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Main Street Fitness of Bozeman


Do you need clothing face masks for your gym/club with reasonable prices? Prices start from $0.75 to $2.
If you are interested then let us know on provided contact information.
E-Mail: [email protected]
Whatsapp: 00923225627023
Getting a gym membership should be a priority after a move, read our latest blog to see why!


โœ… Alleviate Stress
โœ… More Energy
โœ… Make Personal Connections
โœ… Fight Depression
โœ… Improve Brain Health

Also get recommendations to some amazing local fitness centers ๐Ÿ’ช

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Fuel Fitness, Bozeman MT
Access Fitness of Bozeman
Orangetheory Fitness Bozeman
Main Street Fitness of Bozeman
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Mountain Yoga
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Just curious as to what the Tabata Bootcamp schedule is these days; I had my membership on hold for the winter, but I miss it too much!
Thank you for supporting Bozeman After Prom 2018!
Any day passes available?

Welcome To Main Street! We Bring Out Your Best. Neighborhood Gym, World Class Training. We began as personal trainers & built our business on personal attention.

We have a passion for fitness & a passion for helping people be their best. Weโ€™ve created an intimate atmosphere that always inspires, never intimidates & makes working out fun. Please explore our website or come visit us at the gym. We look forward to becoming your total fitness partner in life!

Operating as usual


"I know what I should be eating, but I don't know how much I need."

I get this nutrition question a lot! If you are seeking to maintain weight, hunger can be a great cue--as long as you are eating high quality foods in the right balance and your hormones are normal. If you are seeking to lose weight, hunger is no longer the best indicator. At the same time, less is not always more! Make a bit more of a quarter of your plate lean protein, and load up on the veggies (half your plate). Carbs are not bad! But what kinds of carbs and how much are you eating compared to how active you are?

Need help? Come see our dietitian nutritionist at MSF. We can get you started with a plan.

*Example made for athletes, but you don't need to be an athlete for it to be applicable! Example of plate shown in picture provided by United States Olympic Committee Sport Dietitians and the University of Colorado (UCCS) Sport Nutrition Graduate Program


Getting results matters. But how much do they matter if they don't stick, and you end back up at square one when it's all said and done? Small changes that directly and noticeably impact what matters to you is where lasting change starts. It's not glamorous, but it works. It's worth the time you put in. We call this lifestyle.

Whether it's improving your nutrition or getting into a more consistent exercise routine, start in one or two places. You shouldn't have to settle for getting great results that either make you feel terrible or aren't sustainable. Whether you want to feel better, get healthier, or keep up better doing what you love, we can help you make change that sticks.


๐Ÿ‘†Tag a lady in your life who has a baby on-the-way. ๐Ÿ™Œ
Since becoming pregnant, my workouts have changed drastically! My body is changing, and I have new, temporary goals: prevent injury and stay strong and fit for the baby and for my labor and delivery.

Certain movements are helpful to prepare a mama for labor, delivery, and recovery. Others are not appropriate and can cause damage.

Below is a pregnancy-safe* core workout. It also would work great for a therapeutic/more gentle workout for others:

-weighted squats (or unweighted!)-12. Widen your stance if your belly is bigger.
-half kneeling dumbbell overhead press (shown in picture)-10 Notice in the picture the spine is aligned. Pull belly button to spine and keep back neutral.
-cat and cow yoga pose-~30 seconds, breathing with motion

-bird dog-30 seconds, breathing with motion, gently pull belly button to spine
-trx low row-10, keep body in line (may also do bed sheet door rows at home)
-wall sit/pelvic tilt-30-60 seconds (may also do quarter squat. pull belly button to spine and push lower back to wall. You should feel your abs engage).

*Check with your medical provider if you are unsure about certain movements for your circumstances. Start where you are at physically, and listen to your body. This workout works great for most women for all three trimesters. Post a comment below if you have questions or like our workout!


A healthy, well-timed snack helps keep energy levels up, maintain muscle mass, and space out calories so you don't overeat later.

A few of my favorite healthy on-the-go snacks:
๐ŸŽpiece of fruit and a packet of natural nut butter
๐ŸŽREAL fruit roll-up with a small handful of nuts
๐ŸŽyogurt. You can look for ones with more protein than noosa, but I enjoy this one. It has a creamy texture, live and active bacteria cultures, and has less than 10 g added sugar. Many Americans don't get enough calcium (~3 servings/day), so yogurt is a great snack to add in.

