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Binghamton Ballroom Dance Association


Calling all college students that love to dance or are interesting in beginning. We have a discount program just for you. More details at> FAQs>Dance Vision Student Discount Subscription or Call 702-256-3830
Calling all college students that love to dance or are interesting in beginning. We have a discount program just for you. More details at> FAQs>Dance Vision Student Discount Subscription or Call 702-256-3830
Captain's Circle! #dcdi2019 #bbdt #pastandpresent #ballroomforever #foreverdance
BINGHAMTON!!!!!! #dcdi2019 #oldandnew #bbdt #ballroomforever #foreverdance
Pee pee panda bears With beachball frame and big steps What have we become? Alexx B. Wang
Registration ends this weekend for the #OSBCollegiateChallenge. Don't miss your chance to dance all day and then enjoy the amazing competition and performances happening at the Ohio Star Ball Championships!
Hey Dancers, Your Free Instant Portraits from MIT Ballroom dance competition 2018 Rhythm section are ready for Download.stay tuned for latin section to be posted in a few days. please check out the photos using the link above, and don't forget to like my Official page
!!!!!!! GIVEWAY!!!!!!! 2 tickets to Swing ‘n’ Sway! The rules are simple. Visit our page, comment “SHARED”, and share this event! Drawing ends Saturday, April 28th at 10pm. Winner selected at random.
February 17, 2018 Blue Velvet Band dance at Endicott American Legion Post 82
Blue Velvet Band dance Public · Hosted by Blue Velvet Big Band Saturday, April 28 at 6:45 PM - 10:30 PM Endicott American Legion Post 82 SUNY student $8
Interested in living downtown? Twin River Commons has new and reduced rates for our apartments and is now pet friendly! Give us a call to schedule a tour and come see what we have to offer!

We are the premier ballroom dance team at Binghamton University. Our goal is to introduce the world of ballroom dancing to the Binghamton Community.

Our goal is to introduce the world of ballroom dancing to the Binghamton community. Bearcats Dancesport represents Binghamton University at regional and national ballroom dance competitions at the intercollegiate and amateur levels. In addition, we provide instructional classes, host social dances, perform showcases, and prepare Binghamton dancers for social and competitive dance. It's a lifelong skill, so come out and dance! SA chartered.

Join us on Zoom TOMORROW, Wednesday evening for the last lesson of the semester! This week's theme is Nerdy Day in honor of finals week! 📚
BBDA also thanks you for joining our club meetings and events this fall. ❤️ We've had a great time with you this semester and we wish everybody luck on their finals!
Meeting ID: 91899991757

BBDA challenges you to a Christmas themed virtual escape room! Participants will be out into groups of 3-4 people and will have to work together and utilize their strengths to solve the puzzles thrown at them. Join with the meeting ID (478 423 9197) or swipe for the QR code!

Anddd that's a wrap! This concludes our week long virtual Winter Ball! 👏 BBDA would like to thank you all for following along with our posts. We hope you enjoyed watching our team members complete dance challenges and share more about themselves! See you again next year!! ❄️

Join BBDA on Zoom Friday next week (11/27) at 7:30PM for an exciting movie showing! We'll be watching Take the Lead (2006), a ballroom movie about a a dance teacher in NYC who "meets ridicule from street-wise students, who scoff at the notion of ballroom dancing. Far from being discouraged, he melds their hip-hop moves with his classical style, helping them create a dance form and, in the process, becoming their mentor."
WHEN: Friday, 11/27 7:30-9:30PM
WHERE: Zoom (swipe for QR code or join w/the meeting ID)
Meeting ID: 478 423 9197 (no password)

Join BBDA on Zoom TOMORROW, Wednesday evening for another fun lesson! This week's theme is Essential Worker Appreciation! We'd like to formally thank our very valued essential workers for all they have done and continue to do. We appreciate you all! This week's rhythm rumba lesson is in honor of those who sacrifice their own safety and well-being in this crisis to provide essential services. 
Meeting ID: 91899991757 (no password)

[11/17/20]   WINTER BALL | DAY 1: Get Ready w/Ballroom
Follow along as our Team Captain Don gets ready for a ballroom competition! Do you think he should start his own YouTube channel? 😜

The Binghamton Ballroom Dance Association invites you to join us for a week of fun posts! ❄️ Winter/Fall Ball is an event we usually host in person with lots of exciting performances (hopefully next year we'll be able to see you all on campus in the Mandela Room again!). This year, follow along on our Instagram (@binghamtonballroom) to learn more about our members and see them complete various challenges! ☃️

Check out some of the cool ribbons our association members decorated at our ribbon making event last week!! 🎗️

Join BBDA on Zoom this Tuesday evening for another fun lesson! This week's theme is Bing Pride Jive 🎓, so don your favorite BU apparel and get ready to show some school spirit with a lively jive!
Meeting ID: 915 0461 8420 (no password)

Join us in UU120 TODAY at 2PM for a fun in-person ribbon decorating event! 🎗️ While our team cannot complete at traditional ballroom competitions this year, we can still show some competitive spirit by making our own ribbons! Ribbons and arts and crafts materials will be provided. Come while supplies last!

