Bonita Fit Naples

Bonita Fit Naples


šŸ˜³. Itā€™s a good thing! Between my nutrition And my workouts with RolleRsizer I am down a bra sizeā€” havenā€™t seen it in years! and I am more flexibleļæ¼ and can get off the floor. Continuing the journey in 2020!
My feet are starting to feel better from this seasonal job, and as a result, so is my back. I did a quick 5 minute morning ritual with my Pink Panther (Chico just watched, in fact he was snoring with his eyes open). And I felt GREAT--off to school!
I roller sized on the beach this morning-at north myrtle beach South Carolina
After six classes my student said my arms look thinner and ā€œyou stand differently- you look good!ā€
I feel great!! no wobbly walking right now and I have one hip replacement and 2 knees replaced as well. come join us!

BONITA FIT NAPLES just had a PLACE LIFT! Now located just OFF Central Avenue. WalkerSizeR Classes, S Bonita Fit Naples is a new type of fitness program. results.

It uses an unique toning device, The RollerSizeRĀ® to help align & posture the body for F.A.S.T.E.R.

Operating as usual


I am closing this page. My focus is Online Training with The RollerSizeR and Strollercize in Naples, FL in Wheel Time. I just want to make my social media, less. Please find me at RollerSizeR Fit Club on Facebook, You Tube or Instagram.


Our 1st of 14, but our First Married!
God is watching our every Move.


Adding Two Online Conditioning Workshop Workouts to my Online RollerSizeR Fit Club.
If you want to improve your swing, loosen up your back for . Try my Golf Condition Class on Saturdays at 3:30pm. You get a Free Class with the purchase of the RollerSizeR. The RollerSizeR helps the swing and relieves tight back muscles! Also, Condition is about feet work, saving the Knees and also the shoulders and upper back. That serve needs upper back flexibility. Get your RollerSizeR Today and get a FREE Conditioning Class if this is your First Purchase of a RollerSizeR.


A Masquerade? No! Getting Married! Still managed to Fit into my wedding gown my daughter bought me 10 years ago. 10-4 was a perfect day. Now back to , The RollerSizer and Fit!


Lots to do. So what do you do? You do whatā€™s important, toast to doing it! /?


Picture Perfect Setting. 4 What?


How many out there want to go to the gym but just feel afraid?


We will start WalkerSize in the Bonita Springs area, but right now, let's wait till Covid get under control. My Online Classes are the best to take as no worries about AIRBORNE Covid. Stay at home and workout and meet great wonderful folks and share the journey to be fit during this crazy time.


Some folks have teased my invention and said just use a DUMB TOWEL. The towel is NOT the same. The Roller inside acts as a spinal decompressor and it also supports the neck in core exercises and stretching. The balls, yes Tennis Balls are used to add tension so arms are toned and well, it is a gym in a bag. A must on pre warm up for TENNIS, GOLF, RUNNING or DANCING!.

Ok OFF to the courts but first I need to WARM UP with the RollerSizeR.


page for Tennis Players. Private Group to Share with fellow Tennis Players. 04/23/2020

Online Bonita Fit Gym (Bonita Springs, FL) A easy way to keep fit at home, on the run, in a motel or even at a gym when it OPENS. Bonita Fit's Online Gym offers affordable Personal Training, Short F.A.S.T.E.R. FIT workouts, Happy Hourglass Soc 03/29/2020

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now

FREE Sunday F.I.T. LIVE Online Workout. Just need a sofa, chair or bed and a bath towel. Starts at Noon.
F.I.T. Fitness ā€¢ Isolation ā€¢ Together Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, confer...


One gets so creative these days with different ways to do an exercise. So here is my contribution. Car crunch after my bike ride. Replaces that incline bench. Get It? White RollerSizer supporting my neck.


Bonita Fit is now ONLINE. Workout from your home. Golf Exercises, Tennis Exercises, keep you fit for when this all is behind us. Oh, and we will workout the behind too! 03/14/2020


BONITA FIT Goes Online! Online Workouts Work! Check out my website and look at the clubs schedule on the HOME PAGE and see if anything works OUT for you. Feel Free to contact me. I am a ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINER and do GROUP Classes online. My focus is POSTURE and Joint Health. I use The RollerSizeR Ab Toner in all my workouts. The RollerSizeRĀ® AB Toner & More! Strengthens Stretches Supports ONLINE DAILY WORKOUTS


When you get out of bed. Olsen up the upper back and Core. Especially if you play GOLF or TENNIS. Or if you need to walk to the bathroom with a lift in your step.


SO.... Looking forward to having a gathering at my home to discuss, how to lose weight and how to workout and get the results you want. I am going to post it on Facebook and Meet Ups too. I want it to be a round table and in it, we will go over how to be fit in Paradise! If interested..
Let me know! 01/26/2020

The RollerSizeRĀ® Portable Total Body Fitness Tool

Bonita Fit uses The RollerSizeR in all of our Personal Trainings, Bonita Springs Classes and in our Online Club Workouts. It helps one get fit F.A.S.T.E.R. and relieves back pain. The RollerSizeR is a portable fitness tool. It is a GYM IN THE BAG. The RollerSIzeR can do hundreds of exercises. It makes exercising and losing weight easier. It has Triple Fit Benefits: It Strengthens, Stretches and Supports the Body in hundreds of exercises and yoga moves. It postures and alig...