What are your favorite healthy snacks?


This is the last month to take advantage of new membership at MSF without an initiation fee! Check out the perks:

โœ…$35/month membership. We have free weights, weight platforms with bumper plates, cardio machines, strength training machines, and functional fitness equipment (boxes, med balls, battle ropes, etc.)
โœ…Our gym is quiet and not crowded. We allow a limit of 25% of our gym's capacity to exercise at one time.
โœ…We are a gym that specializes in 1:1 and semi-private training (up to four people), so membership numbers are smaller and social distancing is easier.
โœ…We keep our space and equipment clean, and a sanitizing bottle and towel is available to each member.
โœ…We have capped membership for the year. Only a few spots are left!

If you have any questions, PM us, stop in to the gym and say hi, or call us at 406-556-2200.


Workouts don't need to be long to be effective. Get your activity and core work in with this quick burner, or use it as a warm up or finisher. Modify with rest and how many rounds you complete. Set your timer--the exercise will change each minute of work.
EMOM (every minute on the minute)
Minute 1: Plank to toe touches (as shown in photo)
Minute 2: Squats (or squat jumps)
Minute 3: 1 leg push-ups
Minute 4: Plank hip dips (on elbows)
Minute 5: Plank lateral walking
Minute 6: Cross body mountain climbers
-REST 30-60 seconds-


"As I battle an auto-immune disease, I know how important it is to stay safe and healthy. I continue to work out at Main Street Fitness through COVID-19 because it has kept me sane, and it makes me feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally.

MSF has done a great job of keeping the gym clean and sanitized, as well as not overcrowding during the pandemic. "

--Carla, small group training client


Functional core workout-
I used this with one of my biking athletes to challenge his core. Having a strong and active core is foundational for biking, to stabilize as you take on terrain and to absorb shock. If you aren't into biking, workouts like these are still helpful to add in! Don't just work your abs for aesthetics but also for strong movement and back pain prevention.

overhead squats-12 (arms overhead, or add weight or an object to further challenge your balance, stability, and mobility)

-single leg dl (with weight if familiar with the movement) 8-10 ea
-stability ball push ups- (push up with hands on a yoga ball. If this is too difficult or you don't have a ball, do push ups with one leg raised)-10-15
-sb russian twists-20 ( #:~:text=Lean%20on%20top%20of%20an,knees%20bent%20at%2090%20degrees.&text=Twist%20through%20the%20stomach%20and,rotate%20to%20the%20opposite%20side) May also do these in seated position with or without weight
-bosu plank row-10 ea (with or without weight, as shown in picture. do these from ground for modification)

-stability ball or plank pikes-10
-side plank with reach-throughs-30s each


PLaYgRoUnD workout
Head to the playground at a slow time (try early morning) and shake things up with this workout:

Warm up:
-10 min of jogging or jumping jacks or do 20 burpees
-10 arm circles each way
-10 cross body arm swings
-20 bodyweight squats
-20 lunges
-10 lateral lunges
-hold low squat and stretch hips

-Chin ups-10-15 (modify as needed. If difficult, may jump up to bar and slowly lower)
-12 bench jumps (jump onto a park bench, step down)
-10-20 push ups (elevate on bench if needed or put feet on and hands on ground for challenge)
-10-20 inverted row on a lower bar. May also do plank rows if no bar available-20
-20 bench dips
-hanging oblique twists: skip to 7:42 -12
-10 hanging leg raises
-Monkey bars (down and back)
-Ab rollout with swing-10-20

REST 1:30, then repeat

Finish with 6-40 yd sprints broken up with 20 seconds rest in between.



How to boost your immune system...

Take an active role in promoting your health and preventing disease. How many of these factors are related to getting frequent movement during your day and week?

Exercise frequently โœ…
Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables
Maintain a healthy weight โœ…
If you drink alcohol, drink only in moderation
Get enough sleep โœ…
Wash your hands frequently
Manage and minimize stress โœ…

Having a hard time getting the time in for regular exercise? We have options to help with that and keep a clean, uncrowded gym.



Support STRENGTH with a strong core. Try my Pilates/yoga inspired core workout this week . . .

