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We talk about this all the time at the facility. Stay on top and through the ball. If you work on line drives the home runs will come. There is a reason why Oklahoma is on top every year. Stop the 1980’s rotatate and elevate bull crap. Just listen to the commentator.

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We talk about this all the time at the facility. Stay on top and through the ball. If you work on line drives the home r...

I try so hard to teach these girls the right way to do things and they still get called out when they get it right! I ha...

Alyssa Newman with a walkoff HR in the JUCO state tournament today! That’s how you do it!

Annabelle Widra with number 15!

Number 14 on senior night! Great way to celebrate a high school career Annabelle Widra!

What you get to see here is Lillie Piersol hitting her first varsity HR! 💣🥎What you don’t get to see is her trot around ...

Kenley Vaughn with her first high school HR after being pulled up from junior high! Love it! 💣🥎

Late on showing this bomb from Nikki Hammond.My bad. 😂

3rd bomb of the weekend for molly Rollan!

Annabelle Widra with number 13! The catcher’s reaction says enough! 😂

Savannah Brown with a opposite field home run!

Molly Rollan hits two more bombs!

Two homers for MB Allen.

Tia Titi hits another bomb!

AB Widra has lift off on number 10 for the year!

AB Widra with HR number 9!

When someone keeps taunting you in the stands it’s nice to have karma on your side! Tia Titi hits two bombs for the heck...

After peppering the fence for years my girl got her HR! Congratulations MB Allen! You have truly earned it!

Chloe Hontzas with her first homerun of the year!

AB Widra hits a moon ball to center!

Want a crazy Saturday headline? Four consecutive at bats and four consecutive HR’s! Finished the day 5 for 6 with two in...

Tia Titi started with me about a month ago. I don’t think I have ever had a lesson that took every correction and implem...

MB Allen went off last night!

I’m so tired of umpire bias! Every game a slapper has a umpire looking at their feet trying to do the right thing in the...

Nikki Hammond with a two HR game tonight!

Annabelle Widra with a 4 for 4 night and two bombs!

I love all my girls but there is something so pure about watching my little ones. Reagan Cooper makes the page! Slapping...

Claire Kurz goes yard!

Molly Rollan does it again! Two games and two bombs!

Nikki Hammond with a grand slam tonight!