The Binghamton Ballroom Dance Association presents our Fall 2020 apparel sale! We are selling reusable BBDA masks. Breathable, gentle on the ears, AND fashionable, they are perfect for protecting yourself and others while showing off your ballroom spirit! Order yours with our Google Form (swipe for QR code or use this link:

Join BBDA on Zoom this Wednesday evening for another fun lesson! 😜 This week's theme is Pajama Day 💤, so come in your coziest PJs and get ready to salsa the night away! 💃
Meeting ID: 91899991757 (no password)

Join BBDA on Zoom this Tuesday evening for another fun lesson! This week's theme is Costumes and Creatures Cha Cha 👻, so let's see those spooktacular costumes on the dance floor!🕷️ Swipe to use the QR code, or join with the meeting ID (915 0461 8420, no password!)

Join BBDA on Zoom this Tuesday evening for another fun lesson! This week's theme is Spoopy Swing 🎃, so put on your best costumes 👻 and get in the Halloween spirit as we learn the basics of East Coast Swing! 🧟
We've been experiencing some technical difficulties with Zoom lately, so if the QR code doesn't work please try using the meeting ID: 915 0461 8420 (no password)

Join BBDA on Zoom this Wednesday for another fun lesson! 😉 This week's theme is Club Takes a Vacation ✈️, so get ready to zoom on over to the sandy beaches ⛱️ of Argentina and learn the steps for the passionate argentine tango! 💃

Join BBDA on Zoom on Tuesday as we teach the basics of chacha! This week's club theme is Mr. Worldwide, so pack your bags🧳and get ready to have the 'Time of Our Lives' as we 'Feel This Moment!' We want you to 'Give [Us] Everything' and have some 'F.U.N.' Come on out and show us some 'International Love' this week! ✈️

Check out this cool video @binghamtonu put together of our Sunset Bachata! We had lots of fun and hope to host more events like this in the future 😊

Join BBDA on Zoom TONIGHT as we teach the basics of latin rumba! This week's theme is Club's Night Out, so get red-carpet ready for this party, or grab some eyeliner and a shot glass 🥃 like we're going out to the Bing bars. Quarantine has been keeping us indoors, but that doesn't mean we forgot how to party! 💃

Thank you for coming out to Sunset Bachata with BBDA last week! We hope you had fun 🥰 Check out these pictures SA Photographer Jonathan Cohen took of @mandamaee99 teaching everybody a bachata routine!
📷: SA Photographer Jonathan Cohen

Join BBDA on Zoom this Tuesday evening as we teach the basics of rhythm rumba! This week's club theme is Rainy Day Rumba ☔ So bring a rain jacket, rain boots, or rainbows 🌈, but don't let nobody rain on your parade! Remember, no rain, no gain! 💪 So see ya there!

And concluding our 🅱️-Board introductions, this is Keeley, BBDA's Marketing Director for the 2020-21 school year! She is a junior triple majoring in Psychology, Graphic Design, and Asian & Asian American studies. This is her fourth semester on the team and she cannot be more excited! Though she is staying at home this fall, she hopes she'll be able to dance with a partner and compete next spring (Bing comp? 🤷‍♀️). Her personal favorites are rhythm rumba, standard/smooth tango, and swing! All she wants to do is spread the love of ballroom 🥰 so if you're interested in learning how to dance, sign up for our listserv (link in the bio) to receive email updates about future events!

Meet Esther, our 2020-2021 Secretary! She is a junior majoring in Japanese and is on the Pre-Veterinary Medicine track. She has had an interest in dancing all her life despite only have taken dance classes in her middle school years. Funnily enough, she actually tried out for the Binghamton Ballroom Dance Team on a whim after going out the night before! 🤪 This is her fifth semester on the team, second dancing as a lead, and yet still doesn’t have a favorite style 😅. She does love to dance Latin Rumba, Latin Samba, Tango, and social dances. She is very excited to go back on the dance floor with a bang on the Binghamton Ballroom Dance Revolution in the Spring as a Bronze dancer soon to be advancing to Silver with her wonderful partner @lynnng.lynnng 💃

Meet our 2020-2021 Programming Coordinator! Jeremias Hernandez is currently a senior studying Economics, with the hopes of getting his MBA! Jeremias started dancing ballroom in his freshman year of college. It's helped him gain so much more confidence as a person. 😁 When he transferred to Binghamton he already knew he was gonna try out for the Ballroom Dance Team. He currently dances at the Bronze level, but he can kick some butt in Hustle and Salsa! 🔥 You'll probably see more of him as he is very involved on campus popping up to various events! Keep an eye out for what's to come! 👀

In case you weren't able to make it to our initial tryouts last weekend, BBDA will be hosting makeup tryouts for our competitive team this coming Saturday, September 12th from 11AM-2PM. Location TBD. Check out our event page on Facebook @ Binghamton Ballroom Dance Association to stay updated. All levels of dancers are welcome! We will teach you everything you need to know to try out. NO PRIOR DANCE EXPERIENCE, PARTNER, OR BALLROOM SHOES NECESSARY. Just bring comfortable clothes, a pen, and some water. And don't forget your mask! We hope to see you there. 😁