-Lateral lunges (as pictured)-20. add weight if able (modest amount; I used a 25 # kettlebell)
-Single leg deadlifts-10 ea, start without weight (watch this video to check your form:
-Plank knee to opposite elbow to three-legged dog -6 ea leg
-Plank hip dips-20

-Plank leg lifts-10 ea
-Plank jacks-30
-Pilates double leg stretch-12

--Rachel, MSF trainer

Being fit, losing weight is a powerful force against COVID-19, but cities have to do more 07/14/2020

Being fit, losing weight is a powerful force against COVID-19, but cities have to do more

"We know from research that physical activity can build a healthier immune system and overall wellness, which help minimize harmful effects of illness and disease."

-Barbara Ainsworth, chair of the American Fitness Index Advisory Board

Read more in USA Today's article here:

Being fit, losing weight is a powerful force against COVID-19, but cities have to do more The annual ranking of the fittest U.S. cities, tracks with some of the cities that weathered COVID-19 better โ€” but the reverse is also often true.


5 Reasons MSF is One of the Safest Gyms in Bozeman During COVID-19:

1. Our gym is quiet and not crowded. We allow a limit of 25% of our gym's capacity to exercise at one time.
2. We are a gym that specializes in 1:1 and semi-private training (up to four people), so membership numbers are smaller and social distancing is easier.
3. We keep our space and equipment clean, and a sanitizing bottle and towel is available to each member.
4. We have capped membership for the year. 50 slots remain!
5. We now offer an online personal training platform if you are someone interested in personal training but also fall in the at-risk category.

Live your healthiest life. Questions? Call us at 406-556-2200 or reach out to us over FB.


Build your core and get your heart rate up with this week's ab workout:

4x40 seconds work: 20 seconds rest
-Body builder burpees (no jump, add in plank jack before push up)
-Mountain climbers
-Twisting pistons (plank position, twist and jump toes together towards chest, alternate which way you twist)

4x20 seconds work: 40 seconds rest
-Heel to ceiling taps with slow lower (keep hips extended and legs straight as long as possible while lowering)
-Seated ab circles (legs straight and together, draw circles and switch direction)
-Plank extension (walk forearms or hands out while maintaining plank position)


Core workout 6/30


-W raises-6-12 (look up athlean x for these, basically leg raise tracing upside down W)

-glute bridges-20-40

-reverse lunges-20-40 (lean forward, slide in socks on slick floor or add weight for greater challenge)

-side bridges- (elevate feet on bench in side plank, allow hips to dip slightly, then use obliques to raise them back up slowly)



-bird dogs (hands and knees or plank)-20 hands and knees slowly or 10 plank

-kick-thru burpees (or regular burpees for modified)-12


Train your core with this workout 6/24:

Start with an ab push up complex:


-one leg push ups (lift heel up or hold by elbow)-6 ea (elevate on counter for modified or perform decline push-ups with feet on bench for greater challenge)

-push up to side kicks-6 ea (push up then kick through opposite side (for modified just bring knee to opposite elbow)


-reverse corkscrews-1 min, rest 15s after or as needed during 1 min

-black widow knee slides-1 min, rest 15s after or as needed during 1 min

-shoulder stand bicycles-30-60s (advanced. to modify, keep hips on ground)

-hollow hold-30-60s


We love you, Bozeman! Here is a core workout coming at you. Google any movements you don't know. Let us know any content you would like to see here on FB. --Rachel, MSF trainer and nutritionist

CORE training:

Grab something heavy--a weight, heavy bag, dog food bag, laundry detergent bucket, etc.

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible with good form) 10 min

-Shoulder farmer's carries--you decide distance, up and down stairs or on flat ground. (Put the weight on one shoulder, alternate which shoulder the weight is on halfway through. Keep spine in line, avoid bending sideways or arching the spine)

-Windshield wipers-12 (Lie on back with arms extended, holding weight. Let legs fall side to side)

-OH reverse lunges-12 (Hold weight overhead or close to chest for modification. Lunge in place, keeping knee tracking in line with second toe)


-Side plank reach-thrus-30s each (extend arm, reach underneath side, then extend back to ceiling)

-Plank bird dogs, or hands and knees bird dogs for modification-20 hands and knees or 10 plank

-Plank dips on forearms-20 (keep hips in line with body and abs engaged. Alternate dipping each hip to the ground.