HOW TO Prevent Text Neck or Release a Tight Neck due to Texting

This is a great exercise that uses The RollerSizeR to posture the neck and to help prevent TEXT Neck. The RollerSizeR is used to resist against the neck as t... 01/01/2020

RTF Training #2
Before I hit the ball, I do a total body warm up before I pick up my racquet. Here in the video, even though I do not like the jogging around the court RIGHT OFF but everything else is right on.. They just need the RollerSizeR to make it better, faster and less joint chance of injury.


BONITA FIT is about Posture First and Alignment so that every exercise you do, does not hurt joints or wear down muscles and cartilage. We begin with the Walk. Making sure you WALK the correct way. Next SITTING. After Standing! Learn how to ALIGN Yourself so you get the most out of your workout.
Location to be determined.
Great Class if you have aches, pains, bad back or you are NOT losing weight because you are NOT aligned to work with nature.


The season will be starting and maybe it already has. I see so many people walking their communities and they are just NOT getting the most out of their walk. My WalkerSize class is total body and includes core, toning and stretching. It is only $5.00 because you need to save for shopping after. I promise you a great workout and an intelligent way to get fit.


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Classes Start Next Friday! $5.00 for 30 Minutes of WALK THE FLEA or do two 30 Minutes. Total Body! Cardio, Toning, Posture, Abs and Stretching!


GOING TO START MY ON-SITE WALKERSIZE CLASSES FRIDAY AFTER THANKSGIVING at the Flea Market. This is to Burn The Turkey and get ready to learn how to lose weight and burn fat more effectlivly than just dangling your arms at the side of your body. Using the RollerSizeR to walk burns more calories and you do NOT need to go Fast! Class will meet at my BOOTH #49 Blue Aisle at 8:30am. Saturday at 8:30am and Sunday at 9:00am! .


The weather is not too good in Bonita Springs, it is great to WalkerSize the Flea Market. Classes are at 8:30 on Saturday Morning and I do Twice around the Flea, using The RollerSizeR to facilitate fat burning and toning of the upper body! Class is just $5.00.


Road trip to Miami! Stressful. Neck tight. RollerSizeR helped me manage car stress & Frank.


Lizzie has a tight neck! Road Trip Stress! takes it away!


Pre Match Tennis Boost! warmup after.



This Daily is all about a wakeup stretch. Arms, Shoulders, Hips, Low Back and Hamstrings. The list of the exercises are on the Website. But you can see how t...


What does Spider Women do for her Spider-Man when it ā€œseamsā€ things could be falling out...

Our Story

Bonita Fit is a new type of fitness program. It uses an unique toning device, The RollerSizeRĀ® to help align & posture the body for F.A.S.T.E.R. results.

Bonita Fit offers Group and One To One Classes all ONLINE. During these times it is great as you can keep that social distant thing and be in the privacy of your own home. Save time driving to the Gym. The workouts are fun, effective and is great for all ages and level of fitness.

Online Membership Fees: $29.95 Monthly. Drop in is just $5.00.

Bonita Fit will be offering their OUTDOOR WalkerSize and WaisterSize classes in June. With social distancing performed so we all are safe. $

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One gets so creative these days with  different ways to do an exercise. So here is my contribution. Car crunch after my ...
When you get out of bed. Olsen up the upper back and Core. Especially if you play GOLF or TENNIS. Or if you need to walk...
Road trip to Miami! Stressful. Neck tight. RollerSizeR helped me manage car stress & Frank.
Lizzie has a tight neck! Road Trip Stress! #rollersizerabtoner takes it away!
What does Spider Women do for her Spider-Man when it ā€œseamsā€ things could be falling out...
SPINALLY FIT CLASS Sunday at 8:30am. 45 Minute Class at Flamingo Island Booth #49. Learn how to use The RollerSizeR to i...
Posturing the arms. Pulling on The RollerSizeR activates Total Body tone. Thin Arms? Easy if one uses them properly. www...
Too Much Tennis! RollerSizeR relieves tight hip pain. The tool is put under waist, uber butt, behind knees , ankles and ...
#coreworkout on a BIG BALL using the RollerSizeR to Target Gut Faster. No stress to neck! Yes Off to swim park!
Quick Core Workout to keep #Bonitafit at the #Flamingoislandfleamarket, #bonitaspringsfleamarket, using The #RollerSizer...
BIG Ball Better Abs and Posture:) The RollerSizeR supports the neck so one can do this stuff easier.
RollerSizeR Pull Ups




11902 Bonita Beach Rd SE
Bonita Springs, FL

Opening Hours

9am - 4pm

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