Bedhead Mystic

Bedhead Mystic


This is Justice Bartlett y’all.

Before we started working together, I was at a point in my healing journey where I was cognitively making more aligned choices and functioning at a higher level of consciousness but my nervous system was still fighting old patterns and neural plasticity is a real thing.

The burning questions for me at the time:
Will I always have this underlying anxiety running through me?

Will I ever know life without it?
Will I always need to manage it?
Is this it? Do I need to accept this?

After even just 1 session with Justice, I noticed a shift in my sacral energy. After the second session, where we got into some deeeeeep core wounds that I had sensed were there but couldn’t quite name.

With each inquiry and witnessing, I saw myself changing before my eyes. I was waking up feeling solid inside, even in the midst of major turmoil. And when I wasn’t feeling ok, I was better equipped. I had access to more bandwidth. I also had access to a real genuine support system for me where I could be seen in my rawness.

I can’t say enough about this woman.
She’s mystical. Magical. Brilliant. Fierce. Nurturing.
She’s a healer for healers.

Bedhead Mystic
Having some big awarenesses
1. i am chosing a relationship with a person i am in love with and they do not feel the same. we have fun and i get my touch/s*x needs met. Friends ask me why do i keep breaking my own heart? i realized that since my resources for touch/s*x are very limited, as i am chosing to connect with peeps i have a connection with, since cvd, being single, living alone....has been super challenging to meet those needs. when i think of cutting off that part of our relationship or ending it all together my 3 years old feels like she is literally going to at this point i am knowingly settling and working to find more resources...i went back to ecstatic dance a month ago...looking for snuggle buddies and parenting my little one. 2. When my 3 year old is activated my 'f**k it' teen aspect uses substance to try and help the little one. i am now working with the teen aspect to see if there are other ways that can be more healthy and helpful. thanks justice for all your deep i felt safe enough to do so...i almost never write posts..

Justice Bartlett is a mentor, writer & healer. Her work is with tending trauma & firing creativity.

Operating as usual


"Grounded means you can feel your butt in the chair, see sunlight coming through the window, feel tension in your calves, and hear the wind stirring in the tree outside"
~Bessel A van der Kolk
'The Body Keeps the Score.'

Image: Taylor Heery


What messages are your dreams offering you?

Dreams are a bridge between the somatic and psychological realms--between mind and body.

It's not just about remembering or deciphering dreams, it's also about the lingering feelings and sensations. Daydreams, liminal (between waking and sleeping) dreams, images, and thoughts also provide keys to our inner worlds, struggles, stresses, and the creative solutions. As do myths, archetypes, and stories.

We will explore all of this and more in the Dream Keys course. Eight weeks to delve into dream work with 1:1 support and weekly recorded group meetings.

Early bird pricing ends today.

Curious, message me anytime or visit


Sometimes we don't remember our dreams because we don't want to hear the message.

To listen, to acknowledge, might lead to a change. Investigating the symbols, characters, and stories in them may excavate discomfort or pain. Sometimes we are most awake when sleeping--dreaming other worlds into being, directly "downloading" information about our past or our current state.

When we wake, we'd rather close the curtain on those revelations. We'd rather remain "asleep" to that sense of knowing and wonder lest it shake the very foundation of the world we've constructed.

Curiosity is the first phase of bravery--the veil that must be lifted to peer into any other world.

Close your eyes, open your heart.


You are braver than you know.

Wake, beautiful dreamer.

Justice Bartlett

Image: Jr Korpa

Curious about your dreams and the symbolic nature of reality?

Join me for the Dream Keys course. 8 weeks online to explore various forms of dreaming, altered states, and storytelling. October 31- December 21. Early registration through October 15.

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Fall! As promised, dark beer in a sunny spot, some time spent working on the Dream Keys course curriculum aaand leaves, a stream, and sunshine!


Womb Led!

Today I'm dressing up for Her--my womb, my body, the sweet femininity in my soul.

Usually the presence of blood leads to lying in bed, sand-pillow on pelvis, a bit of random growling and a good long nap.

All those things are not to necessarily to be excluded, but (for now) I'm inclined towards something more...well... something else.

The message this morning before even opening my eyes: "Don't give into stagnation."


Well, Voice, you would know.

There's been so much happening lately, I've been moving in slow motion just to digest it. That has meant more time already doing what I tend to do for my me**es. So I suppose it makes sense my body would, today, request something else.

The regularity of morning ritual, yes. Coffee. Cream. Honey. A long bath with my own home-grown lavender buds floating in the bubbles. Clean curls, rose-scented skin, amber-fig lotion rubbed lovingly all over the body.


Rouge lips, rosy cheeks.

Instead of giving into Red Robe world...put on a dress!

Ripe tomatoe-red. The long socks I haven't touched in months. Clothes that hold my flesh like a lover's touch.

Sensuality is the way of the womb.

A slow walk, maybe some sweet conversations, perhaps a dark beer on a sunny patio. Perhaps some cooking.

