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🦁Lion’s Mane

Other preworkouts are jumping in on this now… and we’ve had it all along.

Our preworkout blend also gives you smooth energy- NOT the over caffeinated 300mg+ trash that makes you feel beyond wired. (But if that’s your thing that’s cool too. We’re just not a fit for you.)

We’ve got a refined energy which will offer clarity and the PUMP!

Our blend is so smooth you can even use it to boost your office work capacity.

Try it. You’ll see.

Get it




Listen to this before your workouts for the next 2 weeks. Y’know after you just pulled into the gym parking lot… Listen to this while you sit in your car and drink Mind Power. And *finish* the Mind Power Preworkout by the end of this clip.

Boom 💥 You’ll really be ready to workout - mentally and physically. This will hit different than any prep you’ve been doing.



Starting my morning…


Got this at Costco. Gonna be great for my CKD program that starts next week.

Know what’s even better?

Having https://RichardRigor.com/butcher-box each month! 🥩🍗🥓

#ChubbyBuff 🤣 01/28/2022

#ChubbyBuff 🤣

Do you notice this too?

#ChubbyBuff 🤣 This post is for guys over 40… . It might be a term I coined or not, but it sums up what I observe at the gym and just out and about. You know, it’s a guy who works out, know…

Holiday Gift Guide 2020 12/06/2020

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

🎄Still looking to buy gifts for family and friends?

Check these out...


Holiday Gift Guide 2020 Need some gift ideas? We’ve compiled 30+ gift ideas for your “fitness-minded” family and friends. Stocking stuffers Fitness gear Wellness gifts Recovery and mind body tools Food a…

go.ketorecomp.com 11/25/2020


I stumbled upon an old bodybuilding photo from 27 years ago (dang son, I know I'm old).

It's from when I won the Teenage Nationals in California.

You know, I counted macros back then and got into ketosis as I prepped for bodybuilding competitions.

All bodybuilders did this (counted macros and significantly dropped carbs before competition). It just wasn't mainstream and we didn't have apps on our phone to do it for us.

Back then, I only used keto when getting ready for a show myself or when prepping other bodybuilders and models. I never used it year-round.

It was strictly used as a method back then to get my physique clients ultra-lean or shredded.

And then I started using it for my regular everyday personal training clients who needed to lose at least 15lbs. I just didn't go super hardcore, but still kept the basic framework of the diet.

And it worked. Like gangbusters!

Today, keto has hit mainstream, but many are doing it wrong (at least for what they want to accomplish).

If you don't workout, then straight keto is perfectly fine and you can go ahead and use therapeutic ratios.

But most of you reading this do workout, and that's why I purposely insert carbohydrates at specific times and in specific amounts.

Anyhoo, I am having a Black Friday Sale on my Cyclical Ketogenic Diet program.

It'll go LIVE tonight at 8pm (Central) through Friday.

Savings, you ask?

CKD Program - Regular $197 Black Friday Sale Only $27

For the past 6 years (when I started my CKD Coaching Group online) I've been doing CKD and generally only taking "breaks" during extended vacations.

But here's the deal with CKD. During the weekends when most of us are more social and hanging with friends, my eating isn't out of their normal.

I eat pizza, have a drink, and it's all good in the hood.

But the separator is, when the typical work week starts and your friends continue plowing down carbs, I consciously drop them down significantly.

Well that's the "gist" of it.

If you're ready to break out of the norm with your body and health and want to explore CKD with me as your Coach and get leaner than you've ever been, take advantage of my Black Friday Special.

You can decide to buy this deal at only $27 and start later if you want.

But the price is going back up after Friday.

Let me know if you have any questions. I've got plenty of experience 😉

go.ketorecomp.com You'll download the training app, we'll go over the framework of the diet, and I'll set your macro guidelines for each of you if you need help with the calculator we provide.


It seems a lot of people are just looking for stand-alone workout programs (as opposed to my complete offerings which include nutrition and more).

So I’ll be launching a site where you can get workout programming only that’s delivered right to your phone. (It’s how I deliver the workout component to my complete programs like my 8-Week CKD and 28-Day Transformation courses.)


Cyclical Ketogenic Diet Program

Enrollment is open again to my 8-Week Cyclical Ketogenic Diet program!

👉🏼 http://DirtyDietingSecrets.com 👈🏼

[Free PDF] 7 Complete Bootcamp Workouts 08/21/2020

[Free PDF] 7 Complete Bootcamp Workouts

Minimal equipment - get it done!

