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So this holiday is sink swim ...or mass will mow a lawn & sh*t down the park bc I recruited more ppl for healthcare that is lucrative and necessary in the community.. Okay so we'll try to do some checks and balances and recognize why you hated on a female that makes more money than you as a low life hating Wana b pimp hacking me and making it hard and equal for my necessary business in healthcare a will flourish with or without a hater that is upset over some dumb money he think he deserve unless your a veteran or Dr I'm coming for you so education presides as the money making movement for health and healing 🙏 I am so close to where I was before I cantaste it and hoping someone takes the challenges seriously! Please post your videos!! I'd love to see them believe me healthcare is facts and will last
Enough said and I don't need a secretary thinking ng they can help run a personal training business when they are not bossin up at all! Healthcare and education are only way that ppl need to recognize lasting economy and where the money is actually going to last so recognize now or later but I'm holding everyone to a Launch Challebge! Let's try for 5 pullups using whatever you can and there are prizes available to the first video I see of YOUR ASS leveling up! Ready and recognize it's coming y'all like this crooked force that just hates but we'll outrun the devil and still be about that $$$$_im making cuts to unnecessary businesses sooo it's on!!!!
WOW mighty duck ice challenge I'm that freak with no mileage🤣 needing this movement for FINALLY recognizing personal trainers as part of an allied healthcare continuum that won't go away because we deserve that $$$ and know our anatomy and science is proof and education key! So the economy is going through a recession but healthcare will always be in order thanks to our doctors, nurses, and physical therapy is real and works just like big pharma! Trainers will work together whether we continue to refuse it's proof if you have ever studied it & dr's prescribe it more and more due to the drug crisis! So mass do we need cops to beat us up for illegal crooked stuff and try to intimidate us over the color of our skin! Hello it's 2020 and doesnt help heal society as a whole! We need healing and absolutely 🙏 because it will crash and my dream won't! I will need some like minded people that don't smoke please because it's just a little trashy for personal training and your lungs collapse easily through pulmonary veins y'all biker ppl! So let them have complexes and hate tell them healthcare will survive and as always mob$ is he best money especially when you prevent diseases and help the clients develop that internal motivation! If they think that they're kings I mean the smoking biker racists that are cool & all but won't outlast bc they really have it messed up! We won't be needing that hate. We will perservere like before! Well get rid of these toxic men that are stuck on dumb I still hope they rise & educate themselves on everything from tbis neurology scans to simple lower back pain stretches! but not on my $ bc 1 is always mob so recognize bosses when you see and hear them! Especially our new England sports teams that deserve this & need to play again! Some are wanabe bosses & They'll also fade with the poor hoes & drugs & remain trying to be Macs & crooked & want to be pimps? on the street and cons that enjoy taking advantage of others! using 1 and trying to prove music won't fade okay have a bit of hope but healthcare is the best economic decision there is hands down! These healthcare workers actually work their asses off to help others & cops just act like they got something to prove! So you also used my accounts took my phone calls but no thanks psycoPaths, we don't need secretaries to pay a cell phone bill? Nahhh dawg, I don't need a secretary and my daddy ain't paying your grown ass bill! Your welcome for that come up but I'm set like mob and healthcare combined! Feigns simultaneously won't work & good try but your faded already bc you used a boss that is busy with healing and healthcare will win! Keep trying to milk your luck will go & I'll be hustler for life bc it's engrained through cultures and what will you be? Trying to reinforce your authoritative powers and get girls on videos doing drugs! Your no veteran that fought for the country or professional in need! Sorry but, cheap, crooked & easily easily replaced. I'll need that $ & your welcome for showing you another way! Hope you stick to it bc it's real and you'll either sink or swim up/I'm leveling up now bc this wasn't the dream & you can try to stop me or accept it and learn stop using someone else for your own gain I don't need the drama biatch slap!I had to have you learn that healthcare will last throughout this economy Don't be intimidated bc we make more money! Accept & respect accounts and files bc you'll have it twisted or try to take our money bc your a con and we'll survive and thrive off the healing powers of the neccessary healthcare system! Try me! I don't settle for a lawn mowing loser that gets paid to sit on their ass while there is science & healthcare to heal! Process of elimination $$$$$$$$$$ Dolla Dolla bills and health! Thanks to all the wonderful and amazing black dr's and white dr's there ya go to them cops that beat up people for like something to do when bored! So let's kick it off 💪 Thank you & RECOGNIZE & learn health won't die
Finally able to log back onto my Personal Training page guys!!!! Well hopefully we have some takers on the Summer Annual Jumpoff!!!!! I'm looking for at least ten people to take their training to the next level and get results FAST!!!! You heard me FAST! So if your interested in dedicating a few short weeks to yourself and partake in an hour a week boot camp style training then, wait no longer and please shoot me a message with your name and number and well have you get started for not half the price but FREE!!! The first three sessions are FREE and if you don't like it then you don't have to complete the rest of the six week session but I promise you'll love every minute of it!!!! SO whatcha waiting on!!????
Okay guys so what do you think of my new business card idea bottom right hand pic. Now that the ACE recertification is truly right around the corner!!!!
Watcha think for new business cards peeps!?? Any ideas for my Personal training business!??? Careful vistaprint on my phone is nothing what it used to be! They offered me Spanish cards which is great and everything just wasn’t able to easily access the designs like previously😒Kinda pain but overall guess it is what it is...
Why can’t I upload any new videos for y’all here on Facebook!? I’m a lil upset that I’m still working on this launching of Launch Fitness! “Hard work and determination hard work and determination Kate...”
Meditating bc I need it!!!! Happy cinco de mayo to all my peeps 😩b safe
So I definitely wasted 1 hr trying to put up my video for y'all this morning and it never posted! Even offered 50% off all healthcare workers and this who like the video. As upsetting as it was lets see if we can fix the issue and move forward with this!!!

