Bear Canyon Campground

Offering the areas finest RV and tent camping and cabins. Scenic mountain sites 5 minutes from downtown Bozeman. Outdoor Heated Pool, WIFI & more!

Operating as usual


Here is a look at the latest snowfall forecast from Friday into Sunday morning. For a closer look at probabilities of different amounts, check out our Probabilistic Snowfall Forecasts page here :


N.B. woodsman captures footage of moose shedding antlers | The Moment

Photos from Beaverhead Animal Shelter's post 01/22/2023

Photos from Beaverhead Animal Shelter's post


Pine Creek Lodge

Pine Creek Lodge Concert venue and restaurant, with unique rustic but comfortable cabins in the heart of Paradise Valley.


Bear encounter, circa late 1960s-1970s. Photograph by Max Hunke.


I spy, with my little eye.. the top of the bathroom at the Sherman Pass Vista (22S05) under 8ft of snow on 01/13/2023.

Always carry the following essential items when traveling into the high country:
• Chains - When heading to the mountains always carry tire chains. Road conditions can change rapidly with sudden snowstorms or afternoon ice.
• Shovel - Very handy tool if you need to dig yourself out of the snow.
• First Aid Kit - Size it to the activity and number of people traveling with you.
• Blanket - Carry an adequate number for the number of people traveling with you.
• Water, Food & Survival Kit - Carry an emergency supply in case your trip is delayed while away from facilities.
• Flares, Tool kit & Jack - For the extra security that could be needed in an unusual predicament.
• Extra Warm Clothing - A good idea, especially if the clothes you are wearing get wet.

Have fun and safe travels. ❄

01/21/2023 is the anniversary of the lowest recorded temperature in the Lower 48. The sign is posted on Rogers Pass (Montana) and the 1954 record is a bone-chilling 70 degress below zero. [Google Maps image]


We are shooting near Livingston, Montana on Thursday with a cast of over 200 people. If anyone is nearby and would like to be an extra in the 1900-styled shoot, then please get in touch via DM. I can promise it will be a fun day, and there will be space to keep warm!

Photos from Bozeman Daily Chronicle's post 01/16/2023

Photos from Bozeman Daily Chronicle's post


NOW: The northern lights are currently visible. This shot was taken east of Great Falls, MT with an iPhone. Will post better quality pictures later and maybe a timelapse.


The crash site of Northwest Airlines Flight 2, which went down in the Bridger Mountains on January 10, 1938. Pilot Nick Mamer, copilot Frederick West, and eight passengers were killed. The U.S. Department of Commerce investigated the accident and reported: "As the airplane proceeded toward Bozeman Pass, it was seen to turn toward the northeast to avoid [a] dust storm and to cross the Bridger Range at a point slightly north of Bridger Mountain Peak. The range is approximately 8,500 feet above sea-level at the point of crossing. From the testimony of witnesses, it is apparent that the airplane went out of control in turbulent air conditions almost immediately after it cleared the Bridger Mountains. It was observed to assume a stall attitude, then a glide, and what was variously described as a spin, a tight spiral or dive to the ground. Fire followed immediately."

Photos from Bridger Peaks Photography's post 01/12/2023

Photos from Bridger Peaks Photography's post

Photos from Madison County Sheriff's Office - Montana's post 01/11/2023

Photos from Madison County Sheriff's Office - Montana's post


We are waiving all adoption fee for our long stay (30+ days) and senior (7 years or older) from January 6th through the 15th.

Stop by and meet our great cats! We are open Tuesday through Sunday 12pm to 5pm.

View our pets online at


UPDATE: 5:45 p.m. (Jan 3), M trailhead and parking lot are re-opened for use. Thank you for helping to clear space for search and rescue and emergency responder operations!


Head's up: The M Trailhead and parking lot are closed due to ongoing Gallatin County Sheriff Search and Rescue operations. Please give emergency responders room to work and respect the brief closure this evening.

We will update when trailhead is re-opened.

Gallatin County Emergency Management
Gallatin County Government
Gallatin County 911
Gallatin County Sheriff's Office
Gallatin Valley Land Trust


Grand Teton National Park In Wyoming, USA


Instead of gifts this year, we strongly suggest just giving bison 25 yards of safe space instead. Happy holidays from all the LEGO Park Rangers.


8:15am. Here's a picture of -50 °F, I-15, Elk Park, MT, between Butte and Helena. We note the temperature sensor has stopped reporting, so likely at it's minimum operating value. We**am image courtesy Montana Department of Transportation


12/21/22 Photo of The Day. Happy Winter Solstice. Ennis, MT

Ahhh, the 1st day of Winter! It seems like we've already had a full Winter Season here in Ennis, MT with memorable amounts of snow in town. There's been plenty of The W to cause drifting that has left many stuck or stranded like never before.

