The Breakup Workout

A fitness routine and life style that Gets You Fit While Losing It! A "Breakup" can be many things, losing the love of your life, a friend, a habit, a family member, your house, a pet, a job or you are just losing it!

I know all of the above and if I did not have a positive attitude and a fit way in life with a smile, I would be in the gutter. I bottomed out, but kept my bottom up and yes I bottomed up and few times too, but one thing is for sure. Sweat mixed with tears is a combination that hydrates the body, get the heart pumping and puts a spring back into step. The Breakup Workout is how to break through t

Operating as usual


Well! It worked. Staying Fit helped me Breakup with the old and get to today. New Chapter! Five and half years of HELL and I thought divorce was tough!

Try being a good executor with a family that hates you. It is like having your teeth pulled all at the same time with no pain killers. I learned a lot about myself and others. I only need one love, the guy Upstairs, who I probably prayed to five times a day.

Right when I thought things were going south trying to sell my Dad's home which is a underwater reverse mortgage in Seattle Wa. I put a few prayers in and begged God to help me get rid of the home and all the craziness that came with it.

Prayers works. We got an offer for 961 and I told my realitor to tell them that we will be jerked around by the reverse mortgage bank and well, he will never have the house because Reverse Mortgage companies are NO GOOD to heirs. Great for my Da however. After praying, he pulled his offer and put in a bigger the one, the one that is on Zillow now. He, my my parents love the home.

The offer came in on May 8th, the anniversary of my Dad's Passing. The amount, my Dad's birthday, just add a few zeros. Not a SHORT SALE folks, but a VERY LONG JOURNEY.

Working on a new book, called Estate To Be and The Will To Survive. Excerpts from a LEDGER that has turned into a book to help others who have the task of being the personal representative.

Still no money but closure.


The Breakup Workout updated their phone number. 05/06/2019

The Breakup Workout updated their phone number.

The Breakup Workout updated their phone number.

The Breakup Workout updated their address. 05/06/2019

The Breakup Workout updated their address.

The Breakup Workout updated their address.


When you see a pretty "Sky Line" think about a relationship. Looks good but are the streets clean? 11/04/2017

The Breakup Workout DVD

USE CODE: moveon . Get 20% OFF the DVD. Great Moves, Philosophy and something that will get you thinking, it is time to MOVE ON! Great DVD to watch and know you are not alone. Mary is just like you and all of us in the DVD. DVD also comes with a workout card. Do this workout everyday for 21 days and you problems are behind you with your behind! You will be so fit, feel fit and you will get through it!


If you know someone who is out to hurt you, take advantage of your Goodwill, lie to benefit themselves, get others to gang up on you, just remember Do good to God and continue to be good to others. Good always is rewarded. Do 50 push-ups to your favorite music!


Had a feeling about that "little worm and her little "Ant" friends". Should have kicked her out a long time ago. Anyway, she pulled one on me and my Good Will. Beware those that take a lot of Selfies! First I was so angry. Then I got sick. Felt the room spinning!

I took two days to rest. I realized that had to be completed. My boys said to me, "Mom, you have been through tougher times!" God is allowing this cause something BIG and wonderful is coming!

I felt this great peace. I sat on the sofa and quietly accepted the negative challenge. My youngest son was sitting next to me on my left side and after 12 years of waiting for my family to come together, my eldest son was on my right. They have come home to their Mother. I stayed FIT to receive this day.

Divorce can be tough and what happened the other day was tough too. The Breakup Workout helped me back then and it will help now! Your health and your goodness to people is what gives you beauty and all the good things that life can give you!

That sound, "Let It Go" is my workout song for today!


"You are riding a horse full speed,
there is a giraffe next to you,
and lion chasing you.


Get your drunk ASS off the carousel!


Everyone has a breakup of some kind; Person, Place or Thing. Maybe all three at once. You lose your life partner, have to move out of your home and you had to give up the bed. Just know the first week is going to be a roller coaster of emotions. So, hold on tight, the ride can be exciting if you look at it as a "Break To a New You",


There is family and than there is ! One does not need to be blood related to make a family. Just look at marriage, not blood related, but they love each other and they will make a family. Look at the adoption process, the child does not have the "Family" blood, but it is a family!

Marriage is LOVE, coming together with that person that loves you unconditionally and stands by your side, is Family. Receiving a child by adoption? The love from those parents is so HUGE as they hold their child and welcome it to the !

But if you are blood related and call it Family and there is NO LOVE. It is NOT a family! It is just blood and nothing else. The ? Is sometimes 0 negative.

Try This Move from The Breakup Workout DVD "Cross on Side". CD on Sale, use code bloodrelative.


I had a great Valentine's Day! It only takes one Valentine to make the day perfect. Love you Frankie, I Thank the Lord I went to Florida.. and met you! Sometimes you have to with the past to find a wonderful future!


There are all kinds of Break Ups, some are not just in relationships, they can be within a family. The only way to get through it, workout till you melt the pain away with sweat!


A breakup is when .. we lose, The won by being there! We all win because we were there to LIVE the moment!


My Son (Age 8) showing the perfect face of someone going through a breakup, does not want to do his homework or, I just made a lousy dinner? Get Over It! MOVE.... on! 09/06/2014

What does It Mean to be "Full of Hot Air"? (with picture)

Sometimes you just have to POP the balloon and get back to the ground. Have you ever been around a person or persons that are just FULL of HOT air. The Best Thing To Do,
40 Push Ups, 40 Air Punches, 40 Sit Ups and Sweat It Away! Someone who is full of hot air talks a lot about topics he or she doesn't really understand. Most people like this are more...


It may seem like I am starting over but it is more like having another baby. New Headquarters, New Training Systems, Certifications! Strollercize Push On!


Learning to be single and actually .... thinking about watching Sleepless In Seattle!


My mind is ready and fit to get back into it. I miss my Dad but, life goes on and it is time to move forward.


Hardest part.. knowing it. 02/07/2014

Garth Brooks The Dance Garth Brooks o Furac√£o de Oklahoma


Garth Brook on Jay Leno.. the song was hard to listen to this line..
If I didn't know how it would end, I could have missed the pain... Now I know understand the song.


The Workout, prepare for the "Shift" in our lives. Breakout to Break Into God's Favor.


How many times do you need to DO this WORKOUT? Every time you feel like you are alone, lost, need to change the scenery or just angry. But remember, those feelings are because YOU are the reason for the workout :) It is time to lose the old YOU! Push Up Slaps! 20


Breakups are not just about relationships. They can be things, habits, social situations and or stuff you have to let go of. The Breakup can be stopping the roller coaster by saying you are getting sick of this! There are so many other rides in the carnival. Like Breakup Workout and watch this story unfold to fit.


First thing crucial to the departure. DO NOT TALK, just look and listen. If you do not see, feel or hear love? You are with the wrong person. GET OUT.


Breaking up starts with yourself? If you are unhappy with something? Do not change it, change you. Walk away, look up. you are probably breaking into you.


Get it off the shelf and put this baby to work!


The Breakup Workout's cover photo


The Breakup Workout's cover photo


Ok.. This time I feel good. I feel that it is solid. My heart is fresh, released. My relationship is over and it is a good thing. Cause he is the wrong guy for me. Now.. when I wrote Strollercize, I wrote it from my heart. This book will be written again day to day in the process of breaking up to break through to a new you! Day 1 is tomorrow.


Turn on a good romantic movie.


The Breakup Workout's cover photo


This is the beginning of a new start, sometimes you really have to let go.


Breakup workout start second Monday in March! Going through a tough time. Lets work it out!

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Lizzie show Win how to do Get Out!




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