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This Mom Discovered How To Easily Remove Odors In Her Car

Carla Simmons, 39, was coming back home from a hectic grocery shopping trip with her four grade-school child when she noticed her kid becoming silent.

Her son Bobby had been thirsty, so he’d taken the gallon of milk from one of the grocery bags. But when he raised it to his lips, it slipped out of his hand and poured all over the carpeted floor of the mini-van.

The frustrated and tired mother rushed to clean the spill, but the 90° summer day took its toll. In less than two hours the entire car smelled like spoiled milk.

It was beyond rancid, She drove around like that for a week with all open windows. There was nothing she could do. She tried everything. Baking soda, Febreze, Air Fresheners, Sprays. Nothing worked.”

Bobby even puked everywhere as soon as buckled him in.
One neighbor, Mrs. Cascarol came over to see what was wrong.

She’s eighty-four. Suddenly, she told us she had the perfect solution.

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Protect your kids from danger

Danger is out there. Ballistic Shields are inserts that go into backpacks to transform them into a bulletproof screen.
Protect your kids from danger
More: Tested & certified in labs, Ballistic Shields provide a level of personal protection similar to what law enforcement officers wear daily as bullet proof vests. Built to meet Level IIIA threat. Backpacks with ballistic protection weigh only 24 oz more, the ballistic shields are removable when the use...

Chamomile essential oil for survival

6 reasons to use chamomile essential oil for survival

Chamomile is an ancient medicinal herb from the Bible also known in old Egypt, Greece and Rome. But it is during the middle-ages that chamomile grew in popularity. Especially when people turned to it as a remedy for numerous medical conditions including asthma, colic, fevers, inflammations, nausea, nervous complaints, children’s ailments, and skin diseases.

Chamomile essential oil for survival Health Benefits of Camomile Essential Oil: Sudorific, Febrifuge, Carminative, Vermifuge, Stimulant, Antidepressant, Anti-inflammatory, Sedative, Antirheumatic, Antiphlogistic, Cicatrisant, Analgesic, Antineuralgic, Antispasmodic, Relaxant & Nervine
Stomachic, Digestive, Hepatic, and Cholagogue.

Essential Oils for survival

Tea Trea Essential Oil: Launch price $1

You can survive:
- 3 minutes without air
- 3 hours without shelter
- 3 days without water
- 30 days without food

But you cannot live 3 seconds without Tea Tree Essential Oil. Also known as melaleuca...

Read More:

Essential Oils for survival Tea tree (melaleuca) is well-known for its powerful antiseptic properties & ability to treat wounds that has been used in Australia for the past 200 years. It’s been documented to kill many strains of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Its natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory actions make it an esse...

essential oils for survival

3 amazing essential oils for toothache

Did you know that both oregano, clove and tea tree essential oils can temporary help with a toothache?

Tea tree oil is commonly used in toothpaste, dental floss, dental picks, and mouthwash. It can also be used to reduce the spread of infection in hospitals and dental offices.

But clove is go-to essential oil if pain starts on Friday evening and the first appointment with your dentist is schedule on Monday...

essential oils for survival When you use clove oil for toothache pain, it’s the eugenol (an ingredient within clove oil) that provides relief. Eugenol is a natural anesthetic and antibacterial, and it works well at reducing inflammation in the mouth. In fact, a study by the British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon...

Essential Oils for your pets' survival

Proper use and care of essential oils with pets

If you use essential oils on you, you can do the same with your pets. Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense, Fennel, Helichrysum, Spearmint and much more. How to use those essential oils with your pets?

Essential Oils for your pets' survival The use of Essential Oils on pets is not limited to pest control, calming, cleaning! Upset stomach, loose bowels, infected paws and even emotion can be controlled by essential oils. Learn how...

Small Solutions For Easy Survival

30% OFF Menstrual Cups With This Ad Only

More and more people are saying that this election is gonna be rigged.

What do you think would happen then?

Chaos, mayhem, maybe riots, leading to the destruction of the supply chain.

That has happened in the past.

In some other countries.

Have you seen pictures of Venezuela lately?
Did you know that in August the auto-industry of Venezuela has sold a grand total of 35 cars? (yes, that's thirty-five cars in one month).

Have you seen that Venezuelan women are lacking the most basic stuff for their family for months and months:
- meat
- milk
- toilet paper
- tampons

All of this because their supply chain is broken.
I know you have never thought about this, but what would you do without toilet paper and tampons?

Stocking tampons in advance sounds like a good idea unless you know how much you have to invest in one year of supply.

Do you have enough money to buy one year worth of tampons?

Wouldn't you prefer something that is cheap and works for the long run so you don't have to figure out where to buy feminine hygiene when the shelves are empty?