I used these workouts when I ran my gym and outdoor bootcamps.

Real quick - any gym owners or trainers in here?

[Free PDF] 7 Complete Bootcamp Workouts Bodyweight and minimal equipment needed. You can do these all at home!

Dani Speegle and Matt Chan Conquer Mount Olympus and The Titan Games | Morning Chalk Up 08/11/2020

Dani Speegle and Matt Chan Conquer Mount Olympus and The Titan Games | Morning Chalk Up

Dani Speegle and Matt Chan Conquer Mount Olympus and The Titan Games | Morning Chalk Up Two elite CrossFitters representing both the past and future of the sport stood tall with The Titan Games trophy over their heads in the season finale of NBC’s hit athletic competition show on Monday night. Games legend Matt Chan and legend-in-the-making Dani Speegle won their respective divisions...


Quick-Hit Tutorial: Burpees!

It's a bodyweight staple. Super effective. Excellent for conditioning, which is why you see them programmed regularly.

28-Day RIGOROUS Transformation Challenge 05/22/2020

28-Day RIGOROUS Transformation Challenge

☑️ 4-Weeks of Dietician-Approved Meal Plans

👍 4 Weekly Print-n-Go Grocery Lists

✅ 67 Delicious & Easy-to-Make Recipes

💪🏼 4 Weeks of workouts

😎 Easy to follow success manual, coaching and accountability

28-Day RIGOROUS Transformation Challenge You've found your 28-Day Transformation Challenge with Done-For-You Plans!


DNA Nutrition & Fitness



Gym owners and trainers - message me about learning how to implement this with your clients and members.


Quick-Hit Tutorial: Backwards Jump Roping?

Can you jump rope backwards? It's a learned skill and great practice for coordination. Give it a try!


Current science summary on how to reduce your risk of illness and premature death:

Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Stress Management

Wellness Made for Mom - 50% OFF 05/07/2020

Wellness Made for Mom - 50% OFF

As always, anyone who purchases will get into my training circle and also receive my soon-to-be-released fitness program. (More details on that coming.)

Take advantage of this 50% OFF sale while it lasts (until Mother's Day on Sunday).

Wellness Made for Mom - 50% OFF 50% OFF Promo available until 5/10/2020 on the supplements to support your best health!


A1. Seated DB Shoulder Press
👉🏼 10x10

A2. Bent Over DB Rows
👉🏼 10x10

A3. KB Swings
👉🏼 10x10

Perform 10 REPS of A1, then A2, then A3 and repeat for 10 SETS

Here’s a workout piece from my 28-Day Challenge program I’m releasing soon so be sure to FOLLOW 🙂

I built a bench press/squat rack out of wood! 04/27/2020

I built a bench press/squat rack out of wood!

I built a bench press/squat rack out of 2x4s...

I built a bench press/squat rack out of wood! I'll place a link here to my plans shortly, but please Subscribe, Like, and leave a comment if you're interested so I know! Thanks!


Quick-Hit Tutorial: Mountain Climbers

This bodyweight exercise can work your core while getting that heart rate up too!


Quick-Hit Tutorial: Jump Rope Speed Step Singles

If you want to substitute something for running, speed step singles are your answer! Give it a try.


Quick-Hit Tutorial: Bodyweight Squats

The bodyweight squat is the exercise you MUST master. Practice it, get a feel for it, do it right, be consistent with your technique, THEN teach it to someone else!


Quick-Hit Tutorial: Jump Rope Side Swipes

Here is the side swipe that you can insert anywhere into your jump rope routine. Super simple to learn and do!


Quick-Hit Tutorial: Jump Rope Boxer Heel Taps

This boxer heel tap variation allows you to skip rope for longer periods of time by offsetting your weight side-middle-side-middle.

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🦁Lion’s Mane Other preworkouts are jumping in on this now… and we’ve had it all along. Our preworkout blend also gives y...
New and simple macros calculator. https://richardrigor.com/macros-calculator
Listen to this before your workouts for the next 2 weeks. Y’know after you just pulled into the gym parking lot… Listen ...
Starting my morning…
Cyclical Ketogenic Diet Program
Quick-Hit Tutorial: Burpees!
DNA Nutrition & Fitness
Quick-Hit Tutorial: Backwards Jump Roping?
Quick-Hit Tutorial: Mountain Climbers



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