BBDA will be coming together on Friday, September 11th from 5-7PM for a bachata banger! 🕺💃 We will be instructing a (potentially) outdoor, socially distanced bachata lesson. In the event that our campus outdoor space reservation is denied, we will be hosting this event via Zoom. Check out our event page on Facebook @ Binghamton Ballroom Dance Association to stay updated. As always, NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! Just bring your mask and your hips! 🌶️🔥

Introducing Jonathan Wu, the other team captain for the 2020-2021 academic term! He is a senior currently studying Chemistry in hopes of being a Physician Assistant down the line👨‍⚕️. This is his fifth semester on the team and he dances silver in all four dance styles, but his all-time favorite dance is American Foxtrot. He started college dancing Latin in 🇵🇭 PAL’s annual Barrio show and the choreographer at the time, who was also on the team, brought him over to the life of Ballroom. When he isn’t dancing, he tries to squeeze in any opportunity to be active during quarantine like playing handball and riding his bike around campus. However, his greatest dream is for the pandemic to blow over so he can get right back to the dance floor and practice for the upcoming Spring 2021 Binghamton Ballroom Dance Revolution.

Binghamton Ballroom Dance Association

This is Don, one of our two team captains for the 2020-2021 school year! 😁 Don is a junior majoring in Finance and MIS, and considering a AAAS minor. He had no dance experience whatsoever before joining the team, but his former roommate and good friend convinced him to come to a GIM and join on a whim. This is his fourth semester on the team, and he couldn't be happier to have stuck around. While quarantine has made his skills rusty, he will be dancing at the silver level at his next competition. 💪 His favorite dances are basically all of Standard/Smooth 😂, but if he had to pick one it would be Standard Waltz.

Every club meeting this semester will have a fun theme! This week's club theme is the Swingin Wild West! 💥 So put on your cowboy boots and giddy up 🐴 on over to our Zoom call tomorrow evening. No need to grab your pardner, cause we're learning solo swing! It's a wild, wild world out there, so stay safe y'all! 🌵

This is Gracie, our other 2020-2021 Competition Coordinator! She is a Grad Student pursuing her MBA in Finance and Business Analytics. She joined 9 semesters ago and still can’t choose a favorite style 😂, but she CAN say that her favorite dances are Tango, Latin Rumba, and Cha Cha. She dances at the gold level in Smooth with Rhythm just around the corner, and in silver for Standard and Latin. She is so excited to host - and hopefully dance at - BBDA’s competition in the spring and is ready to do whatever it takes to make it happen, online or in person! 😤

Meet Hannah, one of our two 2020-2021 Competition Coordinators! She is a sophomore double majoring in Accounting and Finance with a minor in physics. Dancing at the champ level in Latin Ballroom, she loves to share her passion for ballroom dance with people around her and joined the Binghamton Ballroom Team after meeting the wonderful members and wanting to continue dancing in college. This is her third semester on the team, and she is more than thrilled and excited to help plan the Binghamton competition, especially during this hectic time. She looks forward to meeting you all! 🥰

Meet Kiara, our treasurer for the 2020-2021 school year! 💸 She is a junior studying Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. She’s danced all of her life, but she discovered her love for ballroom here at Bing. This is her third semester on the team and she can’t wait to get back out on the dance floor!

Meet Larissa, BBDA's president for the 2020-2021 term! She's a junior double majoring in psychology and english, with a concentration in creative writing. She had very little dance experience prior to joining the team, having only taken a dance course in her high school senior year before learning about BBDA through a GIM during her freshman year. This is currently her fifth semester on the team. At the next collegiate competition (hopefully Bing Comp!) in spring 👀🙏, Larissa'll be dancing at the silver level. Her favorite dances are standard tango, standard foxtrot, and smooth vwaltz!

This is Amanda, our 2020-2021 Vice President! She is a senior majoring in History, with minors in Education and French. She has been doing various types of dancing since middle school, and was eager to try her hand at ballroom here at Binghamton after a friend told her about the team (shoutout to @mrcastro_briones 😜). Two and a half years into her collegiate ballroom career, she can’t wait to get back onto the dance floor and begin competing at the Silver level. Her favorite dances are Smooth Foxtrot, Latin Jive, and social dances to do more casually. And speaking of casual dancing, she can’t wait to begin hosting club meetings for the year! Feel free to tune in to Zoom and learn a new move or two, alternating between Wednesdays and Tuesdays 7:00 - 8:00 PM 💃🕺

Join BBDA at one of our TWO Zoom GIMs this semester! We'll be holding one on Wednesday, Sep 2nd from 8-9PM and another the following day on Thursday, Sep 3rd from 7-8PM. ***Please RSVP on B-Engaged*** Scan the QR code to join either call! We'll tell you all about the Bing ballroom dance experience!!! 💃🕺

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