Already some tears.

Something deep in my core is crying for release, relief. I'm going to do my best to offer that a clear passage simply by listening, moving slowly, feeding myself--mind, body, and soul.

Being womb led.

Justice Bartlett

Bedhead Mystic

Un-Mastering Our Emotions: Unraveling Trance & Letting Feelings Emerge. 10/10/2022

Un-Mastering Our Emotions: Unraveling Trance & Letting Feelings Emerge.

"We are here to experience life—not to control it. When we are being true to our tender, imperfect humanity it is inevitably going to get messy."

My most recent Substack essay. Give it a read & subscribe to get my newsletter delivered straight to your inbox, if so inspired.

Un-Mastering Our Emotions: Unraveling Trance & Letting Feelings Emerge. We are sensing, feeling beings. We are here to experience life—not to control it. When we are being true to our tender, imperfect humanity it is inevitably going to get messy. One of the most commonly used phrases in the self-development world is: “Master Your Emotions.”


What might first appear to be a dark dream or symbol are often powerful catalysts for courage and transformation.

In my dream last night I was going through photos and found one of a naked woman with 2 demons the size of children attached to her. However, when I went to show the picture to someone, all I could find was "thank you" notes from people I met through a former job.

Though frustrated that no one else could see the picture, it's clear to me that it's the notes of appreciation that are important to hold onto--to treasure.

I actually know exactly what this dream means and, though the imagery is kind of intense, it's actually very serendipitous having it right as people are signing up for the Dream Keys course.

From Samhain to Winter Solstice, 8 weeks to investigate your own dreams and the symbolic nature of reality.

Do you remember your dreams? Would you like to? Would you like to learn how to interpret them for yourself and gain guidance for your waking life?

That's what this course is about!

Don't dream? Not a problem. We'll also be working with altered states, storytelling and myth-making.

Any questions, feel free to reach out. Early bird pricing through October 15.


I've just reached 400 followers! Thank you for continuing support. I could never have made it without each one of you. 🙏🤗🎉


Been spending so much time in this dreamy, domestic state.

Over the recent days I've baked and potted plants. I've done laundry. I've created content for my community.

And I've dreamed.

The dreaming is particularly relevant--preparation for the Dream Keys course, which begins October 31 and goes through December 21.

Do you know what kind of dreamer you are? Deep dreams, daydreams, liminal dreaming. Lucid dreams, waking dreams, journeys, and myth-making.

If you'd like to delve into your dreams, get insights into their messages, and explore the symbolic nature of reality I'd encourage you to check out the course.

8 weeks online. 1:1 and group support.
Early bird pricing through October 15.


As the days grow shorter, cooler, and darker—it is the perfect time for dreaming!

Can't remember your dreams? Not a problem.

We will be playing with different ways to tap into dreaming consciousness and altered states: daydreaming, lucid dreaming, liminal tracking, and myth-making as powerful guides to waking life, relationships, healing, creativity, and purpose.

The 8 week online course beings Samhain, October 31 and will go through Winter Solstice, December 21. It will include 1:1 sessions, an online "space", and group meetings.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or visit my website to register and get the early bird pricing before October 15.
Dream on, dreamers!

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Nature is my church, this body: my body Her body, my temple.


Tending Trauma & the Inner Child.

I speak about healing trauma a lot because it's something I sit with everyday in my practice. It's something I've gotten really honest in myself about facing with deep compassion.

Trauma is not something that can be bypassed with positivity or merely sending it "love and light."

Car, attention, courage and compassion are required.

There's another component to my work that I don't talk about as much and I want to speak to directly:

About 80% or more of the people in my practice—men and women—have been s*xually abused.

It's heartbreakingly common.

So many people with identity and soul fragmentation, addiction, unhealthy relationship dynamics, who are poor, isolated and still beaten down wind up on my doorstep. Many of these people having been in therapy for years—never having touched on the most important thing to truly heal: state based compassionate references and context for the abused. Inner child, soul connection and retrieval, and reparenting and support with grieving and retrieving their innocence.

This is the work that is so deeply needed and I'm grateful for my own skills and fortitude to be able guide souls home to themselves.

This is an epidemic: from ritualized, intentional destruction of innocence, to familial lines running trauma and in**st. This is destabilizing to core of our identity as human beings and to the bedrock of our society.

No, this isn't a pretty conversation. This isn't light or easy work. It requires courage, compassion, skills, and depth.

You can't scare me with your own horror stories, monsters are afraid of me. I'll help you drag the beast from under the bed, pin it down and lop off it's head if that is what is needed. And if a more gentle approach is required we can walk that path, too.

I'll hold you as you learn to hold yourself. Walk with you into the places you've hidden your jewels, your gifts, and most importantly—your innocence.

~Justice Bartlett
Image: calicadoo

Bedhead Mystic


This is what's up next for people who are PAID subscribers to my Substack. I'm offering this because I (personally) suck at what passes for traditional meditation, but still recognize the value. So I invite you to join me on these body-oriented, sh*t-talking explorations, if so inspired.

