enjoy. The park also features a one mile paved walking and jogging path that is handicapped accessible.

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