I'm trying my best to live in the moment, (even when I was stuck in front of my own driveway). We only get one chance at life, and these are the times that make us (or break us😄).

Wishing you the best over the next few days in handling the upcoming "Arctic Blast" that the news has gotten a hold of.

I hope you Stay Safe and plan ahead. And have a Merry Christmas!

Timeline photos 12/17/2022

Timeline photos

Dec 17th forecast:

Around Big Sky and Bozeman, newly formed and thickening wind drifts will easily avalanche today under the weight of a skier or rider. Today is the sort of day that catches people off guard - there isn’t any new snow, but increasing winds are drifting the plentiful soft snow at the surface into fresh drifts. Wind drifts will avalanche today on steep slopes. Avalanches can also break on weak layers deeper in the snowpack. The avalanche danger is CONSIDERABLE on wind-loaded slopes and MODERATE on all other slopes.

Near West Yellowstone and Cooke City, avalanches breaking on the widespread weak layers buried 2-4 ft deep are our primary concern today. Without loading, these slides are slowly becoming less likely, but if they break, they’ll be large and powerful. Terrain selection remains the best way to minimize your chance of triggering a large avalanche - by staying off of and out from under slopes steeper than 30 degrees. If you are going to ride steep slopes, dig to assess the weak layers first. MODERATE danger.

📷: 2-4 ft deep skier triggered avalanche on Saddle Peak. 12/15.


How about this from the National Weather Service? And we're expecting more snow to fall in the Bozeman area most of next week.


Skiing at Bear Canyon, circa early 1940s.


Update on driver Tom: Our Bobcat equipment has made it to Brookings, SD! Win or lose, Tom should be one of our MVPs! Go Cats!


We are likely to see a top ten snowiest December's on record if the storms keep on coming.


I-90 Sheridan, WY CLOSED!


Damon Gabriel homestead near the Gallatin River, southwest of Four Corners. Photo by the Bozeman Camera Club, circa 1970s. Local rancher Damon Gabriel built this stone house for his family in about 1903. It is constructed of solid granite and the floorplan revolves around the central chimney. Gabriel was born in Quebec and came to Montana in the 1870s. He died in 1915 and is buried in the Brondel Catholic Cemetery on North 7th Ave. in Bozeman.


Since you help us, let us help you! 🎁🎅🏼FREE, ready for pick up on Wednesday December 14th from 12-4pm! First come, first serve, donation optional!

Snowflake Shavings and Pet Food

Special thanks to for thinking of our organization, when a truck load of wood shavings were recovered from a wreck!

Photos from Montana State University's post 12/08/2022

Photos from Montana State University's post

Timeline photos 12/07/2022

Timeline photos

8 of our plows have been hit so far this winter season. Each of these hits takes a plow and a driver out of service. We are short-staffed in many areas, and our plows are on the road for your safety, so please help us help you!
❄️ Watch for White Outs - Some people take chances and drive through the snow cloud created by the plow. Don't! These clouds can reduce visibility to zero. The reduced visibility can result in people striking the plow or even hitting a second plow truck working ahead of the first one.
❄️ Be Alert - We've been adding GREEN lights to make our plows more visible! So when you see those green flashing lights, know that they don't mean "go" - they mean slow down and give our plows space to work. 🟢
❄️ Pay Attention - People have attempted to pass MDT’s plowing operations and have hit snow berms created by the plow truck, resulting in loss of control or even collisions. If the plow truck is hit, the truck and operator are taken out of service, passenger vehicles are damaged, and vehicle occupants may be seriously injured or killed.
❄️ Be Patient - Snowplows generally operate slowly to clear snow and spread sanding materials properly. When approaching a plow from the rear, reduce speed immediately and safely. When approaching an oncoming plow, do not crowd the centerline. The plow operators know the road well and will pull over to let traffic pass as soon as it is safe.
More winter driving tips:


Accident Alert on I-90 West Bound. Accident appears to be West of Jackson Creek. Please use alternate routes as able and expect delays!
Image shared by Bozeman Hill Road Conditions and author K. Sutherland, a great page for Bozeman pass specific road reports and travel warnings.

Please stay safe as temps drop, the road ways are freezing again and our Bozeman Police and Bozeman Fire Departments are getting busy!


Bozeman Main Street Christmas decorations, circa late 1980s.


ROAD ALERT: Scheduled Main Street Closure this Tuesday Nov. 29th starting around 0730am until noon(ish).
It's that time of season that the Downtown Bozeman Holiday decorations 🎄 get installed.
Please have all cars off main street per signage and follow detours.
Fire with the help of Bozeman Forestry and a couple private operators make this tradition a reality.

Have a great week!

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Semi rollover at Trail Creek corners.
Squirrels playing :)



Rv & tent sites, cabins, restroom, showers, pool and laundry



4000 Bozeman Trail Road
Bozeman, MT

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