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Kimberly Spencer is an award winning high performance coach and trainer, Amazon bestselling author, international motivational speaker, and the founder of, helping female entrepreneurs achieve holistic success and happiness with their bodies, businesses, and relationships. From her entrepreneurial beginnings at five selling bags of glitter-water to her neighbors, to becoming an a

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BIG DAY!! I took Decky to a 2-hour bank 🏦appointment to do the boring/est of fun business activities - set up a bank account.

Why it took 2 hours? I honestly have no idea.

But Declan learned the principles of finance, economy, yield, and interest, all the while…

Dazzling me with his drawings…

Writing his own 2 sentence story about meeting a cat, a dog, and having lunch.

He even did his hair…

And he only went p*e once!

(If you don’t have kids, just know this alone is a feat of parental achievement!)

I started .now with him in my tummy. It’s been his “twin” growing with him all along. Now I have a second baby and a second business with

I don’t keep my business or my kids separate. They are both deeply part of me and influential on each other.

This old paradigm of keeping work at work and home at home is not only not sustainable, it’s not human.

You are a holistic human being with so many beautiful amazing facets and aspects of your life that bleed and weave into each other like watercolors.

For me and my business, I want my kids to be involved, to learn as I learn.

Today Decky learned about fee % and the impact that it can have on how much money you make.

THIS is NOT taught in schools until high school, if that.

But these life skills are essential to making not seem like this overwhelming burden, but just a regular part of doing life.

It doesn’t have to be hard.
But these things, like setting up a bank account, do need to be done.

And you can make it fun, and colorful, and tell stories while you do it.

It was an honor to have my little mini-man-me by my side.

He even was inspired that he could make “A lot of money” with mommy’s company.

I asked him, “What’s a lot?”

“$1,052,” he replied.

Done. He’s hired! 😝

I’m in the business of raising Kings after all - and that’s my most important job. 👑

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Step into my office…nope. Party up in my kid’s crib! 🎉

In the midst of moving in the next two weeks, with no desk, and my office converted into an extra bedroom for staging, my son’s playroom is the ONLY room in the house where I can shut the door, have quiet, and comfortably sit in a space without being disturbed.

I simply refuse to work from a bed that I can physically fall asleep in - too much energy-mixing.

So, propped up by Tiger pillows and an astronaught with a permanent “high-five” hand up, this is where I co-facilitated the Roundtable for the top 10% of women in business doing multiple 6, 7, and 8-figures.

We women make it work.

And, if you’re grasping your loins in horror thinking, “but doesn’t look professional!”

Lemme stop you right there…

What’s “unprofessional” would be NOT showing up for a commitment.

What’s “unprofessional” would be using an excuse of you external environment impacting how you are able to show up.

What’s “unprofessional” would be NOT serving to the best of my ability no matter the circumstances.

It’s not your Zoom background that makes you “professional.”

It’s the energy in which you keep your commitments and show up to serve that makes you “professional.”

You do the best you can, with the resources you have - even if that’s using a slatted crib backboard as your Zoom background.

There’s a difference between what I see and what they see - intentionally so, so as to not distract from the intention of the Roundtable.

This also proves you can tailor the perception of “professionalism” even from your crib. 😎

Slide 1: What I see
Slide 2: What THEY saw

Keep your commitments. Have the courage to be transparent. And go do the dang thing. 👑

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It’s like there is a giant Rock watching over us. I could have hugged this boulder.

Being back in my hometown of LA these past 10 months after living in Australia…

Losing my dad right after Christmas 2 years ago…

Losing 2 family members and 2 longtime family friends last Christmas…

And having one of the most challenging years in my business (and I’m not the only one)…

Needless to say, finding a lot of tears this season.

Tears of learning.
Tears for who I was.
Tears for the little girl that I can never go back to being.

The grief seems to have renewed this Christmas.

I mean, I can’t even sing through “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” without checking up into ugly tears at the line, ”Through the years we all will be together…”

Because the Fates haven’t allowed.

This is my first Christmas home, with my family, but without so many major players.

My heart is hurting.

And yet, my soul is free - because I know where we are moving to.

Because I know I have so many new players on the other side, including my , my dad, whose spirit is guiding me in his true form of Love, peace and generosity.

I know we are closing the final volume of the first 35 years, to prepare for the next volume in which Spike and I are setting a new foundation for our family, as we literally move states.