LF is determined to help others reach their desired health and fitness goals. We are focused on integrating to progress a comprehensive exercise program.

LF is committed to enhancing your overall quality of life through achieving any fitness goal you have in mind! Through collaborative efforts from both Launch Fitness and yourself, we guarantee you will see results! LF will provide constant support throughout your health and fitness journey!

Operating as usual

Pre workout dynamic warmup

Today’s vibe & to do’s! Getting rid of malware does anyone know how to get rid of QR code’s and a hacker!!? By chance... PLEASE because it’s causing too much of my hard work to go to someone else for their wacky satisfaction!? Nope!!!!! Someone help me get rid of malware so this 28 day shredda can get going and I can easily do what’s necessary like every other trainer that’s out there!!!!

Offering great deals this season so please please please message me about details!!! I want to hear from y’all what specific goals you have and what your biggest barrier to success has been...??!

Yoga flow session in new spot!? Still working on some painting but almost there...👍🏽😎👏

Finally guys gained access to social media! It’s been an interesting journey trying to keep the movement going! 2020 has been the hardest year of my life & I’m sure we could all utilize the wonderful most powerful coping skill and stress relieving remedy of EXERCISE... not motivated, too tired!? Being a Certified Personal Trainer since 2013 I’ve seen it all! Trying to change people isn’t my goal but if you’d like to explore the most amazing lifestyle I’ve ever had you NEED to get @ me! Come & join me while we schedule your first FREE orientation session

28 day shredda program guys! 3 more half off slots...

Soo today we’ll talk about proper nutritional and hydration needs!? What do you think your MACRONUTRIENT- carbohydrate need is? Found a great article on American council of Exercise & since I have a hacked Facebook I’ll try my hardest to still provide y’all with the best service possible creating discussion on what your needs are and what nutritional goals you may have?!?

[10/31/20]   Today’s challenge: PLANK UP DOWNS

Launch Fitness's cover photo

Yoga flow sesh!!! Start moving the day in a positive direction

Lemonade freshly squeezed

Yoga flow sesh! Try it out 👍🏼😘

Celebrating Your Fitness Success What’s the point of hard work if you don&rsquo.

[04/19/20]   A Big Thank You to all those who like my Launch Fitness page and I appreciate every single one of you truly! I am still in progress as is everyone and persevering with my iphone broken = ( However we will and can get through anything if we keep moving guys and stay motivated! Check out my posts and articles with blogs, through the American Council of Exercise!!!!!!!

[04/19/20]   Hey everyone!!! I apologive I've had some glitches with my apple phone & it's literally been frozen with an apple sign for a few days and hoping to get it situated real soon so I've been unable to post much! However, hoping everybody will be able to attend my half hour yoga flow sesh @ 11:30!!!! I also hope to be doing another 2pm workout for y'all for lost time!!!! Also, planning a weekly schedule for Launch Fitness's events asap!!!! Thank y'all for understanding 😅

If Your Butt Looks Good During These Exercises, You're Doing Them Wrong

See this right here!!! This is what I’m talking about when people want to lift a gagillion pounds off rip well then, you should NEVER compromise form and after a while, you can actually feel muscle ACTIVATION occur! This article is great 💪 One fitness coach gets real about what engaging your glutes ~really~ looks like.

Happy Easter to everyone!!!

[04/10/20]   Here we go guys!!!! Jump in on an afternoon functional training series 🤙🏼

Today’s goal hip mobility training and this!!!!hydration and no coronavirus y’all keep that shot over to ya selves we can love from da phone I guess and I’ll try to post a few of those nobility movements soon

[04/08/20]   Thanks to all the drs and nurses out there!!!! & kudos to the pro football player who now wants to become a dr!!!! That’s amazing in the times of today 🙏🏼thank you

[04/04/20]   “Empower” bootcamp tomorrow 9am guys!!!! Let’s rock it and come get motivated and smash your goals!!!! $159 for a six week session that includes 2 accountability check ins a week is an amazing deal for your HEALTH which is of the utmost importance right now!!!!Drop me a message and let’s get it happenin’ I’ll send everyone the link in the am (just go to your playstore and get the app “zoom”) 😀Super excited!!!!

ACE - Certified™: Research Special Issue - ACE-SPONSORED RESEARCH: How Fast Does Fitness Fade? We’ve all been there—and we’ve all had clients who have been there. After months of hard work, you take a short hiatus from your usual workout routine, only to find yourself feeling sluggish as you churn away on the elliptical or are barely able to lift dumbbells you were doing full sets with ...

[04/02/20]   “Empower” bootcamp guys is coming up so I really need sign ups!!!! 6 weeks of motivating workouts to get you into the best shape of your life😅Let’s get you there 😎$159 plus you’ll have access to an exclusive Facebook group that contains 2 online workouts on top of the previous weekends challenge!!!! That’s 3 workouts in 1 week all for a HUGE discounted rate 😅Come join me and have some fun!

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