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Hey Everyone,

Thanks for visiting my Fanpage and Welcome. You're about to read my journey through my struggles with women, to coaching people on dating and relationships, to my struggles growing my business and to coaching rapid business growth. DATING & RELATIONSHIPS

I have been coaching men and women on dating and relationships for over 7 years. One of those years was spent learning how to meet and date women. (Also during this year, my business collapsed, important in a minute…)

When I first started out, I didn't know how to create a relationship by my own volition, I just seemed to fall into relationships with women I happened to be around. In, 2005 I got into a relationship with a woman who was a compulsive liar. I'll spare you all of the nasty details, but 2 and 1/2 years later, I was at the end of my rope. I broke up with her and decided that I would figure relationships out once and for all so that I would never be in a another terrible relationship again. That's when I started learning everything I could about dating and relationships. I read books, listened to interviews, seminars, and products, and watched every video I could on the topic. But I still couldn't *DO* anything different… I still couldn't start a conversation with women, let alone get a phone number or get a date. Then my business collapsed (no fault of my own), and I had time to take a dating class I saw. I literally hired my first coach...

In 10 weeks I went from not being able to approach women I didn't know, to getting them out on dates with me. In fact, I was going on 5 dates a week with women I'd just met on the street. When other guys saw the results I was getting with women, they asked me to help them, and that's when I started to coach people. Since then my journey has been amazing. Shortly after I started coaching, I rebooted my professional career. A few months after I started coaching, I enrolled in cosmetology school because I believed in would make me a better men's coach. Little did I realize it would make me an awesome coach for women too. As I started to make friends at school, I would talk about the work I was doing helping men with dating. Naturally, the women were very intrigued. Pretty soon, they were asking me to help them with their problems too, so I started to really focus on what women were going through. You know, the flip side of the coin. When I didn't know something, I would research and read until I discovered the answer. That's when I started coaching women. I continued to coach people even after I got my cosmetology license and started working in a salon, but the female clientele quickly began encouraging me to go coach full time. I listened, and set off to start coaching full time. RAPID BUSINESS GROWTH

Over time, I built what I consider to be my 3rd business from scratch. It was painstaking for me. I was making between 12 and 15k a year. When you are taking care of 2 children this isn't nearly enough to make it. I literally struggled for years, learning everything I possibly could. I was always looking for what might make me more money, but I was always missing the mark and slowly started making a bit more money, maybe 17k a year. Then, I made an admission to myself. I realized why things weren't changing for me. I had three main problems going on for me. So that's when I hired another coach…

I flew out to see him and literally had what I needed in less than 4 hours. Since then, my business has more than quadrupled!!! AND… I have LESS clients, and work so much LESS! Today, I'm in the relationship I've always wanted, and I'm able to enjoy a much more comfortable life. The best thing is, whether you want more, or better, dates, or whether you want to rapidly grow your business...


I have always understood that you need to be the best you and Improve yourself in order to advance your dating life, meet more women, and increase your business success, skills and social life. I definitely love helping people and listening to what other people have to say, and if you're reading this, I'd love to work with you. Contact me and let's see how we can change your life! I'm really looking forward to talking to you. All my best,

~Matt Adams

P.S. When you get in touch with me, please let me know you read my letter her on my FB page. Thanks! :)

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Now it's easier to send Matt Adams a message. 11/01/2021

Now it's easier to send Matt Adams a message.

Now it's easier to send Matt Adams a message.


Episode 8. Being An Independent Woman vs Being Needed By A Man


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Episode 2. How Do I Love Myself When I Have So Many Issues?


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Episode 1 - Is Lying Always Bad? Is It Ever To Lie?


Is this photo sexist towards men?

Where's the damn lawn mower?!


Tired of not knowing what to say to women? This 3 book series reveals everything you need to know about talking to women.

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Episode 1 – Nannette LaRee Hernandez's Podcast : Episode 1 – Nannette LaRee Hernandez's Podcast - Episode 1 Nannette LaRee Hernandez - Sex Expert Nannette is a Military w/PTSD Sex Expert-Consultant; an International Best Selling Authoress; a Sexual Anthropologist; a Certified Massage Therapist; a Certified Chef; a Certified Trained Geisha; a Boudoir Model and a bold,…


Attention All Men!! Dump the sappy, girl crap in your online dating profiles. Enough is enough! Women want a manly man, not a wuss chasing their coattails. 08/22/2016

ATTN: All LOVE Industry Experts: Love Is Under ATTACK!!!

"ATTN: All LOVE Industry Experts: Love Is Under ATTACK!!! As a dating/relationship coach or matchmaker, getting noticed in today's world is both easier than ever, and harder than ever. One the one hand, social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Meetup, etc,


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Elite Man Conference 2016

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Matt Adams


Matt Adams's cover photo 03/24/2016

Life With A Crazy Psycho Obsessive Stalker Ex – Part 6 – Conclusion


For years I dealt with a crazy psycho stalker ex. It started in 2008 when I broke up with her and she denied that it was over. It ended 2 years ago today when she died in a house fire because her and her new boyfriend left candles burning on a couch.

My experiences prompted me to write blogs on my experiences. Over the course of the last 4 years, people all around the world have found my articles and reached out to me for help. So many people in fact that I started a support group. Today, on the 2nd anniversary of her death, and 8 years after I first started dealing with her stalking me, I publish my last article on the topic.

I consider myself lucky to live a life withOUT a crazy stalker ex, because there are many people who still do. This ones for them.

~Matt Comments comments 03/18/2016

The Economy of Sex – When Sex Is Cheap, So Are Relationships

In the day and age of digital romance and sex, sex, sex, it’s getting harder and harder to create long term-relationships, so let’s have a frank discussion about how you can create a long-term relationship. Many women come to me and ask where all the good men are, as if somewhere between work and home there is a secret man-cave where they are all hiding. Of course that isn’t true, but why is this the perception of so many women? On the other hand, men are finding it easier and easier to get no-strongs-attached sex, but not all of them want it.

When women rise in power, when it’s easy for them to extract resources from the world, sex rises in supply. When disadvantaged women have to barter sex for resources, the price of sex goes up. When women rise in power, men respond in 1 of 3 ways. Roughly about 30% of men lose ambition to strive to be a provider (i.e., video game nerds in their parents basements until they’re in their 30’s, and even stay at home dad’s, a complete role reversal for men, fall into this category), while others lose the ability/willingness to commit. You’ll understand why in a minute. And then there’s the “good guys”. They feel pressured to seek more sex (become a “player”) because that is what they feel is being expected of them, and they lose their authenticity through this expectation.

Read the rest on my blog... Comments comments


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Episode 8. Being An Independent Woman vs Being Needed By A Man
Episode 6. How Do I Determine His Expectations & What Am I Going Wrong?
Episode 5. Will Losing Weight Improve My Dating Prospects?
Episode 4. Is It Unreasonable To Expect Him To Pay For Dinner On A First Date?
Episode 3. Why Being A "Nice Guy" Doesn't Work
Episode 2. How Do I Love Myself When I Have So Many Issues?
Episode 1 - Is Lying Always Bad? Is It Ever To Lie?
Is this photo sexist towards men?





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