-Dead bugs-20 (keep chin in line with spine and lower back on ground)


Main Street has been feeling more alive lately, and we are alive and well thanks to your continued support. Even with the brokenness we see in our world, some things don't change... Things like...

-We still need each other. ๐Ÿ‘ Real conversations, real connections and friendship

-Exercise does more for the body than burn calories. ๐Ÿ”ฅ It helps us build strength, cardiovascular fitness, and immune health, while mitigating mental/emotional stress

What else have you found to be constants?


Home Workout

Finish your Wednesday by incorporating this home workout. This one is not easy:

Overhead Squat - 10 Reps
Single leg chair squat - 10 reps each leg
Straight Leg deadlift - 10 reps

Lunge to Press - 8 Reps each leg
Straight Arm Lateral Raise - 10 Reps
Alt Toy Soldiers - 20 Reps

Squat Jumps - 10 Reps
High knees - 20 reps
Burpees - 10 Reps


Home Workout

Itโ€™s Memorial Day, but donโ€™t let that stop you from getting a quick core workout in!

Scissor Kicks - 10 reps
Toe Touches - 10 Reps
Plank Jacks - 10 Reps
Alternating Toe Taps - 10 Reps
Plank - 30 seconds
Mountain Climbers - 20 Reps

Bicycle Crunch - 20 reps
Russian Twist - 20 Reps
Flutter Kicks - 20 reps
Straight Leg raises - 10 reps
Side Plank with Leg Raise - 8 Reps each side
Balanced Crunch - 10 reps
Mountain Climbers - 20 Reps


Thanks for the support, Bozeman! We have been encouraged by your kindness and are so excited to have our members back!

If you are looking for a gym, we are waiving our initiation fee for the next couple of months and charge a $35 monthly rate. We also are offering a 6-week Covid 19 "Restart" personal training program. This is a good fit for anyone needing a 1:1 boost and guidance. Call for more info (406) 556-2200.


Home Workout

Start the week off right with an at home workout:

Burpees - 10 Reps
High knees- 20 reps
Squat jumps - 10 reps

Single leg squats - 10 reps each leg
Single leg hops - 10 reps each leg

Burpees - 10 Reps
High knees- 20 reps
Squat jumps - 10 reps

Straight leg raises - 10 reps
Flutter kicks - 20 reps
Push-ups- 10 Reps


Home Workout

Friday Workout:

Jumping Jacks - 20 Reps
Mountain Climbers - 20 Reps
Plank Jacks - 10 Reps

Lunge to Press - 10 Reps each leg
Squat Jumps - 10 Reps
Squats - 10 Reps
Lunge - 10 Reps each leg
Wall Sit - 30 seconds

Balanced Crunch - 10 Reps
Side Plank w/ leg raise - 10 Reps each leg
Knuckle Pushups - 10 Reps


FB live is cancelled again today due to unforseen circumstances. Sorry for the crazy week, MSF! Here is your workout:
3x 12 toe taps, 9 ea lunges, 6 inchworm with pushups, hip hinge with hops-3 ea

Lateral floor touches
plank jacks
Hamstring squat jumps (wide squat to jump with feet together)
imaginary slams with knee raise (rotate at hips while slamming imaginary ball and raising knee)

See you in the gym next week, MSF! --Rachel


Full Body Home Workout

We are so excited to begin the reopening process at Main Street Fitness! We are still offering great online workouts to do at home, just like this one:

Overhead Squat - x10
Single Leg Chair Squat - x10 each leg
Straight Leg Deadlift - x10

Lunge to Press - x8 each leg
Straight Arm Lateral Raise - x10
Alternating Toy Soldiers - x10 each leg

Jump Squat - x10
High Knees - x20
Burpees - x10


MSF is pleased to announce we will be opening again Monday, May 18th! Here are a few changes regarding how we will temporarily operate to comply with Montana guidance for gyms and fitness studios:

-New staffed operating hours will be Monday through Friday 6AM-7PM

-Gym is open to members and personal training clients. We will ensure gym occupancy is at or less than 50%.

-Sanitation protocol will be in place

-We will continue online group training over Zoom and regular, free Facebook workouts for clients not yet ready to return to the gym. We ask that if you are not feeling well you refrain from coming in until you are better.

We are excited to see you all again and to reopen! ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ’ช Please don't hesitate to reach out over Facebook with any questions.

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