There are several paid subscriber options: become a founding member and co-design and execute a ritual that specifically meets your needs. Sign up for a yearly subscription for $55 and get readings of my articles as well as these messy meditations delivered to your inbox. Sign up for a month for $5.55 or pick a donation that works for you!

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Birthday love from my witchy heart to you! ❤🌦🌱🎉🌞


Muse Mentoring

Meet up with Justice weekly!

This form of consistent support (30 minute weekly sessions) helps clients learn the language of transformation, become more skillful at navigating energy, emotions, and psychic terrain, while making connections between the interplay between their inner and outer world.

The focus can be on healing, personal or professional development, creative exploration, etc. Really, the extent of what we can explore is up to what matters and is interesting to you.

How does this work? That depends on the level of development of the individual and our shared dynamic. These sessions are organic, intuitive, energetic, and conversational. We will dive into your dreams, explore the nuances of past and current relationships, talk about personal and collective archetypes, and set goals.

These session are part of a monthly mentoring program. This includes a weekly 30 minute session with ongoing email or text support between. You can pay as a package, or weekly as you go along. Clients may go through one or two of these series or stick around for years to keep healing, playing, learning, and growing with Justice.

Not sure what this might look like for you? Just ask!


We are going to f**k up, it's inevitable.

Our f**k ups, however, do not make us a f**k up.

One is action related, the other is directed at our personhood. One is shame-based, the other is guilt-oriented.

Guilt serves to remind us when we have strayed from integrity, or to inform us that we have made a mistake that needs addressing or correction.

The actions taken to correct guilt can range from offering apologies, making amends, or correcting our course. These are actions that we take to direct our energy with accountability and integrity. Mistakes can fall into this category, but it is important to remember that accidents happen, and that mistakes are one of the ways that we learn.

We can never actually truly be a f**k up. No matter how numerous our f**k ups are they do not get to define the nature of our personhood.

When we conflate f**king up with being a f**k up, that is when we have landed in the territory of shame.

There is no correction necessary to our personhood. Not only is there no correction necessary—none is possible. We are who and what we are: meat suits co-existing on a spinning marble (mostly covered in water), hurtling through space.

Yes, we need to be accountable for the impact that we have on each other. We need to take responsibility for our energy, our choices, and our mistakes.

But as far as ever calling ourselves f**k ups...nah! That is where we deserve a hell of a lot more grace.

It's okay.

~Justice Bartlett
Bedhead Mystic


Who is That Bleached Blonde Creature?

Does it even look like me? It doesn't feel like me.

I will tell you what I remember of the woman in this picture:
She wasn't happy, but she was pretty.

She threw great parties. She was still doing her work, but her heart wasn't in it because it wasn't really safe for her heart to be in her body.

She had been engaged.

She wasn't then, but she was still living with him, Mr Nine Years. He was kinda mean. Not all the time, but subtly disapproving of her femininity, her sensuality, and utterly uninterested in s*x.
He was unhappy (Mr. Nine Years) and she (the woman in this photo), took it personally.

About 2 days after this was taken they went on a trip, (the woman in this photo and Mr. Nine Years). She didn't want to go, not really. It was to a wedding and he had canceled theirs the month before, but they were her friends, too, and she was happy for them.

The trip was awful.

From the moment they got into the car, it was steely, bitter silence. That was how he fought with her or more accurately—punished her, and it was heartbreaking to a wild, passionate, communicative creature like herself. Four hours they traveled south in silence, only to arrive at a house full of obnoxiously drunk people, which made her want to come out of her skin.

Upon arrival, she fetched a massive glass of tequila and took refuge under a tree until it was drained.

She seemed happy.

Her smile was genuine, if weary and a bit thin. Or maybe it was simply bleached and straightened out—just liker her hair.

We do weird things when we don't feel like ourselves—when we forget who we are.

We may change our appearance or stick in a job or relationship that doesn't serve us—that stifles us—for years.

She was sweet: Little Miss Bleached Blonde. I want to hold her when I see her in this picture.

I want to hold her and whisper to her:


I want to tell her that she is not made for that little garden. That her feet are too big to tiptoe around someone else's insecurities. And that it's not her job.

I want to tell her to scream when she c**s, and howl when she's mad, sad, or just alive with delight.

I want to tell her she is made for a man who knows the earth, who is not afraid to get dirty, and who does it well. Someone who will talk with her and not merely hold her in contempt. Someone who will sink fully into her.

I want to tell her that she is too big for the life she has consigned herself to. Too big, too wild, and too wonderful.

I want to tell her she has worlds' worth of words just waiting to drip from her lips and fingertips. To be picked up and devoured by hungry masses.

And from here, I look back and remember those days with tenderness and pride because I know she figured it out.
Justice Bartlett

photo: August 23 2017

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I've just reached 400 followers! Thank you for continuing support. I could never have made it without each one of you. 🙏...
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