Fortunately, there is a solution with a magic silicone cup that you can use once, wash, reuse, rewash, reuse for at leat one full year. And that cup is even cheaper than a box of tampons.

Read more:

Small Solutions For Easy Survival If you want something that just go with your flow, the menstrual cups will change you, one period at a time.

How the Towers Went Down: not because of planes

After a new 9-11 investigation was uncovered, suggesting the Twin Towers collapse was not caused by terrorists using airplanes but by an insider job consisting of a controlled explosion, there have been many dissenting voices challenging the established narrative from the Obama Administration.

Believe me: you need to see this video. Contrary to the government’s position on the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11 when it was issued to the public, it appears the collapse was not caused by the extreme temperature inside the building following the hijacked aircraft collisions. So, the theory that terrorists flew planes into the Tow...

How to use Essential Oils For Survival

The secrets essential oil companies don't want you to know

Buying an essential oil is easy, buying a good one can be a challenge, even for trained aromatherapists.

You would think you’ll get a bottle of potent liquid distilled from the flower, root, leaf, or rind of an aromatic plant.

Unfortunately, it’s tough to know if that’s what’s actually in the little bottle you brought home.

Some vendors "extend" essential oils by blending them with less expensive oils, while others pass low-cost oils off as ones that are harder (and pricier) to come by.

And others just totally fake it with synthetics that echo the plant’s scent.

How to use Essential Oils For Survival Purity, Patent, Babies, Kids, Concentration, Ingestion, Power, Price, Adulteration, Marketing, Fraud, the dark secrets essential oil companies don't want you to know : buying an essential oil is easy, buying a good one can be a challenge, even for trained aromatherapists...

Survival With essential oils

What Essential Oils Do I Use In A Survival Situation

Peppermint, Lavender, Tea Tree, Citronella Essential Oils are the first I pack In my 1st aid kit for survival because they have the medicinal properties I need most for preparedness.

Do you want to know why?

Survival With essential oils The FDA has brainwashed a lot of people into believing essential oils are dangerous; the reality is that they have been used for thousands of years, when industrial medicine did not exist. So, I'm still taking them with me on a survival trip...

When A Menstrual Cup Means Survival

Are menstrual cups improving women's sex lives?

When Cosmopolitan reported that feminine hygiene products may be affecting our sex lives, we were intrigued.

This was based on a study involving over 1,500 women, which revealed that 26% of participants found menstrual cups improved their sex lives.

Plus, according to the investigation, 66% experienced a decrease in vaginal dryness, while 84% noticed an increase in confidence.

read more:

When A Menstrual Cup Means Survival There are different sorts of benefits with menstrual cups. First of all, you don’t have to change it but once every 12 hours; convenience is an advantage of menstrual cups. Women have to change tampons more frequently, and often tampons leak more readily than a cup, which can lead to messes on cloth...

Sales non-GMO food are booming, Sales of food labeled "non-GMO" are booming, and it's starting to annoy organic food companies. They see the non-GMO label as cut-rate competition that doesn't deliver what shoppers imagine. Organic food sales are growing, too, but

30% on Menstrual Cup: Try One Now

Menstrual Cups Are The Next Big Thing

YES, Menstrual Cups are the FUTURE.

Do you have yours?

If not, WHY WAIT? Make it a thing of the PRESENT!

Get your reusable, eco-friendly, FDA approved, healthy and hygienic Menstrual Cup today and save 30%.

One Menstrual Cup lasts for 5-7 years and replaces approximately 1200-1500 tampons or sanitary pads.

You can keep it for up to 12 hours.

Imagine how much money you,ll save!
"Be the Princess that you are. Period."

If you have used a menstrual cup, write your review below

Read More:

30% on Menstrual Cup: Try One Now A recent survey found that 91% of women who tried menstrual cups said they'd continue to use the cup and recommend it to others.
You don't have to agonize over tampon sizes and guesstimate how many to shove in your bag. There is no forecasting; [you] just put the Cup in and you're good.

50+ Wilderness Survival Tips! Half of the video is about making fire with anything that's possible. This video is a must. The rest of the video shows a few handy tips and tricks that may just come in useful one

September Is The Opportunity Month to take Care Of Your Winter Garden

Knowing what to sow in the fall tells you what kind of seeds to look for. Find them in catalogs online and in local garden centers, choose heirlooms or hybrids, and get them bought so that you can turn to soil prep knowing exactly what you'll be growing. Here are some of my choices this year: September Is The Opportunity Month to take Care Of Your Winter Garden For those of you living in the South-West, you know gardening is an all-year activity. Even though it's still very hot in most parts

Essential Oils As Survival Tools

Essential Oils Are Great Mosquito Repellent

Are you aware of the threat from mosquitoes?
They just don't bite you!

