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2016 Gunnar Sport, Waterford steel fork, Ultegra 6700, CK hubs, DT rims - delivered July 2016


A wheel builder has an elemental choice when it comes to spoke ni***es - the part that binds the wheels and hub together. Choose brass alloy; choose aluminum alloy. I had always heard of a weight/strength trade off. (There is a color trade off, also: aluminum comes in colors, including gold; brass in silver or black.) Here is a cyclocross wheel I built about ten years ago with aluminum nips. I ride the bike on & off road, but not all the time; I have a few others that demand my ride time. The picture shows the failure (rear, drive side spoke) versus a fresh ni**le. The head popped off the ni**le where it butts up against the inside of the rim. Aluminum has the reputation of failing before brass. I quit using aluminum nips on drive side rear wheels soon after I built this wheel and now I routinely use brass ni***es all around. JMc


Presented for your edification - descriptions of high end steel bicycle tubing characteristics. TaDa


Lubricating the chain on your bike makes it work better and with fewer squeaks. Also, keeping the chain lubed saves big bucks because the chain, cassette (rear gears), and chain rings (crank gears) last longer; replacing them can cost a Hundred Dollars, or more! I use the ProGold Luber Pen (made in USA) to get the oil where I want it (where the chain links meet) and away from the rest of the chain (where it the oil is not needed and only attracts and holds dirt). After I oil the chain, I wipe it with a rag to remove any excess oil.


Beginning a build up of a Soma Buena Vista steel frame that will incorporate a BionX electric assisted pedaling system. I start with a rust preventative treatment and prepare the frame by tapping, reaming, facing, milling, honing, and aligning various parts of the frame before installing the components.


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[05/26/14]   I figured out how to move the 8x8 stage by bicycle trailer for a concert series at our farmers market that I'm organizing




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