It’s scary and exciting AF.

And the biggest thing I’ve learned this year, is to just lean in.

Push that mother-f**ker of a boulder uphill, and scale your mountaintop…

Because it is possible.

It just takes a different YOU than you were before you chose to take on this challenge.

And that Revolution is 1000% okay.

It must be.

“Grow or die” has been a company value and personal value of mine for the past 6 years.

It stall stands.

And so do I.

And so do you.

We keep going. Ever onward. Always forward.

No matter what giant boulders seem to block our path. We will find our way over it, around it, or even under it.

For it is in the quest of finding our “way” that we defy perception and transform reality. 👑

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Finally! I get to be a cool mom.

Painters come in 2 days and we have free reign until then to create epic works of art on the walls before final painting, staging, and showing, and my most exciting - SELLING!

Life moves fast, and transitions can be tough.


That doesn’t mean you can’t make them beautiful, fun, and playful as well.

Keep a commitment to PLAY if your in a time of tough transformation.

For it is through PLAY + CURIOSITY that your intuition gets a voice.

And She will always lead you toward your best next aligned action. 👑

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We’re the bad guys. 🃏🦇🗯♦️ .spencer

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Life isn’t meant to be done alone.

To achieve anything great requires more than just YOU.

It is the illusion of our egos that our ideas and even our creations are from isolation.

I mean, just look at creating a child - it takes two. 😉

And even not in the traditional way - it then takes a team of doctors and specialists.

It is and always is more than just YOU.

Your business isn’t created in isolation either.

You create it WITH your customers, WITH your team, WITH your mastermind partners and idea generators.

You can’t have a profitable business if it’s just you.

I’d even venture to say you can’t have a business if it’s just YOU.

What are you going to be, both customer and service provider? That would be crazy!

I mean ever see a movement of ONE?

ONE may be the one to spark a movement, but in order to move mountains, you must be in community.

No matter what business or movement you’re in, you are and will always be working in co-creation with others.

That’s how the Universe works.
That’s how people work.

Nothing is born of isolation.

So instead of buying into the illusion of your ego, choose to reach out MORE.

Ask for MORE support.
Co-create MORE with your customers to serve what they need.

Work MORE with your audience and following to show up in a way that serves YOU and them.

For that is how magic is made, in the co-creation of expanding people and possibilities.

Thank you for expanding mine. 👑



Please tell me it’s impossible.

I will prove you wrong.

Please tell me you don’t think I can do it.

I will show you I can.

Please tell me I’m “too much.”

I will agree that I am indeed “too much” for your interpretation of who I should be.

But I will never live by your “should’s.”

I will never fit into the mold you want to confine me too.

Because, baby, that mold is your own.

It’s the one you try to shape and contort yourself into.

It’s the one you’ve boxed yourself in, without knowing that it is not me who you fear, it’s yourself.

It’s your own liberation.

It’s your own potential.

I am nothing but a reflection of that which you are denying, repressing, disbelieving or avoiding within yourself.

So whenever you hear someone whisper, or hell - say out loud too your face - their interpretation of your potential…

Just know.

That’s not you.

It’s them.

You are limitless.

And so are they.

They just haven’t taken the blinder off, the gloves off, the shackles that have enslaved them to other people’s plagiarized programming.

You can.

And through your example, they will see what is possible.

At first they will hate, judge and berate you for it.

And then, maybe, with enough exposure, enough turns of the dial of the safe, they will unlock the secret that IT was in them just as much as IT is already exhibited by you all along.

Their judgement is a step in their journey.

It’s seeing YOU as them in their face and all the things they have tried to hide from within themselves.

Your “too much-ness,” your unlimited potential is a sign of their own that they have denied within themselves.

So keep lighting the way.

Keep standing out.

It’s working.

You’re illuminating the path of possibility for others.

…Even if they hate and judge you for it.

They may learn to love themselves in the process, BECAUSE of your example.

Keep being the testimony for possibility that you are.

Remember, your reign is now. 👑


6 years ago this kid was in my womb, as I got certified in NLP, Time Line Therapy®️ and hypnosis.

Declan wanted so badly to be in the picture when I received my Master NLP Practitioner certification. And with every fiber of my being, it was 💯 percent YES!

He was and is my WHY.
He always has been.
He was and was my WHY as to why I felt the need to continue to uplevel.