They transmit a lot of diseases:
- Malaria,
- Dengue,
- West Nile virus,
- Chikungunya,
- Yellow fever,
- Filariasis,
- Zika fever
- And more...

The Essential Oils don't cure the diseases above, but pure Citronella or a blend of Citronella, Lemongrass, Rosemary, and Peppermint are natural mosquitoe repellent and the protect you against mosquito bites with the help of an essential oils bracelet.

This post teaches you how it's done...

Read More:

Essential Oils As Survival Tools Mosquito-borne diseases are caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites transmitted by mosquitoes. Here's one natural, effective, and economical remedy to fend-off mosquito bites once for all...

Tips for women survival

Women are better equipped than men to survive a disaster

Women live longer than men; that's a fact. A lot has to do with males fighting, working too hard or drinking too much, but all things being equal, it's also due to DNA inherited from their mothers. Experts call this the “mother’s curse” as the defective genes can cause health problems in men.

Here is an incredible story of 87 people going west in 1846. The trip resulted in much more men dying during the journey than women.

Now we know why.

Read more:

Tips for women survival Age, the size of one's social group, and most of all "gender" were crucial in determining who lived and died in the 10-foot snows of the Sierra Nevada on the one-year trip from east to west.

Affordable & EASY Survival Solutions For Women

6 Essential Survival Small Items We Should Have In Our Purse

When we talk about carrying survival devices with you anywhere you go, women definitively have an edge...

We always hold a purse that can be used to store any small survival devices we want.

How about astutely turning your bag into a daily survival carrying kit which can improve our chances of survival in any dangerous situation for at least several days.

This article shows the six indispensable survival small devices that all of us should hold in our purse.


Affordable & EASY Survival Solutions For Women The 1st thing that we want for our daily carrying kit is a larger bag. However, discretion is fundamental, so I am not saying that you should carry around a duffel bag. It is necessary to understand that a larger purse is better than a smaller one. Moreover, it is especially great if you can get hol...

Survival Tips for those who like to think ahead

Why stocking essential oils for survival is a good idea

When disaster strikes and no regular medicine is available, do you think you will be prepared?

Have you thought what could happen to you in case of rigged elections, cyclones, social upheaval, tornadoes, pandemic, earthquakes, flooding, terrorist threat, oil spill, civil war?

The healing properties of Essential Oils extend into the effective handling of a variety of mental and physical issues.

Do you know in advance what essential oils you will need?

Do you have your list and more important, do you have enough inventory to last several months without regular medicine?

If you answered yes, just pass it on so others can also benefit the amazing powers of essential oils...

Survival Tips for those who like to think ahead When conventional medicine is no longer an option, essential oils can be used as an alternative for headache, hiccups, tooth ache, cuts, bad breath, bruises, gingivitis, insect bites, jetlag, coughs, constipation, virus, infections, nosebleed, stress, shock, emotions, and much more. This article is ...

smart solutions for survival

Smart Pest Control Using Essential Oils

Citronella Essential Oil is found in many natural insect repellents. It is distilled from the citronella grass, grown mostly in Southern Asia. The fragrance is lemony and bearable to most people but pungent to many insects, especially mosquitoes. Other ESSENTIAL OILS have insect-repelling properties are cedarwood, lemongrass, eucalyptus, peppermint, pennyroyal, lavender, and bergamot.

ESSENTIAL OILS are the best product nature has given us when survival is in play.

Why is it that its use is not universal, that's bugging me!

In this article, you'll find example of how smart people use ESSENTIAL OILS to get rid of pest.


smart solutions for survival Ants, Aphids, Cockroaches, Flies and the now dreadful mosquitoes... The list of pests that can be easily tamed with ESSENTIAL OILS.

Top 10 Survival Gear You Will Ever Need In Your Backpack

Don't you think you need to prepare your backpack with impressive survival gear in case of a disaster or when SHTF?

Essential survival equipment will make a difference between survival or death. That involves using new innovative equipment or tools that support finding food or fire, making fire, using self-defense, protection, finding security, secrecy and much more.

These 10 top-gear equipment will help you cover your survival retreat for:
- water
- food
- light
- shelter
- fire
- stealth
and more... Led flashlights, Knives, Binoculars, Tarps, Tents, Camp stoves, Dehydrated & Canned Food, Individual Water Filters, Hunting, here is the list of the best products for a limited budget.

Жесть!!! зато к деньгам))))

This is really what's happening when SHTF, in this case, it's rather sh*t hits the wheels..

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