Fit By Kat

Individualized workout plans for your schedule and to help you attain your fitness goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight or tone up, it’s for you.

To assist in the your fitness pursuit and to create an exciting atmosphere to obtain each individual goal.


Listen up, ladies.


Nutrition is key. Know what you are putting in your body. Are you getting enough of your key macronutrients?

Don't ignore these red flags.


Help your body burn more calories.

[04/18/18]   I know it doesn’t feel like it with this beautiful spring weather we are having, but wedding season is fast approaching. Whether you are like me and have the final goal of your own Wedding, or maybe you have a family members or friends Wedding to attend. We all know we like to look our absolute best. What better way to build up that confidence and slip into that formal wear than to get in your best shape!

Message me to set up your first Fit By Kat session. Let’s work toward that end goal together! Get ourselves ready to dance the night away.


Though permanent weight loss can be a challenge, it’s by no means impossible.

[03/01/18]   The studio has been up and running for a month already. I cannot say thank you enough for your support! This has been an incredible month and I cannot wait to see where this next year will take Fit By Kat! 💪💜

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Sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Make sure your hours are counting.

Did you get in eight hours and still feel like you didn't sleep at all? This may be why you're exhausted. (via BICYCLING magazine)


Can you commit to these? 01/18/2018

5 Signs You’re Getting Fitter—Even if the Scale Hasn't Budged

Remember, it is not all about the numbers on the scale. #nutrition #healthy #fit #fitness #steppingstones It's possible to shape up without actually dropping weight.





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