Because as awesome as it is for my clients to provide them with new tools and resources, these tools serve me 100000000% more as a mother…

And more than CEO…
More than founder…
More than ”however much I make in the next decade”…

My title of “MOM” will always reign supreme.

My boys are my Why.
They are my greatest investment.

And they are why I will continually and always invest in ME because in turn and via the ripple effect I am investing in them.

For as I change, I change my ability to impact and influence them.

As I grow, I expand their potential for growth.

As I love myself more by choosing to invest in my own growth, I show them the possibilities for their own growth.

We do not live in a bubble.

Who you are, ripples forth into the world and can make an impact on those who mean the most to you.

What do you want your ripple to be? 👑


🌹Our queenly bodies are sacred vessels.

We can literally become portals from the spiritual realm into the physical realm - Earth, life, human beings an come through us!

We are powerful, walking living breathing beacons of potential manifestation.

Even though I have loved my body for the past 12+ years after being transformed from an eating disorder…

It wasn’t until I had each of my babies naturally - and my second one unassisted - that there was this deepening, this Divine knowing etched in my bones of my innate power.

We are portals.
We are creators incarnate.
We Divine beings in a palace of wonder - this human form.

Miracles flow through us.
Magic is at our core.

The world is awakening to the power of the Divine feminine energy that is within us all. Humanity has barely scratched the surface of Her glory.

And this year; I’m birthing a whole new level of me. Buckle up, queens. 👑

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What’s better than graduating from an intense 16-days of NLP Master Practioner, breaking through your biggest self-limiting beliefs and coming out in a whole new level of Being?

Doing it with your best friend, who you just happen to be creating an EPIC future with - obviously.

.spencer I am so proud of us and the life we are building with our kids, the future we’re co-creating, the magic we’re making, and our constant commitment to both personal growth and growing together.

Our world is one of GLORIOUS POSSIBILITY! 👑


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What is life if not an expression of the Divine in human form?

We dance, make music, sing, play, engineer, tinker, creating and expressing that which is within us.

Art is creation incarnate.

A full expression being birthed into physical form through the emotional labor of fears of rejection, abandonment, other people’s judgement, and all the plagiarized programming of mental monkey chatter we have running through our heads.

Personal development is art.

Creating YOU to be who you desire to be is an art form and a practice.

Pavarotti called his commitment to art, “devotion.”

What if your commitment to become your most fully expressed, radiant, luminous self - the ART of being human - was just as devoted?

This Universe is art in spiraling, twirling motion.

Your work is art.
Your family is art.
Your life is art.

Who would you be if you were both a masterpiece and a work in progress? 👑

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To the next 10 years, my love!

With what we have been able to achieve, receive, see, do and become in this past facade - PHEW!

I know it’s already more than some do in a lifetime.

And we’re just getting started.

What this next 10 years has in store for us, with the level of focus, clarity, excitement, and tools that we now have cultivated over the past decade, I mean - my gosh! - what can we NOT do.

To more travel!
To more people served through our work!
To more personal growth!
To more books - both written and read!
To more kids!
To more love!
To more prosperity!
To more joy!
To more cuddles and deep talks!
To more possibility!
To more adventure!
To more expansion!

I am honored to do life with you .spencer . Thank you for choosing me right back, every day.

P.S. Colty’s face might be my favorite ever. 😂 he’s like “oh, here goes mom again, with her long writing posts.”

P.P.S. Declan isn’t dirty, he just decided to do his own make up with mommy for the occasion and wouldn’t let me help him blend. Epic.

P.P.P.S. How many takes does it take to get a family of 4 successfully in a photo? Swipe through 😝

❤️ 👑

Photos from Kimberly Spencer's post 07/07/2022

Your words carry vibration and energy - the life force of the Universe.

The Bible says “In the beginning, was the Word.”

Friedrich Nietzsche said, “All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down."

The Bhagavad Gita says, “Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.”

What are beliefs made up of? WORDS!

The very foundation of our communication is WORDS. And thus the foundation for our relationships - with ANYTHING - is also words.

Your relationship with your business, partner, money, kids is founded on words.

So the question is, what foundation are your words forming for your relationships?

Choose them wisely, queens. 👑


How do you celebrate the woman who has given you life?

I pondered this, this week, of all weeks.

This week was my mom’s 74th birthday - the first in 3 years we celebrated together, and the first together since my dad passed.

I still look at my mom and see the woman who saved my life - the woman who dared to sit on me in the hallway outside my bathroom screaming at me, “I love you Kim, and I’m not going to let you kill yourself.”

She was the first person who loved me enough to defy me. She stopped me from a slow form of su***de - bulimia - at 16 and made me realize I had people to fight FOR.

I look at my mom, especially after this past year and see a mother-effing Queen, a woman who lost her husband, sister, and mom in the same year and is still running her business like a boss PLUS managing multiple estates (which is basically like running 3 additional businesses for another 1-2 years…if you’ve dealt with death, you know).

I see this woman volunteer relentlessly to watch my kids, to give up her free time to be of service - what an epic example she is of servant leadership.

And to top it off, even after so much change, she still - at the age of 74- and not very much persuasion on my part 😉 - is now enrolled and certifying as an NLP Practitioner and Coach THIS WEEK to gain new communication tools to serve our family.

At 74 she is the oldest in her class, she is committed, doing her homework, and mother-effing leaning in, even when she’s exhausted, and I could not be more proud.

It takes courage and massive guts to change.

It takes heaps of bravery to have faced a year that she has and yet still say, ”Hold On, let’s brace for more!”

It takes loads of female-powered fortitude to keep going in the face of such loss, and yet this woman has done it.

Happy 74th Mom! I love you forever. And always your baby I’ll be.

You are the Queen Mum In my eyes! And may you reign last for generations to be remembered, for my boys love you to the moon and beyond.

(P.S. You may have genetically imprinted Declan’s desire to go for the literal stars - Thanks Stark Trek!).

❤️ ❤️


If I were to write anything…

I would fill the pages with prose that make the gods sing with their melifluosity, making up words like an entrepreneur pioneering through nothing into millions of somethings.

I would dance with my keyboard in a belligerently drunk tango, tripping and fallowing all over the place, yet still finding the sway of the beat through my fingers swaying like my hips dipped in linguistic rhythm.

I would play with language like a lover, toying and dancing about, day dreaming of the possibilities between the sheets of space marks.

I would fo**le the words in my hands, feeling their power and playfully casting some aside in the quest for a true romance with metaphor.

I would quench my thirst for creativity with prose that made my heart sing with the performance of a Broadway curtain-call ballad and the hushed truths of a lullaby.

I would stop fu***ng “copywriting” and start writing for my soul.

Words are air. Language is prayer.

What would you create if you just took the reigns off and started reigning it in through your soul?


On touch choices. Expectations. Launch 💣 And serving at the highest level during the lowest times.

Lemme know your thoughts 👇🏼 And thank you in advance for sharing the space with me.


I just got off a call with my mastermind that was filled with heaviness - loss, betrayal, and our collective sadness of yet another school shooting.

What does it mean to hold the space for grief?

It means that you get to stand in your secure masculine strength, to reinforce the kingdom walls of love and protecting, allowing for the deeply feeling feminine to flow through every stage of grief and healing she needs to go through.

Not judging.
Not trying to fix anything.
Not trying to change anyone’s mind.

But, the ability to openly, vulnerably share, to hold the space for another human’s experience.

This is the power of conversions.

And it is in the space of collective togetherness that we navigate the pain, loss, grief, and transformation that comes from challenges.

For it is in those challenges that we are forged into the diamonds of the earth -

The rocks that glitter in the sun.

But, who can also cut a bitch if you cut her the wrong way.

This is the power of diversity in community.

Iron sharpening iron.

Diamonds reflecting diamonds.

The ability to allow for a prism of perspectives to simultaneously and peacefully coexist at the same time to eventually allow the absolute truth of love to shine through.

For when you realize that in the space of our human experience, we are all one.

Quantum physics calls this “entanglement.”

We are all parts of the greater whole.

We need each other - to uplift, challenge, and inspire!

To hold space for each other’s journey.

To love unconditionally.

We must lift and connect our fragmented humanity to come together in compassion.

Not conditional compassion reserved for only those who agree with you.

But compassion, period.

We cannot heal our collective consciousness, we cannot unite if we don’t practice unconditional compassion within our human community on this planet.

So today, I ask, and, as a coach, I can’t help but challenge you to see -

Who have you been reserving conditional compassion for? And who do you NEED to shower with unconditional compassion?

Share this with a friend who needs it.

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